GDB Wrap Up: Sharks @ Oilers

FML… Final Score: 5-2 San Jose

After Saturday’s loss, how much worse could things possibly get around here? The Nation is in full crisis mode and the only thing we can really do is to wait this thing out and get to the draft. The Oilers had to play better tonight than they did against Calgary (not like they could play worse) and after waiting for two days to get back at it, things didn’t go much better. Oilers against San Jose – what could go wrong? 

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After an excellent first period, the wheels fell off again. It’s almost as though they go into the intermission and feel too good about themselves. As if letting a bunch of power play goals against isn’t bad enough, Joe Pavelski gets a hat trick and Rexall fans start throwing hats on the ice. To say things aren’t going well would be an understatement. If there was a panic button I’d have pushed it 5 years ago. At least Joe Thornton didn’t get 4 and pull out his schmeckle.

Let’s wrap it up…

The Bright Side

  • Mark Fraser’s flat top
  • David Perron has been a bright side all year
  • No suits were drenched in the making of this loss
  • Mike Brown did not score a hat trick
  • #HereComeTheOilers hash tag was top notch again tonight

The Face Palmers

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  • How many times did we have to hear the water bottle story?
  • 2nd periods are the Oilers’ kryptonite
  • Penalty Kill was uhh… off?
  • Highlight of the game was once again the 50/50

Best of the Tweets

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 8.00.36 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 8.33.39 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.07.55 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.39.47 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.39.57 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.56.33 PM

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  • Bob Cobb

    Once things are sorted out in upper management (6 rings will not be POHO when the season starts) Taylor Hall will lead this team to glory.

    He is an outstanding hockey player and completes every night. Every year he will get better and better and he will eventually win a Stanley Cup with the Oilers.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Stay the course, keep tanking. Keep Lowe, keep Eakins, come to camp in the fall without any top pairing blueliners or a 1st/2nd line center. The rest will take care of itself.

    And all along we all thought they were just incompetent….~give these guys some credit.~

  • Quicksilver ballet

    I remember Jay Feaster Calling it how it is a couple of years ago. “Wandering the desert” I believe he said… I hear he’s looking for a gig.

  • ChillyPepper

    I think the important point here is.

    This is the house that Lowe and Mac T have built (minus a few years of Mac T absence). However, they have been involved directly together in the majority of decisions. Tambo = fall guy for Lowe.

    Lowe is the puppet master in all this.

    The problem is not the players. This team was made by incompetent hockey minds.

    By the way, Krueger had way for input at the Olympics than Lowe. Says something doesn’t it.

  • Bob Cobb

    The Dude (Klowe) : No, man, nothing is f’d here–

    The Big Lebowski (the Fans) : NOTHING IS F’D!?

    The Dude (Klowe) : No man–


  • ubermiguel

    still waiting for the press conference announcing Lowe and Eakins dismissal, not sure why you’d wait any longer? give the new guys a chance to familiarize themselves with the team a little before next season

    • ubermiguel

      Don’t hold your breath. I don’t expect any changes this summer, or during next season unless they go like 0-10.

      We’ll finish in the bottom of the standings again next year, then Katz may have to do something. Nothings going to change until people stop buying tickets.

  • ubermiguel

    Here’s a question and I would like to see peoples well thought out responses without an emotional argument.

    After 14 years of mismanagement, for what reasons do people think that Lowe can make this team a Stanely cup contender. (please do not tell me who he should draft for or trade etc..)

    Focus on the question, what qualities does Lowe have as a hockey leader with his record to bring Edmonton a winning team?

    • ubermiguel

      I don’t think Lowe has anything to do with the construction of this team. Maybe he has a lot to do with how it is, but not going forward.

      Clearly the defence coach should be gone, but also Mac T needs to bring in some help on the Blue.

        • Hardcore39

          You mean the highly edited and narrated show produced and distributed by the Edmonton Oilers for the purposes of giving fans an “inside look” into the Oilers organization?

          Look I’m not saying it isn’t a boyz club, and I can imagine Mac T probable talks to Lowe and gets his opinion on most decisions. But I really can’t see Lowe being as responsible for the team going forward, outside of contract negotiations and approval, than Mac T, Eakins, and the players themselves.

          • S cottV

            So, for the last 14 years of his involvement with the team which has been on a steady downward trend.

            Your logic makes no sense to me, or do you work for the Oilers.

            Kevin Lowe is the problem, otherwise he would not have a terrible organization and a losing team.

          • dougtheslug

            Okay easy there what have you done for me lately.

            I think blaming the last 14 years on Lowe really glosses over the crumbling Canadian Dollar, a ton of ownership woes and the inability to pay for any talent at all. Not to mention gives him no credit for building the cup run team.

            No, I don’t work for the Oilers, though I have applied many times.

            I certainly don’t give him a pass, but you need to stop using hindsight and try and think about some of the moves he made at the time and how they looked then. Remember the triple team switching that brought Eric Cole here? Remember how he broke the unwritten rule and offer sheeted Penner? I’m just saying I think the guy tried to move heaven and earth to make this team better before saying screw it, rebuild. And now that the rebuild has taken way longer than expected, and has actually regressed in terms of where the team should be, everyone has conveniently forgotten that it’s been tough. Not to mention that in that 14 year span, Edmonton, Van, Calgary, and Ottawa have all made it the exact same distance: game 7 cup once.

            Having said all that I will be the first to say I am not buying anything else the Oilers are selling until they ice a better team. But I’d be lying to myself if I thought removing Lowe would suddenly and magically make the team better tomorrow.

          • You are one angry little ball of hate.

            So anyone that isn’t willing to say that Lowe has never done anything good, is responsible for the price of beers at Rexall, was the second shooter on the grassy knoll and was the cause behind Noah’s flood is either Lowe’s wife, an Oiler employee/wannabe or is an OilersNation wannabe?

            Riiigghht. Are you twelve?

          • Mo Playoffs Mo Problems

            Sorry to pick on you buddy. But, I have no confidence in good old Lowe.

            In fact, am not renewing my tickets (full disclosure, I am one of the Tier 1 Gold Ticket holders Lowe talks about) this year nor will I get tickets again until management changes.

            I am willing to bet no significant improvement as long as Lowe is around. If he was any good, we would have a team that was consistently competitive. He is like a bad manager running a mutual fund who is always below the market index (way below in fact). Can’t keep my cash with incompetence.

          • CMG30

            I applaud your conviction. The Oilers are not a democracy, they are a private business. It makes me shake my head every time I read someone complaining -on the internet- about how Kevin Lowe is the devil and the Oilers will never win with him at the helm. The only thing that will force change is to stop the money. Therefor I salute you!

            Having said that, I’m one of the minority around here that doesn’t think getting rid of Lowe will magically solve the Oilers problems. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I think it’s wrong for him to go, the Oilers record speaks for itself. Rather, I think the majority of blame lies at the feet of the players.

          • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

            how about ownership holding the president of hockey operations accountable for the sh*t show that has been taking place over the last 8 years?

            listen, i get the rebuild. i was pro-rebuild before before pro-rebuild was cool. i was all for the plummet down the standings, riding the sh*t train for a few years to stock up on picks, and watch the team rise back up.


            look at this team now. look where they have to go. look who is running the show.

            letting KLowe stay because he did something good 8 years ago is bordering on comical. sports is a results driven industry. the results speak for themselves.

    • ubermiguel

      theirs only 1 person in hockey, today, with more Stanley cup rings. I think he knows something about winning, if that’s ever a concern!!

      on the bright side, this team makes it easy to make fun of. they write their own jokes

  • ubermiguel

    Huh. Um, go Montreal?

    What has happened to Canadian Teams? (Jay Feaster, Tambi, and Gillis in the West), East, what’s your excuse?

    What I take away from every Canadian team except Montreal out of the playoffs is that the NHL is a really difficult league. Not that excuses yet another dismal season for the Oilers, just that I’m still not sure what is worse, watching a team I expect to lose do so, or be disappointed with a team I expect to win not do so.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Summing up the Comrie to Philly trade

    So the obvious explanation for the deal from Edmonton’s perspective is that they like Woywitka much better than Perry. At 20, Woywitka is the older player by a couple of years, making him the more solid prospect. And in today’s NHL, the potentially dominant defenseman is perhaps the most valuable of all commodities. “When you can get a solid defenceman that has the upside that Woywitka does, you go after him,” said Lowe in a statement released by the Oilers.

  • Hardcore39

    listening to stauffer… man hes good at making excuses

    ya lets sign Schultz to big money! he deserves it! im completely amazed at how sh!tty this team is

    • dougtheslug

      Stauffer’s bad enough. But after a few minutes of listening to Eakins, I had to restrain myself not to drive into a telephone pole and end my misery.

      Does he really believe the drivel that comes out of his mouth? “Taylor
      Hall has become a defensively responsible, two-way player”? RNH is “making great progress”? Justin Schulz is “the most improved player on our team”? (That last one might even be true, I don’t know – when you have nothing, a little is a lot, but I wouldn’t be crowing about it).

      The final straw for me was when he said “The way we play together, stick up for each other and protect each other has been UN-BE-LIEVE-ABLE.” That’s how he said it. “UN-BE-LIEVE-ABLE”. Slow, drawn out. Like he was trying to convince himself, as much as the fans.

      Yeah, you’re right Dallas. That was the only true thing you said. This whole season, the utter incompetence and contempt for the customer, and utter delusion in the face of the facts, is UN-BE-LIEVE-ABLE.

      I can’t believe it. Except, the facts keep smacking me in the face.

      • #ThereGoesTheOilers

        what I don’t get is stauffer wants to sign Schultz to a big contract instead of a bridge contract?

        if it was me id just let Schultz walk, maybe give him a little push to get him going quicker. but when youre head coach says he’s maybe the most improved player, how do you give him a big contract? you give proven bonafide players long term contracts. not guys who you describe as improved.

        but nothing surprises me these days,

      • Quicksilver ballet

        It’s all part of the Oiler propaganda machine. Every word carefully played to reinforce/defend the actions taken by this current management group.

        The old Bob Stauffer has to be rolling over in his grave if he seen the ship that is going on now. For simply a few dollars more per month, he’s turned into a partner in crime with these jack arses.

          • bazmagoo

            I would not go that far but I would say that he is too close to the team to be completely objective. I would say that this is his dream job, being an actual quasi insider. I am sure that he freely provides his opinions and theories to the Oilers management more than the reverse.

      • bazmagoo

        Nothing more pathetically manipulative than a con artist conning himself. Dallas needs to talk this way to keep any aura of a coach he has left. I seriously can’t believe the gong show that this club has become.

        I’ve said it all year long, the team has regressed. We have an IMPROVED roster and are facing weaker opposition (east teams), yet our results are worse. Seems like simple math, improved roster + weaker opposition + improved coaching = fighting for the playoffs. Improved roster + weaker opposition + incompetent coaching = 29th place. None of the young guys have taken a step forward, and RNH, Eberle, Gagner and Yakupov have taken a step back. Schultz is better defensively, but has lost a step offensively.

        The proof is in the results, but it has been blatantly obviously to me all year long. Someone else posted this recently as well, all I have to do is watch the Oilers play to see they have regressed.

      • Derian Hatcher

        Eakins reminds me of Bryan Hall…LOVES to hear himself jabber on and on and on, believing the drivel he is spewing. I can laugh at Bryan Hall, as he is merely telling stories and reporting scores. Eakins makes me want to vomit. His responses and perpective on the team are pathetic. I’m sure that the Oiler apologist Stauffer is nodding his head as Dallas fills the airwaves with his view of reality. I really used to enjoy Bob’s views “on a different station, at a different time”. He sure has changed…some might say sold out to the man…OILERS NOW is more like an advertisement for the hockey team. We need someone to call it like it is…

        Laughable and downright pathetic.

        • #ThereGoesTheOilers

          Who could possibly trash this comment? Lots of wanna be writers on this blog who think that somehow by disagreeing with a truthful post they will gain employment with oilersnation. Get a life.

      • He’s the head coach. What do you expect him to say?

        Like it or not pro sport’s reality is the press it creates for itself. For you to rag on Eakins because he’s not calling out the players is totally not getting the real world. For every “real” fan like you there’s thousands of others (and kids) who live and die with their sports heroes – and that’s what they’re sold as – heroes.

        You wouldn’t pay $200/seat to see beer league schlubs skate around. You pay that sort of money to see your heroes go up against the other team’s villians. And so it goes in every pro sport arena in the world.

        You don’t make your heroes look anything else than what people want them to be. The reality you guys so desperately crave will never be found in the games you watch. Never.

        Please stop trying to make it sound like anything you say or do will have any affect on the team, or that they somehow owe you something. They don’t. You don’t like it? There’s hundreds of thousands of fans who differ with you.

  • S cottV

    Been awhile since I actually went to an Oilers game last night.

    When Pavelski scored for his hat trick, it looked like security was throwing out people that were tossing hats on the ice?

    I know there has been a lot of chatter about throwing oiler jerseys on the ice and the guy wearing his jersey inside out, but if true – a SJ fan can’t throw a hat on the ice, in support of their team?

    • S cottV

      Not in this town.

      Unfortunately, other Edmonton sports teams cant even hang their championship banners in pride. Nope, Oilers only in Rexall. And the new arena wont be any different.

      The entire Oilers organization is a joke, and as a current season ticket holder, i am giving up my tickets and will not attend a game, buy anything related (Rexall included) until the Oilers show some pride.

      They dont have to win. They just need to give a consistent effort. And that starts with the management… so clearly it wont happen any time soon.

      very very unfortunate time we live in here in Edmonton.

    • #ThereGoesTheOilers

      Not in this town.

      Unfortunately, other Edmonton sports teams cant even hang their championship banners in pride. Nope, Oilers only in Rexall. And the new arena wont be any different.

      The entire Oilers organization is a joke, and as a current season ticket holder, i am giving up my tickets and will not attend a game, buy anything related (Rexall included) until the Oilers show some pride.

      They dont have to win. They just need to give a consistent effort. And that starts with the management… so clearly it wont happen any time soon.

      very very unfortunate time we live in here in Edmonton.

    • Mo Playoffs Mo Problems

      Has anyone taken a moment to appreciate the unbelievable irony that the Oilers are even in a position to kick people out of the building after the results they’ve been putting up for the last 8 years?

      Right or wrong when it comes to jersey tossing/inside-outing/hat tricking for the other team, it is simply astonishing that they even have any fans left, never mind that they can throw paying customers out of the building if they behave in a way that they feel embarrasses the organization.

      The organization being ignorant to the notion that the true embarrassment to the Oilers name has largely been the on-ice product for close to a decade would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad.

      • Mo Playoffs Mo Problems

        A fan in that section has already come forward on twitter to state that the guy who got tossed wasn’t being removed because his jersey was inside out. It was because he was drunk, swearing and being a general @ss.

        • Mo Playoffs Mo Problems

          Fair enough.

          What I’m getting at is that it doesn’t matter why the fans are getting kicked out.

          It’s just astounding that there’s any fans left to kick out.

  • bazmagoo

    I’m just hopeful all this misery eventually leads to the old boys club being removed. We won’t be a competitive organization until that happens. Next season Katz will start to see his bottom line dwindling and we could all be faced with Taylor Hall and/or others demanding a trade out of town. We will also miss the playoffs for the 9th consecutive season, causing Katz to miss out on millions in postseason revenue again.

    Whatever it takes to get Lowe fired, I’m all for it. That’s the light at the end of the tunnel. Forget the Stanley Cup, forget being a competitive team, they are all pipe dreams until Lowe is turfed.

  • Mo Playoffs Mo Problems

    Just read David staples article about the sweater tossing- I agreed somewhat until I was reminded by a comment that Katz actually had the gall to invite Gretzky to a game in Seattle. Until the owner respects the fans why should the fans respect the sweater? Management has turned this once proud franchise into a pathetic joke.

  • Bryzarro World

    Who cares how many rings blowe has…. How many cars does he have? He doesn’t know a thing about them except how to drive. Same with the rings…. has them but knows nothing…


  • ChillyPepper

    While I understand frustration, I think it is crossing the line when you start attacking kids. Bullying is at an all-time high across our nation… and as adults we need to set the bar a little higher with our own online activities.

    Your comment “his fat, creepy clown of a kid”, crosses every line. He is a child. He does not deserve to be ridiculed by adults. No child does.

  • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!


    Just because someone looks like an adult, doesn’t mean they have any idea how to act like one.

    I can’t believe some people trashed this comment.