GDB Wrap Up: Sharks @ Oilers

FML… Final Score: 5-2 San Jose

After Saturday’s loss, how much worse could things possibly get around here? The Nation is in full crisis mode and the only thing we can really do is to wait this thing out and get to the draft. The Oilers had to play better tonight than they did against Calgary (not like they could play worse) and after waiting for two days to get back at it, things didn’t go much better. Oilers against San Jose – what could go wrong? 

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After an excellent first period, the wheels fell off again. It’s almost as though they go into the intermission and feel too good about themselves. As if letting a bunch of power play goals against isn’t bad enough, Joe Pavelski gets a hat trick and Rexall fans start throwing hats on the ice. To say things aren’t going well would be an understatement. If there was a panic button I’d have pushed it 5 years ago. At least Joe Thornton didn’t get 4 and pull out his schmeckle.

Let’s wrap it up…

The Bright Side

  • Mark Fraser’s flat top
  • David Perron has been a bright side all year
  • No suits were drenched in the making of this loss
  • Mike Brown did not score a hat trick
  • #HereComeTheOilers hash tag was top notch again tonight

The Face Palmers

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  • How many times did we have to hear the water bottle story?
  • 2nd periods are the Oilers’ kryptonite
  • Penalty Kill was uhh… off?
  • Highlight of the game was once again the 50/50

Best of the Tweets

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 8.00.36 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 8.33.39 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.07.55 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.39.47 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.39.57 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.56.33 PM

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Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 10.02.17 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 10.08.01 PM

  • Admiral Ackbar

    The Oilers are like the bad girlfriend that I just can’t stop loving, even though she’s now overweight and arrogant.

    It’s time for a clean break, it’s not me, it’s you.

  • Bryzarro World

    Lowe has learned something with his Olympic experience: having all the best players in the world on your team makes it easier to win. To get all the best players in the world on your team all you have to do is draft #1 overall for 15 years in a row: genius.

  • Bryzarro World

    Biggest travesty tonight……..

    The 50/50 wasnt drawn until 5 minutes left in the game…..

    But as soon as it was…….it was like rats abandoning a sinking ship….

  • R U Kidding Me!

    After tonight’s game I have come to the conclusion on 4 things:

    We definitely do not have a high powered offense no matter how many times analysts and Oiler players say we do.

    Our PP is one of if not the worst in the league.

    The Calgary Flames are WAY better than us.

    Whoever hired the Oiler cheerleaders should be fired.

    • Admiral Ackbar

      Those cheerleaders are some attractiveness affirmative action joke. They’re painful to watch. Check their photos on the website, it’s quite a show.

      • mesa

        they are supposed to be diversion while oilers are rebuilding. worked for few years but fans start to catch is to hire clowns to do some tricks for couple years.(they have few already)

        • Rick Stroppel


          Yeah, they could have clowns right on the bench. Clown #1 throws a water bottle at the wall and it explodes and drenches Clown #2! Then Clown # 2 makes a funny face and throws a towel at Clown #1! THAT would be funny!

      • Quicksilver ballet

        Ha, I thought the same thing about the cheer squad on TSN last night. They also need a rebuild!
        Ever check out the girls that push the snow shovels the Stars? WOW.

        Management, Players, Coaching, radio announcers, cheer squad, and stadium – all in need of a rebuild.

        Geez, this is a tough pill to swallow.

  • #ThereGoesTheOilers

    The effort was there, but in the final two periods they were totally dominated. Just when our PK seems to be improving we get burned 3 times in 3 PKs.

    This is a very bad hockey club. They are now on pace for 66 points, just a few more than in Pat Quinn’s season and with the schedule ahead might yet end up all the way back to square one, where the ‘rebuild’ started. Lowe is too proud to resign, Eakins is too dumb to coach at this level and MacT is too insecure to admit he made an horrific error hiring him. As a result we are sentenced to ride this out-of-control merry-go-round indefinitely.

  • Bryzarro World

    I watched the broadcast on Hockey Center from San Jose. Their announcers thought that the problem with the Oilers is they signed the young guys to large long term contracts.

    Could Be?

  • Eulers

    the problem with this team is everyone expects wins or effort. you cant take it so serious guys. next time you watch the oilers, think of it like you’re watching Seinfeld. this stuff is hilarious!!

  • Posti

    The Oilers should change their name to Slump Busters. Every time someone is having trouble with their game once they play Edmonton they’re back at the top of their game.

  • ubermiguel

    Here’s a question and I would like to see peoples well thought out responses without an emotional argument.

    After 14 years of mismanagement, for what reasons do people think that Lowe can make this team a Stanely cup contender. (please do not tell me who he should draft for or trade etc..)

    Focus on the question, what qualities does Lowe have as a hockey leader with his record to bring Edmonton a winning team?

    • ubermiguel

      theirs only 1 person in hockey, today, with more Stanley cup rings. I think he knows something about winning, if that’s ever a concern!!

      on the bright side, this team makes it easy to make fun of. they write their own jokes

    • ubermiguel

      I don’t think Lowe has anything to do with the construction of this team. Maybe he has a lot to do with how it is, but not going forward.

      Clearly the defence coach should be gone, but also Mac T needs to bring in some help on the Blue.

        • Hardcore39

          You mean the highly edited and narrated show produced and distributed by the Edmonton Oilers for the purposes of giving fans an “inside look” into the Oilers organization?

          Look I’m not saying it isn’t a boyz club, and I can imagine Mac T probable talks to Lowe and gets his opinion on most decisions. But I really can’t see Lowe being as responsible for the team going forward, outside of contract negotiations and approval, than Mac T, Eakins, and the players themselves.

          • S cottV

            So, for the last 14 years of his involvement with the team which has been on a steady downward trend.

            Your logic makes no sense to me, or do you work for the Oilers.

            Kevin Lowe is the problem, otherwise he would not have a terrible organization and a losing team.

          • dougtheslug

            Okay easy there what have you done for me lately.

            I think blaming the last 14 years on Lowe really glosses over the crumbling Canadian Dollar, a ton of ownership woes and the inability to pay for any talent at all. Not to mention gives him no credit for building the cup run team.

            No, I don’t work for the Oilers, though I have applied many times.

            I certainly don’t give him a pass, but you need to stop using hindsight and try and think about some of the moves he made at the time and how they looked then. Remember the triple team switching that brought Eric Cole here? Remember how he broke the unwritten rule and offer sheeted Penner? I’m just saying I think the guy tried to move heaven and earth to make this team better before saying screw it, rebuild. And now that the rebuild has taken way longer than expected, and has actually regressed in terms of where the team should be, everyone has conveniently forgotten that it’s been tough. Not to mention that in that 14 year span, Edmonton, Van, Calgary, and Ottawa have all made it the exact same distance: game 7 cup once.

            Having said all that I will be the first to say I am not buying anything else the Oilers are selling until they ice a better team. But I’d be lying to myself if I thought removing Lowe would suddenly and magically make the team better tomorrow.

          • Mo Playoffs Mo Problems

            Sorry to pick on you buddy. But, I have no confidence in good old Lowe.

            In fact, am not renewing my tickets (full disclosure, I am one of the Tier 1 Gold Ticket holders Lowe talks about) this year nor will I get tickets again until management changes.

            I am willing to bet no significant improvement as long as Lowe is around. If he was any good, we would have a team that was consistently competitive. He is like a bad manager running a mutual fund who is always below the market index (way below in fact). Can’t keep my cash with incompetence.

          • CMG30

            I applaud your conviction. The Oilers are not a democracy, they are a private business. It makes me shake my head every time I read someone complaining -on the internet- about how Kevin Lowe is the devil and the Oilers will never win with him at the helm. The only thing that will force change is to stop the money. Therefor I salute you!

            Having said that, I’m one of the minority around here that doesn’t think getting rid of Lowe will magically solve the Oilers problems. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I think it’s wrong for him to go, the Oilers record speaks for itself. Rather, I think the majority of blame lies at the feet of the players.

          • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

            how about ownership holding the president of hockey operations accountable for the sh*t show that has been taking place over the last 8 years?

            listen, i get the rebuild. i was pro-rebuild before before pro-rebuild was cool. i was all for the plummet down the standings, riding the sh*t train for a few years to stock up on picks, and watch the team rise back up.


            look at this team now. look where they have to go. look who is running the show.

            letting KLowe stay because he did something good 8 years ago is bordering on comical. sports is a results driven industry. the results speak for themselves.

          • You are one angry little ball of hate.

            So anyone that isn’t willing to say that Lowe has never done anything good, is responsible for the price of beers at Rexall, was the second shooter on the grassy knoll and was the cause behind Noah’s flood is either Lowe’s wife, an Oiler employee/wannabe or is an OilersNation wannabe?

            Riiigghht. Are you twelve?

  • I’m not backing this team next year unless Eberle or the first rounder gets traded this summer.

    That’s the only way that anything remotely good coming back will be able to add some help to this lost cause team.

  • Bryzarro World

    I don’t think klefbom or marincin made any mistakes all night. Pitlick played great too… Now for the long time vet. I don’t think any one has more flybys on the team. He dosnt block shots, he dosent hit, and he always seems to take slashing and holding penalties (lazy penalties) in the offensive zone. Every single person in my section was noticing it. He is a liability on the ice, just brutal.

    ** also anyone know what his clapper clocks in at(honestly don’t think its more that 40km/h),

  • dougtheslug

    I notice that all those optimists who were extrapolating Scrivens and Fasth’s .950 save percentages over a season, and penciling in the Oilers for a playoff spot next year, have gone strangely silent.

    I hate to say, “I told you so”.


    • paul wodehouse

      I mean between the two goalies I don’t think they have aged a full season total. I had my reservations as well. Like I said in previous posts, I’ll tell you how this tandem is in December.

  • I watch a lot of games on NHL Center Ice so at times I listen to the other team’s play by play announcers when they play the Oilers.

    Most play by play guys indicate how easy it is to play against the Oilers, easy to get the puck out and easy to keep the puck in. They also say that the Oilers are out of position a lot!!!

    Really hard to listen to (but true) but I learn a lot when not listening to the home play by play guys.