GDB Wrap Up: Sharks @ Oilers

FML… Final Score: 5-2 San Jose

After Saturday’s loss, how much worse could things possibly get around here? The Nation is in full crisis mode and the only thing we can really do is to wait this thing out and get to the draft. The Oilers had to play better tonight than they did against Calgary (not like they could play worse) and after waiting for two days to get back at it, things didn’t go much better. Oilers against San Jose – what could go wrong? 

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After an excellent first period, the wheels fell off again. It’s almost as though they go into the intermission and feel too good about themselves. As if letting a bunch of power play goals against isn’t bad enough, Joe Pavelski gets a hat trick and Rexall fans start throwing hats on the ice. To say things aren’t going well would be an understatement. If there was a panic button I’d have pushed it 5 years ago. At least Joe Thornton didn’t get 4 and pull out his schmeckle.

Let’s wrap it up…

The Bright Side

  • Mark Fraser’s flat top
  • David Perron has been a bright side all year
  • No suits were drenched in the making of this loss
  • Mike Brown did not score a hat trick
  • #HereComeTheOilers hash tag was top notch again tonight

The Face Palmers

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  • How many times did we have to hear the water bottle story?
  • 2nd periods are the Oilers’ kryptonite
  • Penalty Kill was uhh… off?
  • Highlight of the game was once again the 50/50

Best of the Tweets

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 8.00.36 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 8.33.39 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.07.55 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.39.47 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.39.57 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.56.33 PM

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  • Quicksilver ballet

    Stay the course, keep tanking. Keep Lowe, keep Eakins, come to camp in the fall without any top pairing blueliners or a 1st/2nd line center. The rest will take care of itself.

    And all along we all thought they were just incompetent….~give these guys some credit.~

  • paul wodehouse

    mornin’…see y’all had another one of those nights last night…we put our DVR to real good use these days…we watched The Blacklist, The Following and the second last episode of The Walking Dead last night…now that’s a good evenings’ entertainment without all that Oiler itching and scratching…
    had some warm milk and slept like a rock!

    EDIT …baggedmilk…the correct spelling for thingies is thingys…I think

  • mesa

    The Oilers are like the bad girlfriend that I just can’t stop loving, even though she’s now overweight and arrogant.

    It’s time for a clean break, it’s not me, it’s you.

    Absolutely right… I’ve tried several times this year to make a clean break, but always find myself checking this blog & others.
    Need to find something else to fill the void… But what?

    • paul wodehouse

      I used to live 11 time zones away, which is not as bad as you might think for watching the Oilers. Most mornings I would get up at 5 or 6 AM and watch a couple of periods before going to work. I knew they were terrible, I knew they would lose, but I just couldn’t stop.

      Now I have moved to 8 time zones away. The games are on at 1 or 2 AM and it is impossible to watch, and I am a happier person.

      I just get to work and read about the latest loss in the morning.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        This is true. To all of those disgruntled oilers fans. Go to a rush game, rexall beers are still 8 dollars but you wont care after 3 of them. Go be loud and watch a team that wins and gives a fudge. The compete level of the edmonton rush, guys who work other jobs and are paid pennies, is so much higher then our 6million/year doll house hockey players its emberresing. go away oilers go rush go bring on the champions cup.

    • Positive Ray of Sunshine

      I’ve started building my secret underground evil layer. When it’s complete I am going to take control of the worlds frogurt supplies and all will bow to me.


  • S cottV

    I hope MacT knows what he’s doing…he knows more about hockey than you or me so maybe I just don’t see it. It better not be the case of MacT just being stubborn but you’d think he’d want to improve the coaching. If he doesn’t want to fire Eakins then bring in somebody to show Eakins the ropes.

    From my angle, every single player has regressed this year. You can throw all the fancy stats to say that player X is doing better in this or that but I know what I’m watching in front of me. We sucked the last couple of years too but I see some progress with the young kids at least. Of course the players are at fault for their performance but I think a lot of this has to do with coaching too. It doesn’t seem like the coaching staff knows how to teach or handle the personalities. Seriously, why is Fraser still playing, how many giveaways and errant passes before you sit him out. Eakins seems to have a bigger ego than his players; doesn’t seem to have any composure at all.

    I’d entertain the thought of MacT going back behind the bench. So far, I think he’s a better coach than GM.

    • S cottV

      At this point – a lose lose for MacT going behind the bench.

      Would have to fess up to the Eakins mistake and takes the team headed into a very tough close to the schedule, where they are likely to lose most games anyway.

      I think MacT will fess up – in the off season.

      Other than a stretch of unreal anomaly goaltending (Scrivens is good but not that good) there is nothing really coming together with how the team is playing.

      While a tough group to influence, the Coach must get through to the player group and get things bought into and taking shape. Eakins has had more than enough time and at this point, just about anybody would have to conclude that he is in way over his head. Many of us came to that realization in mid November, when the Oilers were effectively out of the playoffs, due to things like the failed swarm.

      The entitled players at the core of the player group, need a coach that they will take very very seriously.

      • #ThereGoesTheOilers

        Not saying that MacT should take over as coach this year; just saying that I think he’s a better coach than Eakins. I know the optics of firing the coach looks very bad; so he must find a creative way to help in that department.

  • Chongler

    Longing to cheer again and know that it’s going somewhere besides the sewer.

    Let’s get to the absolutes already… can the team win Y or N, if N then change everything to get to a Y.

    Everyone at this stage should be able to look at the situation and start the critical evaluation and respond accordingly. Simple management. Oh yeah, never mind.

  • ubermiguel

    Huh. Um, go Montreal?

    What has happened to Canadian Teams? (Jay Feaster, Tambi, and Gillis in the West), East, what’s your excuse?

    What I take away from every Canadian team except Montreal out of the playoffs is that the NHL is a really difficult league. Not that excuses yet another dismal season for the Oilers, just that I’m still not sure what is worse, watching a team I expect to lose do so, or be disappointed with a team I expect to win not do so.

  • Bucknuck

    Bright side events last night:

    Florida won and are now three points ahead of the Oilers.

    There are only nine more games of this forgettable season left to play.

    Toronto was eliminated from the postseason.

    Pretty sad list, but it’s been a sad year. I am looking forward to training camp so I can feel that thing called hope again.

  • bazmagoo

    I’m just hopeful all this misery eventually leads to the old boys club being removed. We won’t be a competitive organization until that happens. Next season Katz will start to see his bottom line dwindling and we could all be faced with Taylor Hall and/or others demanding a trade out of town. We will also miss the playoffs for the 9th consecutive season, causing Katz to miss out on millions in postseason revenue again.

    Whatever it takes to get Lowe fired, I’m all for it. That’s the light at the end of the tunnel. Forget the Stanley Cup, forget being a competitive team, they are all pipe dreams until Lowe is turfed.

  • ChillyPepper

    Maybe this is the re-make of Major League. I keep waiting for the Oilers DC-3 to come rolling up to the gate and the pilot duct taping the propeller back together. This one however will not have a happy ending. I can see the Oil running the table in reverse.

  • Bob Cobb

    The Dude (Klowe) : No, man, nothing is f’d here–

    The Big Lebowski (the Fans) : NOTHING IS F’D!?

    The Dude (Klowe) : No man–


  • Mo Playoffs Mo Problems

    Just read David staples article about the sweater tossing- I agreed somewhat until I was reminded by a comment that Katz actually had the gall to invite Gretzky to a game in Seattle. Until the owner respects the fans why should the fans respect the sweater? Management has turned this once proud franchise into a pathetic joke.

  • Bob Cobb

    Once things are sorted out in upper management (6 rings will not be POHO when the season starts) Taylor Hall will lead this team to glory.

    He is an outstanding hockey player and completes every night. Every year he will get better and better and he will eventually win a Stanley Cup with the Oilers.

  • Anton CP

    Here is one interesting thing about most of Oilers lost, for the last 3 games that Oilers lost when scored first. To start the season with 5 losses were all Oilers scored first.

    How many games this year that Oilers have lost after scored first and if it has any indication of Oilers struggle?

  • Harry2

    Can anyone who knows their way around a computer look up the record for most losses by a team when they score the first goal, please?!

    Im willing to bet this Oiler team is in the top 3 of all-time

  • Aitch

    In the world of trading you’re supposed to “Sell High, Buy Low.” Well, for 29 other GMs… this off-season might be the best time to buy Low. Or is that Lowe?

  • ChillyPepper

    To me there is a great flaw in the analysis of the Oilers. Many MSM types repeatedly state that the Oilers are talented offensively. Their rationale for arriving at this conclusion is that they must be because they have drafted 3 forwards first over all.

    Unfortunately this analysis is wrong because the Oilers are not a good offensive team. This is confirmed when you look at the Goals For statistics.

    They have some offensive talent, but they have no strength or depth at centre and therefore are destined to fail until this is corrected. . Accordingly, the Oilers need to draft a #1 or #2 Centre in order to actually become a talented offensive team.

  • Bryzarro World

    Who cares how many rings blowe has…. How many cars does he have? He doesn’t know a thing about them except how to drive. Same with the rings…. has them but knows nothing…


  • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!


    Just because someone looks like an adult, doesn’t mean they have any idea how to act like one.

    I can’t believe some people trashed this comment.

  • ChillyPepper

    While I understand frustration, I think it is crossing the line when you start attacking kids. Bullying is at an all-time high across our nation… and as adults we need to set the bar a little higher with our own online activities.

    Your comment “his fat, creepy clown of a kid”, crosses every line. He is a child. He does not deserve to be ridiculed by adults. No child does.