I get to vote on the Oilers best defenceman of the year award. I have voted on CFL all-stars, MVP’s, NLL all-stars and individual awards as well as Oiler awards over the years and I take it seriously. I do some research, talk to players in the league and look up numerous different stats. I believe it is important to do some research and put in some effort when voting on these awards.

Even though the Oilers have had another horrendous season, I believe you owe it to the players to make an educated vote.

I have done my research and have made my vote, but I’m curious who Oilers fans would vote for.

Let me know who you would vote for. Defend your vote, tell us why you feel this players is worthy of being the best and don’t try and be funny by saying “no one.” We all understand the season has been a disaster, but you still need to pick one, so let me know who your choice is: 

Oscar Klefbom
Andrew Ference
Philip Larsen
Martin Marincin
Jeff Petry
Mark Fraser
Justin Schultz
Anton Belov


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  • Serious Gord


    Next to the question who was the best goalie of the year who’s played more than ten games there is nothing more damning of oiler management than the answer to that question.

  • Spydyr

    Pronger……forgive me I’m trying to forget the last eight years.

    Besides he was the last real top pairing defencman this team has had.

    This year it has to sadly be the rookie Marincin .

  • Spydyr

    If the award was for steadiness it would be ference but for me the best was Petry, l actually noticed a few big hits throughout the season and I expect that will increase and could be a top 2. Nice skating, nice puck movement.

  • Oilers Coffey

    “Having a pair” haha
    Seriously no one on this Dcorps has dropped the gloves but Ference. What happened when every dman without hesitation got into the rough stuff in front of the net.
    This goes to show just how soft this group is! no wonder other teams come into Rexall and have their way.
    Therefore Ference gets my vote.

  • Spydyr


    Also gets my vote for most under-appreciated.

    He’s quietly been developing since he got here, in spite of having to play several spots higher than he would have to on most other teams, and succeeding most of the time.

    He’s starting to add a more physical side to his game, too.

    He’s a keeper, so the Oil will likely trade him over the summer and keep Snowpants on the team, because Oilers…

  • vetinari

    For me, it come down to Petry and J. Schutz… Petry is more rounded in his game, can move the puck out of his zone and is usually engaged in the game from start to finish. His only knocks against him is he’s not that physical and I wish that he would shoot more.

    Schultz is more offensively gifted, has a higher “gear” than Petry in the transition game and can work a PP better than most. Again, I wish that Schultz was more physical and that his body position against forwards was better in front of our net.

    As for the others:

    Ference comes as advertised– he has a physical edge and understands defence but not much offence there and can’t beat many opposing forwards in a “one on one” foot race.

    Marincin is an honorable mention and if he can find a little “meanness” in him, could be a fantastic 3/4 defenceman on the team for years to come (imagine Marincin and Nurse together with another 30 pounds on each of their frames).

    Larsen, Fraser and Belov have been generally non-factors and are all “7th defenceman”/AHL material. Klefbom is too new and needs another 30-40 games to be properly assessed.

    My vote is Petry in a narrow field of two or three.

  • Oiler63

    I think Petry played with more confidence this year ,not Duncan Keith level of confidence (and he shouldn’t be) but definitely more composed than last year. Just wish he’s more nasty.

    Edit, last game his shot literally took out one of sharks’ D men. He has a heavy shot. More of that in the games please.

  • 15w40

    I would say its tough to defend a pick with solid statistics.

    I went with the process of elimination starting by removing the worst of the worst until arriving at the best of the worst.

    That would have to be Petry. He is soft but he is what he is and at this point is the most competent of the group.

    Marincin is a close 2nd. Those are really the only two in the conversation for me.

    Ference was tagged as the leader but is not a better player then the aforementioned 2. He may have more heart but that doesn’t necessarily equate to a better player.

    J Schultz has generally been a train wreck most of the year and he is sooooooooo soft he makes Petry look like Chris Chelios.

  • vetinari

    Marincin has probably been the best during his time here but even if he plays the rest of the games, he will still have barely played half of the season. I think it’s a three-way race between Justin Schultz, Jeff Petry and Andrew Ference.

    Justin Schultz has the most points but he also has way more PP minutes than the other two. That combined with the ridiculous amount of shorthanded goals against, many of which he played a part in, and I am no voting for Schultz. Andrew Ference did a nice job playing more minutes than he should be playing but he is the runner-up in my opinion.

    I will go with Jeff Petry. He plays the most at even strength and I don’t think he gets enough credit for Marincin’s smooth transition to the NHL. For the most part, his partners seem to play better with him than without him. He’s far from a perfect player but you don’t have to be special in order to be the best D-man on this year’s Edmonton Oilers team.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    My vote is Marincin. He has a calmness to his game that has been hard to find in any of the dmen this year, uses his stick, and play the position pretty good for a rookie. Marincin is the only dman with a +/- above 0.

    Petry, imo looks like a cat chasing the red dot(puck) all the time, and gets caught out of position more times than any other dman. I hope MacT doesn’t resign him and lets him walk, the Oil would be better for it in the long run. I will give Perty credit on this though he has become more physical this year, and not so Tammy Gilbert like as in yrs past.

  • Britts94

    Honestly, from what I’ve seen, Marincin was very good given the situation, but Petty edges him out by a hair. Yes he has bad games (and when its bad, its BAD) but he’s still the best defenceman on the team.

  • Dan the Man

    You could make a case for Marincin, shocking as that is, in the time he has been up, but it is not long enough based on the entire year. That leaves only two possible choices, Ference and Petry, both of whom are being asked to play more minutes against tougher opponents than would be ideal. Ference has shown tremendous character and work ethic under incredibly trying circumstances, but overall Petry has been best in my view, which is a very depressing assessment. He makes mistakes and gets overwhelmed sometimes, but he is a legitimate second pairing D man, while Ference at this point is a legitimate third pairing guy. Marincin looks to be a solid 2nd pairing D man going forward and may be the best of this bunch soon, if he isn’t already. Schultz looks lost, but has the potential to grow into an excellent offensive defender. He desperately needs to build more strength and learn the fundamentals of his position. So my vote goes to Petry

  • TheresAlwaysNextYear

    Looking at those names, you can see why the Oilers suck. Andrew Ference has been horrible. I understand the signing but it was ill-advised. If the Oil find their way out of the woods, this guy will be in the press box as the 7th defenceman and only because of his lousy contract. Schultz, Marincin and Petry are the only real NHL dmen on the list. Klefbom could get there, as well.

  • The Last Big Bear

    I am not an Oilers fan (I only hang out here to pick up chicks).

    My take:

    Ference is probably the one I’d take if I had to pick an Oilers defenceman to take to the playoffs. Jumping Lee Stempniak, who clearly didnt want to fight, and knocking some of his teeth out after a clean hit was complete BS, but was about the closest thing to ”grit” that I’ve seen from an Oilers player this season.

    Petry is certainly a legit NHLer, which is about as much as you can ask from this group. He’s slowly making progress, and its almost a toss-up, but I’d say Ference has been better this season.

    Marincin has been pretty good for a teenaged rookie over the course of half a season. Unfortunately, this puts him in the running for the best defenceman on the Oilers.

    Schultz is an defensively questionable, offensive PP specialist. With like 1 power play goal.

    Smid and N Schultz would have made the discussion a bit more interesting, but they are now underwhelming on other teams.

    The Oilers legitimately have the worst blue line in the NHL.

    • The Last Big Bear

      I can’t see how anyone could really disagree with you from an objective point of view. Your last sentence is, without any doubt, the truest statement ever written about this 2013-2014 oilers team.