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Canada’s management group for this year’s World Hockey Championships have been named. The tournament will go in Minsk (Belarus) in May. Rob Blake is the GM this year, with Ron Hextall of the Philadelphia Flyers, Brad Treliving of the Phoenix Coyotes and Brad Pascall of Hockey Canada helping him out.

If called, will Taylor Hall go? Should he go?

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Article details, including the possibility of having Ralph Krueger as Team Canada coach,are here.


If the season ended today, Blake would have the following forwards to consider:

  1. Taylor Hall (Edmonton)
  2. Jordan Eberle (Edmonton)
  3. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (Edmonton)
  4. David Perron (Edmonton)
  5. Boyd Gordon (Edmonton)
  6. Mike Cammalleri (Calgary)
  7. Sean Monahan (Calgary)
  8. Matt Stajan (Calgary)
  9. Curtis Glencross (Calgary)
  10. Bryan Little (Winnipeg)
  11. Andrew Ladd (Winnipeg)
  12. Evander Kane (Winnipeg)
  13. Mike Fisher (Nashville)
  14. Tyler Seguin (Dallas)
  15. Jamie Benn (Dallas)
  16. Alex Chiasson (Dallas)
  17. Ryan Garbutt (Dallas)
  18. Tyler Ennis (Buffalo)
  19. Cody Hodgson (Buffalo)
  20. Drew Stafford (Buffalo)
  21. Chris Stewart (Buffalo)
  22. Scottie Upshall (Florida)
  23. Brad Boyes (Florida)
  24. Jonathan Huberdeau (Florida)
  25. Josh Bailey (NY Islanders)
  26. Eric Staal (Carolina)
  27. Jordan Staal (Carolina)
  28. Jeff Skinner (Carolina)
  29. Jason Spezza (Ottawa)
  30. Kyle Turris (Ottawa)
  31. Zack Smith (Ottawa)
  32. Clarke MacArthur (Ottawa)
  33. Adam Henrique (New Jersey)
  34. Travis Zajac (New Jersey)
  35. Michael Ryder (New Jersey)
  36. Nazem Kadri (Toronto)
  37. Tyler Bozak (Toronto)
  38. Dave Bolland (Toronto)
  39. Joffrey Lupul (Toronto)
  40. Mason Raymond (Toronto)
  41. David Clarkson (Toronto)
  42. Joel Ward (Washington)
  43. Troy Brouwer (Washington)
  44. Dustin Penner (Washington)
  45. Eric Fehr (Washington)

Assuming 15 forwards go, my team would be the following (alpha order):

  • Center: Cammalleri, Henrique, Nugent-Hopkins, Spezza, E Staal
  • Left Wing: Benn, Hall, Kane, Ladd, MacArthur
  • Right Wing: Eberle, Perron, Seguin, Turris, Zajac

Agree? Disagree? I’m taking four Oiler forwards out of 15, that’s clearly a bias—but its my team. I’d love to see your list (this is damn hard by the way, I almost had to tell baby Nuge he’s staying home).

Hall makes my team without a throw. Eberle too, and how on earth do you keep Perron off the team? I would have Gordon playing mega-minutes on the PK and taking the tough and late zone draws, but had to leave him behind. 



Yes. Even if Lindy Ruff is the coach, Hall should go. It would be a chance for him to end the season on a positive, and play on a strong team with some real competition for playing time and to showcase his exceptional talent.


  • Reg Dunlop

    Maybe Belarus will be annexed by Mother Russia by then and it won’t matter.

    I think the kids should stay home. Keep them healthy. Its a bad tourny of the Olympics anyways with college players and tier two pros, so theres no point. The Oilbabies might get Tavaresed and with our luck we Gagner will get hurt and we will not be able to dump that albatros.

  • Retsinnab5

    Perron for sure.

    I don’t see Hall beating out the other guys. If they only want his offence, then sure. But the other players are too well rounded for Hall to beat yet. If I was building the team, he might come as a spare.

  • dougtheslug

    Note from The Coach’s Desk:

    I’m tired of reading that I haven’t coached my stars like Taylor to be more responsible hockey players. Let me set the record straight:

    1. It was Gatorade, not water. A little water NEVER bothers me. But Gatorade is another thing altogether.

    2. You want accountability? Not only did I make Taylor one hundred percent responsible for my dry cleaning bill, I put him charge of a committee to purchase new spill proof water bottles.

    3.I want my players to look out for each other. So to show what
    I mean, I slipped Bucky’s suit jacket onto my dry cleaning pile. Now that’s taking care of your bros! Taylor, if you’re reading this, the jokes on you!

    Signed, Dallas

  • toprightcorner

    Fistly let’s get things straight, the Oiler that most deserves to be on the team and will be a lock is Scrivens plain and simple.

    There are a ton of quality wingers available to that makes it tough and likely eliminates Ebs. Perron and Hall will likely get the call and since the Canadian RW depth is not so goo (Eberle by far has the most points) but it depends on if a few different teams miss the playoffs, plus the leave spots empty for teams eliminated early. If PHI loses in the first round, Giroux and Simmonds are locks.

    Lots of players will decline, E.Stall, Spezza, Lupal and Camelleri (no contract injury risk) are all likely to say no, they have nothing to prove and have served their time in the past. Also beleive they will take an extra centre to play wing.


    Hall – Seguin – Benn.

    Ladd – Little – Eberle.

    Kane – RNH – Brouwer.

    Perron – Turris – Fisher

    Extras – MacArthur – Bozak

  • toprightcorner

    If Kreuger is the coach and the Oiler players play out of this world is there a chance the Oilers would bring him back as an assistant coach or even associateÉ I would prefer an associate coach hav e lots of NHL head coaching expirience and Krueger would be great in charge of special teams and be the go to players coach for communication.

    Not a fan of recycling coaches but I think Kreuger had a bit of stuff that the team could use.

    If not that over pay Huddy to come back, best assistant coach her in last 20 years and overpay another top quality assistant coach with lots of expirience preferableso head coaching expirience.

  • toprightcorner

    HAHAHA…..i see we r still over valuing our ‘stars’

    RNH…..has played just short of awful…..eberle the same

    hall yes and perron yes……the others?……Nyet commrade!

    ps…..hall will not be bored in Minsk…..its babe-ilicious there….DA!

  • toprightcorner

    I personally think Lowe should have been fired 5 years ago. At least every 2nd comment I post on here has something to do with firing Lowe. im willing to make an agreement….

    i’ll stop calling for lowe’s head on a silver platter… on a bed of diamond encrusted silk, circled by his 6 rings…. if… the knee pad day dreaming Lowe supporters agree that if they don’t finish within atleast 8 points of a playoff spot next year, i’ll never have to hear his last name spoken ever again!

    do we have a deal?

  • S cottV

    People seem to have totally lost perspective when looking at the Oiler players. Please remember they have been sewer dwellers for years, are playing for the 29th place team and are all very young. Given the foregoing, the only player who should even be considered by Blake is Taylor Hall. He is quite simply a very good hockey player.

    All those who are suggesting Eberle, Perron and Nuge should be on the team are delusional. Let me repeat, the Oilers are the 29th place team and have been in the sewer forever. Suggesting the locals might have a ‘slight bias’ in favor of Oiler players is a massive understatement. Quite simply you have drunk the Kool Aid, put on your rose tinted spectacles and had a brain cramp all at the same time. Remember, the Oilers are the 29th place team and they have earned that with their play this year.

  • Rdubb

    I am a firm believer that if you’re asked to play for Canada, you should go, unless an injury is hampering you, or, unless of a major personal reason, such as having a baby or getting married, or if your wife is having some sort of major surgery and you’re needed to help look after her and the kids, & if these reasons aren’t on the list, GO!!!!
    Play, learn to win…See how different pro’s get ready for games and so on, especially if you’re a younger player in the league…and if you’re an older guy, well, then it just may be your last time that your asked to play & represent Hockey Canada….
    just a thought

  • Chainsawz

    My concern is this. Is Belarus a part of the Russian Federation? With all this crap going on in the Ukraine is it wise to send 40ish of our citizens anywhere near the Russians? Maybe there are security measures in place and all that but I really do not think Canada should be involved in anything over in that part of the globe until this political situation in Crimea and Ukraine is resolved.

    I for one am against any Canadian participation in this year WHC’s until we can be assured that our citizens will be safe and secure. Just sayin.

    • Johnnydapunk

      Well considering that Canada sent 222 athletes and numerous support and media staff without a problem to a small event in Russia that is called something but I can’t remember, sending 40 odd players and staff to a separate country that happens to be in the same area shouldn’t be so much of an issue.

      There are no travel advisories beside the basics and a few notices about the possibility of some protests, but nothing unusual.

      The worst you may get is some badly biased news as Belarus isn’t ranked terribly high regarding press freedom.

  • Chainsawz

    Lines (L-C-R):

    Benn – Staal – Seguin,
    Hall – Spezza – Little,
    Camms – Bozak – Lupul,
    Kane – Henrique – Ladd

    Tag alongs:

    Monahan, Ennis, Chaisson

    No Nuge, no Perron, and no Eberle if all those players are avaiable. I know this is an Oiler fan site but this is the reality of where these players are.

  • Chainsawz

    any oilers that are invited BETTER go cuz they’re not getting any playoff like hockey here.wouldn’t it be nice to see seguin between hall and whomever? do you remember when our team was just bad and we only sent capt Canada every year? wtf is going on in oilerville?

  • I say Hall goes.

    A lot of good players with character have potential of going to play (if they accept). Having some experienced leadership around the room will likely hold him accountable for his gameplay & being around other stars might humble him and help him grow in preparation for next years pivotal season.

    • S cottV

      I agree that they will likely take Hall but with some reservation because he really does not think a 2 way game very well and has questionable character.

      All of the core Oiler young guns need to understand that for as long as it takes to step up and produce tangible results, their respective reputations are going to take more and more of a hit.

      Hall is the only one that is still slightly above the mark, where the National team takes him, but he’s fading.

  • Zarny

    Hall and Eberle will go no questions asked. Unlike many Oiler fans Rob Blake at el haven’t wet their pants over this season.

    Nuge and Perron are probably 80-90% to make the team.

    And in net…Ben Scrivens wearing the Maple Leaf.

    • Chainsawz

      No one has to wet their pants to recognize there’s better talent on other teams.

      2 Oilers on Blake’s ideal team of available forwards is a wet dream however.

  • billythebullet

    In absolutely no order my 15 fwds.

    Benn, Seguin, E.Stall, Skinner, Turris, Cammalleri, Hall, Little, Henrique, Ladd, Bozak, Lupal, Kane, Perron, Spezza.

    Offense with these guys shouldn’t be a problem. Backchecking could be an issue lol!

    No way I take RNH as a center. Ebs on outside looking in but could easily make team as he has outscored some guys on my list. Passed him over mostly because too many smallish picks on my team already.

  • Tikkanese

    come on, this is getting ridiculous, do you really think the intelligent hockey men running this team are going to take more than 1 of this band of losers, give me a break