GDB Wrap Up: Ducks @ Oilers


Ben Scrivens is the anti-Dubnyk. Final Score: 4-3 Oilers.

Tonight was one of the last times you will see Teemu Selanne at Rexall Place and the thought of it bummed me out. It’s a weird feeling when the players you grew up watching start retiring. I remember watching his rookie season and being amazed that a guy that could score 76 goals in the NHL, let alone in his rookie season.  (I was fairly young at the time and hadn’t had a chance to learn about Gretzky’s 92 goal season yet) It was pretty cool to see Rexall give Teemu a standing ovation. It was also cool that he didn’t score.

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What can you say about Ben Scrivens other than he stole another game for the Oilers. Since he’s been around he’s given the Oiler saves that they never could have expected at the beginning of the year. I’m not sure how often you can get outshot 51-23 and still win the game but it worked this time! Not to mention, Andrew Cogliano didn’t score! Take that former Oilers curse. It’s amazing what solid goaltending can do.

Let’s wrap it up…

The Bright Side

  • 100th career goal for Gagner
  • Teemu Selanne has more than enough old man strength to share with Nugey
  • Ben Scrivens was 10 shades of awesome
  • I love seeing guys score their first NHL goal – good on Klefbom
  • Fans weren’t just waiting for the 50/50 announcement!

The Face Palmers

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  • Turning on the TV 5 minutes late and already losing
  • Tyler Pitlick’s legs
  • Corey Perry is very annoying in the best way possible – wrong team though
  • Being doubled in shots is a good thing, right?

Best of the Tweets

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  • #ThereGoesTheOilers

    Scrivens = brilliant
    Team = pretty damned good
    Eakins = can smile YAY
    Klefbom = great game

    game overall = man oh man, we are starting to look like a team. Keep it up guys, give us poor sorry for ourselves fans HOPE!!!!!!!

    • OilersDynasty

      48 shots against does not make a team, it just means we have the goalie issue solved.
      The team scored enough goals and Scriven’s made the saves but don’t be blinded into thinking this has pulled together yet.

  • otter2233

    How in the world does Kevin Quinn not once not twice but THREE times say the play was 4 on 4 in OT when it was 3 on 3?? Is it that hard to see each team only had 3 skaters on the ice??

  • Sevenseven

    I know ex Oiler coaches and managment is not a popular topic for the nation but…

    Can we get bill ranford as the goalie coach out of LA?!

    Boo Jeanshorts!!

      • Sevenseven

        This one never ripped on chabot. But you are right, I dont think he is the best coach.

        I dont think he has a very good track record. In his past five years as goaltending coach, he hasnt done anything to prove himself. Dubnyks decline in play being the main example. The comments out of Nashville on his game, and his subpar performance behind one of the best defense in the nhl back could be attributed to Chabot.

        It could be the oilers just didnt have quality goaltenders in the system. Bill Ranford in La, maybe his success stems from strong defense in front of his goalies or a deep talent pool. He just has a good record. I understand you dont need nhl success to be a good coach. But as a goalie coach I feel it helps. It is the toughest position to play on the team. Chabots resume and even more so his track record form my opinion on him.

        • Czar

          Bill Sr. use to run a goalie school out in Sylvan Lake and Bill was involved in that for several summers as well. It was a natural transition for him after hockey and agree he’d be a major improvement over Chabot. I’ve always said the Oiler system is where goaltending prospects go to die, I hope that’s finally over.

        • Rdubb

          I agree with you 110%!!!! I cannot say it better than that…
          All you have to do is look @ Billy in LA.
          One must look @ Burke in PHX, how many goalies has he turned into top NHL tenders, many came into PHX as good average goalies, but while there, they turned into above average goalies, some have been mentioned as Top 5, some mentioned as Vezina contenders, some named to national teams for either Olympics or world championships, he must be doing something right…& Billy, while not doing it as long as Burke, has seemed to found his niche after hockey.
          Dubbie’s game absolutely fell apart, he had every chance to become a top flight NHL tender, all he needed was a little (& I mean a little) bit of COACHING. As Trotz said, when he went to NSH, he (Dubnyk) was FULL OF HOLES…

    • Rdubb

      I don’t see why not, he lived in Red Deer, played for the Oil, won a cup with the Oil, won the con smyth with the Oil, hell, shouldn’t he too be considered an “Oiler for life” too?
      Start chanting his name again in Rexall and maybe he’ll decide to come back…I don’t know what he did, but he sure has done some AMAZING things in LA with all their tenders, look @ what he did with THE PROF, or Quick, or Bernier, even Jones. LA is a goalie pipeline, and Randyford (that’s what I called myself playing road hockey, floor hockey, ball hockey & ice hockey in the late 80’s and early 90’s, hell, I even have an Oiler jersey that is #30 and says Randyford) must have something to do with it…

  • #ThereGoesTheOilers

    I don’t know who he is, but there is someone who reads this web site and LOVES to slam every commenter. I think we may have a Flames/Canucks mole around. Sniff him out guys, and make him pay for his cheek. He really seems to hate it when someone makes a positive post regarding the Oilers. Hanging is too good for him.

    • Rdubb

      I too read this guy all the time too, me thinks his name is serious gord or something like that, hell, he picked on one of articles because I didn’t use a period properly or something like that…if it is the guy above, JOKE…if not the guy, sorry

    • Anton CP

      I get so sick of the butterfly. I am super pumped about Scrivens. He never gives up on a play and seems to find ways to stop the puck. Let’s improve our defense for him and ride him into the playoffs in 2015.

  • hankthetank

    Imagine what could have been had the Oilers picked up Scrivens be the starter from the start of the season. Games like these give me hope that once the guys in front of him finally figure things out the Oil will be contending in no time.

      • Bi-Curious Gord

        I don’t think in 40+ years of watching hockey I have ever seen a foot race like that,incredible.
        As far as the 3 stars selection for the most part most games they are pretty accurate but last nights were a bit like 1970’s Montreal Canadian home game picks. The negative comments about the post game show on Ched I don’t agree with, I think Reid Wilkins and Rob Brown do an excellent job considering who signs their paycheck.

  • CMG30

    Congrats on the win Oil, never stop fighting!

    However, considering the shots against, I’m still glad I missed this game.

    If Scrivens keeps this up he’s going to get his own statue outside Rexall.

  • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

    Love watching Eakins and the rest of the side show shake hands right after the OT winner…. “Great job, coach.” “You too, coach. Just like we planned.”

    Meanwhile, the shot clock is literally bleeding out…

  • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

    I think Petry might have to go, just doesn’t look top 4 caliber. Klefbom and Marincin are the future (or nice trade pieces). Nice win!!

  • The Last Big Bear

    Amazing goaltending, yet again.

    Since Scrivens came on board, the Oilers have been playing at a 76 point pace!!

    If he’d been around from the start of the season, and the team played at this level all year, the Oilers would be up within reach of 27th or maybe even 26th place.

    It’s amazing what top-tier goaltending can (not) do!

  • OilersDynasty

    Every time I watch the Ducks play us, I think about the Corey Perry deal that didn’t happen when 6Rings decided it would be a good idea to ask Mike Comrie to pay back 2.5M. Of all of the dumb moves 6Rings has made, that might have been the dumbest of them all. Say what you want about him but Corey Perry is a magnificent player and would have looked in good Oiler colors.

    • paul wodehouse

      Easy now….. That’s a lot of offensive in your defensive group. We may need a few tough, durable defensive defenseman.

      Just a thought. They seem to be fairly important.

    • ubermiguel

      Great ending, but Ference played horribly the rest of the night. I have seen too many goals this year where he was behind the net watching the puck get past him and into our net.

  • hahaha! love it! You’re the Dimitri of the VA but you aren’t an complete moron! Props to you jeans… you’re a sane homer! But with a conscience! And it’s appreciated! 😉
    btw, Dimitri needs a new home… send him to Atlanta! 😛

    ps… no one can keep me down! Eff Dimitri that commie! 😉

    Fight the banning powers of a POS writer for a POS organization! VA is run by a communist moron… thus it’s level of involvement is as it is. Figure it out overlords! Dimitri is a fool at best, a homer at worst, and a terrible writer… let alone a half decent commentator!

  • Lowe But Now High Expectations

    Maybe the Oilers need to do a NBA type promotion. If they give up 50 shots + and win the game, free pizza the next day. I mean if they did it the other way, getting 50 shots and winning, we’d all starve.

  • O.C.

    All three stars were Oilers? CHED picks Hendricks as 4 star??? Did Anaheim play????? Did anyone notice the game Hall had???????

    Hall was on fire all night. I swear Gagner gets worse every night. He purposely avoids anything where he could dish out contact.

    I’ll say it. Gagner has the perfect game… For women’s hockey. Then again, that’s a disservice to their sport. They fight for turf in women’s hockey.

    Weird game. Anaheim is awesome. No floaters. No cast offs who they try trick the fans as being NHL calibre.

    Positives. Marincin. Klefbom. Petty and Ference. First line and Perron and Gordon. Smyth was okay.

    Gazdic, Jones… Awful.

    And Scrivens. Wow. I focused on him in the third. He bent and stretched and just worked hard the entire game.

  • Bi-Curious Gord

    Let’s not delude ourselves Oiler fans. The Oilers had no business winning the game last night. The Ducks outplayed us badly and the only reason we won was because Scrivens stole one for us. He is special.

    On the other end of the spectrum we have Gagner. Notwithstanding the goal he scored, he is abysmal. The next time he intentionally makes contact with an opponent on the ice will be the first time.

    Guilty of the same fly by approach is Smyth. Not only is he slow with a lousy shot but he avoids contact on the forecheck. This is totally opposite to the approach taken by good teams. Eakins might want to make a note of this for next season.

    • Bi-Curious Gord

      I agree but Gagner actually did hit one of the Ducks D-man on one play last night and the Oilers retrieved the puck. Ryan Smyth can’t be resigned by this team, I am so sick of watching him trying to get the record pp goal from the side of the net behind the goal line, I want him to get so he’ll retire but stand in the front of the net where 99% of the other ones came from.

      • O.C.

        Re Gagner.

        The first goal for Anaheim wasn’t good, although Perron could have recognized the weak side 2 and 1 being set up by Gagner’s over commitment to the half board.

        The hit he made was out of circumstance. It was the only hit. It was half of what he should have dished out. He let up.

        I’m serious here. I focused on him at the game. Every shift. He takes real odd paths, like he doesn’t want to be in any area where he might get the slightest contact. He never explodes after the puck carrier. He coasts. The only burst I saw all game was when he saw he had a free path to the top of the far face off circle where he would go unmolested to accept a pass, walk in, and score.

        Again. The only time.

  • paul wodehouse

    This win shows that Scrivens is an outstanding goaltender playing on a piss poor team. So we can only expect wins when the opposition gets at least 50 shots on net, hilarious!!!

    Mack T and Eakins will hold their heads high like they have conquered Mount Everest now, most comical organization around!!

  • ubermiguel

    @ Wintoon, I hope Gagner scores a goal in each of the Oilers last few games.

    Do you see the plan, playing him on the first line? They’re showcasing him for a trade for when the season is done.

    It’s inevitable that one or two of the smurfs are gone before the summer ends. He’s gone for sure.

    Sell high.