GDB Wrap Up: Oilers @ Coyotes


The Oilers won but this makes some people angry. It’s a very confusing time. Final Score: 3-2 Oilers.

Nothing is more exciting than an Oilers road game, against the Coyotes, to cap off another meaningless season! If trap hockey and lottery jockeying isn’t enough to get you excited then I don’t know what is. Maybe you’re just boring. MAYBE you just don’t know how to have fun. Seriously though, watching the Coyotes makes me wish for Sex and the City reruns. In the last 10 trips to Phoenix the Oilers were 2-6-2. Take that history!

One thing that has been encouraging lately is the effort despite having nothing to play for. Obviously, having the Hall-Nuge-Eberle line carry the load offensively helps but it doesn’t look like guys are quitting out there and it’s nice to see. But turnovers, man… I’d be willing to bet old man Wanye’s money that the Oilers pass the puck to the other team as often as they do to their own. Regardless, the mighty Oil managed to win this one in the shootout and jump all the way up to 28th place. It’s a bad day for draft whiners.

Wrap time…

The Bright Side

  • Ben Scrivens we speak your name!
  • Gagner channelled his 2007 shootout prowess
  • Last road game of the season means this soul crushing season is almost over
  • Yakupov was not the problem

The Face Palmers

  • Steve Kelly was invisible during this game
  • ME for not knowing Matt Hendricks is some kind of shootout wizard. From now on, socializing during a CBC After Hours segment will be punishable by decapitation
  • Beating Phoenix helps the Canucks’ playoff hopes
  • Winning is bad, losing is also bad

Best of the Tweets

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  • Goon80

    I’m tired of hearing fans whine about how winning games is negatively affecting the chances to draft Ekblad.

    Look at what tanking has done to this team, even with 3 1st overalls things have not improved and FAs don’t want to sign with the oilers because of the loser reputation. Plus I’m sure the young guys are getting fed up with this losing.

    I’m happy with how they have competed these past few games against some of the top end teams. If it drops us out of the Ekblad sweepstakes I’m all for it.

    Winning now can’t help but improve team morale and start change the loser perception/culture associated with the Oilers.

    • dougtheslug

      “Winning now can’t help but improve team morale and start change the loser perception/culture associated with the Oilers.”

      You do mean, “winning every fourth games (in OT, recently), and winning exactly zero of their last 8 in regulation”, don’t you?

      Just wanted to inject a tone of sobriety into this carnival of joyous victory.

    • Crispy

      This sucks, why did the oilers have to win? This negatively effects our chance of drafting Eckblad!

      Let’s do what we do best and go on a losing streak!

  • R U Kidding Me!

    I guess I’m a draft whiner. In the four remaining games the Oil will be battling the Panthers for the 29th place and at worse the fourth selection in the 2014 NHL entry draft. Really exciting! Eight consecutive seasons out of the playoffs. Again, exciting!

    And for next season, probably the same old unless we witness major changes in the senior management of this dysfunctional hockey operation.

    Can hardly wait for the SCP and real hockey. Can hardly wait for summer.

  • 719

    Oilers got a chance at 28th overall! That would be our highest finish in a full season, since the 2008-2009 season. Draft lottery be darned, it is all about progress. Here come the Oilers!

  • R U Kidding Me!

    So how many ways can sam Gagner hurt the Oilers this season? First spends the entire season looking like the worst 2nd line Center in the entire league. Giving up the puck in the defensive zone, not covering his man, losing face-offs, missing wide open nets. And now when winning the game means slide down a draft position he becomes a hero. Next he’ll be injured last game of the season making him untraceable. I can see it now.

  • Positive Ray of Sunshine

    Finishing the season on a 5 game winning streak sounds much better to me than finishing with a 4% higher chance to get #1. Florida is probably going to lose out the string anyhow. I hope they beat the Leafs, but I’m not betting on it. They seem to have taken tanking to their hearts.

    I say the Oil should play as hard as they can for the last 4 games, then go hit the buffet and work out all summer.

    • Positive Ray of Sunshine

      Really reminds me of Micheal Jackson’s. It’s like he dunks his head in a barrel of olive oil before going on camera. He was at his best again last night. The only thing worse than our play is sportsnet’s D Grade broadcasting. What a high school production.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Oh well. As long as we lose 3 of the next 4 we should still be okay. Kinda like to see the Oil beat the Canucks the last game, along with MacIntyre taking a 10 gamer on Kassian.

    Hold that thought, to heck with that, I want to see Steve take a ten gamer along with a regulation loss, for insurance purposes. Damn Gagner.

  • D

    Even if they won 20 straight towards the end it won’t matte for next year. I don’t buy the whole momentum thing. More koolaid. What would it take to get hanzel or Yandel or ekman Larson, those guys are just awesome!

  • Arius Mumin

    Gagne, what does this guy do? He just chips the puck around the boards, only decent at shootouts. He never carries the puck in dangerous areas and never hits. The guy is NOT a hockey player.

  • Arius Mumin

    via Terry Jones’ twitter:

    “Theory. Sam Gagner scores 2-2 goal and shootout winner. Costs Ekblad in draft. Oilers take centre Draisaitl instead. Costs Gagner spot.”

    Gagner just Gagner’d himself.

  • Bucknuck

    Since I have a vry hard time choosing amongst Ekblad, Draisaitl, Bennett and Reinhart, I really don’t care if they pick first or fourth.

    I just want them to win. Go Oil.

  • bazmagoo