GDB Wrap Up: Kings @ Oilers

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Could a night get any worse? Final Score: 3-0 Kings

Last time the Kings were in town the Oilers played miserably. The only logical conclusion we could come up with was that the boys from the Royal Half were in town and they brought some kind of Hollywood voodoo with them. Either that or the Oilers are terrible. It had to be the voodoo. At least that’s what I thought until I watched tonight’s train wreck. To make matters worse, Bob McKenzie had to go ahead and break the news that Ryan Smyth will be retiring! Ohhhh the sadness. 

Ryan Smyth is the personification of what it means to be an Oiler. The guy was knocked his entire career for being too slow and not nearly as skilled as his heart is big. For years Ryan Smyth was the heart and soul of the team. He was the face of the franchise with a heart of gold and work ethic to spare. Even though he’s not the player he once was, I’m going to miss him. I’m going to miss his involvement in the community and passion for being an Edmonton Oiler. I only hope that his dedication to the franchise will rub off on some of the kids. I encourage you to put your favourite Smytty moment in the comments section.

We shall wrap…

The Bright Side

  • All the Ryan Smyth stories that came in were both amazing and heart breaking.
  • Smytty won’t have to play for the last place Oilers anymore (2nd last, I know)

The Face Palmers

  • Bob McKenzie says that Smytty will be retiring after Saturday’s game… I haz sad
  • Sam Gagner went out with an ankle injury. Dude is having a miserable year
  • Shutout for the 600th time at home
  • The suck knob was broken off, thrown out a window, and fell in the sewer
  • A fart I unleashed while walking up the stairs was the most entertaining part of that game

Best of the Tweets

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  • tomger

    the first time my son was at rexal was the joey moss cup the year NUGE was drafted ryan was breaking down center ice with the puck looking at one oil defense man NUGE lifted his stick took the puck and was two lines away before ryan turned around with a huge grin on his face

    he may be retiring but he is leaving the team in good hands hes leaving and taking my soul with him god bless the mullet and may the flow live on

  • Anton CP

    May 10, 2006 – Game 3 versus Sharks

    Paid $200 for Standing Room.

    Not only was it an epic 3OT game, not only did the Oilers win, but watching Smytty’s heroic return after getting his mouth caved in and losing a bucket of teeth via puck in the face, only to return and set up the game winner like a beast, made me an Oil fan for life.


    • Spydyr

      That too was my favourite 94 moment.You don’t get tougher than that.

      The team now has Gagner trying to throw two hits last night the first one he bounces of the guy and slides into the net.Second one he injuries himself.Both times the guy he tried to hit never even moved.

      It was not that long ago some people thought he should be Captain.Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

  • Spydyr

    Re #61. I am getting to the point i cant watch this anymore. So sad what Lowe and the gang have done to this franchise.I will watch the last game Saturday for only 1 purpose. Somebody tune in Kassian ( not Smytty but it wouldn’t surprise me)
    Sunday i would like to open the paper to hear about the outright dismissal of K Lowe, Scott Howson,Dallas Eakins, Steve Smith, Kelly Bucherger,both Actons, Frederic Chabot, Stu Mcgregor and his entire scouting staff.And if Coffey and Messier are still lurking in the bowels of Rexall they need to go as well. If not it is only 20 minutes to Okotoks to see the Okotoks Oilers. If i am going to support the oil drop it will be the Southern one. They have a lot more heart than the NHL version.

  • DoubleDIon

    Too many Smytty memories to list them all.

    I’ve liked him since the first game I saw him play. What first caught my attention was his board play–who was this new guy who seemed slippery as an eel behind the net? Two opposition players couldn’t dig out the puck against him, and he seemed to move it at will against the frustrated opponents. Kept watching this gritty young guy and was a fan before the game ended.

    Everything else after that just kept adding to the heart-and-soul persona of the player for me. The Captain Canada title was well-deserved and well-earned.

    But what I’ll always admire about Smytty is his love for the team and its fans. The puck toss ritual shows his humanity and his soft spot for the kids.

    The guy is character with a capital “C”. No one bleeds Oiler blue more than Smytty.

    I hope the organization recognizes him in some special way (if they can’t bring themselves to retire the jersey).

  • vetinari

    Smyth, Captain Canada, Mr. Mullet… will definitely miss him.

    I don’t know if there is just one memory of him that I can isolate as being quintessentially Smythy but it was his tenacity to stand in front of opponent’s nets, fighting defenceman, spitting out teeth and trying to deflect shots with that 2×4 he carried that stands out to me the most.

    I just wish that he could have won a Cup, at least once, even if it was with another team, during his career. I would love to see the team do something to honour him beyond a “Ryan Smyth Night” next season….

  • geoilersgist

    Well that was a productive morning… Watching all the Smytty highlights makes me miss the playoffs that much more.

    Smytty you are a gentleman and a scholar. You will be missed. My favourite Oiler by a wide margin. I have so many memories it is hard to choose one, but taking Prongers puck to the face and coming back minutes later was unreal.

  • DoubleDIon

    Beers and wings on me anytime you feel like beers and wings Bagged. It’s a pretty moot offer with one game left.. Lmfao!! But I can get you best seats in the house if you ever want a depressed funny sad friend to watched a game.
    I would LOVE to have some input on your f’ing awesome blogs..