Tonight marks the end of an era. Ryan Smyth will play his 1270th NHL game in what will no doubt be an emotional night at Rexall Place. For those of us that were raised on Ryan Smyth, it’s definitely going to be weird to watch. I can’t imagine there will be a dry eye in the house when Smytty’s tribute is played, the only question is whether or not we’ll be able to see it at home. We’re looking at you, CBC…

It’s a strange feeling knowing that tonight will be Ryan Smyth’s last game in the NHL. I remember watching the trade deadline, in 2007, thinking that it was only a matter of time before they would announce that he had signed another contract – we all know how that turned out. After of the shock of seeing him wear other uniforms had worn off, our hometown hero came back in the summer of 2011. At the time, the rebuild was supposed to be well underway and the Oilers should have been making a push towards the playoffs. It never happened and we’re still stuck in the basement.

Ryan Smyth wanted to be here. He wanted to be traded back to the city where he started his career so that he could raise his family and retire as an Oiler. I can only imagine what it was like for him to watch the Kings win the Stanley Cup after finishing dead last on the year. I always admired Ryan Smyth for his love of the Oilers franchise and the city we call home. I’m sure the last 3 years of his professional career haven’t been easy, but he never complained. He worked hard and praised the franchise for giving him an opportunity to come home. Tonight we say farewell to the man with the flowing mop.

Enjoy It…

Take It All In

I’m not really sure how these GDB’s are supposed to go, I’ve never written one before. All I can tell you is, the thing that’s been on my mind all day is when next season starts Ryan Smyth won’t be parked in front of the net – we’ll never see it again. That’s weird to me and it bums me out.  Even though Ryan Smyth isn’t the player he was when he made his tearful goodbye at the airport, I hope everyone really pays attention to him tonight. Even though it’s been another shitacular season, I hope that everyone enjoys, for the last time, one of the greatest players to ever pull on an Oilers sweater. 


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GAME DAY PREDICTION: Smytty’s last game as an Oiler ends up in a blowout as the Oilers crush the Canucks 5-1. He scores 2 power play goals to claim the record.

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: The opening tribute to Ryan Smyth makes everyone at Rexall tear up. Allergies are blamed, onions are banned, and Dallas Eakins’ hair remains fantastic.

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Mark Fraser goes coast-to-coast, beating Dan Hamhuis wide for his 2nd goal of the season. The goal is called back due to Fraser finding a way to put himself offside even though he had the puck the entire time.

  • Rocket

    I haven’t been on here in a while. Stopped watching games before Christmas but it’s the last game of the season and 94 is retiring.

    Here’s to going out with a bang.

    • Dave "Killer" Carlson

      While I still have tuned in from time to time when I’ve had time, I wouldn’t miss watching the game tonight for anything. 100% final exam on Monday be damned.

      I remember walking around heartbroken when he was traded in 2007. Then my heart became whole again watching the first game in 2011. The fact that he was back didn’t sink in till I saw it.

      Heart and soul #94. Thank you Smytty.

  • #ThereGoesTheOilers

    Lose and lock up 29th.

    Win and pick 3rd (probably).

    How does an Oiler fan cope with such stresses? He watches guys like Ryan Smyth play. Man, I’m gonna miss him.

  • #ThereGoesTheOilers

    I’m going to miss him something fierce … I don’t even have words to describe how much right now.

    I can’t think of any part of 2006 without thinking of Smyth. Thank you for all your years, for everything.

  • #ThereGoesTheOilers

    The PVR is on and I’ll watch the tribute many times. There haven’t been too many reasons to celebrate this year with the Oil, but tonight it is with pride and for me some sadness, as we celebrate Smytty. Ryan won’t be the only one cryin’. I wish him all the best in the future in wherever that path takes him. I wish him a great life of love with his family. Thanks for the memories.

  • Serious Gord

    Let’s see – greatest Oilers (argue the order but the point is…):
    Gretz, Mess, Coffey, Fuhr, Anderson, Kurri, Ranford, Weight. Then Ryan?
    I was sitting here all day thinking “no way would I retire his jersey, he represents a lunch pail generation of losing Oilers teams”. Then I realized that he’s 6th career Oil scoring (ahead of Weight), came back to finish up here, and took a beating while here. A serious beating. Had he not been traded, he’d be 5th Oil career pts ahead of Coffey, without ever playing with the big guns.

    I’d put his # up ahead of Weight. Ahead of Lowe. Ahead of Ranford. He won’t make the HHoF – but that’s the point. Raise it.

    • Alsker

      I know its all about the emotion of the event and all, but ahead of Mr. Doug Weight, really. The guy who went to the board and said he’ll sign for what they can afford(home town discount anyways) and they traded him. Sorry after Dougie yes or maybe together(saves face for Klown)!!!!!

  • Serious Gord

    Re the last game of one of the worst seasons ever.

    Pissed that the fans are being played with the last Smyth game. Had that not been the case this could have become a real expression of fan disgust for what the owner and management have done or rather failed to do.

    Cue the “you’re heartless” feed back.

    Recommended movie to watch via netflix after the game:

    “Face in the crowd” with one of the finest performances ever by Andy Griffith (sheriff of Mayberry and matlock ) and tony franciosa. It about a coldly calculating media personality who has a hayseed aw shucks public persona. Not unlike the tripe that oilers fans are going to be fed tonight.

    • Alsker

      No heartless sh^t here, mixed feelings re: Smitty”s last game BUT what a crapfest of a season…if not for #94 so long game wonder if the Rexall faithful would have finally started the “Fire Lowe” chant tonight…alas we’ll never know. Even with Flo losing tonight I still would love to see a serious Vancity beatdown….6-2 Oilers

  • YFC Prez

    Back when I was an impressionable young lad, my brother told me about a guy who played for the Oilers who shared the same first name as I do. After watching good ol’ Smytty, I became a big fan. It’s because of Ryan Smyth that I am an Oilers fan today. It will be sad to see him go but all things come to an end. He left his blood, sweat and tears on the ice year after year and I fully intend to enjoy every minute of his swan song tonight. #94 to the rafters!

  • YFC Prez

    You know what would be a perfect ending to this game..

    It’s OT on a PP. Smytty gets the puck at a breakaway and skates like he’s never skaten before, which truthfully, isn’t very fast. Kassian tries to catch up, but is punched straight to the back of the head by Gagner like Franson on Nuge. Kassian flops to the ice and Smytty has all the time in the world.

    The crowd is silent. He winds up for the patented clapper. Markstrom is trembling with fear. He shoots. Pew Pew. Straight to the goalie’s chest. The hardest clapper he’s ever done, so powerful it pushes Markstrom into the net along with the puck. The crowd goes wild with “Smytty” chants. Game over, he’s won it.

    • Serious Gord

      I always considered it a point of pride that the Canucks had Stan smyl in the rafters and the oil had only one retired number that wasn’t a cup winner and in the hall of fame.

      I very much oppose putting Smyth’s jersey and number up with that group.

      • Sevenseven

        Ryan Smyth was part o glen Sathers 5year rebuild plan after the dynasty oilers were ripped apart by pocklington. He is the face of that generation of the oilers.

        He does not have the cup wins or success of the previous generation of oilers, one could argue that makes him more worthy of the honour of raising his jersey.

        He is the face of the franchise through 20 bleak years

        I have no problem if the team honours Ryan Smyth and his contributions

  • YFC Prez

    Tonight I’m opening a bottle of Bunnahabhain 37 year old whisky I’ve been saving for a night just like this one. I will raise a glass to Ryan and his beautiful family.

  • Alsker

    This is the saddest Oilers season ever.

    It all started with the firing of Ralf Krueger in one of the most classless moves ever. Then, there was the uber tragic death of Kristians Pelss. Followed by losing and lots of it. Our Calgary nemesis, with an inferior line up finished ahead of us. There was the departures of Smid and Hemsky, two players I would qualify as good guys. And now Smythy retires. We could call the 2013-14 season, the season of tears.

  • YFC Prez

    I haven’t watched a game in awhile. Just needed a break. I’m definetly tuning in tonight.

    I am. Little fearful though. I just turned on the tv to see the Montreal game in OT. If this goes to a shoutout I fear we may miss it.

    I hate CBC. And I’m concerned.

    EDIT sweet! It’s over! Disregard previous rant.

  • The poster formerly known as Koolaid drinker #33

    Oilers have not played a meaningful games since October. Tonight they have a chance to end up 29th and have a better chance in the draft , so they win.

    Ha Ha Ha cursed team

    • The poster formerly known as Koolaid drinker #33

      Why do you think they are making such a big deal about Smyth retiring???

      Distraction is better than the inevitable booing that would have taken place…

      Just good business to make a big deal about an old guy finally hanging ’em up rather than face the truth about how disgusted your fans are about the state of the team.

      Drink it in fans…cry,wave good bye to Smyth, and please forget about eight years out of the playoffs…