OilersNation at the Summit Collectibles Show


If you’ve got nothing going on this weekend, I’d urge you to head down to Millenium Place in Sherwood Park and check out the Summit Collectibles Show. I was helping the Street Team get set up this morning, and it looks like there’s going to be a lot of cool stuff to check out. And did I mention that we’re going to be there?

What’s Going On

The Summit Show is the biggest sports memorabilia show in Western Canada and somehow we’ve landed ourselves a table at the dance.  There are merch tables/former NHLers/card vendors/artists/you name it its scattered around the soccer field at Millenium Place. Basically, if you’re into sports this show is as good of an excuse to leave the house as there is. Check out the show link if you need details on getting there, tickets, etc.

What we’re doing there

After looking around for an hour or so, it’s pretty hilarious to think that we’re even there in the first place. For some reason, the Summit Show guys have been kind enough to let us sell NationGear beside the fine folks selling signed jerseys etc. So, right after you’ve picked up a Wayne Gretzky rookie card, you can wander on down to our booth an pick up a Nation tee on the cheap. It’s like we were invited to join a jazz band and all we can play is the washboard.


I always admire procrastinators and our ability to put things off until we either just squeeze by a deadline or miss the boat entirely. Procrastinators, our booth is for you. At our table, we’ve got all the NationGear that you’ve always wanted to buy but have been to lazy to pull the trigger on.  We’ve even gone so far as to discount a bunch of the stuff for you, but there’s a catch. We’re only selling merch on Saturday, April 19th, and quantities are limited. So set an alarm, a reminder, ask a friend to slap you, whatever you need to do – ONE. DAY. ONLY. FOR. NATIONGEAR. Got it?

But there’s more…


The Giveaway

As you may have noticed, on Twitter, I put in all of 8 minutes making up a draw box.  Although we’re only selling NationGear on Saturday, we do have a table on the 20th as well. What we’ll have for you, on Sunday, is free Nation Stickers (for the entire Network except FlamesNation – truck ya!) and a draw box for your chance to win a Grant Fuhr jersey.  All you need to do is drop a business card, or sign an entry form (read piece of paper with your name and phone number on it) and throw it in the draw box for your chance to win. Easy enough? We’ll be drawing the winner of the jersey next week and announcing it right here and on Twitter.

All I’m saying is drop whatever obligations you have, this weekend, and come see our Street Team at the Nation booth. I’ve convinced some poor suckers geniuses that if they do a good job at the Summit Show that they may even land a job at the Nation. (Between you and I, there’s no way that’s happening but let’s just keep that between us, cool? Is this thing on?) So I beg of you, grab your kids/buddy/wife/buddy’s wife/stranger and come see us out in Sherwood Park.  We’re not sure why we’re there and we could use the company. Adieu, friends, see you at the show!