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I believe this sentiment drives much of the discontent in Oilers Nation these days. Why can’t we have nice things? Colorado sucked for LESS time and are in the playoffs looking like the Oilers team we were promised!!!! What the hell? Where are the answers? After the break.


Steve Tambellini authored a devastating period in Oilers history and left a roster filled with forgettable. Tambellini never met an NHL player he couldn’t rid himself of, he was quite impressive at the discipline.

  • Sheldon Souray said a few things? OFF to Chocolate City with him!!!
  • Dustin Penner has size, but won’t use it? Kick him down the road for a pick that might turn out years from now.
  • His ‘stand and deliver’ July 1st 2011 series of transactions (bought out
    Souray, signs Cam Barker, Ben Eager, Darcy Hordichuk, Eric Belanger,
    Corey Potter and trades for Andy Sutton) serves as his nadir.

It’s easy to forget just how many useful people were sent away after Steve Tambellini arrived in late summer 2008.

  • Erik Cole, Edmonton gets Patrick O’Sullivan
  • Kyle Brodziak, Edmonton gets two picks (Bigos and Roy). Minnesota also gets a late pick they turn into Darcy Kuemper—who played for them last night.
  • Denis Grebeshkov.  Edmonton gets the pick that turned into Curtis Hamilton.
  • Lubomir Visnovsky. Edmonton gets Ryan Whitney and the Brandon Davidson pick.
  • Steve Staios. Edmonton gets Aaron Johnson and the pick that turns into Travis Ewanyk.
  • Riley Nash. Edmonton gets the Martin Marincin pick.
  • Dustin Penner. Edmonton acquires Colten Teubert and the Oscar Klefbom pick.
  • Andrew Cogliano. Edmonton acquires the Marco Roy pick.
  • Tom Gilbert. Edmonton acquires Nick Schultz.
  • Tobias Rieder. Edmonton acquires Kale Kessy.


When Craig MacTavish took over this hockey team, they were very weak up the middle. Improvements last summer (Boyd Gordon, Andrew Ference) added to mid-season fixes (Scrivens, Fasth) have Edmonton looking a little better at C, D and G.

There’s a long way to go.

However, the scorched earth policy—which involved things like sending a capable defenseman to the minors as punishment for a moment of frustration—delivered an empty cupboard and made certain the early years of Taylor Hall were bleak. 

Steve Tambellini dealt Dustin Penner at the 2010-11 deadline, and the Oilers did not replace him until summer 2013 (David Perron).



When looking at a picture, it’s vital to identify the real tragedy.

I understand the frustration that Michael Parkatti and all Oiler fans have today. This is draining, especially when Colorado makes it look so easy. But if you look at where they were in 2010 (they had 95 points and made the playoffs) and since then (seasons of 68, 88, lockout 39 and now 112 points), it doesn’t compare with the scorched earth Oilers.

The one season that showed promise (2011-12 under Renney) Tambellini fired the coach and brought back Lennart Petrell. !!!!!!.

I know this is a difficult period, but if we’re laying blame here let’s have the conversation. It’s hard to rebuild an empire from rubble overnight.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Can we stop scorching the earth now? Like can we start making moves that make sense, instead of deliberately falling into the lotto every year?

    Is it time to start building?

  • #ThereGoesTheOilers

    Wow I didn’t quite realize just how bad Tambellini was as a GM until you put together his entire body of work. Hope he doesn’t have a “Milbury Effect” on the team.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    It’s all Tambos fault still..

    Mctavish has given this team an honestly 2 fold improvement in roster strength, but we can still mention Tambo as a fault?

    Tambo should be spoken of as a past creature.. I understand he has set this team up with issues, but he has been irrelevant for like 3 years now.

    Come on guys? Let’s blame me next for not cheering hard enough. These are the most expensive merry go round tickets I have ever imagined or bought.

  • Derian Hatcher

    Katz might not be a stupid as he seems when it comes to hockey.

    How do you get people to buy tickets to the Oil Kings if everyone is infatuated with a winning Oilers team?

    Why of course you tank the Oil. People will still be lining up around the block for seasons tickets no matter how bad the team is.

    Don’t believe me? Has Katz been a dummy in his business life? How come he’s so stupid when running an NHL franchise?


  • dougtheslug

    Of course it’s always the players , and not the people who bought them in that is at fault ? Such is the nature of C.Y.A. (Cover Your Ass ) managerial practice – pass the buck . Who bought these players in all these years and still is here ? Most of them and some even a second go around , and still having negative results . I’d rather have an entire new group bringing in players than to continue to run with current people bringing in more failed projects , etc.. There assessments are obviously flawed to begin with as past practice shows clearly . They want our faith but have not come close to earning it on merit .

  • Chainsawz

    I dont think it really matters whether Lowe was or is pulling the strings. I think we’ve reached the point where it’s clear that the ideas here arent working. That not only can Lowe not build a decent team but he hasnt built a decent management group. The continued failure shows the ideas are wrong to continue building based on the flawed plans and shoddy foundation is just futile. We need someone with different ideas on what it takes to build a successful team and that means sweeping out all the dead wood.

  • Chainsawz

    If there’s ever a concern…

    My favorite part…

    “…there’s an owner that has to make a call in terms of whether you’re going to spend the money for a free agent or trade an asset that’s been part of the organization for a while, so there’s a collective decision being made.”

    This strongly implies that Katz involves himself in the decision making process of player personnel decisions with these two scenarios at a minimum most likely having been played out.

    I’d rather him set out a budget and approve broad season by season objectives. Leave the hockey decisions to hockey minds.

  • Lowetide

    I question how is it, that whenever MacT is spotted in an opposition rink ,obviously scouting a game, that almost always you see Lowe next to him.
    Its not Howson, or a scout. Lets face it these guys are joined at the hip.

    To a degree, thats fine, as I believe MacT would not make unilateral calls on most of deals, either out of courtesy or level of authority. Its that way with most organizations in the business world. It goes down the line, even with Lowe he would have to go to Katz for sign offs on a lot of these deals.

    You can pass the buck nine different ways, but at the end of the day, this hockey club is so far in the ditch,year after year with no turn around in sight.

    I blame the total cave in on KATZ! It matters not who the president is, the G M is ,the call comes from the guy hiding out in Vancouver. He is not picking up to many good pointers in that town at the moment either.If the owner wasnt involved deeply with hockey ops, he would have fired most of these guys a long time ago, based on the results here.