Our look into the 2014 NHL Entry Draft continues today with Michael Dal Colle. The video highlights show a few things: he can shoot, deke and score goals. Will he be an Oiler in June? Let’s take a look.


    and now Dal Colle.

    iss tweet


    “Kid has an excellent release — that’s the first thing I always think
    of. Power forward with notable skill. Opponents are always on edge when
    he’s on the ice. Excited to see him run over the East in the playoffs
    this year.” – Anonymous

    That quote and others courtesy OHL Prospects



    Even-strength scoring is an important factor for prospects, because most players don’t spend time on the power play early in their NHL careers. 


    Dal Colle shows better here, among the best in the group. In reading his scouting reports, it does appear we’re dealing with a very high school player.


    There are a couple of things that suggest Dal Colle won’t be an Oiler. First, he’s a natural winger. Edmonton has a center in their wheelhouse at third overall, we just don’t know his name. In order for the Oilers to take a winger, he would have to be head and shoulders better than Reinhart, Bennett and Dal Colle. That doesn’t appear to be the case.

    • Reinhart is 6.01, 183 skilled and not overly physical.
    • Bennett is 6.0, 181 and physical. He has 118pims
    • Draisaitl is 6.01, 209 and wins battles but is not truculent. He has 24pims
    • Dal Colle is 6.02, 171 and had 34 pims this season.


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    The team getting Dal Colle is going to be very happy, but I don’t think it’ll be the Oilers. His skills would be welcome for any team, but the Oilers have avoided addressing strength up the middle for so long they have no choice in the matter in 2014.

    • dougtheslug

      Have seen on several sites that draisaitl is 6’1.5 to 6’1.75.

      Also watch Bennett’s goals. They are all off the rush. Won’t be as easy in the nhl.

    • Reg Dunlop

      Man, watching LA and the Sharks POUND each other leaves me absolutely without hope for the oil. Unfortunately, if the oil want Draisaitl they will get him as no other team on the planet would pick a sleeper ahead of the consensus top 3. If you want a soccer player or a dictator to get the trains to run on schedule Germany is where you look. Saviors for failing NHL teams… look elsewhere.

      As for Quick’s suggestion that one more tank job is the way to go and that the only option is to draft, develop and build from within… my distaste for those comments are only exceeded by the amount of truth they hold.

    • dougtheslug

      If Oilers tank next season and finish 30th, they have 1 chance in 4 of winning the Connor MacDavid sweepstakes.

      Ask Buffalo how much they enjoyed this years draft lottery.

      Another year of suckage to be able to say “Missed by that much”, would be unendurable.

      Unfortunately, I’m not sure if KLowe and Co. have any better ideas.

      • Crispy

        2015 will actually be the best year to tank in quite some time. The 30th place team is guaranteed a top two pick and McDavid isn’t the concencus top prospect. He beat out Jack Eichle 5-4 in a recent poll. The team that will really be kicking themselves will be the ones drafting #3.

    • Reg Dunlop

      The Kings will put Richards on the 4th line. He may or may not be injured but would Eakins move Gagner to the wing or down a line or 2 until he starts to play better. No……..

      Eakins is probably the worst coach in the NHL

    • Reg Dunlop

      One more thing. No doubt the oil need to diversify the type of players in their top 6 forwards. Maybe another player that is dangerous off the rush, like Bennett, seems redundant. But I think that adding a player that seems to specialize in puck control and cycling in the O zone, with this forward group that is built to capitalize off the rush, won’t work. Who does he cycle the puck with? Himself?

      As for the availability of Brown, why not. Maybe part of a bigger deal, reviving the Clifford for Ganger rumors. That would be a start of real meaningful change.

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      We need to draft the best available centre.

      RNH is not a number one centre right now, 60th in league scoring, 27th amoungst centers and 217th best on the dot.

      Bennett or Reinhardt make the most sense if you are looking for a number one centre.

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      Seems pretty simple to me. Top 3 pick and Ekblad, Reinhart and Bennett are the projected top 3 picks. Whoever’s left at the 3 spot is the guy the Oilers should pick. I’m not sure why everybody’s so apprehensive about Reinhart. This guy potentially would take over 1st line duties from RNH eventually and he’s probably the most NHL ready of all of the forwards. I think Draisaitl would be a very risky pick and if they’re going about it just to add size, that’s stupid, which makes it likely these idiots go for him.

    • Well, I have to agree with Quicksilver on trying to secure the NYI pick.

      The Oilers are much the same across the board in the top six, a lot of skill but no jam.

      I hope the Oilers don’t over think this draft, if the Oilers don’t draft Bennett then I’m convinced they have zero idea how to build a team.

      Bennett adds a desperate dimension the Oilers need, however, if the Oilers could secure another pick to choose one of Dal Colle , Virtanen or Ritchie wouldn’t that be heaven.

      • m@s f@s

        How would the oilers get that other pick? Likely by trading a roster player which would make us worse again. Terrible ideA. If you want to use the 2015 1st to somehow get another 2014 1st (which it won’t) that’s also a bad idea since that’s a good trade chip for Another nhl player. More prospects won’t help.

        Draisaitl adds a different dimension too. Watch him play. I’m ok with drafting bennet as well but lean to draisatl.

    • m@s f@s

      I really don’t think Mike Richards solves our C problems, can float really well on a team that’s not ‘in it’, and drafting has to continue past round 1..

    • Trading the first round pick+ for Spezza and signing UFA Ales Hemsky would be the ultimate move IMO.

      Trade Gags for a bag of pucks, then make a bold move by trading one of Perron, Yak, or Eberle in a package for a top d man.

      impossible you say? Yeah me too. But that bromance between Spezza and Hemsky would look great in Edmonton.

    • m@s f@s

      The Oilers need to draft the BPA. No question that Reinhart would be a dynamic addition. With he and RNH at the #1 and 32 C positions the Oilers would be in great shape for years to come. Think Datsyuk and Zetterberg.

      While they are similar in style of play, they are both excellent playmakers and offensive weapons. Furthermore, we have seen RNH commit to improving his D zone play and he has done well.

      This draft will be a key to the Oilers future. What they must do is draft a centre that can take pressure off the first line and still provide some offensive push. Reinhart would give them this. As a second option, Bennett would appear to also have tremendous upside. All this talk about Draisaitl is really just a red herring.

    • m@s f@s

      I hope the Lightening series will put an end to the ‘trade skill for grit’ dialogue. The team replaced a high end play-maker (St Louis) with a heart and soul worker (Callahan) and the results were terrible. Granted, it didn’t help that Bishop was out but the team couldn’t generate any sustained buzz. We have skaters (Hall, Yak), scorers (Ebs, Yak, Perron), and playmakers (Nuge,Gags). I’d replace Gags with someone a bit better on the other side of the puck but to completely downgrade would be a mistake.

    • Zarny

      Once again, regardless of who is available the Oilers should trade the pick. The notion that players are not available is simply false.

      No one this year is projected to be a Crosby/Stamkos/Tavares/Hall/McKinnon or Doughty. There isn’t even a consensus #1. You would think Oiler fans would have learned another 18 y/o is not the answer.

      It’s also false to assume Ekblad won’t be available 3rd overall. Buf has zero depth at C beyond Hodgson who isn’t a 1C. In Fla, Barkov had all of 24 pts as a rookie. Bjugstad was drafted the same year as Hall, didn’t make the NHL until year 4 and still only put up 38 pts. That’s less than half of Hall’s production this year with more games played.

      If the Oilers use the pick and Ekblad is not available they will take a C not Dal Colle. That’s fairly obvious. However, it doesn’t matter whether it’s Reinhart, Bennett or Draisaitl…it will be a failure.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        Once again, for a guy who preaches patience Zarny, you sure are impatient.

        Who could the Oilers get for that 3rd++, and will he make a difference next season?

        Sell the farm and get two of these kids. Get that 5th selection from the Islanders/Sabres. Bennett and Draisaitl, Bennett and Dal Colle, Ekblad and Bennett.

        Failing next year has a handsome reward btw. It would set the Oilers up for the next decade in the new building. I’d rather go this route than bringing in a bandaide who may be gone as soon as his deal expires. It really is this markets only option.

        • Hopeless in Etown

          If the Oil can get a legit top paring defenceman or 1 or 2C by dealing their top pick + something they should. Of course what comes back has to make it worthwhile.

          The chance of injecting some quality performer into the ongoing gong show cannot be rejected out of hand.

          • Quicksilver ballet

            If you’re afraid of getting a bad apple (trading for a guy who inevitably doesn’t want to be here) from the barrel.

            Then pick your apple right from the tree.

            Sorry Ed, don’t have a lot of confidence this management group can wipe their own arses, let alone help their own hockey club.

        • Zarny

          It’s not about preaching patience or being impatient QB. It’s about acquiring the right mix of players. 18-22 don’t win…24-30 y/o do.

          Your mistake is assuming trading the pick brings in a band-aid and/or that players are not available.

          The Devils acquired Cory Schneider for the 9th pick overall. The 3rd overall would get you that level of player or better. Packaging the pick with Eberle/Yak/Gagner/Klefbom/Marincin/Schultz would yield a bigger return.

          Who do you know is for sure not available? I bet last year you would have said Tyler Seguin until he was traded to Dal. LA traded Schenn and Simmonds for Mike Richards. CBJ traded Voracek, the 8th overall pick and a 3rd rounder for Jeff Carter.

          Edm has the assets to make those kinds of trades and yes the players in return would make a difference next year and the 7-10 after that.

          There is nothing special about Bennett, Draisaitl, Reinhart, Ekblad or Dal Colle. Selling the farm for 2 of them is misguided IMO. You’ll simply be crying 2 years from now how they weren’t the solution just like fans this year with Nuge and Yakupov.

          • Quicksilver ballet

            Like yourself Zarny, I’ve always been in the if Gretzky can be traded yada yada.

            I suggested going after Seguin last summer after the wrist slapping he got from the Bruins. It was laughed at much like the Weber proposals we see weekly here now.

            Guess I’m of the, they may have ended up traded/here now, but do they really want to be here camp. Will they stay here when presented with their possible freedom? That’s a lot to give up for that unknown don’t you think?

            But you are right about one thing. There is nothing special about Bennett, Draisaitl, Reinhart, Ekblad or Dal Colle.


          • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

            If trading the 3rd overall this year gets you Corey Schneider or better……what does trading your 2015 first round pick get you?

            Most GMs in the league will view the Oilers as a lottery team for next year…if true, that’s 15 to 25 % chance at McDavid or Eichel.

            I think the Oilers will finally climb out of the cellar in 2014-15 and may fall just outside the top ten draft picks for for the 2015 draft….perhaps down to a 5% chance at a lottery top two pick.

            If I were the Oilers I’d draft either Ekblad, Bennett, Draisaitl……and consider packaging the 2015 pick now, while it’s value is at it’s highest, to try to add a 24-27 year old 1-2 Dman or #2 Center like J Staal

            • nuge2drai

              Oiler Domination To Follow

              Combine this with the Gagner trade for a 3/4 dman.

              Spend the 34+ million in cap space.

              The 2015 pick would most likely be around 10-16 IMO.

            • Zarny

              An extra ball in the McDavid/Eichel sweepstakes might get you more than the 3rd overall this year. If so I’d make that trade for the right return. For the right return I’d trade this year’s 1st and next year’s 1st.

            • nuge2drai

              Oiler Domination To Follow

              Would the right return for both firsts, Yak and d prospects be Eric and Jordan Staal.

              Imagine Eakins having the option to send Staal, Staal, Hopkins, or Gordan out there to matchup against the big centers on the west coast(Kopitar, Getzlaf, Thortan, Keslar, etc).

    • Quicksilver ballet

      yep, hard to say what Florida will do given that they passed on Seth Jones last year. I think Buffalo does take a centre.

      Assuming the Oilers have to pick between Bennett and Draisatl, Bennett has my vote. Got to watch a talented Avalanche team win it all with Joe Sakic and Peter Forsberg. Joe was a great playmaker that could score anywhere on the ice with that wicked shot of his. Peter was the guy who cycled low and grinded it out against opposition Dmen and usually found a way to beat them to the front of the net.

      I think it’s this versatility that made the Avs champs. If you shut down one, it was hard to shut down the other because they played an entirely different style.

      Of the young centres we’re looking at, I think Bennett offers the most diversifying set of talents to RNH.

    • Zarny

      @Quicksilver ballet

      Everyone who laughed at your suggestion to inquire about Seguin last year now has egg on their face.

      The reality, of course, is GM’s don’t trade players for sh*ts and giggles.

      With Seguin, Richards and Carter there were underlying “character issues”. It’s hard to say who currently falls into that category as teams try to keep that on the DL. You don’t really know how a GM feels about a player until you offer him something tangible in return. A top 3 pick and/or more is tangible.

      A more likely scenario are teams looking to change their mix just like Edm. Nsh and Phx have loaded bluelines but lack scoring; Yandle or Josi anyone? Car is looking to trim salary; Jordan Staal would look good in Edm. Oiler fans dog Gagner because despite his pt/gm pace he’s never actually hit 50 pts. Well neither Schenn or Couturier have ever actually hit 40 pts. I can see Phi entertaining a package with Coburn and Schenn, Couturier or Simmonds; especially if they lose in the 1st round.

      As for do players really want to stay in Edm…has Perron requested a trade? Players want to win. Full stop. Add the right players to improve the roster and players will stay in Edm.

      I expect Bennett, Draisaitl, Reinhart, Ekblad and Dal Colle will be good NHLers. None are considered to be elite high-end talents though so targeting one is a gamble. Maybe Bennett or Reinhart breaks out like Jonathan Toews.

      More likely they all experience growing pains like Huberdeau, Gudbranson, Yakupov and most 1st round draft picks. The Oilers don’t need more growing pains.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        We’re just not going to see eye to eye on this issue. You feel one or two veterans may get this heading in the right direction. While I feel 4-6 new blood types is the better longer lasting direction. Granted they won’t all turn into impact players, but it will be a cheaper longer lasting option. Try and sell the future Yandles and Josis on this market in their RFA years rather than lure then here during some of their more expensive UFA years.

        This isn’t a normal/ideal market here.

    • nuge2drai

      Oiler Domination To Follow

      Draft Bennett or Reinhart.

      Trade 2015 First Rounder + Yakupov + Gernat for Eric Staal.

      Sign Downie + Moss + Glass.

      Trade Gagner + Petry for Coburn/Myers.

      Perron Staal Downie

      Hall Hopkins Eberle

      Hendricks Bennett Moss

      Gazdic Gordan Glass

      Top 4 Center depth would be unreal. We need a Staal, Hopkins, Bennett, Gordan top 4 four to compete in our division.

    • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

      I’m just glad we’re picking in the top three and ahead of Calgary. Maybe whatever happens we should make Calgary have to choose between Draisaitl and Dal Colle.

      A Calgary blogger posted at the beginning of the season:

      “I’ve seen Aaron Ekblad over 100 times and he is the real deal. Simply put, he can do it all. He’s 6’4, 200+ pounds and he can skate very well. He’s big, not afraid to be physical and is a rock defensively. He can move the puck, QB a power play and has a booming shot. He’s also extremely smart and can play and exceed in all situations.

      In 76 regular season/playoff games last season, Ekblad scored 14 goals and added 51 points while posting a combined +40 rating. He put up those numbers despite playing against the best competition he possibly could have faced.

      While his play along with Reinhart and the rest of the 2014 draft class will determine exactly where he goes, if there’s a two or three horse race and Ekblad’s among the group, I think the Flames would be smart to go with him. If they have the opportunity to do so, that is.”