My take on the first week of playoffs, Cooke, Keith, Getzlaf, Sam Bennett and more


Matt Cooke made another really bad decision. My guess is he gets 7-9 games. He’s done worse, but with his track record and the significant injury to Barrie, I expect he will get something fairly severe. I know some people want more but I doubt that happens.

Bryan Bickell’s knee on Vladimir Sabotka was almost as bad in my opinion but it was Bickell not Cooke.

I played with Tyson Barrie last season and he is one of the best young players I’ve ever played with. He will be a star one day. This could be a series changing loss for Colorado.


This whole “Wakey Wakey” Duncan Keith story is just ridiculous. Its hockey, it’s in the heat of the moment, be thankful that’s all you heard.

Besides, Keith got filled in the next game by Steve Ott for all his stick work and yapping in the series. It was a questionable hit, but if you are doing those things eventually someone will find you.


The Ducks aren’t happy with the Stars targeting Getzlaf’s face knowing he has 52 stitches and a significant jaw injury. If it’s the regular season I probably have a huge problem with it.
It’s the playoffs now and you do everything you can to win. If you can affect the other team’s best player and it helps you win, you do it. 
While we’re on the topic, how about Ryan Getzlaf? He takes that puck in the face and comes back and dominates game two and didn’t back down one bit when push came to shove in game 3. That’s a leader and that’s what the NHL playoffs are all about.
I’ve said it before, that if I’m starting a team he’s my pick after Crosby at forward. After his Olympics, regular season and now gutsy playoff performance, I might even rethink that order.


It was crushing to see veteran Stephan Robidas break the same leg he broke earlier in the season in game 3. The guy is an absolute warrior and I think most in the hockey world wanted to see him have a deep playoff run and shot at the cup.


I’m 0 for 1 already in my playoff bracket. I picked the Lightning to upset Montreal, just a stupid pick.
The late penalty call on the Bolts that allowed the game winner was just as stupid however. Take both players if you have to make a call at that stage of the hockey game. Either way Montreal was the better team, but the series may have gone one more game.


Nathan MacKinnon is a phenomenal talent. When he was in Edmonton a few weeks back I was drooling over him. He hasn’t stopped in the playoffs and I’m not surprised. His ability to stick handle and shoot while moving his legs at top speed is incredible. He will chase Crosby for scoring titles in a couple years.


I still take Ekblad if he’s available at 3, but I heard Sam Bennett on Gregor yesterday talking about his game and you can tell he plays with an edge. I haven’t seen either play and have just heard others talk about their styles, but if it came down to Bennett or Draisitl for the Oilers, I’m starting to lean towards the kid with some jam.
He’s not small at 6’1 and if Draisaitl doesn’t play physical (he’s just big) maybe he’s not the best choice. They need some grit and more character that can play. Guys like Toews, Bergeron and Landeskog aren’t monsters but they are heavy enough and competitive enough to engage physically with the biggest centers around the league.
I’ve heard about Draisaitl all year in Edmonton but there is a reason Bennett is ranked higher. He’s a year younger and put up 90 points to go along with 118 penalty minutes.

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  • Time Travelling Sean

    To everyone saying Landie is better than Nuge at this point in their careers
    needs to look back at their respective scouting reports.

    Landie was more NHL ready with a lower ceiling, Nuge had a sky high ceiling but needed to mature.

    I guess that’s what your seeing now, Landie probably won’t get any better than he is now, whereas Nuge has the ability still to be a 90 point guy.

  • NJ

    Draisaitl vs Bennett.

    I believe the Oilers need compete more than anything and Bennett brings that. Nobody has bothered to touch on Draisaitl, his size and his ability to protect the puck. I understand he doesn’t play with that edge however at this point, does the second line need some size OR someone (else) to play with edge?

    It’s simply a question, but it’s not one we can answer… the question that needs to be asked is this: What can MacT find for us outside of the draft… size? or edge? Facts are, if there’s edge on the 3rd/4th line, it’s less required on the top two… however to compete in the cycle game, you need size.

    Matt Cooke. Reality check. On March 21, 2011 he had his last suspension. He has worked hard to change his game to play within the rules and he hasn’t been suspended in the last 3 seasons as far as I can see. He went from 129 pims to 44 and 39 respectively. I’m not saying the hit wasn’t dirty. I’m suggesting that he’s worked hard to change his game to conform to the rules and doesn’t really deserve the hate.

    As far as pick value and #9 being worth a “true number 1” goaltender… I don’t think Schneider is yet proven as a #1 goaltender and generally tenders are worth (almost) nothing. I would suggest that the #1-4 picks this year are worth probably a 2nd liner + a good draft pick / prospect… but who really knows? Most GMs aren’t trading picks because the top 10 generally turn into top players and keeping the pipeline full is a priority.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Okay, so Subban gets his 8, along with other overpays rampant throughout your top 8-10 minute munchers. It makes achieving any resemblance of depth impossible. 6 for Eberle, 6 for Hopkins, both punching well under their weight class.

    Having your 4th line playing for league minimum isn’t going to cut it.

  • Dan 1919

    Being as Habs do not have a second round choice this season , I doubt we will get Subban . Anaheim has two first rounders (tenth and 28th) and I wonder if C.Fowler might be our target ?

  • Dan 1919

    Regardless I don’t think PK is going anywhere, even Montreal realizes how good he is. Has anyone else been watching them play, PK is quarter-backing a scoring chance every shift, the guy is nuts and is only going to get better.