Idiot with a Soapbox – Playoff Thoughts


Anyone else feel like having the playoffs on is like a daily slap to the face? While a lot of us are still watching games, (3 game 7s tonight!) it’s not nearly as exciting or awesome as having a team to cheer for.  Actually, it’s even worse than having no one to cheer for…  

I’d say watching the playoffs shows just how far off the Oilers are from actually competing even if they tricked someone to get in there!  Perfect example is the Sharks/Kings series. Even if the Oilers had managed to sneak in, winding up in a series like that could easily end in a sweep. Times are tough in Oil Country.

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Lottery Teams Past

Since there’s nothing else to do, I’ve been wondering how many of the lottery teams have made the playoffs since the Oilers picked 1st overall for 3 straight years. Unfortunately, the answer will bum you out but let’s have a look anyway…


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  • 1st overall – Taylor Hall – Oilers haven’t made the playoffs since sliced bread
  • 2nd overall – Tyler Seguin – Boston via Toronto… Bruins won the Cup 2010-11 season
  • 3rd overall – Erik Gudbranson – Florida made the playoffs 2011-12 season
  • 4th overall – Ryan Johanson – Columbus made the playoffs 2013-14 season
  • 5th overall – Nino Niederreiter (since traded) – NY Islanders made the playoffs 2013 lockout season

  • 1st overall – NUUUUUUUGE – Edmonton sucks
  • 2nd overall – Gabriel Landeskog – Colorado made the playoffs 2013-14 season
  • 3rd overall – Jonathan Huberdeau – Florida made the playoffs 2011-12
  • 4th overall – Adam Larsson – New Jersey lost in the 2012 Cup Final
  • 5th overall – Ryan Strome – NY Islanders made it in 2013

  • 1st overall – Nail Yakupov – Edmonton still sucks
  • 2nd overall – Ryan Murray – Columbus made the playoffs this year
  • 3rd overall – Alex Galchenyuk – Montreal made the playoffs in 2013 and 2013-14 season
  • 4th overall – Griffin Reinhart – Islanders made the playoffs in the lockout season
  • 5th overall – Morgan Rielly – Toronto made the playoffs in the lockout season
Now, before you start breaking my balls I know there are a lot of factors that make for a playoff hockey team. Some of these players were traded, others only played a minor role or not at all, but I still find it interesting that only the Oilers haven’t made the playoffs since the Taylor Hall draft. Even the repeat offenders like the Islanders and Blue Jackets made the dance at least once.  This year, the Islanders finished as a lottery team again so it’s debatable whether or not they’re making any progress, but Columbus gave Pittsburgh all they can handle.

I guess the worst part of it all is that the progress we’re all expecting hasn’t happened yet.  The only progress I see is that we’re all getting better at tracking junior players! Now, some people might argue that the Islanders got lucky in their playoff run, but at least they made it.  The Oilers haven’t even come close.  Yeah they were in a playoff spot, last year, with a month to go but so what? They finished in 24th place and came crashing down to ground level again this year. Does that count as progress? You tell me.


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The Record

As of right now, the Florida Panthers hold the record for most consecutive playoff misses with 10 straight. They missed the show from the 1999-00 season all the way until 2011-12. Pretty wild to think that the Oilers are only 2 shitacular seasons away from matching that record. Sad to think about setting the record for sucking as being a very real possibility, no?  We’ve already seen the Oilers miss the playoffs for 8 straight years, is it that much of a stretch to see them missing out for 2 more unless there are major changes?


Pro Connection Hockey Development Camp

On a positive note, I want to give a shout out to Brian Sutherby’s hockey school that’s coming up this summer.  If you want your kids surrounded by guys that have played in the NHL, this is where they need to be. I remember going to hockey school when I was a kid and I hated it, mostly because the instructors were dicks and I could skate better than a few of them. Maybe if I had gone to a camp run by NHL players I would have been more into it and not wasted so much of my parents money. And who knows, maybe I could have been on a losing team in Edmonton right now!  All the details are here, so check it out. It’s a cool experience your kids definitely won’t forget.

  • I’m hoping that they miss for the next two years as then my youngest childs will both be 3 and I should finally be free to watch hockey with all parties willing and psuedo-interested.

    So here’s to 2 more seasons of sh*tanusly bad hockey!

  • Maybe you should write the article a day after your bad mood. Downer of a read. In other positive news, Chicago beats St. Louis with a team similar to ours. We ain’t that far off. Here’s to a new season and positive thinking.

  • Kr55

    We will easily break Florida’s 10 year drought record. Plus we will probably have spent tens of millions more on players over the 10+ years we go without playoffs. Teams like Florida have droughts because they don’t want to spend money. Teams like the Oilers have droughts because they are horribly managed.

  • bwar

    You know you got a crappy team when Columbus is in the playoffs and your team [Oilers] are on the outs, yet again.

    As the Oiler team exists today, they would get crushed physically ,judging by some the stuff that went on in the first round.

    How’s the rebuild so far?

      • Kr55

        Probably more qualified than Lowe at this point. Unfortunately, Howson had to trade a precious #1 pick player that was valued around the league to kick start his rebuild. Katz would never allow it here.

      • vetinari

        Think you are giving a bit too much credit to Howson… he was dismissed as GM of Columbus in February 2013 and was quickly replaced with Jarmo Kekalainen… Kelalainen had some building blocks in place from Howson but only needed one draft, free agency and trade deadline cycle to get his team back into the playoffs… of course, his goaltending and defence was better than what Tambellini left MacT but Howson certainly didn’t leave Kelalainen with a stacked team… if anything, Howson’s tenure was marked by his missteps in publicly disclosing Nash’s trade request, thereby driving down his trade value and his credibility with his team mates and with fans… not good asset management although he ended up with a decent return from the Rangers… and this happened a few years into the job and not like MacT’s blunder/promise of “bold moves” on the first week on the job.

          • Kr55

            Brownlee’s article about “Groupthink” yesterday probably gives a good indication of how effective Howson will be now that he’s back with the Oilers. My bet would be he’s another yes man that won’t challenge the brilliant minds of Lowe and MacT.

  • The poster formerly known as Koolaid drinker #33

    The Clippers changed their webpage to say “we are one”. Can someone hack the Oilers site and change it to “We are suck”

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    With the development timeline of young defensemen, I think we’re going to be hard-pressed to make the playoffs before Hall goes UFA.

    And that’s a scary thought.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Bagged milk…………can you even get milk in a bag anymore?

    If you could puree some donuts into milk, perhaps we could get some weight on our boys??

    If all we have to talk about is the draft how about we talk about what we should do? I for one believe trading this away for some established defenceman is not going to change our fortune much……..unless we get someone like Subban, which Montreal would be crazy contemplating?

    Lowetide had some interesting choices but no one really stood out………hearing any names out there BM?

    • I like the idea of trading the pick as long as an impact player is coming back the other way. If it’s part of a package – fine. But I don’t really see a point in trading away a 3rd overall pick for a middling centre or defenceman. Go big or go home.

      If I was a betting man, I’d guess the Oilers keep the pick and draft a centre.

      AND you can definitely buy bagged milk in Ontario. For some reason they still think it’s a good idea.

  • The poster formerly known as Koolaid drinker #33

    RNH would be stretchered out if the playoffs if the Oilers has the team to actually make it. Eberle would be shying away from contact like there’s no tomorrow. I can only imagine how scared guys like Petry and Schultz would be. Having soft guys like these guys epitomizes why The current group as it stands will not make the playoffs, let alone win the Cup.

    • The poster formerly known as Koolaid drinker #33

      I thought I was the only guy who noticed this! I have never seen a team with so many softies and shorties at any level ever! F*CK I see 13 year old hockey players that could beat up Lander, Arcobello, RNH, Gagner, Eberle, etc.!!! This team has been getting smaller and softer every year since 2006. Did the organization think they were going to remove hitting and fighting from the game? When I see some of these “tiny punks” off the ice I laugh to myself!!! Watching LA-SJ makes me realize how far away the Oil are. How poorly we have drafted – for example – Landeskog would have been a great Oiler!

      • Do what Weight did?

        Some earlier posters suggested Arcobello as a good fit. At 5’9 and 165 lbs. Must have been his Mom.

        PS. bagged milk is still being sold in stores.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Sell the farm.

    Do whatever it takes to get two of these top 5 picks/kids. See if there’s a new dynamic with the addition of a couple more kids. Lets face it, can it get any worse?

    Hopefully McDavid will have that MacKinnon type impact on this team. This is what it’s going to take to overcome the unique issues present with this franchise.

    Even more Oiler humiliation to follow. Stay the only course available to this market/management group.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    A 24th place finish last season, and a 28th place finish this season. There is no plan in place here. Can’t say these kids didn’t give Edmonton a shot.

    Have to think MacTavish has atleast 2 trade requests he’s hoping won’t make it to the public domaine.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    BM, you should ask the colonel for a raise. I frequent your articles the most these days. Nothing against the other writers, but there’s only so many times you can read the same bleak analyses over and over again.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    I keep watching playoff teams and thinking, “Ah, so that’s how you build a winner!”

    The Oilers are so far away from being a contender from 8th place. No question they’d be swept in the first round. Hall, Perron, Scribbles and Hendricks are the only playoff players on this team.


  • Wax Man Riley

    Either the coaching and management here is awful bad , or the young so called junior superstars are bad/lower grade NHL’ers . Maybe it’s more the latter why we still are so far away from being a contender ? Not much superstar about any one of them at NHL level .


    Katz and Lowe have royally screwed this franchise. If they ever make the playoffs again, it would be like the Oilers taking the wrong turn and ending up in Compton.

  • The worst part is going to be the “Kids” talking about how hard they trained in the off-season and that knowing the system going into the season will really help them make a push for the playoffs. Not falling for that drivel again, show me on the ice.


      I’m obstaining from any optimism this year. I will consider them a crap team until proven otherwise instead of the other way around. No more falling for the hype if a new season for this guy. They need to prove to me and to edmonton that they can actually play this game. St.louis is out so my playoff pool is screwed now. Can’t win anywhere these days.


    I think the Oil should wrangle some sort of trade with the Sabres that involves flipping next years draft selections.

    Buffalo might lick their chops at the thought of capitalizing on the Oilers suckitude, and the Oilers could start making a serious attempt at improving the team, while still having a shot at McDavid.


  • bardfromedson

    With any luck we go whale hunting and land a stud or 2 like Heatly, nylander, or clarkson to turn things around….. That will get us pointed in the right direction

  • bardfromedson

    Lets trade the oil for the sharks we would all be happy being bounced the first round all the time.then I wont have to hear all this crying from you people