Arena Updates and a Grant Fuhr Jersey Winner


The sun is out, the Oilers still suck, so I decided to make my way to the new arena site to take some pictures and keep you all up to date.  If you remember my last update from RX2, you already know that you’re in for some coverage you won’t get anywhere else. As always, if you actually know what the hell these things are that I’m taking pictures of, feel free to chime in and learn me good. Pulitzer prize, here I come!

Last time I walked down, there was a handful of dirt punching machines but not really much else. Today there is definitely a lot more going on, including longer traffic delays, more fancy machines and the same guy in the green vest telling me to “get outta here!” You just wait until I get my own vest and clipboard then I’ll be right in the mix.

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Until then, let’s get to it…


Possible Slingshot

I may not know much about construction but anyone that’s been to K-Days knows what this thing is. The builders are obviously working hard and looking to play even harder, hence the 1st steps at a giant slingshot! Just think of the fun they’ll have, flying through the air, as they take a break from the tediousness of pushing dirt around. Right now, only the cranes are in place but it definitely won’t be long until the giant elastics and human hamster ball are in place to blast construction men hundreds of feet in the air.

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My Construction Nemesis

See that guy in the green vest? That’s the same guy that told me I wasn’t allowed on that side of the road last time I was at the arena site. Well… he did it again today. Despite the fact that I offered to drive an excavator or buy him a coffee, he wasn’t letting me in on any inside information. Just imagine the things that man knows. He had many pages on his clipboard with all sorts of bullet points. I’ll tell you one thing, knowledge is power and he wasn’t sharing… yet.


Dirt Punchers Everywhere

After being banished to the other side of the road I took this picture of what I can only assume is a hydraulic dirt puncher. These things are everywhere. From what I can tell, these things are digging tube-like holes in the ground and leaving perfect opportunities for bodies to be buried under what will be the arena. Either they’re leaving room for bodies or there will be ample opportunities for fresh drinking water the next time it rains. I could be wrong, of course…


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Lunchtime Slots

One thing I was looking for was a sign, or something, to say when the casino would be coming down but such a sign was no where to be found. Actually, let me rephrase that. I didn’t really look all that hard BUT there was no sign from where I took the picture. (truth in journalism anyone?) One thing I have found out, courtesy of @pokerclack on Twitter, is that the poker room is now closed. So if you’re looking for some daytime Texas Hold’em you’d better be looking elsewhere. I still don’t know when the casino will be exploded, but surely it can’t be long. Until then, lunch buffets for everybody!


Summit Show Jersey Winner

A couple weeks ago, we were at the Summit Collectibles Show (the biggest sports memorabilia show in Western Canada) and we were lucky enough to have a Grant Fuhr jersey to give away! We want to give huge props to Marcel that put on the event and thank him for inviting us down there in the first place. It was funny to look around and see some serious collectors, on either side of us, only to have us slinging 4 Guys Tshirts in the middle. Classic! Marcel, you put on a hell of an event!


Over 300 people dropped their name into the sweet sweet draw box, that I made, and we’ve picked a winner! At the time we didn’t know that Grant Fuhr would actually be signing the jersey, but he did. Sweet bonus, right?  Without further, we want to give a shout out to Alan Evertson – a new Nation reader – on the win! I also want to give a shout out to the 1st winner that we picked that PUT THE WRONG PHONE NUMBER ON HIS BALLOT! I salute your incompetence, sir! *face palm*


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Legend Alert

Before I end this spectacular contribution to society, I had to point you to what Fuhr wrote as a caption on the jersey. Yes, that says “5x Stanley Cup Champ” and if that’s not the greatest thing ever, I don’t know what is. Grant Fuhr, you legend! Your move, Peter Ing!