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Word this morning that the Philadelphia Flyers may be shopping Scott Hartnell. Should the Oilers be interested?


The Boston Globe’s Fluto Shinzawa has the story

  • Scott Hartnell still is a good player. The 32-year-old power forward spent most of the season riding on Philadelphia’s top line with Claude Giroux and Jakub Voracek.
    For the most part, the line controlled the puck and created scoring
    chances while playing against high-end competition. Hartnell scored 20
    goals and 32 assists in 78 games. The Flyers are not concerned with his
    projected production. The problem is Hartnell is signed through 2019 at
    $4.75 million annually, according to www.capgeek.com.
    By then, he will be 37. It is not a kind age for power forwards.
    Hartnell’s high-water mark was in 2012-13, when he scored 37 goals and
    30 assists along with 136 penalty minutes in 82 games. It was a contract
    year, and Hartnell landed his current six-year, $28.5 million deal. The
    following year, Hartnell scored just eight goals in 32 games. He
    rebounded this season. But he finished the playoffs off the first line,
    replaced by Michael Raffl. Hartnell’s legs and production are showing signs of future wear.

This could be a story with legs as it pertains to the Oilers, who would certainly count “gritty skill winger” among their needs this summer. I expect it’s behind ‘two-way center’ and ‘stud defenseman’ but it’s worth following as things roll along.


Last year we saw Craig MacTavish and Paul Holmgren talking a lot on the draft floor. We heard names like Braydon Coburn and Wayne Simmonds, and people did notice the conversations.

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Philadelphia is an interesting team for Edmonton. There’s a ‘one stop shopping’ attractiveness to their roster, in that Coburn, Couturier and Simmonds (or maybe Hartnell) added to the Oiler group addresses the major problems.

What’s going the other way? Well, we’ve heard names, and of course that third overall selection might be attractive to the Flyers since the Entry Draft is in Philly this season.



This could be nothing, hell the Flyers might want #1 overall and shoot the moon with Florida. Having said that, Edmonton’s willingness to take on contracts that have lengthy term and to deal their lottery pick mean they’re at least in the conversation.

Would you be pleased with more actual NHL players and a lower first round pick? It could happen, the tumblers MAY be clicking in that direction.

  • J.R.

    One of the least considered thing in a trade is age and how much gas is left in their tank. Hartnell has what? 5(7 if very lucky) good years left. Draisatl or Bennett have 15 good years ahead

  • Dan 1919

    Quick facts: 2013-14 Oilers with Dubnyk: .250 team wins, 3.75 GAA per game… Oilers with Bryzgalov: .400 team wins. Oilers with Fasth & Scrivens: .500 team wins, 3.3 GAA.

  • crabman

    Are Yaks day as an Oiler finished ? Can’t crack the top three and disgruntled how he is being played . Good chance Oilers might be shopping him to other teams . So what would Yak , Gagner and 3rd pick get us in exchange ?

  • mesa

    Offer sheet oreilly at 6.7 million. Will cost us a 2015 1st 2nd and 3rd

    Sign kulemin and grabovski

    Draft draisaifl and develop him properly

    Hall nuge eberle

    Perron oreilly yakupov

    Kulemin grabovski pitlick

    Winnik Gordon Hendricks

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Draft draisaifl and develop him properly

      Define properly?

      2 more years in junior followed by 1 or 2 more years in the AHL?

      Coming to RX2 in the fall of 2018/2019 …..Leon Draisaitl!

      What happens between now and 2018/2019? 4 more years of suckage, that’s what.

      You’re pucking FIRED Sizzay!

  • 1979

    The no. 3 for Hartnell I vote no. For Couturier I vote yes. The no. 3 should be packaged and sold for nothing less then a good 2C or top D-man. No exceptions.

  • Zarny

    Phi is a trading partner the Oilers should target, but Hartnell is not the player. He’s signed for another 5 years and that’s too much risk for a player who showed obvious signs of slowing down this year.

    Sean Couturier or Braydon Schenn would be better than Draisaitl, Bennett or Reinhart. Why? Because they’ve already made the NHL. They are 2-3 years from their prime not 6-7. That’s what the Oilers need not another 18 y/o that won’t live up to expectations.

    The Oilers could also desperately use Braydon Coburn. Sure, Ekblad could very well be a better D in 4-5 years. Doesn’t matter the Oilers need someone who can break up the cycle against 6’4″ 230 lb players like Getzlaf, Perry and Carter now. No one currently on the roster can do it. Ekblad, Nurse, Klefbom, Marincin…none of them are doing it in the next few year either.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      You can’t push and pull at the same time. You can’t rebuild through the draft and mortgage the future to win now.


      Your words Zarny, April 29th. You keep flip floppin dude, make up your mind.

      • Zarny

        Sorry bud, but no I don’t.

        After missing out on Vanek, getting snubbed by Heatley and finishing last the Oilers’ braintrust (and yes I use that term loosely) decided they needed to rebuild through the draft to obtain the elite skill players that eluded them via UFA and trade.

        Mission accomplished. Hall is one of less than a dozen players who average more than pt/gm and he’s the youngest player in the league doing it. At 23, Eberle has seasons of 76 pts and 65 pts under his belt while being on pace for 63 pt last year. Nuge, Yakupov, Schultz…the Oilers have elite talent.

        The time to add another 18 y/o to the roster is over. The Oilers have more young players than they need.

        It’s time to take a page out of LA’s book who traded prospects like Schenn and Jack Johnson for Richards and Carter. Or Col who traded a good young D in Shattenkirk for Erik Johnson who at 25 is now a top-pairing stud.

        The Oilers have the elite skilled players they wanted from the draft. What they need is everything else and the draft isn’t the place to get them.

        • Zarny

          Sorry Z but I disagree with your thinking in more ways than one.

          You don’t give away an Eckblad or a Bennett for some 3rd line shmuck.

          Your not getting a Carter – Richards deal everyday of the week.

          Carter was a trade from Columbus that turned out well for LA. He was unhappy in CBJ and Howson had to get something for him.

          LA got Richards and so far that has been a steal for LA because they have won a Cup.

          Luck and circumstance play important roles in getting these deals.What IF plays a big part. What if Carter was traded to Toronto instead.

          What I am saying is that in my world fantasy trades and possible free agent signing carry a lot less weight with me than the certainty of drafting number 3 with a shot at an elite center of defeceman.

          I believe that there are 29 other GM’s who sole job in life is to fleece us of our prime players and picks.

          I am commited to this rebuild. Our players are maturing and becoming the players we thought they were when we drafted them. Hall is a stud. RNH and EBS are nearing their potentials.

          Sure there are bumps along the way. But the core of this team I would not trade for all the magic beans 29 other GM’s are offering us.When have you ever of a deal where the other GM said.Here take my best player for your garbage.I just want to help.

          • Zarny

            I agree you don’t trade away Ekblad or Bennett for a 3rd line schmuk. I’ve never suggested such foolishness.

            Last year the 9th overall pick got Cory Schneider. Why would anyone think the 3rd overall pick would yield a 3rd line schmuk? That’s ridiculous.

            I agree you’re not getting a Carter-Richards deal every day of the week; both had underlying issues beyond hockey much like Seguin. MacT’s job is to burn up the phone lines finding out who fits that bill this year.

            And what you left out was that Carter originally went to CBJ for Voracek, the 8th overall pick (Couturier) and a 3rd round pick. If the Oilers package the 3rd overall pick with Gagner or Yak etc that is the kind of return you can expect. Suggesting the Oilers would only get a 3rd line schmuk simply doesn’t hold water.

            It’s ironic you talk about “certainty” with drafting number 3. We drafted Yakupov 1st overall…how is that for certainty? Or perhaps you meant Jonathan Huberdeau and his 28 pts this year? Or maybe Adam Larsson? Or how about Eric Gudbranson who was a healthy scratch this year? Matt Duchene was a gem at 3 in 2009 but Luke Schenn in 2008…not so much.

            There is nothing certain about any draft pick. Especially during a weak draft year like 2014. Certainty comes from players already in the NHL and closer to their prime like Couturier and Schenn.

            I agree Hall is a stud and RNH and Eberle are nearing their potential. They don’t need more 18 y/o to support them. They need bona fide NHL players like Perron who can actually contribute.

            Suggesting the Oilers will trade away their best players or key assets for 3rd line players and other team’s garbage simply shows you have no point. But hey if the Oilers draft Bennett or Draisaitl you can look forward to being disappointed that they aren’t the messiah just like Yakupov.

            And keep your eye on Jaeger White. I suspect you’ll be pinning your hopes on him after the Oilers don’t get McDavid next year.

          • The Soup Fascist

            Zarny, why are you singling out a kid whose greatest scoring exploits were when he was 12 years old and has struggled to live up to the hype ever since?

            Maybe I am missing something, but I think bringing up a 16 year old kid who has not scored a point in the WHL yet and comparing him to Connor McDavid does not do anyone (especially the kid) any good – whether it is meant in jest or not.

    • Zarny

      Not that I’m banking on it, but I really think one of Marincin, Nurse, or Klefbomb are going to exceed expectations next year. And I believe it is going to be Klefbomb.

      Maybe the only bright spot on the second last game of the year, a shut out loss at home to the Kings, was watching Klefbomb use his size to break the cycle and make a good quick pass out of the zone. He was maybe the only Oiler able to consistently retrieve the puck.

      My money is on him helping out in a big way next year.

      I agree with you though that another rookie is not the answer. Unfortunately the only way to acquire a good second line centre with any kind of size is to draft one. All of Colorado’s centers were drafted by Colorado: Duchene, O’Reily, Mckinnon, and Stasny. It’s hard to find a good one two punch in the league that did it without drafting.

      I’m still holding out hope for Ekblad, buying some more defensive help in free agency, then using one of Klefbomb, Marincin, or Nurse in a package to solve our top six balancing issues.

  • Bucknuck

    Coburn and Hartnelll would help the team, but they are flagging faster than Ference and cost a lot of bucks, so don’t sell the farm (i.e. 3rd pick) for those two.

    Simmonds and Couturier? I have time for that duo all day long.

    I still don’t believe the team is as far away as it seems… but I’ve been thinking that for a while.

    • The Soup Fascist

      Bucknut I have no time for a guy like SH at that contract for that long. Coburn?? He was a pylon against the Rangers.

      Philly would love a Justin Shultz. Holmgren would sell his left hand to get a dman with that kind of skill. Apparently he thought he was getting that in MacDonald and thenpaid him 5 million a year. Where was he against the Rangers.

      The Flyers are chock full of dmen who imo are overpaid 5-6 dmen.How old is Timmonen?39?

      They are so slow on the back end and lack the ability to move the puck to their forwards quickly.

      If I am Holmgren I would give you Courtier and my number 1 pick all day long for a shot at Eckblad.No brainer.

      If I am MacT I would not even think about doing a deal with Philly for our 3rd overall pick unless it gets Courtier,Their number 1,2 this year and their 1 next year. Your trading a potential franchise dman for Philly’s 3rd line center and picks that might make your team.
      In any deal with Philly you need to ensure that your getting max value for that pick. Its an opportunity for MacT but its also a massive risk to trade the #3 pick.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    This kind of talk involving the Flyers makes me very nervous. While they definitely have some assets the Oilers should be interested in, the chance for a disaster looms. I would not want any of their D Men except at bargain basement prices.

    As for Flyer forwards, the Oilers should target only top drawer players that fit a specific need and go after that player. While I don’t see Hartnell in that group, others such as Couturier or Simmonds would be of interest.

    The key is for MacT not to get caught up with Holmgren. There is the potential for something crazy to take place given their early departure from the playoffs and the draft taking place in Philly this year.

  • Bucknuck

    The big question is how any acquisition will last, fit in and play here . Not often you get someone like Perron that does even better than a lot expected .

  • Zarny


    Let’s just offersheet Ryan Johansen

    Sign him to an 8 year 8 million dollar deal. Give up 2 first rounders, a second, and a third. Who cares about picks at this point.

    If Hall, Nuge, Eberle whine that they are making less, too bad. They want to win don’t they? I’m sure they’d be okay with it.

    I’d actually be curious to know if CBJ matches that offersheet. Not sure I’d go higher than the 8.4 hit to give up 4 firsts. That’s mighty hefty.

    Then you move Gagner for Colin Wilson

    Hall Nuge Eberle

    Wilson Johansen Yakupov

    Perron Ott Pitlick

    Winnik Gordon Hendricks

  • Zarny


    If as suggested Courtier is the center piece of a deal with Philly I’d argue you are dealing for a 3rd line Shmuck. He plays 3rd line center behind Giroux and Shenn.

    Your counterpoint regarding the success or failure of 3rd overalls is valid. Your right as to certainty.There is a higher probability though that if the Oilers take Eckblad that he’ll be a better bet than a Courtier who 3 years in has shown little in terms of becoming an elite offensive player. He appears to be a 30-40 point player at best.

    I would rather the Oilers take the 3rd pick and take one of Bennett,Eckblad or Rheinhart than trade for a NHLer who like Perron was a bit of gamble because of his previous concussion history.

    MacT gambled and the gamble paid off. Not all gambles though are winners.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Philly has several holes that need to be addressed this year by new GM Hextall . Timonen , Gill , Pronger ,etc .. Also aging vets on offence like diminishing Lecavalier . Don’t see a deal with Philly wanting defence in return . They will be hanging onto their young players , including mid age Hextall . Just do not envision a trade this season with Philly that would be beneficial for us or overly costly . High risk little reward as far as I can envision .

  • Zarny

    Buy low sell high! Trade David Perron for that top 2 Dman, then replace him a cheaper forward in terms of assets. Hartnell, and I’ve been thinking Loui Eriksson in Boston, currently playing outside of their top 6.

  • Zarny


    It’s rather silly to call Couturier a 3rd line schmuk. He often plays behind Giroux with Schenn on LW. It’s also silly to suggest he is a 30-40 pt guy at best when he’s 21 and 4 years away from the age the average NHLer has their highest point production.

    I agree it’s unlikely Couturier or Schenn will be truly elite scorers but that’s true of Reinhart, Bennett or Draisaitl. None of them are considered to be a Tavares, Hall or Mckinnon. Last year none of them likely cracks the top 8.

    Regardless, the Oilers don’t need an elite scorer to compliment Nuge. They need a younger version Mike Richards. They need a C who can knock guys like Getzlaf, Thornton and Perry off the puck. None of Bennett, Reinhart or Draisaitl are going to fill that role. At least not for 4-5 years. The draft picks this year are all bigger gambles than proven NHL players 3-4 years closer to their prime.

  • Zarny


    Yes, MacKinnon is special.

    Just like Crosby, Stamkos, Tavares, Duchene and Hall.

    No one in this draft is considered that good.

    You would think Oiler fans would have learned their lesson with Hall, Nuge and Yakupov that not all draft years are the same. 2014 is not considered a strong year.

  • Zarny


    Would we rather trade down and look at a guy like Jake Vitanen or Ritchie?

    They bring size and grit but at the wing.

    It tough to sell me on losing out on an Eckblad. Its perhaps me but after 35 years of being an Oiler fan my patience is very long.

    I see this franchise 2-3 years away from being a legit contender. By legit I mean a team that has its core players reaching maturity(25years old) as a group and having a solid core of complimentary players brought in through development in OKC and in Bakersfield.

    Looking to outside the organization to solve our issues has only brought us more misery for the most part.

    The list of failed free agents is long.Souray.Eager.Barker. Belanger and on and on.
    Few free agents have had success. Gordon.And maybe Ference if your not to picky.

    I just got to believe that the future of this organization has to be through the draft.

  • Mike Modano's Dog

    Yes yes and yes…

    I believe this is just what we need to do, and one stop shopping to fill those needs sounds great – IF the Oilers are to actually fill them.

    What would be going, if I was GM (I’m not.)

    3rd overall if Aaron Ekblad isn’t available there. If he is take him and don’t take on Coburn unless you can get him at a good price.
    Petry – I love him but you’ve got to give up value to get it


    But…what does our third Petry and Yak get us? Surely not those three.

    I think Simmonds > Yak, who is > Hartnell, due to his age and contract only

    3rd overall roughly equal to Couturier, but