Join Me For McHappy Day!

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First of all, I would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming support and for welcoming me to! The kind comments and words of encouragement did not go unnoticed. It is because of the response I received from the Soup Sisters post that I decided to come back and share more with you.

My New Landing Spot

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I joined the Ronald McDonald House Northern Alberta communications team a few weeks ago, and I couldn’t be happier to have found such an incredible opportunity. My passion for volunteer work has turned into a career that I’m proud of and proud to share with you today. Of course, giving back to the city of Edmonton, now our home, is a reward on its own.

McHappy Day

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On Wednesday, May 7th, we’re raising money for children’s charities across Canada with McHappy Day. One dollar from every Happy Meal, Big Mac and any hot McCafe beverage will be donated to children’s charities, including Ronald McDonald Houses in Canada.

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Do you stop for coffee on your way to work or have time to grab a bite during a lunch break? Consider swinging by your local McDonald’s restaurant. Chances are, you’ll meet an RMHNA employee or even a family staying at our House.

You’re Invited

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If you do participate, feel free to let me know with a tweet. I’ll retweet any McHappy Day messages sent to me, especially those with photos.  My team and I will be visiting multiple locations throughout Edmonton, so check out my twitter feed to see if we’re coming to a restaurant near you!

Do you have a charity or non-profit organization that means a lot to you? I’d love to learn about it. And if you want to get involved with your Ronald McDonald House in Edmonton, I’ll show you how. Come by for a tour- I’d be honoured to show you around.

Actually, I’ll let my friend Kyler tell you why the Ronald McDonald House is such a special place. He gets bonus points for being an Oilers fan, right?

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  • Sean17

    What I really need to know is at Cornell, which a capella group should I join? The Harmoniacs? Or the Doh-Ray-Mee-gos? Is Andy Bernard really the “Boner Champ” or is it Broccoli Rob?

    Anyway, finally a wife that will encourage me to eat a Big Mac! Done and done.

  • A-Mc

    The awesomeness that has been brought to Edmonton this season is overwhelming.

    Andrew Ference – A Saint incarnate
    David Perron – A living example of Canadian passion for the best game you can name. Read: Canadian Identity.
    “The Scrivenses” – An awesome young goaltender and his lovely wife who seems dead set on doing good in the world (And in our community).

    I’m literally exhausted just thinking about all the things these people do for us. WELCOME!

    PS: Who did Wanye have to drug and how many body parts did BM have to tear off, in order to trick Jenny into writing here?

    PPS: ITS Confirmed ON! There is atleast 1 girl on the INTERNET!

  • Mike Modano's Dog

    Am I the only one who sees the irony in donating money made from selling food products that make people sick… to sick kids charities?

    Last I checked, McHappy Meals, Big Macs and coffee weren’t exactly the most recommended meals when it comes to nutrition and health.

    I haven’t looked much into the Ronald McDonald House but Ben seems super cynical and well aware, so I doubt he and his wife would support a charity that wasn’t legit. However I hope for the day when a charity will just be charity… and not the result of a multinational corporation feigning a conscience to in effect limit the collateral damage caused by its operations.

  • Mike Modano's Dog

    Congratulations once again, Jen!

    That is really something – to be able to do that very work that is so positive and that you love so much, and turn it into a career!

    It used to be the hockey players I tried to emulate, as a younger man, but now I think I have a new hero… I think that gets the ‘cutest video ever’ award too. 😉

    Thanks to all of you at Ronald McDonald House…from someone whose life was blessed from working with those kids before!! My life will always be better for it!

  • Mike Modano's Dog

    You are a very impressive human being. Thank you very much for your enthusiastic compassion for our fair community; I find it refreshing. Your husband and you are wonderfull, keep up the good work.

  • Thanks Jen for all that you and Ben have done to bring joy to Oilersnation, and the city of Edmonton. You have been a shining star during far too many dark days. As fans we are usually too focused on what goes on on the ice and forget about what in life is truly most important; humanity, community, family and friendship. These are the bonds that tie us together, thank you for helping to strengthen those bonds!

    On a personal note, even though I do not eat fast food, RMH served myself and my family well when we travelled to Edmonton twice (and Toronto once), when I served in the CF while living in Calgary, for my

  • vetinari

    Alright… will pick up my morning cuppa Joe from McD’s on Wednesday while on my way to work…

    Thanks for the community involvement Scrivenses (what the heck is the proper plural to “Scrivens” anyway?)….