The Nation wins a Yeggie? Yeah we did

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After watching the Oilers miss the playoffs for the 300th straight year, Nation HQ was down and even had a “what the hell are we doing with our lives” moment. Should we fold up shop and get back to bagging groceries or should we ride this Oilers fail train right into the pits of hell?  Well…last night OilersNation was nominated for the yeggie for Best in Sports and we actually won. Whaaaa? I guess we’d better get back to work.

The Yeggies


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For those of you that don’t know, the yeggies are the New Media Awards here in Edmonton.  Basically, the yeggies are like the Oscars without the boring foreign film categories.  Think of it this way, this award show is like riding a unicorn with a flame thrower – awesome, practical, and local.  This year, OilersNation rolled in looking to defend the title for Best in Sports even though we had done no campaigning whatsoever aside from voting for ourselves.

In fact, this year we were up against Avry’s Sports Show and we honestly thought that he was going to take it.  If you haven’t watched Avry’s stuff, it’s time that you start. He’s knowledgeable, entertaining, and can rock a fedora in a way that I haven’t seen since a young Joey Jeremiah – it’s impressive to say the least. Watch out for this guy, he’s got sports dialed in. Despite the stiff competition, the Nation won the award and for that we’re thankful for all the support we get from you guys.

Even though he didn’t win Best Twitter Persona, I reached out to Wanye for comment.  As you all know, Wanye is galavanting all over the earth in a soul searching mission after yet another failed Oilers season.  When I finally did get in touch with him, he was happy to be nominated but also threatened my life for not lobbying on his behalf while he was gone.  “You’re already giving away my Oodle Noodle GCs in the Photoshop Contest, now this…tread lightly, my friend.”

Thank You


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On behalf of everyone at OilersNation, I want to say thank you to everyone that voted for us and keeps reading the site despite the general suckery of the hockey team.  We’re undeserving of your praise, but we’ll accept it humbly and vow to get better. And even though I’m relatively new to OilersNation and have done nothing to contribute to the 2nd straight Best in Sports yeggie award, I humble myself before you with many thanks.

Over the past thousand years, there has been absolutely nothing to cheer for outside of a draft lottery yet you guys still read the Nation and we’re grateful for it.  One day, the Oilers will challenge for a Stanley Cup, and those of us that are still alive will be able to laugh about all this.