Photoshop Contest – Offseason Training – the Finalists


Before we even get to the finalists, I just have to say thank you to everyone that sent something in.  I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in a while.  There is nothing Oilers related that has made me this happy in a very long time!  You guys are geniuses, I commend you and bow to your greatness.

To be honest, I was actually surprised by how many entries came in – there were over 30!  With so many entries, the way we worked which photos made the finals was that I printed everything out and everyone at Nation HQ voted this morning. As a thank you for taking the time to make something, everyone that entered will be getting a $5 GC from Oodle Noodle and a sticker package from the Nation. I’ll also be posting everyone else on my Instagram (shameless plug alarm) because I thought they were hilarious.

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The finalists have been listed in order of when they were submitted – just to make sure everything is all random like cause I’m a professional like that. Here we go…

1) Dance is Life


Nothing will snap a group of young men into shape like the beauty of dance! You should note the flirty look on Jordan Eberle’s face. Did Marcobello told a joke? Is he just admiring Taylor Hall’s Vogue pose? Oh the secrets that he must have.

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2) Recess


If you’ve ever played competitive hopscotch you know just how tiring it can be. If I was to guess, Dallas Eakins is probably on the prowl for any counterfeit snacks that might have snuck in.  He has a look on his face that says “more carrots, less fun.”

3) Oil Wars


One of the most important parts of training is making sure your mind is fit and I think that’s what the creator was going for here. Either that or he wants us to know that Dallas Eakins is ill.  I’ve been that shade of green before but it was from some sketchy street food I ate in Manila. Regardless, young Yakupov does not appear to be enjoying the massage. 

4) Speed Training


Personally, I’m offended at how much joy the other Oilers are getting out of watching Yak run away from this German Shepard. The joke on them though, Nail Yakupov can outrun any breed of dog – domesticated or otherwise.

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5) Live by the Sword

Oilers Offseason Training_SK

This one reminds me of that scene in Kung Fu Panda when Jack Black is in the mountains learning his craft. I like the way that Yakupov looks evil possessed while Nuge and Hall are deeply focused. Their Kung Fu is strong, and let’s hope it carries over to the upcoming season.

6) Born to be Wild


Now that those training wheels are off, who knows where Lil Nugey might end up!  There’s so many new adventures that he can get up to now. Farewell, Lil Nugey, be sure to write to us of your adventures!  It’s also worth noting that Baby Nuge isn’t wearing a helmet – WHAT IF HE FALLS?!? 

The Voting

To everyone that is a fan of the pollz, I apologize in advance because the Photoshop Entries are taking over. The voting will be up throughout the weekend, and the winner will be contacted Tuesday morning.  In the rare event of a tie, the candidates will have to joust atop the High Level Bridge until someone plummets into the North Saskatchewan. (In the unlikely event of a tie, we’ll figure something out)

Campaigning is welcome and encouraged. Who will win? Let’s find out!

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