Oiler fans can agree this team needs help, and most of us can agree on specific areas of weakness. The solutions? Millions of opinions and I expect more than a few that can work. Capgeek has a really cool “Armchair GM” feature that Scott Cullen uses to great effect during his offseason team-by-team series. It’s a blast, and I used it today to build the perfect beast (Lowetide version).

First of all, the GM prompt is here and it’s a great deal of fun.

Fair warning, it may be midnight before you look up from your screen. Second, Cullen did a fine job with the Oilers,and it is here.



Let me guide you through the summer, step by step.

  1. Pick at No. 3 overall, selecting the best player on my list. Since the LT list is Sam Bennett, Aaron Ekblad, Sam Reinhart and Leon Draisaitl, let’s say I grab Sam Bennett on a very lucky day.
  2. Trade Sam Gagner to Nashville for C Colin Wilson. I’m not certain if more would have to be added one way or another, and will leave that to others, but will assume we can solve the difference with a 2015 draft pick.
  3. Sign Mikhail Grabovski to a $4.5 million dollar deal. I’ll make it two years, your mileage may vary.
  4. Sign David Moss to a $2.5 million dollar deal.
  5. Sign Nikolai Kulemin to a $3.5 million dollar deal.
  6. Sign Petry and Schultz to their deals.
  7. Sign Andrei Markov to the marquee deal of the summer, $6,500,000 times a number of years.
  8. Sign Mike Weaver to a short term, $1.4 million deal

lowetide's oilers the other way

I like my roster. As you can see at the top, I won’t be able to cover all of the bonuses, but if the team is rolling I’ll pay it next year, and if they’re not there’s going to be so many trades after Christmas there won’t be a problem getting under the cap.

My defense is still less than hoped, but my veteran forwards are going to be much more effective without the puck than the bunch last season. I didn’t add any thumpers, but it’s my team and I like them a ton. I’m actually really happy with the group, even with Klefbom as the 7 (as you know that won’t last long).

What do you think? Hate it, right? “There’s no toughness” I can hear you say, or “soft as butter, and typical” should be in the comments section soon. I highly recommend trying this yourself, it’s very cool when it’s not your money!

I enjoyed this. Think I’ll do another!

  • nuge2drai


    What do you think about trading Yak and the 3rd to Winnipeg for big buff and Kane then gagner and marincin to philly for Brayden schenn and lecavalier+ philly 2nd rounder and last eberle to buffalo for erhoff.

    Left wings. Centres. Right wings
    Taylor hall. RNH. Perron (switch his wings obviously) 15.8 million
    Kane. Schenn. Buff 14.45 if schenn signs at 4
    Jussi jokinen Lecavalier. Arco 9 if jussi signs for 3.5
    Hendricks. Gordon. Gazdic/pitlick/lander. 6 million

    Forward at 45.25 million

    R dmen. L Dmen

    Petry. Erhoff 7 million if Petry signs for 3
    Sign dan Boyle. Klefbom 4.9 if Boyle signs 4 million 2 years
    Schultz. Ference 6.5 with schultz on a 2.5 bridge
    Sign stoner 1.5

    19.4million on defence

    4.2 million
    68.85 total

    Full centre grid with reliable centres, top 6 gains size and grit, 3 experienced d men to go with younger d men all under 69 million. If I am missing something let me know, but I’d say that is a very competent team with some meanness to it, if need be put buff on d and get a different winger.

    What do you think?

  • nuge2drai

    Oiler Domination To Follow

    What’s this??

    4 legitimate NHL Centers…

    7 legitimate NHL Wingers…

    6 legitimate NHL Defenseman…

    Nurse and the 3rd overall back in junior….

    This is a solid team all around, with a ton of depth…

    Hope MacT reads this article…

  • Zarny

    Boyd Gordon is a 4th line centre not a third he simply cannot produce enough offence. Why would Markov come here? we need a defenseman who is a little less heralded but as good as him to be a minute muncher, regardless we will be overpaying and will have to listen to complaining fans like we did with Horc. Lander needs to play and he either does it this year or he is done. One of the fab four drafted can play next year and 3 are centres and why not? Schultzy will get a bridge so relax all. What can we realistically expect back for Gagner.

  • I would rather slot in S Pinizotto on 4th line wing withMH and Gazdic.Cheaper.

    You’ll hate me for saying it Lowetide but I think that Perron should be traded for someone bigger and more truculent.

    I’ll ask a seriously stupid question. The St Louis Blues gambles that Chris Stewart would bounce back last season. Nope did not happen.In doing so they paid him and traded Perron for MP and and a 2cd from Edmonton. It backfired on the Blues in a big way.They choose the wrong player to trade. It cost them in the end.

    My point is that Oilers want to get bigger on the wing.To do that one of either Eberle,Perron or Yakupov is going to have to move. I do not see Yak or Ebs going anywhere.Perron has monster value right now.

    Would you trade Perron back to St Louis for their 1st round pick and Ty Rattie.

    I do not need a body in return because I want to go out and bring in a bigger body either through trade or by signing through free agency. Wingers are aplenty on the free agent market. As much as I like the game that Perron brought to the Oilers this past season we must pick our poison.I really think we can use Perron’s current value to bring back a couple of assets.

    Ty Rattie is a talent at 6’1 and can just fire the puck.He had a great 1 year in Chicago in the AHL.

    St Louis needed Perrons talent this past playoff.Its strange how things have worked against ST Louis. Miller is gone for Stewart who went to Buffalo but probably won’t be a Sabre by September. Hitchcock’s Blues needed another game breaker. In my mind the Blues need perron back in the fold.

  • Lowetide

    I’d be extremely disappointed with that group of forwards.

    I think that blueline would be an upgrade though!

    Next season will be a waste if MacT doesn’t make a transformational change to either the forwards or D.

  • Oilers4ever

    I think thats pretty good LT. Definitely better than last years team. You’re hired. Of course… if they suck and miss the playoffs.. well… you’re fired. 🙂

  • J.R.

    This thing is pretty fun. However it also means you can really acquire any player for almost anything.

    I still say the summer will depend completely on if Ekblad falls to 3 or not. If he doesn’t then I think Mac T can realistically alter the look of or forwards with a draft and some free agents. It can be a much more competitive group with the defence still really needing time for one of Klefbomb, Nurse, and Marincin to emerge. Or all three for that matter.

    However, if Ekblad does fall to 3, then I think Mact T has to put everything in a contract for Markov for 2 years and get that kid a mentor right off the hop. That way in 3 years time, the Oilers defence is:

    Nurse Ekblad

    Marincin Petry

    Klefbomb Schultz.