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Summertime in Edmonton. The sun is shining nearly 24 hours
a day. Food trucks have materialized from their winter slumber and line the
streets like bystanders at a parade. And as an Oilers fan this is the time of
the year where most of us are in a deadzone of emotion.

The disappointment of the Oilers missing the playoffs for
the 2,501st time in a row has worn off. Watching those same playoffs
with vague remembrances of “I swear the Oilers played in these once” is behind
us too. We have also observed the bittersweet annual tradition of the Stanley Cup being hoisted by former Oilers who can count “leaving the Edmontons” as their premiere career

Ah the Summer doldrums.

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We now approach the time to reboot the excitement machine
for a new season. The Oilers are doing that long shot prospect camp in Jasper
soon. The draft is right around the corner followed by Free Agency. How can we
get our excitement level back up to levels where we can confidently predict a
Stanley Cup win during training camp?*

In times like this there is only one play – send out some
positivity into the universe on the eve of yet another draft that may be the highlight of the season as Oilers fans.

This year we have two charity initiatives to improve our
karma. The Draft Party on Friday and now our first ever Charity Auction

THE 411

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Our twitter BFF @mig14 recently told us about about a special Edmonton family she knows that is raising money for a very
deserving cause. The L’il Angel in the photo above is Kelty and she is in need of surgery in the States and her mom is raising money to get this done.

From her website:

“My daughter Kelty is 4 years
old and has Cerebral Palsy. Kelty is a beautiful, bright and charming little
girl that faces major developmental challenges due to the brain injury she
suffered at birth. Kelty cannot yet walk independently and has a severe speech
production delay. The primary goal in starting this site is to raise
money to help offset the $20,000 cost of a Selective Percutaneous Myofascial
(SPML) surgery this August (2014) in New Jersey, USA.

If we are fortunate enough to exceed
our goal, any additional funds will be put towards the cost of on-going
neuromotor therapy she receives from a practitioner based out of Toronto.”

With the surgery date right around the corner their fundraising efforts are lagging a bit behind and this is
where we figured the Nation Network will step in and try to help. We could sit around fuming about the injustice of another Oilers season going straight into the garbage or we could collectively come together and help out a deserving Edmonton family who is under the gun at the moment.  We can think of it as one of those third period comebacks that we rarely get to watch.

And thus, baggedmilk and I figured we would have our first ever Charity Auction


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“What isn’t a charity auction potluck?” would be a better question. A potluck is one of them things when everyone brings something to a dinner party. You got spareribs?
Bring em. Your ol’ lady makes a mean bean dip? Bring that too. Whatever you have on hand you bring to the party and we all have a grand time.

In our mind a charity auction potluck is a similar mishmash
of intention. Do you have the kind of money to bid on our auction items? No?
How about a spare $20 to simply donate to an awesome cause? Nice. Perhaps you
have an item we could auction off sitting around. Let’s bring that to the
party too you wild animal you.

First let’s figure out where you stand on the baller ladder.


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Oh, you have some big smoke, do you big spender? Feel like ol’ Shawn Horcoff on contract signing day? That’s the stuff. The quickest way to connect your wallet stuffed full of $100 bills to this cause is to click on the link here and make a donation to Kelty by paypal.

Or you can save your cash for our auction starting on Thursday and try your luck buying some sweet sweet items. We will kick this off by donating $1,000 of hard earned Nation Network cash currently lying around HQ. 

In unrelated news: $1,000 of Nation Network outstanding cheques just bounced somewhere. So be it.


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So you may be reading this and thinking “Yeah Wanye I would like to help but I don’t exactly have a ton of money at the moment.” We totally understand. But maybe you have an extra $20 in your wallet or maybe there is still a little wiggle room on your nearly maxed credit card. That will do just fine.

Pop on over to Kelty’s paypal page and throw it down.

Think of it as a good karma donation for the Oilers. Heaven knows they could use it right now and as fans all of us rallying around a cause like this is sure to help. Donating money to Kelty will undoubtedly cause the Nuge to gain a quick 30 lbs of pure muscle, Taylor Hall’s many injured limbs to heal and cause an opposing GM the necessary confusion on asset value to get fleeced by Mac T in a lopsided deal. Sweet.

Make a quick donation for your ol’ pal Wanye would ya?


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To help raise this money we are going to have an online auction here at the Nation starting on Thursday and it will run for 1 week. Perhaps you would like to regift something you have already won at an auction. Perhaps you work for a company that has a ton of sweet product you could help “accidentally” find it’s way into a charity auction.

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To kick things off your ol’ pal Wanye has donated my prized Jordan Eberle autographed Jersey. 

I would normally rather part with a tooth than this bad boy as I was saving it to wear at the eventual wedding between myself and #14. But I suppose it’s better that a little Angel get needed surgery than me impressing my future in laws by coming down the aisle in white.

Do you have something brand new lying around that we could auction off over draft weekend? Hit up my main man and Potluck Co Chairman baggedmilk@oilersnation.com stat with pictures and a description of what is going on.


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This Friday marks our annual Draft party at the Pint Downtown. In past years things have gotten pretty wild as internet friends meet for the first time in real life, real life friends go hard in the name of charity or complete strangers meet up for an evening of whirlwind romance.**

Tickets are only $20 and that gets you a limited edition Draft Party Tee Shirt, a $20 Pint GC and a $10 Oodle Noodle GC from those apparent cheapskates at Oodle Noodle. 

Let’s throw it down in the name of a great cause and watch the Oilers trade for first pick overall.***

Buy your tickets here.

*See Gretz, Wanye 2007-present

** No hookups have occurred at a Hockey Blog Party. Ever.

*** Confirmed E5.