With the 3rd pick overall the Edmonton Oilers select Leon Draisaitl

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 10.51.04 AM

*** Day 2 UPDATE: The Oilers have selected Goaltender Zachary Nagelvoort (111th), Forward Liam Coughlin (130th), Forward Tyler Vesel (153rd), and Goaltender Keven Bouchard (183rd). More to follow

Let’s get this online draft party started early. You know Wanye and the boys at the Nation Draft Party are firing it up at the PINT right now, why can’t we? 

If you don’t want to deal with Nationwide fans in the other Liveblog, we will update this Oilersnation only thread with the latest picks and when breaking news rolls in. The Oilers took Leon Draisaitl with the 3rd pick read more on him here

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5:21pm – Florida takes Aaron Ekblad #1

5:26pm – Buffalo takes Sam Reinhart #2

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5:32pm – Edmonton takes Leon Draisaitl #3

5:38pm – Calgary takes Sam Bennett #4

5:45pm – New York Islanders take Michael Dal Colle #5

5:51pm – Vancouver takes Jake Virtanen #6

5:57pm – Carolina takes Hayden Fleury #7

6:02pm – Toronto takes William Nylander #8

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6:09pm – Winnipeg takes Nikolaj Ehlers #9

6:10pm – Pittsburgh trades James Neal to Nashville for Patric Hornqvist and Nick Spaling

6:16pm – Anaheim takes Nick Ritchie #10

6:23pm – Nashville takes Kevin Fiala # 11

6:28pm – Arizona takes Brendan Perlini #12

6:34pm – Washington takes Jakub Vrana #13

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6:39pm – Dallas takes Julius Honka #14

6:45pm – Detroit takes Dylan Larkin #15

6:50pm – Columbus takes Sonny Milano #16

6:58pm – Philadelphia takes Travis Sanheim #17

7:03pm – Minnesota takes Alex Tuch #18

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7:09pm – Tampa Bay takes Anthony Deangelo #19

Trade: San Jose trades 20th pick and 179th to Chicago for the 27th and 62nd

7:15 – Chicago takes Nick Schmaltz #20

7:22 – St Louis takes Rob Fabbri #21

7:26 – Pittsburgh takes Kasperi Kapanen #22

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7:33 – Colorado takes Conner Bleakley #23

7:38 – Vancouver takes Jared MCcann – #24 Steve Dangle Interviewed him just before the draft here

7:43 – Boston takes David Pastrnak #25

7:49 – Montreal takes Nikita Scherbak #26

7:54 – San Jose takes Nickolay Goldobin #27

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Trade: Tampa trades 28th pick to Islanders for picks 35 and 57.

8:03 – New York Islanders take Joshua Ho-Sang #28

8:08 – LA takes Adrian Kempe #29

8:14 – New Jersey takes John Quenville #30



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Gregor and Lowetide have both done great work on the Oilers newest center. Have a peak at those here:







With the 111th pick the Oilers selected goaltender Zachary Nagelvoort from the University of Michigan. He posted an 11-9-3 record with a 2.20 GAA and .929 save % this season in 24 games.

With the 130th pick the Oilers selected forward Liam Coughlin from the Vernon Vipers of the BCHL. Coughlin 6’3 200 pounds, scored 18 goals and added 27 assists in 53 games with Vernon last year. He is headed to Boston University next season.

With the 153rd pick the Oilers selected forward Tyler Vesel from the Omaha Lancers of the USHL. Vesel had 33 goals and 38 assists in 49 games last season.

With the 183rd pick the Oilers selected another goaltender, Keven Bouchard from Val d’Or of the QMJHL. Bouchard had a 17-6-1 record with a 2.95 GAA and .887 save % last season.

  • Joy S. Lee

    Very happy with this pick… How can you not be… Bennet is tenacious… But we have that twice over… We needed this center… And if Calgary could have… They would have selected him in a heartbeat

  • Joy S. Lee

    Exactly the pick they needed to make. He does remind me of Kopitar (who isn’t overly physical, either, except he USES his body for positioning), and on this team, that’s been a missing piece. Makes sense.

    • Admiral Ackbar

      Exactly. Why is everyone so concerned with a guy that ‘plays big’. We needs guys that ARE big and use their big frames to:

      1. Protect the puck.
      2. Win battles.

      Hammering guys shift after shift isn’t what scores goals. Intimidation is good, yes, but look at the #1 centre that’s won the Stanley Cup the past 3 years. Toews & Kopitar. They don’t take huge runs every shift. They protect the puck and win battles. That’s what Leon will do.

      Leon’s getting LARGER!!

  • Admiral Ackbar

    I feel pathetic that draft day is the biggest day for Oiler fan turnout.

    C. McJesus makes me snicker like a schoolboy. Props to whoever thunk that up.

  • nuge2drai

    Oilers Domination To Follow

    Hall Nuge Eberle

    Perron Draisaitl Gagner

    Kulemin Grabovski Yakupov

    Hendricks Gordan Pitlick

    Marincin Petry

    Nikitin Fayne

    Ference Shultz



    Klefbom Nurse

    Hoping we land Grabo and Kulemin July 1.

  • ChinookArchYYC

    Yesterday, hockey fans just witnessed BOLD by the Vancouver Canucks. Not so much MacT. The player MacT wanted fell into their hands and that was about it for Oilers’ fans for the rest of the day’s draft. Anti-climatic. So much for the draft party.

    Today, 60 selections will be made in the entry draft while the Oilers’ sit out the action. Not very entertaining, seeing that the Oilers are now officially in the entertainment business.

    Next up UFA and trades. Expectations? Hmmm. Not an easy task for MacT when he he is dealing with a poor hand. It is tough being an Oiler fan!

    • Joe Mamma

      Not really sure how trading a player that demanded a trade,within your division, for a handful of marginal players and getting rid of an underperforming clod for magic beans qualifies as bold, but alright. I think I’ll take the actual nhlers MacT got for the picks over some 3rd round “prospects” at this point.

  • camdog

    I laugh how everyone compares our TEENAGER centres to the flames TEENAGE centres. Who says macT isn’t still looking for an NHL centre. We still need a legite number 2. Gagner can’t hack it and Leon isn’t ready.

  • ChinookArchYYC

    I’m trying to be objective here, but I really think McTavish did the right thing for the Oilers. In the end, Draisaitl is what the Oilers have been missing for a long time, and you already have many of Bennett’s attributes in RNH.

    I would have been happy with Draisaitl, but admittedly preferred Bennett, because the Flames are missing elite level prospects. In the end, it’s a win-win for both organizations.

    Thanks MacT!

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    The 2-7th round is live on NHL.com or on tv with Telus channel 924 . Almost finished 2nd round . B.Pollock(45) to Dallas for Oil King fans .

  • Quicksilver ballet

    To leave the first overall rated player (Central Scouting) on the board when the Oilers selected third. Just another example of the incompetence rampant in this organization.

    Look forward to seeing the B and C level guys MacTavish adds on Tuesday/Wednesday. Worst “Christmas” ever for Oil country.

    • Grant

      Leon is going to be an absolute stud. I was actually praying they wouldn’t take Bennett when they pick came. He may be a good player for the flames down the road but Leon is what they need. He’s already 210 lbs. can you imagine how much he will fill out by the time he’s 22. He is going to be scary good.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    This is all going to plan…. Pretty soon every spot on the roster will be filled with a lottery pick… Then all we have to do is continue waiting…

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Can the Oilers sign Edgars Kulda as a free agent, since he was passed over a second time? Doh, puck you Pheonix.

    Guess that Memorial Cup tournament is much ado bout nothing afterall.

  • Lowe But Now High Expectations

    For me, this draft was a real crapshoot. Other than Ekblad, who will a solid dman for a decade plus the others players all have positive attributes as well as negative ones. I have this feeling that when this draft is looked at a decade from now the best player was the one drafted 10th, 12th or 16th overall not the ones in the top 5.

  • Jeff Lebowski

    Protects the puck. Responsible with the puck. MacT is effusing about LD. This guy fits right into what MacT wants in a player. Big,safe with the puck,skilled. Could this player have found a GM who fits his game better than MacT. He is like a young Horcoff but with more skill and size.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    @Jeff Lebowski….Musil was considered to be anywhere from a mid-first to bottom first the year he was drafted and just happened to fall to the 2nd round. not every team, but i think a lot of other teams would have taken Musil at #31.

  • Jeff Lebowski

    whatever ‘clever’ rejoinder you clowns come up with the only reply anyone has to say is:

    Kevin Lowe. Darryl Katz. Kelly Buchberger. Craig MacTavish.

    no real organization is run like this. none. there is far too much at stake for sensible people to continually drink for the same well after continually bad results.

    it’s just baffling.

    in the future, whenever you coiler fans have something witty to say, mentally play this:


    in your heads. its the price is right losing horn/ sad trombone- doo doo to doo

    whenever you start moving your lips- doo doo to doo

    start to type – doo doo to doo

    think edm is going to get better – doo doo to doo

    it is the quintessential soundtrack to everything oiler.

    good night now!

    • Jeff Lebowski

      this from the organization that let Iginla fire 3 straight coaches. a winger was running the team for half a decade.

      you need to calm down and get a bit more cordial. no one is bragging about the Oilers, but the Flames are not much to write home about either.

      have a nice weekend, and try and find some class, there big shooter.

  • BlazingSaitls

    So whats this kids nickname gonna be? Not the Deuchtland Dangler, not Neon Leon. Ive seen Panzer (tank) posted around which suits his build. How about Blazing (drai)Saitls?

  • Huh, I like this pick.

    What does everyone think about grabbing Ribeiro, moving Gagner to the third line on Draisaitl’s wing, picking up Penner and Booth:

    Hall Nuge Ebs

    Perron Ribeiro Yak

    Penner Draisaitl Gagner

    Hendricks Gordon Booth

    Then again still hoping they get Boychuck.

    Marincin Petry

    Nikitin Schultz

    Ference Boychuck

    That second line would be such a pest line, and the third line would be able to hold onto the puck.

  • Grant

    I have been a long time Oil fan but must admit I am embarrassed by the unjustified optimism of some on this site. We are barely removed from a season in which we lost more games by 4 or more goals than any other team has in many many years. What kind of progress is this? Once again our draft brings little promise. Hopefully Leon turns out great but in reality we were forced to pick him due to the many mistakes of this re-re-rebuild and in the process let the better player slide to the flames. Leon is big but doen’t play big, his size is an advantage in junior but once he lines up against “men” his lack of aggression and drive will erode any advantage. Hopefully there is still value, unlike the uncoachable Yak, and terrible defense of RNH, but given the track record of this team I am no longer holding my breath. I’ve drank way too much kool-aide over the past 8 yrs. Until 6 rings is gone there is no hope. Our reputation in the front office is even worse than the on ice product. Wake up Katz!!!