Three scoring lines: They really mean it

The trade of Sam Gagner for Teddy Purcell was a positive one for the Oilers in a lot of ways. It added a useful top-six forward to the mix, someone with a history of strong possession numbers and good scoring totals. As an added bonus, it added a 6’3” winger who has missed all of…



The end of June and the beginning of July is always an awesome time for hockey fans. Free agent frenzy 2014 starts tomorrow. Here’s a look at who the Oilers might be targeting.   


Free agency: Let’s be realistic

The lunacy known as free agency begins tomorrow. Million dollar contracts get handed out more freely and recklessly than pipes at a crack house. Management and fans get addicted to the belief that the woes of their team will be solved via free agency, and many are willing to do it at any cost. This year…


Monday Mailbag – June 30th

It’s mailbag time again! I’ve taken your questions and sent them out to our writers to get the answers you’ve always been looking for. I say it every where, but this segment is entirely dependent on you guys to make work so send me your questions. You can email me at [email protected] or hit me…


Gagner traded to Tampa Bay

Sam Gagner is no longer a member of the Edmonton Oilers. Gagner was dealt to Tampa Bay for Teddy Purcell. ***Update. Tampa just traded him to Arizona.**