Auction for Kelty – Signed Stick from the ’01 Oilers ***UPDATED***


Last week we started doing an auction for our friend Kelty that needs an expensive surgery in the USA. Our first item, a series of mounted posters, sold for $900 and we were blown away by the generosity! Today, we’ve got another great item for auction and I think you guys are going to dig it.

We want to thank you guys so much for your support in either bidding on the items or passing the link around to help us spread the word. You guys don’t need to help us with charity items like this, but you are and for that I thank you. As always, if you want to contribute to Kelty directly you can do so at her website

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Let’s get this auction rolling.



Our 2nd item up for auction is a signed stick by the 2000-01 Oilers. Some of the highlights are Doug Weight, Ryan Smyth, Anson Carter, Mike Comrie, Janne Niinimaa and others… Even though Nathan Murdoch, the donor, didn’t want me to mention his name I’m going to anyway. When I asked Nathan if he wanted me to plug a business, or something, for him he just said it was the right thing to do and I can’t thank him enough.  This isn’t the only picture that Nathan sent me, so if you want more angles (including close ups) just let me know and I will forward them to you.

To submit a bid, just fill out the form below with the required information. All we ask is that people with serious bids apply to help us keep this organized and run as smoothly as possible. I will be updating the article as bids come in to let you know where we’re at and who is the leading bidder! The auction will close at end of day today (11:59pm) and the winning bidder will be notified by email. 

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We can’t thank you guys enough for taking the time to check out the items and helping us raise money for this special little girl. Here we go:


WINNER! – Joel McDonald: $400