The end of June and the beginning of July is always an awesome time for hockey fans. Free agent frenzy 2014 starts tomorrow. Here’s a look at who the Oilers might be targeting. 


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If you missed them or need a refresher, we’ve complied the best Free Agency articles on Oilersnation in the weeks leading up to July 1. Enjoy.

NHL Free Agents. Next season begins now:

  • Couple names that would be an interesting fit for the Oilers, in my opinion:

    Brian Boyle – Good faceoff man, was one of the top Rangers PK guy. Can definitely help Boyd Gordon. Uses his frame(6’7″) really well. Can play 3rd line centre and shift Gordon to 4th line centre

    Kyle Quincey – Ryan Rishaug reported that the Oilers may have interest with him. Decent puck mover; good size, but doesn’t use it often

    Peter Mueller – had injury issues in his stint in the NHL. Went and led the Swiss league last season. Can play both centre and wing (better at wing though), but could be a second line centre. Still has solid potential. Needs to improve on faceoffs. Can be had for cheap, imo.

  • Ehrhoff and Fayne would be nice. Would make the younger guys really compete for a spot on the team.

    Boyle would add a lot I think but not too sure where he would fit in.

    A 2C would be nice and have LD at 3C as a rookie with Yak.

    Maybe Boyle, Hendricks, and Gordon makes sense as a 4th line????

    • Joy S. Lee

      Ehrhoff and Fayne would be nice, but that is likely 10 million + and that would hamper the signing of the 2C that is needed.

      There is likely a trade brewing today, hopefully it will help the present and not hamper the future too much (my fear is a Boychuk/Coburn for Marincin or Klefbom trade, or similar).

      Best case scenario the Oil get a top 4 Dman in a salary dump scenario, like a Boychuk/Coburn for a 2015 3rd or 4th round pick, or for Lander/Arcobello (most likely an East Team will do this with a West Team, fingers crossed the Oilers are the beneficiaries)….

      Not sure how Boyle would fit in either, my additional hope is that there are 3 scoring lines and that Gazdic is not re-signed.

      Best case would be a Grabovski/Kulemin (which means Draisaitl is likely the #3 C, unfortunately, with Kulemin the LW on that line with Yakupov). Unlikely Fayne and Ehrhoff sign, but here’s hoping he would be interested in serving as a mentor for his young countryman, same with Grabo/Kulemin to Yak. Although I really doubt these are much of an attraction to vets, they want to be on a contender.

      But I am guessing the Team will look something like this:

      Hall – RNH – Ebs
      Perron – Goc – Purcell
      Winnick – Draisaitl – Yak
      Hendricks – Gordon – Kelly

      Yup Kelly is expensive for a 4th liner and is a C, but this might be how it goes (he can always be traded at the deadline, maybe at TC he bumps LD back to PA. He would add more depth to the position which is not a bad thing.

      Also, Gazdic and Jonessu should not be on this team next year


      We wait and hope for the best…..since 2007…….sigh (it will get better, right?) Not ideal, but this roster would be an improvement over the past 7 frustrating years at least.

  • I forgot to mention..

    Note: Marcel Goc is also German and played with Ehrhoff in Cleveland and San Jose for a few years, could this and Draisaitl have an impact on his decision….

    Again who knows, we wait…

  • Word to the Bird

    If oilers could get Stralman and Fayne they would be set on the dman side and big time improved. Hainsey could be in alterntive to Fayne.

    Try to get Boyle for a center role on the 3rd line, alternating with Arcobello. He sure fit Dallas style of hockey and would add value.

    There is a need for a 2nd line center and the dream would be to get Statnsy but it might well just be that, a dream. Just look at this, RHN, Statnsy, Boyle and Arcobello. Lander as the back up guy. Not bad. Give you time to get Draisatl schooled in and some good trade vale down the line as new guys comes in from the future drafts.

    What is more likely then as a 2nd line center, Grabovsky suppose. I like Richards but only as a short term solution and a expensive one than can go south in his numbers. Lengwald could also be an short term solution.

    Lets what happens in the coming days.

    • Word to the Bird

      Would you offer sheet Johansen to same tune as other kids? Like your D options.

      6 mil x 6 years, he’s not happy with Colombus and might be a better fit than statsny behind nuge cheaper too.

      Only worry is 1,2,3 draft picks gone next year miss out on mcdavid sweepstakes.

      • Joy S. Lee

        If they can’t get to terms there will be a huge line up for that guy and yes he would be a very good candidate for a 2nd center role. He has the size that is so sought after but be aa much a dream as Statsny.

        RNH might not be all happy to get that competition thou, from either of those two. Might also work the other way and up his game further.

        One possible problem is oilers might be “overstocked” on the centre position in 2 years time and salary cap might become an issue due needs for other positions down the line. The upside is you get trading options out of it and also competiton.

        A additional scooring winger might be needed but dman and center first.

        My amature thoughts that is

      • Joy S. Lee

        I am not 100% updated on the 2015 draft picks but I think 1 and 2nd round picks are still there but I might have missed out on something with the golie trades, thought the 3rd selection went with the Fasth trade but not sure about the rest.

    • Joy S. Lee

      Hainsey re-signed with Carolina.

      Stralman and Fayne are both R shots, what do you do with Petry and Schultz then?

      Oilers need both a L and R side D for top pair and push everyone down to where they should be playing.

      Based on media and blog discussions these are the mentioned candidates

      L Side Candidates:

      1. Ehrhoff
      2. Boychuk
      3. Coburn
      4. Phaneuf

      R Side Candidates:

      1. Niskanen
      2. Fayne
      3. Stralman
      4. Engelland (7th Dman – face puncher/13th Fwd, keeps Kelfbom in AHL, replaces Fraser)
      5. Bellemore (7th Dman)

      Any other suggestions?

      • Joy S. Lee

        Missed out the Hainsey resigning, just shows I am an amature:-).

        I agree it would be good with another left hand besides Nikitin and would wote for Stralman and Boychuk if one goes the route adding a right hand and al left hand to get more depth. Phaneuf might be another dream that stays a dream + salary cap might not be enough for both a Phaneuf and Statsny/Johansen signing.

        Anyway hopefully there is a plan for some additions both d an center side. Lets what they end up doing when it all unfolds.

  • Joy S. Lee

    Ryan Johanssen? Bring it on. He wouldn’t just fit, he’d be the stir that straws this drink. Get ‘er done. Colombus would be foolish to part with this kid, and if they’re contemplating it, we’d be foolish not to listen. Got to think his old GM might have some interest, for sure. The question is what would go back, whether it be via offer sheet, or trade. But it would likely be worth it, especially if we don’t have to touch the core. I’ll dream of getting Johanssen above all other rumors, until I hear otherwise, because that’s the most fun one to imagine. In the meantime, we’ll see what really happens.

  • Joy S. Lee

    hmm..let’s see
    last year Marincin was being hailed as our answer for a second pairing and this year he’s not even considered useful or good enough to mention as our 7th man ???
    One more way to kill the spirit of any young star who would consider playing here.
    And we stand as much chance of getting Johanson out of Columbus as they have of getting Hall out of Edmonton.
    Any chance anybody out there has a dream instead of a fantasy ?
    Fayne or Boychuk are probably the only realistic prospects, and just 1 not both!
    Unless we could somehow unload Ference. But that’s just my fantasy.