Nation Network recap of the 2014 NHL Entry Draft with Steve Dangle and Dimitri Filipovic

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DRAFT RECAP! Steve Dangle of Leafs Nation (me) and Dimitri Filipovic from Canucks Army recap the action from Philadelphia and the 2014 NHL Entry Draft.

  • Truculence

    I will wait until the first couple UFA days to pass judgement. If we sign someone like Grabovski than I will look at this in favor. We bring in a guy with similar point production who is a bigger body and more defensive. If we don’t have a replacement lined up. This is a move done in panic and it will be MacT’s first huge blunder

    • I hit that trash button as hard as I could freelancer. This is a good ‘ol hockey trade. both assets for a different team. The 7 year experiment is done. I wish sam well, but i’m sick and tired of his inability to play defence and his streaky point production.

      Mac T! hellz yeah!

  • bwar

    So where does Purcell slot in on the depth chart? Numbers wise seems like a solid 2nd line winger but then who gets demoted to no point land, Yakupov or Perron?

    I guess this strongly indicates that the Oilers either believe Draisaitl is NHL ready or that Arcobello is getting a full time promotion.

    • 2004Z06

      My guess is Yak will be on the third with Draisatl. There is a thought that ze German will be a fine set up man for Yak in sheltered minutes. Still need a 2c though.

      Arco likely an injury call up.

  • DragonFlame

    So strength doesn’t matter only skill does? Bennett playing against the genetically blessed 1% of the population, ridiculously strong men, not teenagers and his skill will save? If skill can’t save Kadri why is Bennett going to be a beast? Because TSN hyped him?

    The kid can’t do a wide grip pull up, he’d better be Gretzky and never get hit.

      • CMpuck

        Having a ridiculously weak back, how does he survive the physical game? Can he cycle the puck, probably not.

        Hell Dangle makes a video about PK Subban and praising for doing pull ups with plates hanging off his belt. I bet PK trains those muscles for a professional reason. Not to mention a pull is a compound movement involving many muscles, have to be weak throughout upper body not fail to do one. Just saying, it’s a legitimate concern.

        • Truculence

          Core strength is what matters most in hockey, and the kid has that in spades. Check out his videos from the combine.

          Secondly, he just turned eighteen on the 20th of this month. He has a lot of time to train and fill out.

          I assume you have never heard of physical training , since you seem to believe a seventeen year old has reached his peak physically and cannot improve upon his upper body strength. Plus, he does not have a skinny, Gretzky-like frame.

          Hell, if everything else fails, pass the kid some GH and watch him bulk up.

          • CMpuck

            Pull ups are one of the best exercises for a good core.

            Don’t training, son I’ve ran marathons under 3:20 gave that up for lifting.

            Bench 280, squat 315 for reps, do 10 wide grip pull ups :), deadlift 405 in two years of weight training went from 145lbs to 200, all natural. You really don’t lecture me on training? What have you ever done?

            Fill out while in the NHL, that’s a great plan, give him GH, problem is he’ll be playing against men on steroids that were already stronger than him in the first place.

            No is talking about peak physical condition, the kid isn’t even average for a 17 year old. NHL and OHL are different beasts. I love how people pretend that is ok to weak going into the pros.

          • 2004Z06

            Ever heard of Drew Doughty? You know, the defenseman who has two Stanley Cup rings and two Olympic gold medals at the age of 24? One of the best defenseman in the game?Yeah… He couldn’t do a pull up when he was drafted either. But I guess that means he sucks, was never able to get stronger, and shouldn’t have even been drafted either, right? My gosh some people are so ignorant on this site it’s ridiculous.

          • bwar

            Drew couldn’t? Link to support this claim. Drew is 6-1 213, much larger and heavier than an undersized Bennett. No excuse not to be able to do pull ups (plural) at 170.

            If strength doesn’t matter, should a team draft a woman if she’s talented enough (are you going to call me misogynist for pointing out NHL scouts don’t consider women?)

            If it’s ignorant (dude you’re house is made of glass) why do they bother having a combine in the first place? Why did Edmonton pass on Bennett?

            Size and strength matter, it just doesn’t happen to be in vogue with Leaf Nation bloggers at the moment. Should we stick our heads in the sand and pretend physically weak player isn’t at a significant disadvantage in turning pro? Who is being deliberately ignorant here? Time will tell on Bennett, when he bust perhaps we can look back value these qualities that are blatantly obvious in the first place again. If he beats the odds then hats off to the kid though that’s a long shot IMHO.

          • RedMan

            hahaha what fool Org drafted this “doughty” dude?

            hahaha we laugh at their stupidity for totally throwing that draft pick away!

            hahaha “doughty” will never be an NHL player, he is weak and undersized hahaha! !

          • RedMan

            Maybe consider working a little “brain exercise” into your routine, then do a few reps on your English! 🙂

            besides your comments being very stupid in general, they are inaccurate in their assumptions, as others have pointed out by drawing your attention to other weakling useless draftees like Doughty, etc.

      • RedMan

        If I’m not mistaken, Bennett is a center.

        Centers take faceoffs.

        The vast majority of faceoffs are a battle won by pulling the puck backwards.

        Upper body strength is vital to being able to win faceoff battles.

        Pull ups are one of the best ways to measure the upper body strength of the “pulling muscles”.

  • 2004Z06

    Bennett not being able to do a pull up just makes him a better prospect, if he’s having this much success now without that strength imagine when he can do pull UPS. Seeing areas that a player can improve is a good thing. It shows that he can still IMPROVE and take his game to a different level. And both tsn and Don cherry both said the drew doughty thing.

  • DragonFlame

    The Toronto guy is funny.

    What slays me is how adamant these guys are about players they prefer. No hockey background or hockey evaluations etc and they condemn players they don’t approve of. It’s pretty comical, really. Ah yes. Good times.