The Edmonton Oilers 2014 draft basically comes down to Leon Draisaitl, William Lagesson and a bunch of guys. We’ve discussed Leon the Professional at length, and we’ll discuss the bunch of guys later. Tonight: William Lagesson.

pronman lagesson

Corey Pronman is a helluva draft guru, and his description gives Oiler fans a very nice overview of the player. Another Musil—with speed!—but lacking that defensive acumen that makes Musil an attractive prospect.


Ryan Kennedy, The Hockey News

  • A big, strong defenseman who is nasty to play against, Lagesson also
    chipped in three goals for the Tre Kronor at the world under-18s.
    Already 6-foot-2 and nearly 200 pounds, Lagesson was picked up by
    Dubuque in the first round of the USHL draft, so perhaps we’ll see him
    over here sooner than later. Draft eligible in 2014.

Stu MacGregor, Edmonton Oilers

  • “He makes a good first pass and has some hockey sense but I can’t
    emphasize how much he wants to battle and compete. One-on-one he’s a
    warrior. It doesn’t hurt that he’s coming over here to get used to the
    ice surface. He’s probably going to college after Dubuque.”

Hockey Prospect.com

  • Lagesson was Sweden’s best defenseman in this game and was effective in
    different areas of the game. He did a good job using his body to
    separate the opposing players from the puck and he won quite a few
    battles deep in his zone. He was very aggressive on 1-on-1 battles and
    he took a bad penalty doing it. I also thought he moved very well around
    the ice and he showed it by joining the rush a few times. He seems to
    have some interesting tools and the upside to play a solid two-way game.
    Skating needs work.

Martin Lunden, Swedish Oil

  • “Solid pick at 91. made a huge
    impact in with jr team. 1st team coach loves him (former U20coach
    Rönnmark). good size, average+ puck handling. He doesn’t stand out in
    the SHL, but he’s a 17 y/o playing with men so no wonder. He doesn’t
    make a fool out of himself though..”


  • A favourite of coach Andres Eriksen at the 2014 World U18
    Championships; Lagesson played quality minutes and finishedthe
    tournament with three goals .. a scrappy, physical hard-nosed competitor
    who competes for every inch on the ice .. an ‘in your face’type of
    defender who reacts quickly to loose pucks and is able to identify
    threats .. under-stated offensive ability as the third highest scoring
    defenseman in the SuperElit J20.

International Scouting Services

  • Lagesson shows traits of a good two-way defender with some intrigue in
    the offensive zone as he displayed flashes of a big shot. Good mobility,
    foot speed and overall skating ability for a defenseman of his size.
    Good presence on the offensive  point, great shot that he is able to get
    through traffic and keeps it fairly low to the ground. Good release,
    doesn’t need a full wind-up to get pucks off. Physicality should be a
    bigger facet to his game to give him that defensive upside and promise
    that he shows on the puck. William shows a good basis for the two-way
    game with a good shot and mobility when running the offensive point.
    Upside remains at the raw stage, project type.


There is some conflicting information in these scouting reports—foot speed and offensive prowess are a little all over—but it’s pretty clear William Lagesson is a talented prospect with a strong future.

    • Craig1981

      Doesn’t always mean then will sign with us.

      How do you think we got Justin Schultz.

      He would have the same loophole that would make him a UFA if he doesn’t actually sign with us before finishing college hockey.

      • Craig1981

        I’m not sure you are right
        This is the CBA:

        “If a Player drafted at age 18 or 19, who had received a Bona Fide Offer in accordance with Section 8.6(a)(ii) above, becomes a bona fide college student prior to the second June 1 following his selection in the Entry Draft and does not remain a bona fide college student through the graduation of his college class, his drafting Club shall retain exclusive rights for the negotiation of his services until the fourth June 1 following his selection in the Entry Draft.”

        It speaks of College, but Euro players. I’m not sure what the rules are for him, but I don’t believe they are any different than CHL players. Correct me if I am wrong

        • Craig1981

          But if he goes to College like Stu suggested, then he would be a College player. As most 18-19 year olds are not in College yet, I don’t think it really matters he is from Europe.

  • Craig1981

    I love following prospects, but a 4th round pick, that’s a defenseman, that is playing in Sweden, that has poor skating……I will tune into this pick in 2-4 years…..MAYBE

    I mean no offense to Lowetide, just that he is an extremely difficult prospect to judge

    • camdog

      “The Edmonton Oilers 2014 draft basically comes down to Leon Draisaitl, William Lagesson and a bunch of guys.” Pretty much sums it up, tough to make the quota on stories when you are writing stories on a “bunch of guys”. I give LT an A for effort, usually the Oilers give him a lot more to write about in the off season.

      • Craig1981

        I appreciate any writer that takes the time to write an article. I actually added the no offense in an edit, since I was worried it came across wrong.

        As Lowetide says he does an article on everyone….which I will read, but the points I outlined above make him VERY hard to track with an open mind for the future.

        Others can be easier:

        Kyle Platzer a 4th rounder that centered the 3rd line of the Knights, in a defensive role behind Domi and Hovart, then got traded to the Owen Sound and saw his numbers incease, but still not to a point a game. Now there is a prospect easier to follow.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    don’t hate the pick, especially in the 4th round, but i just found it odd that with other more pressing needs, the Oil would take yet another d-man, and a left shooting one at that!

    • The Last Big Bear

      91st overall is a good place to be picking defencemen.

      Most impact forwards are found in the first round. Very hard to find them in later rounds.

      Impact defenders are scattered throughout rounds 1-3. They are a bit harder to project (because they take longer to develop), so there are still good value picks after the first round.

      Goalies are voodoo. I not even sure it’s worthwhile drafting goalies at all, but they are best chosen with throw-away picks in bad drafts.

      I think the Oilers ran this draft about as well as they could.

      I don’t know if Draisaitl is better than Bennet, but it doesn’t matter. They took a consensus top-4 player with a top-4 pick, they traded the 2nd and 3rd rounders in deals for young but established NHLers, picked a reasonable value defenceman at 91, and then “a bunch of guys”.

      Good draft.

      Now they just have to not ruin Draisaitl.

    • Joy S. Lee

      Well, if it’s your pick at the draft table, and you have a player available that you really like more than anyone else on the board, you pick him, no matter what position he plays. Pretty simple, really, and that’s not to downplay your picking by priority suggestion… more to say they probably really liked the kid, and felt they were getting him well behind where he should have been taken.

  • Grant

    I like the pick. He is the type of prospect we should expect to see in that range.

    Also picking outside of the CHL gives the team the rights longer before making a decision on a contract for what seems to be a decent prospect at that stage.

  • Craig1981

    Of all the writers, I would have to say that Allan writes the most interesting articles……….I love how he covers the prospects.

    We all know the shortcomings of our current team, but reading about some of our prospects gives me hope!

    Keep writing away Allan, it’s going to be a long summer waiting for the season to begin.

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      but that doesn’t mean he should automatically go back to junior just because he’s 18….if he’s judged by the Oiler brass to be NHL ready, and a few of the high 1st round picks have been, then he should play in the NHL next year, although teams have been wrong in their assessment of young players before, so i hope the 9 game window that teams have before they can no longer sent their kids back to junior is enough time to see if Leon is really ready for the NHL grind or not.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    He is another one of those homerun defensemen picks for us. He joins Simpson,Musil,Gernat,Nurse,and Klefbom. I just hope this team will start getting homerun wingers. They have scored on Slepyshev,Yakimov,and Chase soo far

  • Joy S. Lee

    Unlike some others, I won’t knock what I don’t know; and I don’t know much other than what I just read, but sounds to me like the Oilers drafted this kids’ competitiveness, a component that is a very good target in the later rounds of the draft. Think about it… later rounds, harder to predict… hardest workers, meanest SOB’s, most determined… better chance they are going to make the climb to NHL player. And, if Lagesson has an offensive upside… I don’t know what’s wrong with this, makes perfect sense to me.

  • Parallex

    “He’s probably going to college after Dubuque”

    Just an FYI but IIRC this would qualify him for the early college exit provision that Wheeler & Schultz used.