Petry signs one year deal


Jeff Petry signed a one-year deal worth $3.075 million. He will be a UFA next season, and if the Oilers do want to sign him to an extension they can’t until January, 2015.

After seeing what UFA D-men received on the free agent market, I can understand why Petry’s camp elected to sign for one season. The Oilers now have another season to evaluate him.

A one-year keeps him as a potential trade candidate as well. The Oilers can’t afford to lose him in free agency for nothing. This signing won’t put a stop to the trade rumours, but I don’t think the Oilers are in any rush to move Petry. If the proper deal presents itself, they have to think about it, but if I’m the Oilers I play Petry as a 2nd pair D-man and see how he performs, rather than playing him over his head in the first pairing.

This deal makes financial sense for one season, but it doesn’t give the Oilers much long term security and that is an issue.

What do you think of the signing?

  • bradleypi

    I’m fine with this. He’s not a great defenseman, he was the 5/6 guy on the US world championship team with guys who are still 5 years younger and unproven. He may have been our best d-man, but that doesn’t mean he’s good. With the moves made in free agency, we’re treading in the right direction. Move him on by years end and let’s get some kids nhl experience…klefbom will be head and shoulders better by April.

  • bradleypi

    I’m fine with this. He’s not a great defenseman, he was the 5/6 guy on the US world championship team with guys who are still 5 years younger and unproven. He may have been our best d-man, but that doesn’t mean he’s good. With the moves made in free agency, we’re treading in the right direction. Move him on by years end and let’s get some kids nhl experience…klefbom will be head and shoulders better by April.

  • Serious Gord

    Seems that this may be a bit of a mexican standoff.

    The oil aren’t sold on petry and he’s not sold on them.

    The one year deal makes it easier to trade him – fixed price short, low risk term.

    If they don’t trade him for a centre who can they trade?

    • bazmagoo

      With the Legwand signing in Ottawa I’m inclined to think it’s going to be Lander, Draisaitl and Arcobello battling for the 2 remaining center spots. The only other option is a prospect + pick trade to a team with cap issues, maybe Chicago. Personally I’m happy to see Petry here next season, our defense can’t afford to lose any players with actual NHL experience.

      • Serious Gord

        Only five of the last 15 #3 picks made to the NHL in their draft year. Only two in the last ten.

        That’s some pretty steep odds for draisaitl making it and even with him they have no depth – one injury and it’s a BIG problem.

        Lander and Arcobello and RNH – likely will get 50 minutes out of sixty. No one s going to afraid to go into the boards with any of them.

        • bazmagoo

          I’m definitely not saying it’s an ideal situation, but this is the Oilers we are talking about, lol. Even though the team is improved, I still have Lowe expectations. Much safer for my emotional state that way!

        • T__Bone88

          So what is your point Gord? what do you think the Oilers should do? I guess all you want to do is bash MacT and management and other posters. Offer us your all knowing opinion.

          • Serious Gord

            First I would have traded the pick to get something right now down the middle (Before that I would have traded gagner last year and bought out hemsky to get the type of centre we need – but that is water under the bridge)

            Given where the team is now I would trade Petry and one of the defensive prospects to get some experienced big centre who is in a rich contract (there are several currently on cap-poor teams.

            But keep in mind were it my decision I would not have been in this mess in the first place.

          • Serious Gord

            I wouldn’t of bought out hemsky. I would if traded him before the 2year 5mil contract. You know, when he had value and when they decided to do a rebuild.

            I hate when people use the excuse of the oilers went “scorched earth” on the rebuild so its hard to come back from that. If they really went scorched earth they wouldn’t have kept hemsky

          • Serious Gord

            I certainly supported considering trading the No 3 pick. But the problem is neither you or I know what was available for the pick. Saying “I would have traded the pick for “something down the middle” sounds great, but we don’t know what was available.

            Having said that, if MAcT had not even entertained offers for the pick, then he wasn’t doing his job.

            They may still need to trade Petry plus something to get the center help they need. I don’t think this signing exclude that possibility, but it does make a deal more difficult.

          • Serious Gord

            Hypotheticals whether in hockey or marriage are a beeitch.

            (And I would have traded hemsky long before last year (ditto gagner) but one can only go back so far in this kind of endeavour. )

            And I do think oiler management – MacT Klowe and Katz barely gave it a passing thought. I really don’t think this team is very good at trades – they lack imagination, courage and overvalue their own assets.

      • Serious Gord

        If so is that really much better than what the oil had last year once RNH and gagner were healthy?

        Very hard to see the foursome you propose getting the oil higher than 20th in the league and that is a big fail both in the short-term (obviously) but also in the long term.

  • geeker99

    Well i would say this is a “wait and see deal”. With so many new body’s in the mix, let’s see if anybody play’s over the mark of their contract. I’ve always been amazed how well player’s play in the last year of their contract. My opinion the only players that played close to their value were Hall and Perron. With Maricin playing over.

  • Serious Gord

    I have stated before that the Oil cannot be successful going forward with both Schultz and Petry on their team. Their weaknesses are too similar( very weak on the puck, prone to panic when under pressure little physical presence (I don’t care about Petry’s hit total, a goodly number of his hit were bounce offs)).

    There is reason to believe that Schultz has potential upside at 23 and barely over 100 NHL games, whilst Petry 26 and about 250 is unlikely to grow his game.

    My only concern is a one year contract will limit potential returns in a Petry trade.

  • T__Bone88

    To me Petry has been a very valuable member of the Oilers blue line squad. What I can’t understand is why Oiler fans expect every D Man to be physically aggressive. Petry plays a finesse game and despite being played to high on the roster has acquitted himself very well.

    The key ingredient in his game is that he is a + skater who can move the puck. Why do fans want nothing but Theo Peckhams? I hope there is something boiling under the surface between Petry and MacT and that he is re-signed to a decent contract before the trade deadline.

  • What team is going to trade for defensmen with one year left on a contract until he becomes a UFA?

    The return is going to be so under valued, probably a pick or a utility player.

    This is the same situation Tambellini put the Oilers in with Gagner & Hemsky.

    This is a piss poor contract that’s going to bite the Oilers in the ass and gave the rest of the GM’s in the league bargaining power over the Oilers.

    Should have just traded him to a team that could have negotiated a LTC with Petry.

    • Serious Gord

      Interesting point. The worst thing would have been the oil signing him to a ltc as they would have had to overpay due to the teams lousy geography and worse coaching management rep (of which Petry and his agent are very aware of). Pretty much any team he gets traded to could sign him for less.

  • T__Bone88

    The way I see this was possibly Petry was looking for a higher salary probably up to 5 million while the Oilers didn’t think he is worth that yet. Petry wasn’t going to sign another bridge contract so this is why I think they settled on an one year lower salary to satisfy both parties. They can always negotiate a deal in the season if the Oilers feel he will be a valuable top 4 defenseman

  • Zarny

    Horrible term. What was wrong with a two or three year term? Yes people hope and expect Nurse and Klefbom will supplant Petry. If they are going to replace him, how about making them win a spot and not just hand them one? And how about we remember that there are injuries every single season and you need depth to be successful? Banking on prospects to consistently improve is a fool’s game.

  • Zarny

    Because Oilers didn’t extended him last year,
    Petry knew he was in the driver seat. That’s why he didn’t take them to arbitration. He makes it to UFA at season end, and cash’s in to a higher level than by resigning.

    He holds down the fort for the youngsters to arrive next season.

    Unless: Oilers trade him before trade deadline, he will be another lost asset by the the Oilers….. you don’t get much for a pending UFA!

  • chuckcouples

    Can someone explain to me why having Petry under contract for this year at a very manageable cap hit somehow reduces his trade value? If he was signed to a longer term contract, the cap hit would be much higher. This would drastically reduce the number of teams that could acquire him. Any team that trades for him can still negotiate a new deal with him before July 2015.

  • DieHard

    Fayne is Petry’s replacement. Petry will be traded between now and the trade deadline. Hopefully we’ll get a second for him or a 1st in 2016. Not sure why everyone thinks he’s worth 5M/year. If the league valued him some GM would have traded for him by now. He’s a middling 4 may 3 defenseman.

        • pkam

          If you mean comments on this article, I did and I don’t see anyone mentioned 5M until Dman09’s response to my comment, and that is a speculation that Petry is asking for 5M+, not that he thinks he worth 5M+. I did read one that said 5 years at 4M though and I think that is very reasonable. Can you tell me the message number that mentions 5M+?

          If you mean comments from previous articles, then I didn’t.

  • pkam

    I too hope the contract can be 1 or 2 years longer, but I doubt it will ever happen unless Petry’s agent has a brain cramp. To those who complains, Petry can easily choose to file for arbitration and end up signing a one year contract for more money.

    MacT has next to zero chance to get Petry to sign a longer deal unless he is willing to offer Petry a much bigger salary. 3M for one year is as good as anyone could possible get Petry to sign.

    • bwar

      Maybe Petry did want more money and the Oilers just said

      “this is where your previous play puts you and that’s what we are willing to pay right now. There is a better defense group around you this year so we wont need to play you above your ability. If you want more money we will do a one year deal and you can show us what you can do in a proper defense structure and you can earn that big long term contract you want.”

      If that’s kind of the way it went down I wouldn’t be disappointed at all. Give the kid an opportunity to go after what he wants while properly supporting him. Win-Win.

      • pkam

        If you were Petry, would you sign long term or even 2-3 years for 3M? I know I wouldn’t if I believe I am a reliable 3/4 defenseman at 26 heading into UFA in one year.

        • pkam

          I get the feeling he thinks hes a top 2. He probably wants 5 – 5.5+ mill on like 6-7 years. If he shows it this year he’ll get that kind of a deal whether its with Edm or another team. So if he truly believes it then it wouldn’t really be a risk in his mind.

    • pkam

      I think this is a contact both sides can accept. No way Petry will sign long term for 3M, it has to be at least 4M and I bet he likely asks for more.

      What option does MacT have if he doesn’t want to gamble big on Petry?

  • The Soup Fascist

    Nice to see that the 2 sides are on the same page today. As far as the length of the contract is concerned, as long as there is a Arcobello sized hole in the roster at C this roster is not ready to start the 2014 season. There are still balls in the air and judging these little moves on there own merit is difficult before we see the big picture revealed in the deals yet to be made this summer.

  • DieHard

    I like it, or at least understand it.
    To go long term would have been costly and could throw our future pay scales off. Would prefer not taking the risk of getting tied to an over valued long term deal. There are things Petry can improve on, now he is more motivated to do them.
    Also makes his cap hit as low a possible which helps his trade value.
    I do think he is currently our best d-man. Hopefully others surpass him, so now we wait and see how Shultz, Maricin, Klefbom and Nurse develop by early 2015. Gives the Oilers more time to assess. Cause all four of these guys could be better than Petry within just a couple/ few years.

  • Serious Gord

    Where is the love in for petry coming from?
    He is a minus defenceman. -22 last year, +1 the year before, Go back to his first two years in the league and heis -7 and -12 respectivly. Please keep in mind that hits is a prespective stat and not the same person does that stat every night… he is constantly taken to school by wingers coming out of the corner, he almost seems to get out of their way. best case scenariois we get a 3rd rounder for him. he has not played well in the Oilers system. he has skill, and is smooth skating but clearly a liability in his own end and asking him to play against the other teams top two lines on a consistent basis not only hurts him but the scoreboard. He has NHL speed, shot but sadly not the hockey IQ…

  • pkam

    Speculation only : Petry finished his DEGREE (as per hockeybuzz) this summer . Might he want to persue hockey and alternate career in the U.S. where he is from ? Have a feeling he might want to much to remain here on a long term basis , if at all, beyond this season.

    • 2004Z06

      In his interview today he damn near flat out said that he and his agent are looking at Free Agency next season and even said this year is really important to perform as good as possible because of that. What I did find kind strange was that Bob said the Oilers and his Agent felt a 1 year deal with free agency coming was probably the best thing.

      Wouldn’t you want to limit the risk of losing a guy to free agency from a team perspective???

      • Serious Gord

        Scary to think J.Schultz might want the same as Petry , even though MacT. seems committed to long term core of Oilers with him . Gotta live/respect with free agency , whether fans and/or club likes it all the time . Sure makes it tough for the poorer clubs to get better (albatross), almost defeating the purpose of the draft .

        • Serious Gord

          True but if the players weren’t so greedy and all they really cared about was winning then you would think they would be willing to take big discounts to help field a more competitive team. I mean really once your making a million a year you are already making more than almost 90% of the Canadian population. Even then you only need to work 5 years and you can retire providing you didn’t blow it all on useless stuff.

  • Serious Gord

    Not a petry fan anyways. He skates smooth, has an average first pass and does ok positionally. But he does stupid costly mistakes on a nightly basis, is soft and easy to handle in the corners and infront of the net, and is easily replaced with better, younger players. I say good riddance

  • Serious Gord

    The one year signing for a bridge seems small…..two would have been better.

    I get the sense that he is being shopped right now but what is most perplexing is that we have not seen what this player is really capable of.

    Having Craig Ramsay in the fold providing proper structure and systems should tell the tale. I for one do not trust past coaching to be the sole evaluation for who is a real player and who is not.

    I guess time will tell, but if every player progresses under Ramsay as opposed to regression under Eakins, we should have some real decisions to make after his one year bridge deal.

  • Serious Gord

    He simply isn’t apart of our plans.
    is our future. Now he is just a stop-gap player for us. He deserves a shot elsewhere. Send him home to Michigan(Detroit still looking for defensemen)

  • Jason Gregor

    If Mact’s comments about negotiating with Petry at the end of the season are true I fail to see how the Oil have anything ressembling the upper hand in those future talks. It looks to me like “here’s your hat, whats your hurry…’ can anything but a high 2nd round oick make sense here for the Oil? The draft next year must be really deep.

  • paul wodehouse

    y’gotta love one year deals…they motivate and depress at the same time…’ol Jeff better get his game together if he wants a payday come the end of another season being with a team in the draft lottery again…ask anyone > isn’t McJesus coming to lead us to the promise land???…unless MacT can package him with a real NHler or two he’s going to have to keep his fingers crossed testing free agency next summer…

  • bradleypi

    hahahaha….”first I would have done this…then I would have done this…Mom? are you calling me for dinner? I having a conversation about how I’d manage the sOilers if I had a life with other really cool guys”