Timeframe for landing a centre

Craig MacTavish10

There is a tone of increasing desperation in much of the commentary concerning the Edmonton Oilers’ ongoing quest for some help at centre.

Weighed against that rising emotion is the take general manager Craig MacTavish offered on July 1 when asked about the problem.

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He Knows It’s a Problem

Draisaitl, Leon

“We didn’t address all of our needs today,” was the first thing out of MacTavish’s mouth when asked about the team’s depth chart up the middle. “We still feel ideally we’d be able to add a centreman.”

And no, he wasn’t banking on Leon Draisaitl riding in to save the day.

“The one thing I will say about centre is that Leon Draisaitl is an element that we did add in the draft that we think is going to fill that position for a long time,” he said. “We do have some depth there, but they’re young, developing players and any decision regarding Leon or any of those players will be strictly based on what the best situation is for the player and not what’s best for the team.”

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In other words, however the depth chart looks at the moment MacTavish’s words indicate no desire to force feed him NHL minutes he isn’t ready for.

The Current Depth Chart


“Right now we have Mark Arcobello, we have Anton Lander, we’ve got Boyd Gordon and of course [Ryan] Nugent-Hopkins in those positions now,” he said, summing up the depth chart that so many see as unacceptable.

“Now you can draw all your own conclusions based on what my strategy may be going forward, and we’re hopeful that we can do something and add a centre piece to what we’ve done already. These things aren’t always guaranteed, but we’ll be trying to do something in that regard.”

Asked whether the new centre would be primarily an offensive forward or more a stabilizing defensive force, MacTavish made it clear that the Oilers weren’t picky.
“Both are really possible,” he said. “I think both are probable. We’ve talked about how we want to build our team going forward. We want three offensive lines and we want a line, probably centered by Boyd Gordon, that can start much like Chicago is built, that you have another line that you can start predominantly in the defensive zone. Then you’ve got three possession lines, or three lines that you can count on for offence… We’re not in such a need offensively up the middle that we have to get an offensive centreman. We feel that Nugent-Hopkins is going to fill that admirably, and also a more versatile centre would fit in that place too.”

Patience from an Impatient Guy

Craig MacTavish6

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The most important comment MacTavish made, though, was probably his last on the subject.

“We’ve made a few calls,” he acknowledged. “But it’s hard to say whether it’s going to fit tomorrow, a week from now or in September/October.”

The level of concern in Edmonton is understandable; until a team actually does something there will always be skepticism that they recognize the problem and are actively looking for solutions.

In this case, though, it’s a pretty good bet that MacTavish is doing all that can be done. His record is open to interpretation, but he’s been an awfully active manager in his time at the helm; he’s not prone to the dithering that predecessor Steve Tambellini to be plagued by. He’s not unaware of the problem; on July 1 he made it abundantly clear that he saw the trouble and wanted to address it.

That’s means and motive; the question now is whether the right opportunity exists. The free agent options are not compelling, and even in situations where a case to sign one can be made the player’s willingness to come to Edmonton (recall Mike Ribeiro taking a buyout rather than accepting a trade to Calgary) and contract demands are unknowns. Also unknown to outsiders is the content of the calls MacTavish has made since; he has a much better idea of the players potentially available through that route than anyone not plugged into the team does.

If the 2014-15 season rolls around and the Oilers are running Arcobello/Draisaitl on lines two and three, we’ll probably look back ruefully at Derek Roy and wonder what could have been. But if MacTavish’s public statements are anything to go by, it won’t come to that.

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  • I think that MacT would give up Petry for a decent center.

    The ideal partner would be a Cap strapped team , needing some help on defense, and have extra centers on their roster.

    There aren’t that many partners out there.
    Islanders could be a player, and I for one would only be interested in Neilsen for Petry.

    In the mean time is Arcobello or Reibero.

    PS.. Lander is an NHL bust.Think this experiment is over.. maybe a part of a trade pkg. to AHL duty.

  • Serious Gord

    It is obvious that MacT is fully aware of the problem and trying to address it, as he has all the other perceived holes during this off-season. Some posters are under the delusion that you can just snap your fingers and the problem is solved. You need a proper fit. The right player at a reasonable price (which is not just money), who wants to come here, as clearly many players do not, sometimes for good reasons.

    As JW pointed out, MacT cannot be accused of dithering, and I don’t want him to make a foolish deal, which is not in the long term interests of the team, just to fill this hole, although it will hurt us in the standings this season if we don’t. Tambo’s undeniable hapless dithering cost us dearly, but MacT has significantly re-vamped the team around its core and should be judged by that. I suspect he has plans still in the fire to pick up an experienced center, whether more offensive or defensive oriented.

    The same people taking pot shots at him today will be the first ones slamming him if he trades away a key prospect to get this done, just to scoop up a few more points this season, the last thing I want to see him do.

  • v4ance

    The other argument against Derek Roy is that if he was a viable center option, some other NHL team would have signed him by now. It’s not just the Oilers who don’t believe in him enough.

  • Gret99zky

    I will be shocked if Draisaitl is not on the opening night roster. Despite all the MacT verbal.

    It will be another example of Oilers management’s inability to fill holes in the line-up with actual NHL players suited for their roles.

    This organization needs to stop developing its rookie forwards in the NHL and start putting them on the farm where they belong.

    Hall aside, these poor kids have been thrown to the wolves year after year while burning up their ELC’s.

    • ubermiguel

      Of course he’s going to play the first 9 games to evaluate him. Game 10 is a different story; that is MacT’s real deadline for getting an NHL centre. But if Draisaitl is #1 or 2 in team scoring at that point, maybe he’s earned the spot. It’s not a given that sending him back to juniors is the right move.

      • Gret99zky

        Most teams bring up their rookies slowly. Usually on the 3rd or 4th lines.

        Not the Oilers. 1st and 2nd line minutes and when they start to struggle, look out!

        Gagner, PRV, RNH, Yakupov all struggled because they were rushed into the league playing too many minutes.

        • Basshole39

          Actually only one of those players struggled! PRV, the rest actually scored more points than the average NHL player in their rookie seasons. Sure they needed to round out their games alittle more, but how do you do that by competing againts boys? At some point you have to compete against men in the NHL and there will always be an adjustment period! Even Sid is a better player now than his rookie season! JUST to be clear I am only comparing him based on having to adjust to tougher competion, not talent or ability!!! When a player dominates the CHL there is no room for him to grow there anymore. Look at Huberdeau! did he benefit from 2 more years in the CHL? No, he had a sophmore slump as bad as Yak’s!

    • Serious Gord

      I think the real problem is the fact that new draftees can’t play in the AHL right away. It’s either Junior or NHL for everyone and Drais like Hall,Nuge and Yak were a little too good for junior but not good enough for NHL so what do you do?

      • Gret99zky

        Well you could send them back to Junior to work on parts of their game that needs improving. Like defense, back-checking, playing without the puck, positioning in key situations, etc.

  • Dan 1919

    Looks like those salary cap issues we’ve all known were coming are due to arrive sooner than later. This coming season will be fine.

    The following season the Oilers only have 1.9mil of space, with Shultz, Yak, Petry, Marincin, Arco, Lander and Fasth/backup G needing to be signed. Assuming the cap rises, it will still pose a serious problem for the Oilers. Not to mention there will be other prospects like Nurse, Klefbom, Draisaitl adding their entry level contracts to the bunch.

    The most questionable contracts on the team right now are Purcell 4.5mill 2 years, Pouliot 4.0mill 4 years (these two haven’t hit the ice yet and we hope they work out, but just saying), and yours truly Eberle 6mill for 73 years.

    Unless the salary cap takes a huge jump next summer (which I guess isn’t completely out of the question), next off season should be pretty interesting. I’d expect either controversial buyouts of recently overpaid players/trades of recently acquired players, or… maybe Purc and Pouliot are working out nicely and Eberle just doesn’t quite find that extra jump we’re waiting for, and he then puts himself in the blockbuster tradable category.

    • SuntanOil

      What are you going on about? Try 19 million + of cap space remaining next year (Nice use of the decimal point). Thats not half bad, not great, but not Chicago’s problems. No doubt that troll Serious Gord would agree with you without even checking your numbers – ’cause the way it’s written is pretty negative – and also wrong.

      • Dan 1919

        I did put the decimal place in the wrong spot, my bad.

        Lose the pretentious attitude, we don’t need trolls like you around here.

        Last place, Last place, 4th last (shortened season), second last, last place, last place, 5th last… That’s the Oilers conference standing results of the last 7 years. I get a kick out of you people that think your ignorant rose coloured glasses opinions are so much more valuable than peoples’ who are tired of the 7 year KLowe circus.

        Pretend for a second that you were an LA Kings fan? And you decided to come take a look at OilersNation.com. Based on the previous 7 years of Oilers results, who do you think would look more ridiculous to an outsider, someone like Serious Gord, or someone that is condemning him and pouting about his negativity, saying the Oilers are on the right track about to enter the 2014/15 season with RNH, 2 AHL centres, and Boyd Gordon. Not to mention no first pairing defencemen. Do you understand now that the Oilers are and have been for years now, the Florida Panthers of the North, this isn’t a strategically planned rebuild or a quick down for a bit and back up. This is a decade long debacle. Hopefully we get better, but there’s certainly no guarantees so to just pass off other people’s less positive opinions as inferior to yours simply because it doesn’t give you a sparkling feeling about your favourite hockey team doesn’t make you any less of a troll than you think they are.

    • SuntanOil

      I’m assuming you mean notionally 19M cap space next year and not 1.9M.

      But I think the Oil will be tighter vs cap next year and not have the ample space they enjoy this year. Any move to pick up a center based on picking up salary will need to be tempered with one eye looking to next year.

    • Jason Gregor

      The following season the Oilers only have 1.9mil of space, with Shultz, Yak, Petry, Marincin, Arco, Lander and Fasth/backup G needing to be signed. Assuming the cap rises, it will still pose a serious problem for the Oilers. Not to mention there will be other prospects like Nurse, Klefbom, Draisaitl adding their entry level contracts to the bunch.

      I’m not sure what calculator you are using but right now the Oilers have $49 million committed to next season for 13 players. Schultz will sign a multi-year deal in the coming weeks so then they will have 14 signed around to $52-53 million. The cap will go up due to Canadian TV deal.

      Unless Yakupov has an unexpected dynamite season there is no reason to believe he gets a big raise, so where are the cap issues of the Oilers?

      If the Oilers add Nurse, Klefbom and Draisaitl none of them have big tickets. Their cap hit is low unless they reach bonuses, and that counts against the 2016/2017 cap.

      The Oilers don’t have cap issues.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        Cellar dwellers for half a decade already. That’s the norm for non playoff teams, as cap concerns go. Dan is suggesting if they eventually fill the 3 huge holes (a 1st/2nd line center and a top pairing d’man or two) they still need to address, they will certainly have cap issues.

      • Serious Gord

        The cap this year came in below expectations by about 2.5 million. Some commentators said it was what dampened down draft day trades.

        With exchange issues, a downturn in the commodities market and the cap trend line could continue to disappoint.

        MacT needs to be careful.

        • v4ance

          The cap would have gone to $70 million if the owners had gotten their wish with so many big budget teams bumping against the upper limit. The NHLPA asked for a $68 million upper cap because they didn’t want 10% of their salaries clawed back in escrow next year like it happened this year. Bettman helped negotiate a compromise and the NHL settled on a $69 million upper cap limit.

          Next year, the cap WILL go to a minimum of $74 million with the Rogers TV money kicking in but it could go as high as $76 million. As long as the Canadian dollar doesn’t tank down to 0.90 USD, league revenues should push the cap up every year after by at least $3 million per season.

          • Serious Gord

            So after two years – assuming the economies of the US and canada continue to grow we will be looking at about a 4% increase in the cap per year. I think I am safe in saying that that is a considerably slower growth rate than we have seen since the cap was created.

          • Serious Gord

            So after two years – assuming the economies of the US and canada continue to grow we will be looking at about a 4% increase in the cap per year. I think I am safe in saying that that is a considerably slower growth rate than we have seen since the cap was created.

      • Dan 1919

        Oops my bad, meant 19mill, not 1.9.

        But right, as you said, they don’t have issues today no, but as Next up, is Connor McJesus. mentioned, they will if they cement an NHL roster this year or next. That’s all I was getting at, that it will be interesting going forward to see how some of these over signings add up in the long term.

        If the plan is to not setup an NHL roster and leave vacant spots in centre and on defence, then thankfully we will never have cap issues, at the expense of regular season “wins.”

        The signings MacT’s made this offseason will help and needed to be done, and I also think he is still looking for a centre. Just hopefully they are the right moves, because if they add the few more needed missing pieces, the Oilers will be a ceiling team very quickly.

        And to add to the above, I think having to worry about capspace like a real NHL team will bring things back into perspective for some of these guys who have been issued the “they’re developing card so their weak play is someone else’s fault.” Such as Petry’s terrible defensive zone play, or RNH and Ebs going on prolonged cold streaks and not hearing hardly anything about it. They will be the 6mil dollar guys and will be expected to lead the team through the majority of the season.

  • Spydyr

    To me the bottom line here is Mac-T has to man up and make a hard decision and trade someone for the #2C.

    Mac-T talks a good talk but has yet to back his talk up with a bold move.

    Either he is handcuffed from higher up or he is scared to f-up.

    It is obvious the team needs a #2C and a top pairing defenceman.

    To get those assets have to go.The good GM’s make moves that improve the makeup of their team.

  • v4ance

    3 way deal.

    -EDM gets Berglund from STL.

    -NYI gets Petry and Arco from EDM.

    -STL gets Frans Nielsen & a pick from NYI.

    – STL saves 1M in cap room and a centre with more offensive ability.

    – EDM gets their 2/3 centre.

    – NYI get a Top 4 d-man and a cheap, young utility centre with upside.

    Make this happen MCT!!!!

  • ubermiguel

    I don’t know why everyone is dying for a #1 d-man. I rather have 4-5 capable D than spending 7million on 1 guy. If he gets injured you don’t have the cap space to have depth. Having 4-5 good d men, gives u depth and they play for each other. Not second fiddle to 1 main guy. Unless we are talking about nick lidstrom. He’s the one exception.

  • ubermiguel

    All I’m trying to say is Edmonton (and Calgary) for that matter are at a disadvantage in attracting free agents and people are silly to assume that we can get them to come here easily

    • Players will come to Edmonton and Calgary once the teams start showing signs of a winning team trending upwards. Players normally don’t live in the city they play for. Honestly for fans like you and I, Im sure we would play for a minimum NHL salary and play for Team Antarctica.

  • ubermiguel

    I hope Arco comes in and earns that 2c spot, then goes on to tear it up. I really really hope this, so everyone will shush up about needing to trade for one, or signing Derek Roy. Craig Button said it well, Roy is done as a player. He’s got nothing left to give, he’s slow, old and the Oilers are better off with an internal player. And this is why I hope Arco does it. Why waste the cap space at this point on a has been. I realize we need to let the young ones mature, with that said, I’d be somewhat ok if Drai earned the 3c spot and saw sheltered mins with some veteran presence. Same with Yak, we need to get their confidence going in the right direction first thing in the season. And I keep forgetting, we got Craig frickin Ramsay! Have faith in Arco, he can’t be any worse than gags defensively.

  • Serious Gord

    Oilers go bold this season as Draisaitl , Yakimov , Khaira and Nurse all make Oiler squad . Better option than trading or rerun failed Ahl’ers from last season . All might do just as well as Klefbom and Marincin did when they finally got the call up . Now that’s bold ! There , the holes are filled with a couple of blue chip prospects and ones fast emerging that should excite us all .Size up that bold move .

  • Serious Gord

    Buffalo next season could end up with both Eichel and MacDavid if both Buffalo and the Isles end up as bottom 2 in league . Buffalo gets the Isles first pick next season . Maybe we should make a bold move for one of Buffalo’s picks next season , while keeping our own ?

  • Serious Gord

    Firstly Edmonton and Calgary are both great cities with passionate fans so knocking each other is pointless let’s keep our rage where it should be on the Canucks.

    There are so many comments by the time I was done reading them all I forgot what the article was about. Oh yeah a centerman, looks to me a trade will be the only way to secure a usable player for short term. Who to trade for and why is the question I have.

    Serious Gord must be pretty important if Calgary has been showing him their secret plans for a new arena. Same people who made the stupid hoop on airport trail.

      • Serious Gord

        You’re right serious gord; we should all just throw up our hands and move somewhere else…like Calgary. Your last 15 or so comments have been nothing but arguing for the sake of arguing.

        What is your point, exactly? We get it: Calgary is better. Always will be in every regard.


        • Serious Gord

          Just rebutting the comments of others.

          But let’s be honest about why people move to EDM: MONEY

          If everyone one in EDM the middle of January won the lottery the place would be a ghost town by the end of the week. There is a lot to be proud of in this province and the city – much of it in spite of its geography.

          And one could be a fervent hockey fanbase that demands and gets a perennially great nhl franchise that players take a pay cut to play for. An arena that becomes one of the great cathedrals of sport will help (god I hope they did a good job on the design) but let’s not be under any illusions that this is a part of the world that people think of spending their vacations in.

          • Serious Gord

            I completely disagree. People move here for a ton of reasons. Money of course, but also a high standard of living, great communities, progressive, arts scene…the list goes on. In the past year I’ve met many people that moved here from Ontario (and they dnt work in oil&gas) because of the quality of life for them and their families.

            Your tired old arguments are becoming less relevant all the time. Step aside for go-getters with the proper attitude.

            By the way, Montreal as cold as hell in the winter. It has to do with the humidity but its brutal.

          • Serious Gord

            Rubbish. “Quality of life” my eye. They move here because they can get jobs that pay them enough to afford a higher quality of life than where they came from. And most of them – like me – fled the “progressive” socialists who destroyed the economies from where they came. Sure we have strong communities – in large part because there is a boom economy to pay for them.

            No one moves hear because of the symphony. Unless they were hired by it.

            That your Ontario friends have jobs is because of oil and gas – take it away and what’s left to support EDM (and Alberta for that matter)?

            Bottom line – people are here because of the bottom line.

            And most – once they have aquired enough wealth – leave either permanently or for very extended periods keeping a residence in the province primarily because other family members aren’t financially able to join them.

            Yes Montreal is cold and damp with tons of snow and miserably hot Insummer. But at least their is a summer of some appreciable length and real spring and falls and lots of great neighborhoods and culture and food and parks and skiing and lakes and the ocean and Boston is five hours drive and New York is six.

            I’d live there tomorrow – if I could find a job that would support the lifestyle I want for myself and my family.

            And that’s the point.

          • Chainsawz

            So now were basing the argument on taking away things from cities?

            Okay, I’m taking away the Pacific Ocean from San Jose, LA, and Anahiem.

            I’m taking away warm winters from Arizona and Dallas.

            I’m taking away Sidney Crosby from Pittsburgh.

            No one is moving to those locations for their symphonies either. Sheesh.

          • Serious Gord

            You miss the entire point – EDM – like all frontier towns has as it’s primary draw it’s economic promise – land rush, gold rush, oil rush

            Towns in areas that are much more established and/or have significantly better geographical assets have things other than money that attract people to them.

            So yes, take air conditioning away from Phoenix and you have thirty thousand people – not four million.

            Keep in mind that I’m not the one who said that people moved to EDM because of the culture/quality of life.

          • Serious Gord

            Yes, the economy is the lynchpin, I won’t argue that, but there are quality of life arguments that are completely correct.

            I have chosen to stay in town, to the detriment of my career path, because of how family-friendly and progressive this town is.

            Maybe I’m the only guy that’s done that (I’m not), but I disprove your point alone. Sorry.

          • Serious Gord

            Most of Calgary would move as well – but a significant cohort would stay for the skiing and mountains – and many came for that reason first to banff and then to Calgary where they could work and supper their families and their outdoors habit.

            My point isn’t EDM vs Calgary but Alberta teams versus pretty much all of the US teams.

            And while some would move even further south tha San Diego the vast vast majority would pick it over EDM (or Alberta)

  • acesaaron

    Arco can certainly get the job done and showed that he could at various times during last season. Lots of interesting numbers out there about Arco yesterday by Woodguy at Lowetide site and I think he has definitely earned another shot with the Oil. I’m sure if you put RNH out with Luke “Corsi boat anchor” Gazdic, he wouldn’t be nearly the same player that he is with Hall and Eberle and we should let Arco have a legitimate shot at the position before it is taken away from him. Risky, sure, but the numbers say it should be all right and this is the same rationale for the Pouliot signing (not a sexy move but a solid one that should help the team as the numbers back it up).

    The other thing about the demotion of Arco and his misuse on every which line while keeping Gagner in the fold at 2C night after night after night was that it reflected very poorly on Eakins and the optimism he was bringing to the fans. He talked about giving everyone a fresh start with the team, that he would play whoever earned a spot without any presumptions and that there would be some accountability but the treatment of Arco flew in the face of all that and, to me, seemed to be very demoralizing for some of the fanbase. Gagner should have had to play his way back into that spot after 5 or 10 games of poor play and when he didn’t have to do it, it sends a clear message to the fans and rest of the team that Eakins dictates the way things are going to be (he is the coach after all) but only because that’s what he thinks is right. The same could be said of the powerplay and the repeated chances against on a nightly basis. No changes made and didn’t even seem to be willing to try out different things to make things better.

    I have no doubt that Eakins still has an “old-boys” mentality with an idea to take care of his own (Acton, Hamilton, Fraser, Aulie, Scrivens) but I hope some of that talk he was spewing out last year regarding accountability and playing for ice time rings true this year. Just not the 28 minutes a night for forwards, though, because that’s just stupidly insane…

  • acesaaron

    The real problem with our center situation now is due to the fact that the solid ones that could have helped Gagner learn the C game (Stoll, Brodziak etc.) were traded away and Gagner was rushed into a prominent role with the Oilers at far too early an age when he had no clue about how to play the position effectively in the NHL. For some reason, the Oilers overvalued his worth to the team beyond his actual play.

    Of all the dumb moves that Tamby made during his time as GM (and there were a lot), the one that he didn’t do probably screwed us the most when he didn’t trade Sam Gagner at the trade deadline after his 8-point night against Chicago. Lots of debate at the time but the trade return after that game could have been pretty good with a decent young centre and another player / draft pick or 2. I hate hindsight, even when it is 20 /20, because sometimes all I can see is red.

  • Serious Gord

    I have read this blog everyday for the past two years and absolutely love it. However I’ve never commented once, not even one single time. But today I break my silence. @serious Gord you are the worst commentor day in and day out, week by week, year by year. Seriously man you need to ask yourself what is wrong with your soul??

  • Gret99zky

    MacT should be judged on the roster that starts the season, not on his July roster. Any further discussion of that point and I’m afraid the subject in question, is missing the point!

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Hello to all the obvious Oilers staffers working this site/topic today.

    You’re the busiest crew working in those offices it appears. Hang in there Gord.

  • Serious Gord

    Lets be realistic about last year.
    the east sucks:

    Without 3 of top 8 fwds Hall; Perron; Gagner; Smyth; Eberle; Yak; Hemsky with at least one of top 3.

    the oilers were.
    1-9 .100%

    Less than 2 of the top 8 out.
    13-5-4 .682

    Versus CGY; WPG; NSH all year
    6-2-3 .682%

    With Smid; N. schultz; Dubnyk; Labarbera.
    versus the best of the west.

    oilers 1-20-2 .087%

    With Scrivens Marincin; Klefbom; Fraser added
    they were 7-9 .438%

    But were 6-3 .666% versus ANA; VCR; PHX; MIN

    1-4 versus LAK; SJS; STL; COL
    Though our lineup was largely





    7 – 4th line and AHL Forwards


    Ference/BELOV-J. schultz


    4 3rd pairing D


    MacT looked for players who performed consistent over 3-4 years.

    Last 13 months he brought in

    Perron 6’0″ 200lb top20 pts; top 30 G LW

    Purcell 6’3″ 205lb top25 pt; top 35 G RW

    Pouliot 6’3″ 200lb top40 in PT & G LW

    Hendricks 6’0″ 211lb top 10 D ZS 54% FO FWD

    Gordon 6’0″ 202lb top 3 D ZS 58% FO Fwd

    Gazdic 6’3″ 240lb top 5 Enforcer

    4 top 30 Box protection DMEN last 3-4 years

    Ference 5’10” 190lb top 25 1st comp GA

    Nikitin 6’4″ 223lb #1 2nd comp GA

    Fayne 6’3″ 210lb #2 2nd comp GA

    Aulie 6’6″ 228lb top 15 1st comp GA
    the 2 years he faced 1st.

    1.89 EVGA?60 Phanuef/Reimer

    1.48 EVGA/60 Brewer/Bishop

    top 5 SAVE% goal on chance/Box shots.

    Scrivens #3

    Next year I would expect.604 from the CGY; VCR; PHX; WPG; NSH; MIN games. 29pt

    I would expect .429 from ANA; LAK; SJS; CHI; DAL; STL; COL. 24 PT

    I would expect .609 From the east 39 pt
    which works to 92 pts.

  • james_dean

    Concerning “Serious Gord” and his umpteen posts:

    Its kind of like being in a National Park, where you are always advised to read the signs concerning safety, wildlife etc. In this case the sign reads:


    Really folks, he lives for this stuff. He is a contrarian, plain and simple.

  • james_dean

    we will just trade petry and a second for crosby yak and klefbom a 6th for evander kane and a 1st. from there were in a playoff spot nuge wont get injured nor crosby. hall well take over as best player in nhl. we win lord stanley, and the 1st rounder that we got from the jets will win the lottery and we pick conner mcdavid.- what oiler fans think these days lol

  • Drunk Farmer

    I really hesitated to comment in the Edmonton and I guess Alberta bashing, including Calgary, as this is supposed to be a forum for hockey discussions, but I cannot listen to this nonsense any more. I have worked in Oil and Gas, as well as operate a farm in Northern Alberta for most of my life. While working on various Oil and Gas jobs (which have been plentiful since the 1970’s, save a bust or two) I have encountered many out of province folk from both east and west (Maritimes and BC primarily) who have no problems telling me how great it is at home, how the groceries are less expensive, real estate is cheaper and blah blah blah. We get it. The patch is rough, the mosquitos are horrible and [email protected]#t is expensive. You don’t like. LEAVE. Go cheer for the Maple Leafs. We don’t want you anyways. Alberta has been built on the backs of many great immigrants both from within the borders of this country and from abroad and these are the people who make up the passionate fan base that will continue to support the Oilers and Flames .

    I have met many wonderful people from out of province who still commute to wherever they are from or who have moved their families to Alberta. These people can see the beauty, prosperity and opportunity in this Province and help contribute to make it one of the best places in the world to live. And contrary to popular belief, Alberta isn’t all Oil and Gas, although it is the basis of our robust economy. The Agricultural Sector, both cattle and grain, is doing better than ever with spinoff industries like technology, logistics and other services supporting the economy as well as other technologies, service industries and manufacturing also help make the economy strong.

    Edmonton does have its faults, be we are a mere four hours into the mountain parks. Northern Alberta has some of the most picturesque lakes, unbelievable fishing, excellent golf courses and any other outdoor activity you can imagine within a short drive of the city limits.

    Oh ya…. We need a number 2 C.