There are plenty of hopeful candidates (but very little actual hope) among the outsider defensemen on the Oilers 50-man roster. A summer of signing free agents has effectively pushed back the prospects and made surprises unlikely—but not impossible.


2014-15 Goals Projection: All the Forwards

So far in this series, we’ve looked at the players projected to fill the Oilers’ three offensive lines in 2014-15. Rather than deal with the rest of the players individually, we’ll take the rest of the forwards as a group and see how Edmonton’s total forward line-up compares to the eight playoff teams in the…


Monday Mailbag – July 28th ***UPDATED***

Let’s be honest here for a minute… you’re at work and you’re not doing anything work related. I, for one, salute you slackers and encourage you to do so. With that, here is another rendition of the Monday mailbag. I need questions for next week so if you’ve got one email me at [email protected] Enjoy. ***update***…