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The two best seasons to evaluate for prospects are 17 (the season they
are drafted) and their 20-year old (usually first year pro) season. For Oilers fans, the 2014-15 season in Oklahoma City will offer a chance to see several impressive prospects make their pro debut. How will they perform?



Here are some ‘blast from the past’ examples of former Oilers’ forwards prospects and how they performed in the AHL at 20:

  1. C Rob Schremp (06-07 SWB Penguins) 69gp, 17-36-53 .768ppg
  2. C Jarret Stoll (02-03 Hamilton Bulldogs) 76gp, 21-33-54 .711ppg
  3. C Marc Pouliot (05-06 Hamilton Bulldogs) 65gp, 15-30-45 .692ppg
  4. LW Jean Francois Jacques (05-06 Hamilton Bulldogs) 65gp, 24-20-44 .677ppg
  5. RW Kyle Brodziak (04-05 Edmonton Roadrunners) 56gp, 6-26-32 .571
  6. LW Jani Rita (01-02 Hamilton Bulldgos) 76gp, 25-17-42 .553ppg
  7. RW Georges Laraque (96-97 Hamilton Bulldogs). 73gp, 14-20-34 .466ppg
  8. LW Jason Chimera (99-00 Hamilton Bulldogs). 78gp, 15-13-28 .359ppg
  9. LW Dan Lacouture (97-98 Hamilton Bulldogs). 77gp, 15-10-25 .325ppg
  10. RW Zack Stortini (05-06 Iowa/Milwaukee) 64gp, 2-8-10 .156ppg

As you can see, the leading scorer in the group didn’t have a significant NHL career, but Stoll, Brodziak, Laraque and Chimera enjoyed or are enjoying solid careers. Being able to help offensively, and having some other skills, appears to be a key for young forwards. Stortini is the outlier here. 

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  1. LW Magnus Paajarvi (11-12 OKC Barons) 34gp, 7-18-25 .735
  2. LW Teemu Hartikainen (10-11 OKC Barons) 66gp, 17-25-42 .636
  3. LW Phil Cornet (10-11 OKC Barons) 60gp, 7-16-23 .383
  4. RW Tyler Pitlick (11-12 OKC Barons) 62gp, 7-16-23 .371
  5. C Anton Lander (11-12 OKC Barons) 14gp, 1-4-5 .357
  6. LW Curtis Hamilton (11-12 OKC Barons) 41gp, 5-6-11 .262
  7. C Travis Ewanyk (12-13 OKC Barons) 68gp, 7-5-12 .176
  8. LW Kale Kessy (12-13 OKC Barons) 54gp, 2-4-6 .111

The Barons forwards 2010+ have had a really tough time scoring at 20. Paajarvi’s way ahead,  but he played in the NHL at 19, so that’s not really reflective. Hartikainen looked like a fine prospect—I still say he’s a better player than Jesse Joensuu, but we’ll see—and the rest can’t hit the ocean. 

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This season, we’ll see three 20-year olds in OKC:

  • C Bogdan Yakimov, who played at 19 in the KHL and scored 7 goals in 33 games (playing less than 10 minutes a night). 
  • C Jujhar Khaira, who played in the WHL at 19 and appears to be offensively challenged. However, he did play very well in a cup of coffee in the AHL at the end of the season.
  • L Mitch Moroz, who scored 35 goals in a breakout final WHL season. 

Once the season gets underway, we’ll touch base around the New Year and then at season’s end to see how many of the trio can score above .500 per game.



Why does this matter? Well, remember 2006 when the Oilers went all the way to the Stanley Cup finals? One of the reasons they got there: Value contracts like Jarret Stoll’s deal. Those developing talents in the AHL matter, and graduating a couple to the NHL soon is vital to Edmonton’s progress.

  • Craig1981

    Thanks, I think, as this shows, its important not to look at just scoring stats and ppg when checking out prospects.

    Schremp had crazy good stats, but turned out to be a bust as did O’mark…….yet fans raved about how dumb management was not bringing them up based solely on their stats lines

    A young Georges Laraque, Jason Chimera, and Brodziak would of really helped the team last year.

    I only bring this up so when looking at the future perhaps looking past the top 3 AHL scorers is best. I personally really liked Pitlick last year, if he could just stay healthy!

  • camdog

    Different league, different game. Excelling at one means nothing in the other. It’s only true value a a league is to provide a place for physically less mature players, to play until they can physically handle the big league. Regardless who they are or where they come from, they still have a learning curve to overcome their first few years in the NHL.

  • Dan 1919

    What’s Rob Schremp doing nowadays. We could use a center of his caliber to play in our currently vacant 2C role. Butter him up nicely, get him over to Katz’s house, have KLowe do a couple magic tricks, sign him up for 3-4mill starting on a two year contract.

    That should do it.

      • Dan 1919

        Haha I know, I can’t figure out if it’s that, or I’m starting to think they actually thought it was serious. In which case, I’m gonna make some money on this site… here it goes.

        Up for sale is a Bridge, just repainted, all welds verified. This is one of the new age HD bridges that is actually built to handle an Airbus landing. I need to get rid of it fast and selling at 50% discount for only a $300,000. Please message me for more details.

        Also MacT has just announced the Schremp signing. The playoffs are inevitable.

  • ubermiguel

    Chimera’s still an NHL player at age 35. I never would have predicted that 10 years ago, but good on him. Always nice to see a local boy make a career playing hockey in the best league in the world.

  • 2015-2016 Oilers third line centre will be either Yakimov or Khaira, book it.

    Then maybe trade Perron, and promote Poulliot to the second line and Moroz to the 3rd?

    Add some of the D prospects to the value contract pool, combined with the 6 mill for each top liner, and the cap going up, and the Oilers will be in good shape.

  • Dan 1919

    JK will be the monster we have always hoped for……….he is big and strong and has great skill.

    Under Constantine he was forced to play a very defensive game……….in the preseason we will get a chance to see how good this guy really is.

    I say he has the skill and desire to make the team this year or at the latest next year!

    BOOK IT!