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This is Laurent Brossoit. The Edmonton Oilers traded an NHL defenseman to get him — does that mean he’s the future in goal in Northern Alberta? The team spending 33% of their 2014 draft picks on goalies suggests the answer is “maybe not” or “too soon to tell” for the famous former Oil King. Who IS the future in goal?

Goalies? Who understands them? Who can possibly identify the good ones from the crappy ones? Hell if I know. I’ve always felt teams should spend their picks after No. 100—picking in the first round is no guarantee—but what happens if you do that for five years and no one emerges? We are here.

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Name   GP   GAA   SP
Frans Tuohimaa 1 1.85 .950
Tyler Bunz 5 3.63 .901
Laurent Brossoit 8 3.60 .888

Tuohimaa played one game, stopped 38 of 40 shots and won the game. Bunz should be stepping up here (second year of his entry-level deal) but the Barons gave him less than four hours in the net. Brossoit didn’t do enough to hang around long, and to be honest, Ty Rimmer (3GP, 2.65 .930) looked better than any of them.


Laurent Brossoit 35 2.14 .923
Tyler Bunz 13 2.55 .903
Chet Pickard 21 3.25 .875

Brossoit performed very well in the ECHL, and logic dictates he should be the No. 2 goalie in 2014-15 for the Oklahoma City Barons.

speeds guy tweet

The Columbus Blue Jackets have quality goaltending and didn’t sign Martin Ouellette. He has been the starter in Maine for two seasons and delivered save percentages in the .920.

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  • Not long ago the
    Columbus Blue Jackets were desperate for crease depth in their
    organization but now, apparently, they’re confident enough in what they
    have to let a quality goalie walk for nothing. Martin Ouellette was a
    Hobey Baker nominee (and a leading vote getter from fans) thanks to his
    stellar play for the Maine Black Bears. The 6’2, 190 lbs netminder
    posted two strong seasons as the starter for the Black Bears on what
    were average teams.  


It’s probably nothing. But if you wake up tomorrow and find out the Oilers have signed Martin Ouellette, it’s probably a good thing.

  • Bob Cobb

    Oh, and Dan? The deflate the team argument is a terrible one so stop using it. Good teams find ways to win. These are pro hockey players, not little girls. If you want to make excuses and stop playing hockey because a mistake happened, maybe you should go back to midget because they don’t even do that crap in junior.

    So what was the conclusion to your argument? It was a horrific team and the team itself knew it. If they deflated, it’s because they knew they weren’t good enough to score a goal to tie it up and they quit. That’s how a team gets to the bottom. Be awful, give up, and make excuses.

    • Dan 1919

      The argument Devan is it’s 12:44pm on Sunday and you’re already drunk, again. I know you lost your NHL gig and all but you have to get over this.

      Fans like you make me laugh. The Oilers have been one of the worst teams in the league for 7 years because they’ve had terrible players including Dubnyk. I don’t really care if you believe me because I have their record and the games I watched with my own eyes. Are you going to try and convince me they were a good team in disguise while they finished at the bottom year after year.

      It wasn’t Dubnyk’s fault, it wasn’t Gagner’s fault, it wasn’t Petry’s fault, it wasn’t Belanger’s fault… They were used wrong and blah blah blah. Face it the Oilers were terrible because they had a terrible team, and Dubnyk was part of the problem not part of the solution.

      You’re delusional, that must be real fun to hang around with.

      • camdog

        The question I have is with DD known to have his weakness’ how could any GM I mean any GM in the league go with Jason Labarbera as the teams back up? Mact even went public last season criticizing DD and then he gets an AHL goalie to be back up? Too suggest there were not any other options is quite frankly balderdash! Last season’s poor performance should lie squarely where it deserves and that’s on Mact’s lap. He made one good trade and the media gives him a free pass, actually many were praising him!

        If we go into this season with this group of centre’s I wonder if those praising Mact will start to question him a little more?

  • Zarny

    The Oilers had to scramble to replace both G they started the season with before 50 games last year with absolutely no one in the system you could even remotely consider handing the baton to. Nuff said.

    James Mirtle wrote an interesting article last December about how Sweden and Finland’s intense focus on developing goaltenders over the last 10-15 years has coincided with their increased level of success.

    Their theory was that as small nations it’s difficult to match the depth of countries with much bigger populations like Russia, USA and Canada at F and D; but not in net. One guy and the only player on the ice every minute of the game.

    I see a lot of parallels with Edmonton; the NHL’s most northern city and perennial contender for least desirable destination for players. Unless they are a perennial Cup contender it will always be difficult to attract players.

    Focusing and investing in the one player who is arguably the most important should always be a priority for the Oilers. It’s the biggest equalizer possible.

    It’s not a coincidence the Oilers don’t have a Quick, Rask, Schneider, Andersen, Lehner, Crawford, Gibson, etc in their system. Those players were all drafted in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd round. The Oilers have drafted one G in the first 3 rounds since they drafted Dubnyk a decade ago. It’s an organizational failure.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    ^maybe drafting the long gone bust Samu Perhonen with the first pick in the 3rd round a few years ago made them scared to pick a goalie in the first 3 rounds? i mean they have addressed pretty much every other positional need in the first 3 rounds the last several drafts except it seems goal, with the exception of Perhonen.

    • Sorensenator

      No but goaltending is a position that you can acquire easier then a top forward or D man, teams will pay UFA’s or trade for them more often then developing their own because it is a crap shoot.

      • Serious Gord

        If it’s easier then why haven’t the oil done it in the last seven years?

        And I agree it’s easier. The oil have had the opportunity to land a high quality goalie several times but didn’t bother.

        • HardBoiledOil 1.0

          the key phrase….”the Oilers have had the opportunity to land a high quality goalie several times but didn’t bother”….yup, passed on John Gibson, who might be a co-starter this year in Anaheim, passed on Tristan Jarry, passed on Laurent Brossoit, then ended up trading for him….why didn’t they just draft him in the first place? had a chance this year to get one of the top Euro goalies with the first pick in the 4th round in Kaapo Kahkonen, Ville Husso or Linus Soderstrom, but instead took a player we really didn’t need, another mid level left shooting d-man….we have enough of those already. i just don’t get this team at the draft when it comes to goalies?

  • Serious Gord

    Very few goalies jump right into the NHL from junior. That suggests that additional development is taking place in the minors. In the last 15 years, goalies have been accessing specialized coaching due to the unique skill set they must develop to be successful. If the oilers are drafting goalies who played for team Canada in the world jrs., could the problem be the coaching support once they enter the Oilers system? Some of these kids were elite in junior but their development seemed to stall in their first few years of pro. Just a thought.