Walk a Mile with the Nation


For the second year in a row, everyone at Nation HQ will be closing their laptops, making their way to Churchill Square to strap on some high heels, and Walk a Mile in her shoes.  No, we’re not walking around in stilettos because it makes us feel pretty (even though it does), we’re taking a walk to raise money to help the victims of family violence. It’s a great cause, and we’re happy to be involved again.  Now one question remains, are you man enough to join us?

Are you man enough to join team OilersNation and Walk a Mile? We’re looking for people to join our team, strap on some heels, and help raise money/awareness for this great cause.  If you’re up for some funny times, and think you’ve got what it takes – join us! It won’t be easy, but on September 23rd we’ll be doing hot laps in high heels to raise awareness, and take a stand against family violence.

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If you didn’t know, the Walk a Mile event is a fundraiser to help raise awareness, and money, for women and children affected by family violence.  Family violence is nothing to joke about, but getting involved in an event like Walk a Mile is a great way to raise awareness, take a stand against violence in the home, and have a good time while we’re at it.

All the money raised at the event goes to the YWCA, and helps them keep women and children safe from domestic abuse. In turn, the money raised will be used by the YWCA to:

  • Subsidize counselling services for families in need and survivors of domestic abuse
  • Sponsor prevention programs such as the GirlSpace & the Power of Being a Girl Conference
  • Provide support to women’s shelters and recovery retreats
  • Increase partnerships will other agencies aimed at preventing violence in the home
Hopefully none of you will ever be involved in family violence, but unfortunately many families can be crippled by it.  We think it’s important to raise awareness for such a worthy cause, and we’re asking you to help us do that.  This will be my first year doing the Walk a Mile challenge, and I urge you to join us and get involved if you can.

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Last year, OilersNation raised $10,000 and we’d love to break that mark this year! We’ve set the bar high, and now we need your help to clear it.  You can help us achieve our goal by sponsoring the Nation team, or even better – join us yourself!

The event will be happening at Sir Winston Churchill Square on September 23rd, 2014, and we’re looking for some of our fine Nation readers to join our team.  The goal is obvious – to raise as much money as possible – so we’re looking for people that will be able to raise at least $150 towards the cause.  Everyone that joins team OilersNation will also get a free Nation tee just for playing along.

If you want to get involved with team OilersNation, click here and follow the registration prompts. Once you’ve registered, you will be asked if you want to continue as an individual or to join a team.  You will click ‘team’ and enter OilersNation in the search box.  After you’ve registered, you will be given a link to pass along to family and friends to bring them to your donation page.

If you can’t make it, and still want to get involved, you can donate money directly to the cause or by sponsoring a walker – like me!  If you need another reason to donate, every donation over $20 does get a tax receipt, as well, so you really can’t lose by getting involved.  So make it happen! Join our team, sponsor a walker with a few schillings, or even just come down and support us as we try our best not to fall down. 

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Check out the Nation team page!