Several sources confirmed that Craig MacTavish and Kevin Lowe were at the Flyers-Bruins game today. Mr. Panaccio (a respected source) tells us the Oilers have been there before, so what are they looking for? What do the Flyers need?


I don’t think there’s much doubt about the players Edmonton would be looking for when viewing the Flyers.

  • Braydon Coburn, veteran defenseman who is having a solid year. We’ve discussed that top pairing lefty for Edmonton many times, and we know the Oilers-Flyers talked about this player at last year’s draft.
  • Wayne Simmonds, again a player mentioned often as being an ideal acquisition. I assume the Oilers would plug him in on a skill line at RW. What that says about the name heading out is interesting.
  • Sean Couturier, whose reputation as a two-way center might be running well ahead of his actual value, but that happens with young people.

There are tons more, from the unusual (Scott Hartnell) to the very unusual (Steve Downie) to the likely untouchable (Brayden Schenn). MacT and Holmgren talked at length during the draft and I imagine the same suspects are being discussed now.

What might have changed? What’s going the other way.


I think there’s some evidence that the match could be stronger today than in summer or fall. Why? Two reasons. The Oilers don’t have the pressure of making the playoffs to worry over, but the Flyers do. A trade that helps them now is likely front and center, whereas Edmonton can look more into the future.

Second, the problems of summer are slightly different, with some holes being filled (Edmonton doesn’t need a center quite like they did, and their young defensemen have developed more—giving a team like Philly a nice chance to glimpse the future).

  • Kurt R, Broad Street Bullies: How many guys on this team do you watch and think "this guy skates really well" or "this guy moves around the ice nicely"? Four? Five, in total? The three guys on the top line, Matt Read, and … then what? Braydon Coburn is this team’s quickest defenseman, and though I like Braydon Coburn a lot and think he’s a plus skater, that shouldn’t be the case for any team that considers itself to be decent.

Interesting. The Flyers are looking for speed merchants, and the Oilers are looking for veterans. This is a nicer match than in summer, when we heard Smid whispers, or fall when it was about Eberle.


That’s one thing about the Oiler kids on the blue: most can scoot. Justin Schultz is freaky on skates, Jeff Petry is a smooth skater, Marincin is all arms and legs but can bust a move, even the minor leaguers like Klefbom and Gernat can go man go. The question is: which one do the Flyers want? Edmonton has several, and I imagine a deal could be struck for a player outside the NHL quickly. No, I’d bet it is someone playing NHL hockey currently, which leaves Schultz, Petry and Marincin. Unlikely they’d move Marincin so soon, right?

Up front, once again there are all kinds of options available. I’d say the Flyers would be looking for wingers, since they appear set for a long time down the middle (Giroux, Schenn, Couturier). The other thing about center? This Scott Laughton kid looks like he might be the real thing.


The Oilers have been a million-to-one shot since Pronger left town. Perhaps the city of Brotherly Love offers Craig MacTavish a puncher’s chance at making things right and finding a brand new day.

Names like Coburn, Couturier and Simmonds on one side and Justin Schultz, Jeff Petry and Ales Hemsky on the other may make sense for both sides.

  • Show me da Money

    Lowe will be sucking at the Katz teat until it runs dry.

    If six cups were serious about taking the pressure off the team HE WOULD LEAVE.

    For effs sake put him in charge of security for all of Katz Medicentres. They seem to tolerate incompetence there as much as on the hockey team.

  • Serious Gord

    What a sad state when Luke “The Nuke” Gadzic is the MVP of the skills competition.

    Must say our 3rd and 4th lines are taking shape

    Now dump Gagner.

    bring in at least one top pairing Dman and a above average NHL goalie.

    Oh yeah, leave Lowe in Philly.

  • Serious Gord

    So Lowe seems to be in on every scouting trip. He was in on the hiring of Eakins. He himself says that he is involved in the decision making process.

    And clearly he has been this involved or more for twelve years now.

    Katz is full of $hit in his letter when he dumps it all on MacT. It’s obvious that he did that because MacT is ‘new’ to being GM and thus buys more time for Klowe.

    Fans (and journos) should have none of it.

  • Word to the Bird

    Scott Laughton would be an interesting player for the Oilers, he really does not fit anywhere on the Flyers unless he moves to wing.

    Scott Laughton now plays with a potential draft pick for the Oilers Michael Del Colle

    • Newj

      Flyer draft picks in the World Juniors – Laughton & Leier played a combined 14 games for a single point. Team Cda captain was a disappointment if measured by point production.

      Why trade for a 19 yr old? We need some more whiskers on this team.

      He may still turn out to be a good pick for the Flyers though.

  • oilersd

    I wouldn’t trade J Schultz, unless he is part of a package that gets a true number 1 D. He has been playing way better this past month or so. Petry and Gernet or someone like him for Coburn would be ideal.

  • I think any of those players would be awesome. But if Philly is even remotely in a playoff race they probably would like to keep them too. So who are you willing to part with? Because it’ll be a legit player with experience, not a prospect or a draft pick.

  • If Eberle & Schultz get traded for Coburn & Simmons, It will pretty much sum up the the Oilers orginization!

    Trade a kid on the verge of being a fantastic player for years in Eberle for an average player.

    Trade a young potential 1st pairing RFA defensmen for a 2-3 defensmen with a NTC?

    The objective is to get better players, keep good player, develop good players.

    I see this as moving backwards, unless MacTavish takes a handful of Lowe’s stupid pills I can’t see this happening.

    I agree changes need to be made but not at the expense of the future.

    • You must be sipping the same kool-aid as Lowe…

      We can all agree, this team has major needs for 2 top defensemen, a starting goalie and at least 2 guys in the top 6 with size and some grit, right?

      RNH & Hall aren’t going anywhere, Gagner & Hemsky won’t get you much, so where do you plan to get these “better players” besides the draft?

      I’ve got news for you, Eberle &/or Yak will have to be traded if this team is to have a future.

      While I would have a hard time stomaching Simmons for Eberle straight up(or Eberle/Schultz for Simmons/Coburn), a player like Simmons is exactly what this organization needs.

      A 6’3, 200+ pound, 50 point power forward is not my definition of average. Don’t just look at point totals. Our team is extremely unbalanced to win in todays NHL and the last 8 seasons of failure prove that.

      And Schultz a 1st pairing d man? Thanks, I needed a laugh

      • Ok, good points.

        I might not call Simmons average myself, however, I don’t see where size is as big an issue as most people make it out to be & I feel Eberle is just starting to become a great player.

        Defense is the Oilers worst problem followed by centre depth, everything stems from having a good defense.

        I agree that Eberle has value, but I have to disagree that Yakupov has very much at all.

        If you want to trade a good player with value then I’ve suggested before that Peron makes the most sense.

        All the same, Chicago was the smaller team out of the last few years to win the cup.

        Get a 1 & 2 defensemen, get the rest of the team playing in the proper order, a number 2-C who can handle tougher players and has some skill to push the river the other way & you will forget Simmons name all together.

        • Agreed. If MacT insists on moving a big piece to get an established d man it should be done with a Perron+ package, not Eberle or Yak.

          The Oilers need size and grit in the top six, but they need a top end d man more. I’d argue they need goaltending more than they need to fix the top six.

          Perron+ for Roman Josi out of Nash. He’s young but not too young and he logs a massive amount of ice time for them. And they need offense.

          I’d also like to get one of Mcdonagh, Hamonic, Macdonald, or Brodin. D men that are on the cusp of being #1’s but are still 2-3’s. These are the d men id be targeting and asking if a Perron package can get a deal done. Essentially that would mean MacT got the Oil a top 2 d man for MPS.

        • If we had a 1 & 2 defensemen I doubt we’d be here debating this lol

          I get what you’re saying. I don’t want Eberle to go anywhere. No one is disagreeing that he isn’t an incredible player but eventually there is an odd man out.

          When I said trade Yak or Ebs I didn’t mean right this second, or even this season. But eventually I believe one of them has to go for immediate help or we’re going be going through the same song and dance for the next 3 years waiting for picks to develop. Yak’s value isn’t what Eb’s is currently but he’ll get better. We’ve seen what he can do in small bursts.

          You could trade Peron in the summer(zero point doing it at the deadline as you’d just get picks unless you traded to another basement dweller) but he brings a skill set that no other top 6 forward on this team possesses. I love how he agitates and gets in opposing players faces. Who else on this roster does that(and still has skill?)

          I get your point about Chicago, but they still have size. Hossa, Toews in the top 6. They have balance. I don’t expect Edmonton to be the Kings or Sharks but how many times have we seen them lose puck battles and get pushed around because they aren’t balanced as a team?

  • Show me da Money

    Wayne “The Pain” Simmonds

    Scotty “Too Hotty” Hartnell

    Both those dudes with Matt Hendricks, Luke “Duke” GADZIC and now recently “Flyin” Ryan Jones — I’m gonna pee myself! Grit grit grit. Sandpaper!

    If only Craig “The Genius” MACTAVISH can pull another out of his bag of simply awesome trades and acquisitions so far!!!

    One can only dream

  • oilersd

    Oh Daryl I will quit if you want me to.

    Coming up to 8 years of complete failure and today KLowe makes this gesture.

    Pathetic, no wonder the Oilers are where they are. Brian Burke was soo right about KLowe.

  • Johnnydapunk

    There was just something on CBC about 6Rings offering to go on a “sabbatical” to try to “call off the dogs” Apparently Katz wouldn’t let him.

    The malady lingers on…

    • Serious Gord

      Elliotte Friedman Said something on cgy radio this week that I had not heard before:

      That Rennie’s slow motion firing and hiring of kreuger (it took about two months if I recall) was because Klowe and Katz were hard at it trying to convince mark messier to become the coach.

      The old boys network psychosis is truly breathtaking. Imagine if they had succeeded:

      POHO Lowe
      GM MacT
      Coach Messier
      Assistants smith and Bucky


        • camdog

          Why would Steve Tambelini want to hire Mark Messier as coach? The only question is whether these proposed moves were Kevin Lowe’s or Darryl Katz’s. As more and more information comes out I am beginning to understand why Tambs took so long to make decisions, that being he had had both Katz and Lowe looking over his shoulder. Sometimes I think Katz is trying to relive his youth, rather than build a winner and this concerns me.

          • Serious Gord

            Exactly. Tambo was a stooge. Lowe and Katz were running the show – making Lowe POHO was done to protect him from being blamed – instead of being fired he was promoted. The messier for coach attempt was 100% Katz/Lowe. And the end of this year they fire tambo and put in their GM in waiting MacT which again deflects blame from the POHO and delays accountability until MacT has at least two years to completely fail (so far he has been a failure). Putting Eakins in provides even further cover.

            Clearly the primary motivation of oilers upper management is not to create a winning organization but to protect the old boys – the FOKs. That is as close to undeniable as one can get short of sworn affidavits.

          • Show me da Money

            Why? Maybe the boss has a majorly man crush on the boys on the bus?

            My brother in law when to Shep with him. He didn’t play sports there he was a team manager.

            The more things change…