Nights like last night are why I love my job. Sports can be brutal, unforgiving, painful and heart wrenching, but it can also be electrifying, courageous, record-setting, breathtaking, fun and completely unexpected.

Ben Scrivens’ performance last night was all of the latter, and it was AWESOME.

During the past eight years I’ve been asked a lot if I get sick of covering losing teams and discussing it with fans. I’ve never said yes, because I don’t, but also because while being in a losing sports town is no fun for anyone, every day brings a new opportunity and story line.

Last night, Scrivens performed one the best story lines I’ve ever seen.

I was at Rexall Place almost two years ago, February 3rd, 2012, when Sam Gagner scored eight points. He scored on five consecutive shifts at one point. The atmosphere and energy in the building was incredible, and tonight was just as good, and maybe even better.

Scrivens grew up just of Edmonton in Spruce Grove, and last night I felt like the fans were cheering for one of their own. The fans were incredible. However, I think they’ll need to come up with a new chant, because Scrivens, Scrivens doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Maybe Benny, Benny… Or Prof, Prof, Prof, since his nickname is The Professor.

But they were into this game, and from the start of the second period you could tell they sensed Scrivens was in the zone. The jubilation and excitement grew as the game went on, and on twitter and here in the Nation I could see the pure excitement and adulation from the fans.

You loved every minute of it, despite the fact the Sharks were dominating your team, and for one night that is how it should be.

It was not a banner night for the skaters, but I think it would be impossible to set an NHL record for most saves in a shutout, 59, if your teammates were playing great. You can’t have both.

It was a shooting gallery at times. The Sharks directed 100 pucks towards the net, which is more than 1.5 per minute, but Scrivens stopped them all, and got some help from his teammates.

"Nick Schultz blocked a shot from the slot with five or six minutes to go. That was a shot that was going in. You win as a team," said a humble Scrivens. The elder Schultz might have helped him there, but for most of the game this was all the Scrivenator. (Picture courtesy of Dylan Lynch)

Those were just a few of Scrivens best saves. The crazy part about his game was how many ten-bell stops he made to preserve the shutout. It wasn’t like the Sharks were shooting from just shooting from the outside. 

My only beef about the game was that he wasn’t named all three stars like Gagner was in 2012. Scrivens set an NHL record, and he displayed the best regular season goaltending performance in the history of the game. I think that was equal to Gagner’s 8-point night, but that is a small detail.

Sure, the Oilers defensive zone play was ugly, and after a dominant performance in Vancouver on Monday the second line was horrific last night, but that just adds to the memories.

According to boysonthebus.com David Perron was a team-worst 9% and -29 in Corsi. That is almost comical, because it helps illustrates the difference in performance from Scrivens to the rest of the team. Dallas Eakins pointed out that RNH’s line relieved the pressure sometimes, but they too had some ugly post-game stats.

Through it all, however, the fans were into the game. That was the loudest Rexall Place has been since Gagner’s epic third period, and their appreciation for Scriven’s performance was extremely noticeable.

As I stood outside the Oilers dressing room waiting to do post-game interviews, the fans streamed past me and their faces told the story. Everyone was smiling, and most were still in awe of what they just saw.

In another season of SUCK, last night was a welcome reprieve and one the loyal fans deserved, whether you were in the building or watching at home.

Last night was one of those games that make being a fan worthwhile, and for a media member I was very lucky to have witnessed it. I gave away four sets of tickets to the game on my show yesterday, and this morning I received an email or twitter message from three of the winners.

All of them were extremely thankful to have had the chance to watch history. Usually most winners don’t send a reply, which is understandable, but last night was so memorable those in attendance were pumped, excited and thankful to have witnessed it.

For one day we should relish and discuss Scriven’s incredible performance. We likely we never see anything like it again.

One final note…The Sharks have had 40+ shots 12 times, and in those 12  five times they were 50+.

Phoenix and Buffalo… 51
Phoenix and Ottawa…50
Colorado and Pittsburgh…45
Los Angeles…41

UPDATE….Here is a video of all 59 saves Scrivens made…Classic.




  • Hair bag

    Last nights performance reminded me of the days of the late 90’s when CUJO was between the pipes. Back then the Oilers didn’t have much talent on the ice aside from a handful of players and CUJO ofcourse. When the Oiler players were throwing their bodies in front of the pucks it reminded me of back then… in a good way hopefully this builds some character into the young players of today.

    • Word to the Bird

      So true! When all 5 players drop down and come together to block shots because theyre playing for a reason (shutout) really makes me think why they won’t do it for other reasons…(you know, just to win every other game). The boys last night seemed like they would be willing to block a shout with their face if it mean keeping the puck out, now we just need that drive and intensity for 2/3 of the games in a season! That would be a start!

  • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

    So, does anyone here not really believe that real goal tending would have the Oilers confidence up and likely 15 more points in the standings this year? Had we had this from day #1, it’s a different season. Likely still not playoffs but certainly there would have been different post game interviews with a few more smiles.

    • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

      Scrivens played an UNREAL game last night, he may very well be the goalie the Oilers have needed since day one this season. But at the same time, he had to stop 59 shots…you can’t expect ANY goalie to stop 30-50 shots every night like Roloson did after the playoff run without burning out. The team in front of him should take this win as a sign of confidence from the crease..that they can’t hang him to dry like again because he didn’t just steal that game for them, he very well could have stolen them back their confidence from the depths of the hockey underworld.

  • S cottV

    I go to a decent amount of games every year (10 or so), most of the time with friends.

    Every once in a while I get an impulsive urge to just buy a single ticket while the girl’s at the gym, go hang out in the 300’s alone and just watch some hockey.

    Man oh man has that impulse paid off… Game 3 of the Western Final in ’06, Gagners 8 point night, and now last night.

    So glad I picked up that ticket, the atmosphere at 3 of the 4 games I’ve ridden solo have been unforgettable.


    • pkam

      Talk about luck, I traded away my tickets for the Coyotes games after I found out I had to go to some training last night. And to make it worse, there were a few Coyotes fans sitting right behind me and swearing all night long.

      I can only afford a couple of games per year. Other than the Coyotes, I watched the Dallas Stars (lost 0-3 with 2 EN). We played very well but lost in both games. Perhaps I am the problem?

      • R U Kidding Me!

        Certainly ain’t you!

        For every incredible game I’ve been to there’s been 5 stinkers.

        I was at that 3-0 game against the Stars, we played a strong game and Lehtonen was the difference.

        It was nice to have things go the other way last night!

      • R U Kidding Me!

        Apparently I’m only good luck when I go alone.

        Recently we have lost a good 3/4 of the games I’ve attended, but when I leave the friends and the girl at home we do amazing things.

        I don’t think I could ride solo every night, I certainly do like having someone to chat and drink beers with.

        I’ll just have to continue to impulse buy one every now and then until the luck runs out!

  • pkam

    Not hearing the people complaining anymore bout the Dubby trade. Granted people got to start realizing bad looking trades often are done to rid of cap killing numbers.

    Anyways I wonder if Scrivens agent called Maclowe this morning looking for a 3 year deal? I hope that his impressive play solidifies the goaltending, and really all we are looking for is a 1a or b. I like the Scrivens/Bryz tandem. Love to see Scrivens given a 2 year 1.5 to 2 mil deal and Bryz given a one year 1.5m and let them battle it out.

    Last night the Gagner line was brutal. Eakins could not bench them cause Gordon’s line was just plain bad too. Frankly Gagner has come around enough and hopefully we can trade him.

    Philip Larson can go via trade. He’s got legitamite NHL offensive skills, but he must of gone to the Marc Andre Bergeron school for defence as a youngin. The play on PM was not great on the boards and was compounded by the ref’s interference. Frankly don’t get this organizations hatred of Fedun. I guess he did not turnover enough pucks, and scored too little in his 10 minutes a game earlier in the year. I’d swap Larson out for Fedun for awhile.

    That was pretty close to Justin Schultz worst game as an Oiler, if it wssn’t for the goal he’d sit a game. The Hall line was bearable last night and was merely oportunistic. Eakins needs a haircut to get rid of his early 90’s doo. Can’t take him serious with that New Kids on the block moptop.

  • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

    The Earth is two thirds covered by water……Ben Scrivens covers the rest!

    Edit: the two guys who trashed this couldn’t be bothered to do the math…..I get that!

  • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

    Absolutely an amazing performance by Ben! Fantastic to watch.

    My concern was after the game….every player, any one watching knows how bad the Sharks out played them last night and nothing needs to be said but, to have your coach act that disgusted after and not wait until today to say something about the team really shows where Eakins really is with this team.

    Sure, he can be upset and rightfully so but, as disjointed as it is – everyone came together as a team finally and tried to help out.

    He just should have let everyone enjoy the moment and get back to work today. Where is his responsibility in last night? He is the coach, if the systems aren’t working change them to suit your players and their strengths not your players to suit you!

  • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

    WOW !! Like most Oiler fans, that was a night to remember and long over due. To watch the fans give several standing ovations did the world of good to the owners, management and more importantly the players.

    What I do hope this leads to in the future is that the players now believe that they have a reliable goalie in place and for the over-all confidence of the team to improve that they can take on and beat the best in the NHL.

    If the Oilers can obtain this in the remaining games in the season, we’ll be in better shape for next year.

    Oilers, Well done !!

  • Coolwhip

    I realize the Sharks dominated alot of the game but other than LA or Anahiem, or Chigago the Sharks do that to every other team. Thats a highly skilled Veteran squad. Go Oilers!!

  • Coolwhip

    It is like playing golf and bashing the ball around and on the 18th you make “one” great shot. You are hooked again.

    Tough to be a sports fan. Tougher to be an Oilers fan.

  • Coolwhip

    Awesome performance! But I worry about whether or not he wants to be here or not. The kid knows it was all him last night…I don’t think he wants to be part of “the ongoing rebuild…” *cough *cough.

    He might feel he’s better than the rest of the team and deserves to be a #1 goaltender on a contending team.


    • Jason Gregor

      Scrivens will want to be a starter. Where else will he get a better opportunity? Also, it is one game.

      When he beat the Preds 5-1, he wasn’t tested very much. One game won’t change his decision, but a contract offer will, and I don’t see many other teams where he could have a legit shot to win the starting job.

      • Johnnydapunk

        I did some hard core geekery and found that for next season there are about 6 spots available for the number one goalie position, and 3 additional for a 1A position. My guess is that if he is not looking to stay with the Oil, his best option would be St. Louis.

        Saying that, I think once the Miller situation plays out, that will be the beginning of the summer Goalie shuffle.

        • pkam

          I doubt the Blues will be interested in gambling their starter in a goalie with less than 80 NHL games experience. Perhaps a 1B but will Scrivens prefer a 1B in a cup contender or a starter in a young rebuilding team?

    • geeker99

      Remember this guy was fighting for a back-up spot with the Kings a few weeks ago. If the oil can keep this fuzzy warm feeling going I can’t see why he wouldn’t consider Edmonton?

    • S cottV

      He will be here. Guy was discarded by two other organizations after showing he was legitimate both times, he has a chance to be a starter here. Being a starter for the worst organization in hockey is better then being the backup for the Blackhawks.

    • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

      Agreed. Think that’s the #1 concern with this move MacT made. Is he playing like a great goalie? Absolutely. However, that makes our job even harder at the end of the season. You want him to play well so the Oilers do better. Then again, if he plays well, he’ll end up getting offers from other teams, and you can’t blame him for wanting to leave. It would be a constant barrage in goal every night for him here. Why do that to yourself if you can make decent money somewhere else? To me, a 1G position in Edmonton wouldn’t be worth it.

      Think we should enjoy this while it lasts, because I predict our goalie issues arise again this off-season when we can’t keep either Bryz or the Professor

      • Hair bag

        I’m not convinced that the professor will be so keen to leave when he has as good a chance here to finally be a number one goalie as he would anywhere. I’m sure that is his ultimate goal to be the starter somewhere – this could be his best opportunity! And he would get to do it I front of friends and family. Time will tell….

      • Hair bag

        I’m not convinced that the professor will be so keen to leave when he has as good a chance here to finally be a number one goalie as he would anywhere. I’m sure that is his ultimate goal to be the starter somewhere – this could be his best opportunity! And he would get to do it I front of friends and family. Time will tell….

  • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

    Besides the historic part…..my favorite thing about the Scrivenators record setting performance is that it gives all the young guns a taste of glory! What it feels like to win in epic fashion….even if you’re being dominated. It’s not just a moral builder, it’s a team builder. They got a somewhat twisted taste of playoff hockey last night and they’re gonna want more!

    On an unrelated note, I heard that Eakins took Scrivens to Timmies after the game for donuts and a double double!

    • Johnnydapunk

      I laugh at it seems true, especially with goalies.

      I mean Rask for Raycroft because Justin Pogge was the Leafs goalie of the future…
      -what’s even funnier was that the Bruins were gonna release Raycroft and the Leafs could have had him for free.


  • Greenlingj

    Interesting stats courtesy of Fear The Fin.com-

    The Sharks were just four shots shy of the all-time single-game regulation record since the NHL began tracking shots on goal.

    As it stands, the Sharks made it to the 50-shot mark for the fifth time this season. No other team has done that more than once.

    Ben Scrivens has now stopped 97 of 99 Sharks shots this season.

    In a little over 18 minutes of five-on-five ice time, David Perron was on for 21 San Jose shots and 1 Edmonton shot. Perron has been one of the Oilers’ best players this season but that’s ineptitude taken to another level.

  • Posti

    That save on Demers was awesome. Even Demers looked at Scrivens and said “Wow”. He had nothing but net and Scrivens caught it.

    Hopefully they can play this spoiler role well.

  • Gerald R. Ford

    Seeing the boys ready, willing, and able to throw every conceivable body part in the way of a puck to preserve the shutout ate away at a lot of the cynicism I’ve been feeling this year. Does it make up for Crapapalooza 13-14? No, but, there are certain moments in hockey that transcend the standings.

    That was beautiful, and boy, did we need that.

  • Greenlingj

    Goaltending is such an important position. Here’s hoping Scrivens signs long term, for not too much $$ and he can keep up his stellar play. I’d like to see a 10 save shutout next time though.

  • Greenlingj

    Amen…….what a performance and one for the ages.

    This does highlight the need to get bigger as the bigger team here imposed their will and there was nothing we could do.

    LT has mentioned that we should go out and get Brian Campbell……..after watching last night I say it’s time to build a team that can at least compete with bigger teams.