Thanksgiving is a harvest time celebration. Unfortunately, we’re only celebrating the harvest tonight. Final score: 5-4 Canucks.

Everything feels right about seeing the Oilers playing on Saturday night.  The fact that it’s also Thanksgiving is an amazing bonus. Thanksgiving has all the cool stuff from Christmas without any of the BS. You drink too much, you eat too much, and you watch the Oilers. Ok, so Thanksgiving isn’t until tomorrow (or is it Monday?) but we’re still thankful for beers and hockey anyway!

What a rollercoaster ride.  This game filled me with emotions that I didn’t even know the Oilers could provide anymore. There were highs, there were lows, and there were many rums in between.  It was an exciting game to watch, and I think we can all be thankful for that.  All in all that was a hell of a hockey game. Holy dyna. Unfortunately, the Oilers couldn’t stay out of the box tonight and that ended up killing them. 

Let’s wrap it up…



  • Beauty goal by Brad Hunt! What a shot. Love seeing guys get their first NHL goal.
  • Any time Marcobello scores, Jeanshorts’ pants tighten.
  • Excellent first period.
  • Uncle Yessy with a beauty shorthanded goal.
  • It is worth repeating that the OILERS SCORED A SHORTHANDED GOAL.
  • Fasth was there when he needed to be.



  • Even though they’ve been in the league for a decade, the Sedin twins still creep me out.
  • Refs completely dropped the ball on that hand pass.
  • The Oilers were really struggling with the Vancouver power play. The PK needs work.
  • Reffing = Brutal
  • Gap control. Seriously.
  • 7000 consecutive penalties. Not good. Very bad. Many suck.




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  • bradleypi

    Did we trade dubnyk yet? I’m sure somehow this is his and labarberas fault…and bryzgalov..I guess we should trade scrivens and fasth soon and keep expecting the same results.. is that not the definition of insane?…terrible coaching = another lottery pick…just saying

  • Stack Pad Save

    Out coached….. Oilers really only had the one line to contend with and could not stop entry into the OZ, where the Sedin squirrels run circles around the Oilers with their cycling. Not to mention the OIler D were lost for most of the game.
    [ Nikitan , Faye , and Ference played like third pairings that they are.

    Eberle should have been replaced by Yak. This is the second game Eberle is missing in action.

    Even in the loss, team show’d more spunk than most of last years games.

  • Stack Pad Save

    There is no plausible reason Vancouver should have had their 3rd goal allowed seeing as Burrows was given an assist on the hand pass play . It was not a simple accidental deflection off hand when player reaches above shoulders . Oilers should send a protest to league over this , as every goal was supposed to be under review and thus goal should never have been allowed to stand . It’s one thing for ref to not make correct call , but inexcusable for replay not to relay proper call . That one point could end up the difference in making a playoff in the end . Put game under protest as it should be and send a clear message to review people for missing the proper call ..

        • Spydyr

          But only for certain events. I don’t believe a hand pass 2 plays earlier counts (hand pass + shot + deflection = goal). The only part of that series that is reviewable would be the last event prior to the goal (deflection).

          • Oilers4ever

            Hand passes in the offensive zone are supposed to be blown down every time. No questions asked. Refs blew that call plain and simple and the Canuckleheads got a cheap goal from it. But the oilers were too undisciplined and it cost them.

            I have no issues with Nuge fighting. Glad he stuck up for himself. Everyone who plays in the NHL should be able to do. Whens the last time the Sedin sisters fought?

            Love the Canuckleheads paying Miller millions to allow 4 goals a game. Thats priceless…

  • bradleypi

    I thought the plan this year was to ice the best possible lineup? If so management had better decide what to do about Ference. The guy bleeds desire but his legs scream retirement. Do something before the season is lost please. Time for MacT and man up. As for Eakins, why wasn’t yak, hall or nudge in the shoot out? His propensity to keep throwing out the fourth line frankly took the team out of the game. Fire Eakins already.

      • Serious Gord

        In total agreement. Perhaps it’s time to put a vet with some weight onto the first line. And why was Yaks TOI cut back? Eakins inability to run the bench cost us the game. I get the feeling he is running the bench how he can best please MacT. Fire Eakins.

  • Ever the Optimist

    Still looks like the Harlem Globetrotters and the Washington Generals for too much of the game.
    Still have the worst D in the league. Bar none.
    Still have nobody to back up the manchild Nuge in a fight.
    Still have Eberle floating and giving away the puck most of the night.
    Still have too many players with one hand on the stick.
    Still have a coach WAY out of his league.
    Still more of the same.

  • Ever the Optimist

    ok time to think more positively.

    our questions regarding Draistl and Arco have been answered …. they are fine ….. Jesse also is a great fit on that 4th line (as long as he plays his game and doesn’t mess up the back again). Also the PP seems to be clicking well to start the year unlike last year.

    And the negatives ….. well there is an obvious lack of a top defensive player that can come out and lead (through hard play and by example) the team through the tough times in a game. I would sing MacT’s praise for a good long while if he can trade for one, with the draft so deep this year our first will have a lot of value.

  • Ever the Optimist

    Good game to watch very entertaining and the Oilers at worst showed they can play with anyone. The Sedins are still great players and hard not to appreciate them but the Canucks depth and defence should be a worry for them.We have a fourth line now and the third line would be really good if there was a centre for it and the second line played well with sheltered minutes but where was our first line? I prefer Hallsy to play with unbridled passion as opposed to his now calm professional demeanour and Ebs is MIA. The defence is still a work in progress but this fan base has little time or patience left they need to get it together.

      • Spydyr

        Ultimately everything wrt the hockey operation is Mact’s and KLowes responsibility. If there is a problem with the pro scouting and they can’t and won’t fix it then it certainly their fault.

          • Grant

            I think Mact has done alright you can right the ship in a year and a half but he is getting there. I see a big weakness on defense. Play some younger guys. See what they can do or make a fricken deal.boychuck has 5 points in 2 games.

          • Serious Gord

            MacT has made some big mistakes already – perhaps the biggest being the hiring of eakins. No #2 centre. A bunch of stiffs on defense. Peanuts for gagner and hemsky. Etc etc.

            First order of business needs to be the firing of Klowe and the hiring of an experienced and successful and independent – read no previous relations with katz whatsoever – president to hold all those below him to account. I doubt MacT and eakins would be back next season.

  • bardfromedson

    Can we stop calling the Leon-yak line the second line? The only way they could be getting less time is if Eakins puts the gazdic anchor on there line. I don’t get why they are getting no ice time. Yak looks like a demon out there and is playing great D. Leon looks like a man playing with a birth certificate he stole off a child.If you don’t want to play them move yak to the first line and cut eberle ‘s ice.

  • camdog

    I thought Eberle should have gotten some pine time, for his turnovers. Other RW’s make some of those plays on this team and they don’t see the ice for the duration of the game.

  • Spydyr

    Props to Nuge for standing up for himself but if Nuge is the tough guy on any night for your team you lack team toughness.Besides he should be using those hands for sweet dishes.With the Oilers dismal depth at centre ponder this a moment: Nuge busting a knuckle on a helmet or visor.

  • Serious Gord

    1. The canucks are a better team than the oil. The gap isn’t as great as it once was – vans goaltending and third and fourth line are not as good as they used to be and they aren’t as gritty without kesler (yet). The oil lineup last night was a mess on defense and a few players didn’t show up – eberle being the ‘leader’ in that respect.

    2. The oil lack toughness. Even against a team notorious for its lack of toughness they looked weak and got pushed around. LA should steamroller them.

    3. RNH got into a fight. That’s what either the first or second line center of a certain type should be able to do – gretz had mess; sedin had kesler etc. but RNH is the gretz or the sedin in the duo. Who’s the mess/kesler? RNH cannot play/fight like he did last night on a regular basis – or he will not make it to american thanksgiving. HE NEEDS HELP NOW.

    4. The answer to 3. Could very well be draisaitl and I agree that line could have been given more ice time. Less than ten minutes was criminal. I would have even given them a shot on the PK. But draisaitl is not the answer for at least another season.

    5. Draisaitl really needs to work on his skating. He looked like a minecraft character out there. Yak looked very good – explosive aggressive fearless. HE DESPERATELY needs more ice time. His energy – that he seems to be learning to harness – could give him the messier-like ability to grab a game by the scruff if the neck and win it.

    But I think eakins hates his guts because of how headstrong he is. Eakins is also very headstrong and dislikes the rivalry.

    6. Which brings me – finally – to eakins.

    Out coached. Petulant and imperious behind the bench. He wants to be a part of the starring cast rather than be in the background. He may be a great coach. But not for this team. I would hate to play on his team.

    Looking forward at the next seven games they play only one team that one could consider a near lock – Carolina. It is entirely plausible that they will be 3-7. When does eakins get fired and/or a trade get made for a centre?

  • camdog

    Oilers D is terrible. Period. Brad Hunt? Wtf.he has a hard slap shot? To bad he sucks at DEFENSE. Ference sucks ass, Nikitin is an overpay. Fayne is solid I’ll give mact that one. Why are you wasting Nurse’s 9 games? FIRE EAKINS!! Oilers need proven D to play with their young guys. Schultz with Hunt? So dumb. “I can’t even” lol

  • camdog

    Eberle – this guy needs to be traded, he was terrible. I noticed nudge and hall were carrying him all game. This line would be so much better with someone with size playing with nudge and hall. Either trade this bum or put him or 3rd or 4th line. He doesn’t belong on 1st line.

  • Oilers4ever

    Good game to watch despite some mistakes . We had no answer to the Sedin line and always enjoy watching them play even in our loss . Felt we should have had a bigger lineup against Canucks as they pushed our size around more than I like to see . Teams still figure they can physically beat us playing a physical game . If we had Yakimov and Klefbom , Marincin and or Nurse in lineup that physical game would be neutralized more effectively aqnd perhaps better results to follow . Tough running regulars with 3 smaller type players in Ference, Hunt and Arco and not expect opposition to play overly physical games against us . However , what showed the most was our players are going to take a while to mesh , seeing as there are so many new faces in lineup . Our goaltending on this night was real good and kept us in the game .

  • Grant

    Why wasn’t Hall and Hendricks or yak in the shootout! Hendricks has a good record in s/o and yak looks like he is playing with confidence. Hall is maybe the best left winger in hockey. Eakins going with a hunch???

  • Grant

    Fasth was awesome,I thought foward group was well and with a bit of work are going to be good this season,but the defence was horrendous,Mact needs to do a trade,get a legite number 1 d-man and get marincin and k-bom in the line up.Ebs and our first to someone for a true defence man,then get rid of ferrence and let the kids grow.

  • Grant

    So I am sitting on my toilet.

    I do my best thinking here, I once solved Pi while on a toilet in the Pint.


    I am finally happy to see that the kid line is not afraid to get dirty.

    Hall went for a knee and Nuge showed he had big ole brass balls.

    As for Hunt congrats on the goal but I would like to see Hunt play with Marincin and Schultz with Petry.

    I would then like Ference Fayne and Nikitin pick straws and whomever gets the short straw is traded to some team for a pick. We have better options than them on the farm.

  • Serious Gord

    Watching the two HHOF locks on van play last night I noticed a real contrast between them and the one player on the oil who looks to be in the hunt for a nomination.

    The sedins seem equally capable of playing and scoring off of the rush as they do playing an east-west possession game. And they are highly entertaining and lethal as a result. Head to head against the oil first line they dominated.

    Hall really seems to be far more effective north-south than east west. And it seems to my layperson’s eyes that other teams have pretty much figured out how to deal with that strength/weakness. Sure they let him have his shot fro time to time and he does get plenty of points. But what about his linemates? Are RNH and eberle – two east west players – getting enough support from him? Is he a turnover/poor possession specialist?

    It seems to me that while his game has definitely changed since his rookie year he hasn’t changed it enough. And I lay a lot of the blame for that on the coaches. Both he and eberle look pretty much like they did last season. And that’s not entirely a good thing.

  • Elgando

    I’m getting tired of Schultz’s soft play and lack of positioning. One more season and if were still seeing these errors I say we bounce him while he still has some value.

    On the other side, Yak has impressed the heck out of me this season. Just two games but man what a turnaround. Active stick, solid positional play, now if he can just bang a few in…

  • Zarny

    Losses suck but fun game. When you’re up 3-1 and 4-2 you should win. They don’t say “60 minute effort” for no reason. Not closing out Calgary and Vancouver will be points the Oilers lament about in April. The reffing was unfortunate to say the least. Especially on the hand pass. Yeesh.

    2 games and 2 opportunities for W’s though. That’s a positive. I love Yak driving hard to the net. He looks so much better this year. Fasth looked better than Scrivens. Hunts’ goal…that’s why he’s here.

    I don’t have problem with Hamhuis’ hit. Nuge turned back towards an oncoming player and Hamhuis’ momentum lit him up. Hamhuis didn’t hit the head and only leaves his feet after contact because he goes right through Nuge. If Getlaf, Kopitar or a C that is 6’4″ 230 lbs does that it probably doesn’t resemble a traffic accident.

    I %$@#ing loved Nuge’s response though! That’s leadership. That’s setting a tone. You’d never see a Sedin go after a guy like Hamhuis after getting lit up.

    • The Last Big Bear

      I agree with you, Nuge defending himself after a clean hit is the way it should be. When was the last time we saw Hall do this after he gets run over? For a guy many claim to be the next in line for the Oiler captaincy, he needs to show leadership like this.
      Instead, I consistently see Hall, Eberle, Shultz, and parts of the “core” peel away from a hit opportunity. I hate seeing hockey players do this and be spectators on the ice. You don’t have to punish people with a hit all the time but when a hit presents itself, please please please don’t pull up or turn away!!! If you don’t want contact, go play tennis or something! Interestingly enough, when do you see these “stars” defend other players on the team in any skirmish?
      A glaring difference between this team and the ’84 group who ACTUALLY won some cups is that the stars could and would stick up for themselves as well as other teammates. This creates the feel of a “team”. If I played on a team and didn’t know whether I would be defended by my own team, I would be less likely to assert myself after a hit. That’s how teams get the reputation for being “soft”. I wonder if this is the culture on this current edition of the oilers??
      I think it’s time for the coach, GM, and organization to correct for this.

      • Grant

        Hall was drafted to push the River,Nuge was drafted to Steer the Boat and Yakupov was drafted to ride Shotgun,now we come to Ebbs who snuck in the back door,he is suppossed to be the GameBreaker no one sees coming,not just the 1st line RW,but a sniper who can hurt you using HIS own skills from anywhere on the roster.J Schultz was brought in to support jacked up OFFENSE not go to defenseman school to become the next coming of Charlie Huddy for gods sakes.

        It is time to get these young men back on track with the proper learning and development curves,the only ones doing the right things or trying to are Nuge and Yak.

        Nuge wasnt dumb enough to rattle Hall and Ebbs cage so he sat in the weeds and didnt make any demands and decided to show his strength the old fshioned way by example and Yak didnt have the experience to sit in the weeds or Halls numbers to be protected by,he stood up like a MAN and tried to get his job done the best ways he could taking epic heat in the process and coming out stronger for it.

        The Dynasty men ALL know they had an ASSET, a MIND which was critical to winning and was equally important to each of them and they would go to war to protect it,they ALL GELLED AROUND THEIR COMMON BOND OF PROTECTING GRETZKY.

        Nuge gets no respect,if the entire line-up surrounded him with support as Gretzky was surrounded then we WOULD ALREADY BE A PLAYOFF TEAM.

        The Winning Formula started and ended with Wayne Gretzky in the Dynasty days,today to many players on the roster are confused as to their roles,they are being taught to be equal parts of the equation,when this is NOT how it was done during the Dynasty years.

        The Oilers of yesterday knew what a Gypsy Dollar was,today they have no clue how to put one of those together.

        Ask yourself this,would MESSIER ever have become a top 6 Forward HALL OF FAME ICON without Waynes direct help?How many of you would take that bet huh?

        Messier was nasty cause he wanted to keep his job,do you serously think Hall has EVER considered himself expendble enough to fight for his Centerman?…but it isnt just Halls job so why would he do it unless EVERYONE is doing it,you see there is no group buy-in today,no bleedin respect for each other,everyones Mommy told them they were #1 and all these fools believed it?

        Mess NEEDED Wayne, everyone did,and they all dropped their attitudes and Vanity panties at the door to the dressing room and walked in there and went to work as MEN with one common goal,to protect their leader so they could win games.On Glen Sathers Team the quickest way to find your arse stapled to the bench was to turn the other cheek if an opponent even LOOKED at Wayne like thye were going to mess with him.

        Back in the 80s everyone KNEW Wayne was running the show,today no one is sure who is running the Gong-Show we see.

        If Wayne had to get physical the entire Dynasty Roster took it personally,NUGE shouldnt have to get that physical,just SEEING HIM UPSET or TAKEN OFF HIS GAME SHOULD FIRE UP THE OILERS entire roster.

        • Grant

          What you just wrote is a bunch of Verbal diarrhea . Quit living in the 80’s , the game has changed you can’t even compare the two so quit trying. Nuge is not Gretz and Hall is not Messier and Eberle is not Anderson. If we had no instigator rule a guy like Macintyre would still be here taking heads off!
          So the point of your hole tirade , whatever that is, means nothing.

  • Wax Man Riley

    Maybe biggest mistake is in the lineup . Eakins seems to think skill will overcome and beat a physical lineup , which we have , but have not applied in regular season . As soon as Canucks played physical , they took over the game . Even Flames did by limiting Gaudreau against us . Teams are smarter than to try and beat us at a skilled game . We are doing better but not at a level that leads to positive results consistently .

    We need a bigger lineup for our offence to deliver better . So long as first line remains intact all teams will be running them as it still is the most effective way to play them from an opposition standpoint and game plan . We see the same scenario almost every game , especially 5 on 5 . That combo works well on PP , but not enough on 5 on 5 . One should go to another line 5 on 5 .

  • The Last Big Bear

    I wish the Oilers start the fire sale of Eberle, Schultz, and Nuge. I would keep Hall, Leon, Darnell and Oscar. Everyone else needs to move for assets that can help (ie over 6 foot 2 and 200 pounds or a top 10 goalie). I know I will get crapped on for saying it but the 1980’s building plan the Oilers have used is a disaster. We are just wasting the hall years.

    We need at least 3 or 4 d-men with size and at least one big centre.

    Trust in Connor Mcdavid or Jack Eichel to start rebuild 2.0.

    • The Last Big Bear

      THIS is rebuild 2.0 already.

      Rebuild 1.0 was Hemsky, Smid, Cogliano, Penner, Schremp, Gagner, Nash, et al. None of whom are with the organization any more.

      • Grant

        None of these guys were even drafted close to the same years !!! Hemsky was drafted in 2001 Nash was drafted 2010 How the hell was that a rebuild, when the two were drafted 10 years apart??