GDB 4.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Coyotes


I could have been sleeping! Final score: 7-4 Coyotes.

After getting absolutely throttled last night, I thought it would be interesting to see how the Oilers played today. Mostly, I was excited to see an old friend again. Although, seeing Sam Gagner in a Coyotes jersey was annoying to me. The Oilers organization put so much time (and money) into his career that seeing him shipped off, without being replaced, is frustrating. I’m not saying Gagner would have been the saviour of the team, but he certainly would have been an NHL centreman which is something we’re running short on. 

Yesterday, we had all predicted the outcome of the game by about noon.  So what did we know for today?  We knew that the Coyotes were going to play the boring defensive style that Dave Tippett seems to have mastered. We also knew that tonight was the beginning of giving Ben Scrivens his first real run at being a #1 goaltender. With Viktor Fasth on the shelf, Ben Scrivens became “the guy” by default. Tonight wasn’t really a great start to his reign, and he’ll have to be better. To be fair, he wasn’t the only one to make mistakes. It was a tough night for a lot of guys.

The sad part about this loss was that they started out playing well. The lines were rolling, and everyone seemed to have some jump. But as we’ve seen far too many times, the wheels fell off again and we’re stuck with an 0-4-0 record. Although, it’s tough to win games when you have to score at least eight goals to make that happen.

Let’s wrap this up…



  • Some really nice passing early. Taylor Hall’s goal was pretty slick.
  • Nurse seemed to look more comfortable in his 2nd game. Who know if he sticks, but he looked decent out there.
  • Draisaitl with a really solid bank pass on Fayne’s goal. 
  • Gagner didn’t get a hat trick.
  • Arcobello with a beauty shot on his goal.
  • Taylor Hall was was making plays all over the ice. Every time he had the puck he was making something happen.
  • Twitter was good again.



  • I still miss Nugey 🙁
  • Seeing Sam Gagner in a Coyotes jersey made me feel sad and uncomfortable.
  • Bad read by Jeff Petry on the 1st Coyotes goal. 
  • Bad things seem to happen when Ben Scrivens leaves the net.
  • Sloppy in the everywhere zone.
  • Taylor Hall wasn’t able to play all 60 minutes.


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  • The Real Scuba Steve

    It takes a special kind of leadership to drive a franchise into the dirt. But it’s mind boggling at the ability to keep it there for so many years.

  • Rob...

    The only thing I hang on MacT is the hiring and continuous employment of the coach. Why would any team in the league want to trade a value player for anyone on the Oilers other than Taylor Hall. Everyone else would get you a lesser value asset in the trade unless next year’s 1st round draft pick were hung around their neck.

    NONE of the other players are legit stars, and potential stars aren’t worth a high value asset on their own.

    The only thing that can help us in gaining value assets, until such a time that we have an overabundance of them ourselves, is another cap crunch situation.

  • Serious Gord

    I think Lowe and Eakins have to go and I will drive them both to the airport and cry tears of joy for the cameras! MacT should get a bit more time (just a bit) as he has brought in some decent players and tried to fix some holes in the roster in a short time. New coach/same dumpster fire product on the ice then turf MacT at the end of the year. Screw throwing jerseys on the ice (Thanks Leafs fan for ruining that) next home game maybe stay outside the rink until the game starts to show a message! Embarrass Katz into finally crawling out of the hole in the ground he lives in and take notice!

  • Spydyr

    Considering Big change atop the organisation is not coming – FOKs don’t get fired, period – here is what I think Oilers management should do on a short-term basis:

    1- MacT needs to fire Dallas Eakins. The Gregors and Dregers made their point last year that you can’t keep changing coaches all the time. It was a valid point, but it turns out we need to change again anyway. I mean, it is way past the point of the ol’ “the coach has lost the room” situation. After a full season and pre-season, Eakins has proven to be both stupid and arrogant. He needs to go.

    2- Recall Marincin. Play 20 minutes a night. How serious is this organisation if we have to tell them not to play their best LHD in the minors???

    3- Make a minor trade for goaltending help. MacT had the chance to overpay for a number one goalie this summer (ex: Jonas Hiller) but he chose to overpay for a third line winger instead (Pouliot). In other words, he decided to start the season with unproven starters in net for the second year in a row. And it blew up in his face for the second year in a row. At this point in time, you can’t trade for a proven no. 1 goaltender. Now you can’t re-sign Bryzgalov either, it would look stupid, even tough it’s probably the best solution. No, I’m calling Steve Yzerman. Tampa has too many able goalies and it’s Kristers Gudlevskis I’m asking for. Given a good goalies coach (not Chabot) he could even turn into our starter of the future.

    4- Make another minor trade for help at center. Everybody (except MacT apparently) knew that it was pure folly to start the season with our current line of centers. That the Oilers were one injury away from being an AHL team. Well, it turns out that injury happened, early in the season. I don’t care who it is, we need a legitimate NHL center with decent size. It doesn’t need to be a 2nd line center signed long-term, just help will do.

    I know Connor McDavid is the ultimate prize, but can’t the Oilers not be a laughing stock for once. Besides, with the new lottery system, we are far from being guaranteed McDavid even if we finish last.

  • Reg Dunlop

    Scanning some of these NewAge comments leads me to conclude that either he is lampooning know-it-alls like Zarny or he is insane.

    Well, which one is it NewAge? Are you having a good chuckle or are you cutting out paper dolls with round-ended scissors?

  • outdoorzguy

    How is Connor McDavid going to help this hockey team? Three first picks in the last five years haven’t been able to help. Coaching. Fire Eakins. Now.

  • outdoorzguy

    Bryzgalov would implement the NA dynamic goalie analysis network configuration the Chicago Blackhawks and LA Kings use that he designed on his Commodore 64 back in 83’in his moms basement. Had he been able to convince Al Arbour to use it, the Islanders would of won a fifth cup.

    Since then his lifelong work has been to a bitter struggle to stick it to the Islanders by convincing the Oilers to use his system through hockey blogs since the restraining order Kevin Lowe got against him in 2001.

    Unfortunately he has not realized the Islanders are no longer the arch evil nemesis of the Oilers and the Cold War is over.

  • Spydyr

    Why should there be any reluctance to change management and/or coaching when you are still on a path to the basement ? We have a huge tax advantage in Alberta that should bring in most free agents . What we do not have ,is a managerial and coaching structure to make us also a competitive team . MacT. is vastly over rated as a GM , and Eakins is looking much he same unfortunately . New coaches just appear to be adding more to teams inabilities to get positive results . Early returns are already headed in the wrong direction . With changes or without , does not appear we are getting out of this basement with current management and coaches once again .

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Should be a hoot today on Stauffers show. Serious Gord and Daily Doug should be permitted 20 minutes each.

    Lowe, MacTavish and Eakins chairs must be awfully uncomfortable these days.

    Could sure use a 7-1 drubbing by the Canucks tomorrow to topple this debacle over the edge.

    • Serious Gord

      I have time today…

      I take little satisfaction from the fact that many of the concerns I expressed – bad goaltending, no (negative?) centre depth comical defensive acumen and coaching have become reality. And I certainly am surprised they emerged so quickly.

      There are hockey dynasties. And there are hockey travesties. This team is on the verge – about a season and a half – of becoming the longest running hockey travesty in NHL history.

      And during these eight, going on nine, years of constant under-performance, there has been one other constant:

      Kevin Lowe

      If mr. katz wants to dissipate the heat from the scorching rage of the fanbase for the balance of this season he has to do two things: terminate Kevin Lowe and order the firing of eakins.

      If he fails to do at least the former then it is a virtual lock that this team will become the owner of the longest running travesty title.

  • Oilers21

    first off J.S. is not a NHL D man.the coach is a joke for not seeing it.and why does he think he can have success in the NHL with the same players he had in the AHL.this coach needs to find a new home.

  • Oilers21

    What frustrates me the most is that we’re wasting the contracts and the prime years of the players we signed to support the “stars”. Boyd Gordon is 30 and only signed until next year. Think he’ll want to come back to this mess? Ditto Perron (although he’s a bit younger at least). These are extremely capable role players and I’m concerned that when (IF) we see improvement from the major pieces of the lineup, these guys will be gone and I have no faith in current management that they can be adequately replaced

  • BubbaZanetti

    Some comments here and in the media have said that tanking might be “the plan” or a “hidden agenda” this year. I can’t help but feel like the whole thing is misguided, as if there’s a magic switch that is flipped when management has said “Okay, you’ve sucked for so long, time to start winning.” After 20 games does one say “whelp, there’s always next year” and the team plays accordingly? Tanking for high draft picks has been a terrible thing.

  • Spydyr

    You know, what’s most interesting to me in all of this is the blame game. There’s a hefty amount of blame heaped on mgmt–MacT and Lowe–as well there should be. And there’s a hefty amount of blame being tossed at Eakins–again, as there should be. But for all the blame that’s going around, its still relatively rare to see the blame being tossed at the PLAYERS. Yes, a player here, or a player there gets called out for playing badly. But on the whole, fans don’t seem to want to throw blame on the players, from top to bottom.

    Is Hall a stud? Sure. But he’s got a fair number of problems with his defensive play that would be glaringly apparent on any other team where he wasn’t the best player by a long shot. Eberle? RNH? Yak? The hot prospects? The “steady” veterans we bring in every year? The truth is, the young players have never known anything but the EDM suck their whole “careers”–they’ve learned to lose in every way possible, to not be held accountable, etc. I pity the coach who has to try to break that cycle and have to re-train the young studs from the ground up–that’s no quick change, and there’s no guaranteed these guys will even listen to a coach anymore, especially if the coach is making things unpleasant by holding them accountable and calling them out when they screw up.

    And then you’ve got the veterans and role players–though I hold less blame on them, as these are guys who were never intended to, and should never have been asked to, help carry a team beyond an outside role. The only veterans we get are the ones that no one else really wants–that alone should be telling as to their ability to really help out the team, especially one foundering as much as the Oilers are.

    I guess I just don’t fully understand why there’s constant screaming about firing the coach, firing mgmt, but the minute you suggest blowing up the team (and I mean really blow it up, at least 50% gone from top to bottom), you’re called a fool, how could you, comments as though its not their fault at all, just victims of this mess?

    The way I see it, at this point the only way you could possibly hope to fix the Oilers without needing another 5-7 years of “development” that would surely founder is this: Fire mgmt. Fire the coach. Trade at least half the players. I want at least 3 dmen traded. I want at least 4 forwards traded, with the caveat you leave the 4th line alone, and you have to trade at least one player from each of the first 3 lines. Toss at least one goalie. Don’t stop until you have at LEAST one genuine, top-pairing dman and a suitable 2nd pairing dman (imho, we have neither at this point, and dont look to have one coming any time soon). I want to see a new top line, a new 2nd/3rd line of forwards. I want AT LEAST one of the young, invincible studs traded. And I want everyone who’s part of the new “after meltdown” team to understand this: Every one of you is eligible to get traded. There are no untouchables–not a single one of you. Play accordingly.

    • Ogie Oilthorpe

      You think that these guys would consider that a threat? Get me out of here. SIGNED
      Nice trade with Nashville last year, now i know why my agent said not to sign here. SIGNED Matt Hendricks.

    • Ogie Oilthorpe

      Come on man we tried that already an we all know the players are one of the biggest problems but we need a coach that can change that Ted Nolan or Mike Babcock, im sure Katz has a few billion to hire some NHL Coach’s.

      Oh yeah fire KLowe.

  • Gerald R. Ford

    Im tired of watching “Oiler” hockey….I say we become Calgary…get rid of our so-called stars and start playing shut down Calgary hockey ….Lets bring in the trap! at least Calgary wins a game or two. This is painful and unfortunately everyone knew this was coming in the summer. The last god damn time I was excited about a season was when we got Pronger…..too freaking long ago.

    Our owner is starting to resemble Charles Wang ….

  • Ogie Oilthorpe

    WAYNE!!!! Can you please put a word limit on comments. I think NewAge Sys should be limited to two words. A week. Seriously, when I am trying to comment on my freakin 8 foot tall smartphone, he takes up the whole damn screen. The only thing worse than trying to read one of his comments is having to try and find something on TV 20 minutes into the Oil game.

  • S cottV

    Leadership coming from the coach is very quirky and just wrong on several fronts, for the situation at hand.

    Eakins appointed Ference – as Captain and really he isn’t the right kind of guy for the situation at hand – either.

    If the leadership is just right – a group will move mountains to overcome adversity and certainly one would have the sense that some level of over achievement is in the works.

    If the leadership is all wrong – a group will flounder for long periods of time and one would sense that there is no level of over achievement going on.

    I know this player group is no where near the likes of the LA Kings, but I also know with the same level of certainty that the Oilers have not produced any level of over achievement, since the arrival of Eakins.

    Out of the playoffs by mid November – again this year?

    Time to fess up – MacT. Hiring Eakins was Bold – but – that’s about it.