GDB 6.0 Wrap Up: Lightning @ Oilers


There wasn’t a team in the NHL that needed to stop the bleeding as badly as the Oilers did.  Luckily, we got some clotting! Final Score: 3-2 Oilers

Tonight was my first game of the season, and there was no damned way that I was going to be happy with anything less than a “W” and 200 Rexall beers. On the bright side, one of my wishes came true! Luckily for me I didn’t have to drive, so I was shooting for 1 beer for every time Stamkos was left wide open.  Surprisingly, Stamkos didn’t do jack squat and I was rat assed drunk by the 2nd period and trying to figure out where my next mortgage payment would come from – good times.

Drunken tomfoolery aside, tonight had to be one of the best complete games the Oilers have played in millennia.  I didn’t see any of the usual 10-star chances in front of the net, I didn’t see the Oilers getting pinned in their zone for minutes at a time, and most amazingly Steve Stamkos did nothing! THE OILERS HELD STEVE STAMKOS TO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  It was a Nugemas miracle, and tonight everyone was going home happy.

Let’s wrap it up…



  • Nail Yakupov looks like a completely different player from last year. It really is amazing.
  • The rums were delicious!
  • NUUUUUUUUGE GAME WINNER (fuelled by a 3rd period wave)
  • Guy stopped me to tell me that my Nation hoodie was awesome. He was also wearing one. Instant friends!
  • Drum-on-pale-man was rocking a festive beat for the first win of the season.



  • The price of Rexall beers is ever rising.
  • Seriously… Beers are $9.50/each. Tier 1 indeed!
  • Guy sitting behind me, in the stands, had all the answers for the team but didn’t know who most of the Oilers players were.
  • The row in front of me got free pizza. DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME! 
  • Twitter suffers when the Oilers win. It’s okay, Twitter is tough and can handle the neglect.


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  • Wanyes bastard child

    The Capitals tmr night? I honestly think we could win against them. They’ve been having a pretty good start to their season, but it was just last year that they too missed the playoffs, and it doesn’t really seem like they’ve made enough changes to be that much better.

    If we play against them like we did against TB, I think we can get a W out of it.

    That said, you do have to wonder–is it more embarrassing for other teams to lose to us than to other teams? Because our record is so lousy, it’s got to sting a little more that you “couldn’t even beat Edmonton?!”

  • Cain

    A win is a win but I still seems habits kicking in. It’s been years since they consistently try the old bomb from the point and smack away at rebounds. Every team in the NHL does this. They are always trying to set up for the pretty goals. I say trade eberle for a good 2C and see what happens.

    Drais still doesn’t look like a 2C out there. Send him to junior and let’s get a real 2C.

  • JohnQPublic

    Entertaining game from start to finish . We played well as a team and were finally rewarded with a victory . Long time from our last victory , and it feels good to get it . They keep this up , and I may have to lay of blaming management and coaches for all that goes wrong with our club . I suppose bantering them was the only thing left to appease oneself during all the losses we have endured . we were not only competitive last night , but also appeared to be the better club. Nice to see Droinu make his debut here . He looks like quite the talent .

    Maybe now we are road to bigger and better things . Next game we spank Ovi and gang 4-1 , as Ebbs and Pouliot get their first goals of season .

        • Hemmercules

          The price is only a deterrent. If they sold $4.50 beers at an oilers game they would hauling out so many drunken belligerent people the cops would have to hire extra staff.

          • I don’t think so really. We all have enough coin to get as many beer as we can drink.

            Funny story, I took my girl to her first hockey game and it was the second period and she leans in and asks: How many periods are there ? I replied : About 7 or 8, depends. She looks at her watch and says : Oh, I was wondering why you have so many beer lol .. I looked at the pile of empties at my feet and laughed so hard.

            Those lil Asians r so cute 🙂

  • I tried it at home

    Great game, loved the Nuge game winner, not much of a hangover, and I even take back half of what I said about Scrivenses silly looking helmet. Ill decide which half though.

  • 5 Cups

    I realize the East versus West comparison is a bit cliched but the Oilers play really quite well against teams with flow. The button-down defensive conference we play in is our kryptonite. And boring as hell. We would be a mid pack to upper third team in the East. Too bad.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    One win and the fan base thinks we won the cup.
    The Oilers brass know this and that is why they don’t make any wholesale changes. Seriously one win is all it takes. Yak is playing like a new person yet he is stapled to the bench. Schultz is playing Pronger minutes yet he doesn’t know what defense means. The team still has no balls when it comes to playing a complete physical game. I’ve seen these type of wins come and go and it’s back to square one. Erronious!

    • Yes, people celebrating a rare Edmonton win while making sarcastic remarks about planning the parade route totally expect the team to win every single game from here on out not just this season but at least the next four seasons. It’s a good thing you’re here to bring us back to the terrible reality that we’re trying desperately to forget about for a brief moment in time.

      Can you just let it go for a few more hours? Please? Can we wait at least a full day until we all go back to calling for Eakins’ head? I would enjoy being happy about hockey for a full day before I go back to being miserable about this team, thanks.

      • Hemmercules

        My sentiments exactly.

        They are expected to work hard and win a few games. Last night they did that and it felt good despite some obvious problems they still have.

        Yak has been playing good but to me it looked more like Eakins was leaning on his top line to get it done and playing his defensively minded players a little more to shut down a goal scoring team. it worked. Yak still got PP time and looked pretty good on his other shifts. I suspect his TOI will increase over the next while if he keeps it up.

  • JohnQPublic

    Yak gets fewer minutes than Draisaitle and tandem? Are you kidding me, eakins should be fired for that, guy is a first overall draft pick and it seems like he is trying to have him fail. No PP time, no zone starts, the kid is flying out there everytime he gets in the play and all of this bashing and slow playing him is going to set him back big time. You have a serious serious weapon in yakupov but coach stupid hairs ego is blocking that.

    • Hemmercules

      According to the game stats Yak had just as much PP time as Eberle and only slightly less than Hall. Draisaitl had a massive 3 minutes longer on the ice than Yak did last night. Only natural that a centerman will get more TOI.

  • Hemmercules

    Only 60-odd comments when they win and 150+ when they lose…. Its like most of the posters only enjoy complaining.

    Play of the day – bagged milk includes HIS OWN TWEET in “best of the tweets”. Haha. WOW.

    Go Oil.

  • Spydyr

    Look at the goals against before and after Marty.Yeah, “the braintrust” is a good judge of talent and know exactly what they are doing.

    I’m very scared of them making the big trade that appears to be in the works,very scared.

    • Spydyr

      They need to, anyone can see Hall anchors that first line and makes things happen. Nuge is good but I see Eberle just along for the ride. trade Eberle for a proven 2C centerman and lets get to the playoffs already. We have plenty of depth on the wings to allow someone to bump up into Eberle’s spot.

      I want a 2C like Gordon just with a little more skill, not lights out skill just a little more offensive skill.

  • To those complaining about Yak’s icetime.

    Consider that maybe the reason he IS playing so well is because his icetime IS being limited.

    I have no issues with Eakins bringing him along slowly and not pushing him too hard. Let him get used to being successful before you put him out on tougher assignments. Because added icetime inevitably means more time against better opposition.

  • The Last Big Bear

    The good:

    Marincin and Fayne. They were both actually good, not just by Oilers standards, but by NHL standards. And Boyd Gordon. Highly underrated. Even had a good offensive shift.

    The Oilers did a very good job bearing down on the TBL defensive zone mistake that led to the GWG, which ties in with the fact that they played a pretty consistent 60 minute game. That’s a very good sign.

    The Bad:

    Even based on last night alone, I would have NO difficulty believing this team just lost 5 straight games. They have improved over the first 2 or 3 games, but instead of a 30th place team, they looked like a 25th place team. Improvement, but pretty modest.

    The Ugly:

    Still. Blowing. The. Zone. Early.

    You’d think after 7 straight years of losing because of this, they might start to get it. Nope.

    Even when Taylor Hall draws a penalty shot, it’s because he’s already streaking across the RED line while theres a loose puck in the Oilers’ zone. It was very lucky that the pass made it through at all, and even then he still didnt get clear of the defender. It was an extremely low percetage play, and most of the time it results in your team being hemmed in while you’re doing laps around the centre face off dot.

    In the end, the Oilers won because they got the puck luck they needed.

    Hall not only didn’t get burned on that play, but even managed to draw a penalty shot AND cash in on it. Val Filpula made a highlight reel save against his own player. Schultz pinching below the hash marks resulted a goal instead of an odd-man rush the other way. 9 times out of 10, those bounces go the other way, but last night they went to the Oilers.

    I cant say the Oilers deserved to lose that game, because I can’t say the Bolts honestly deserved to win it. But both teams will lose a lot of games playing the way they did last night.

      • The Last Big Bear

        About the only thing on which Flames and Oilers fans will agree when discussing Taylor Hall, is that we would both LOVE to see him be captain of the Oilers.

        We both know he’s the real leader of that team, we both see his unmistakable influence, and for reasons that I’ll never understand we both want it to continue.