GDB 11.0 Wrap Up: Canucks @ Oilers

Decent effort, but moral victories are for the birds. Final Score: 3-2 Canucks

After winning 4 games in a row against Tampa Bay, Washington, Caroline, and Montreal the Oilers were blatantly overmatched against Nashville.  The Predators basically ran the show for most of the game, and despite the shots being similar (35-27) they were also able to cash on their chances.  Actually, the Nashville game kind of reminded me of the first 2 games against Vancouver in the sense that they couldn’t buy a goal when they needed one. Tonight, the Oilers missed some chances and Vancouver were able to cash on theirs.

Tonight, the Oilers were able to carry the play for good chunks of the game. Unfortunately, despite having the puck for most of the night, the Oilers make some costly mistakes that ended up costing them the game.  Not only were their mistakes ending up in the back of the net, the Oilers also lost Taylor Hall for the game after he crashed into the net/boards in the second period. The combination was too much to overcome, and although the Oilers played another solid game it didn’t show up in the win column. In the end, the standings are more important than another decent effort.

Let’s wrap it up…



  • It was nice to see the Oilers finally shoot on the power play.
  • Dominated the play in the first period. Missing the net hurt them in the first 20 minutes.
  • Leon Draisaitl keeps getting better. He will be an absolute monster in a few years.
  • Ference with a huge hit on Zack Kassian. 
  • FINALLY! A little bit of DP. 
  • Beauty hit by Yakupov on Sedin.



  • For Alex Burrows, the press box popcorn isn’t nearly as satisfying as human flesh.
  • HIT THE NET! How many point blank shot opportunities did the Oilers have, only to miss the net.
  • Late goal against in the first – always a turd in the punchbowl.
  • How long is the Brad Hunt experiment going to last? Seriously.
  • Taylor Hall left the game in the 2nd period after crashing into the net, and didn’t return.
  • Ben Scrivens passing to no one on the 3rd goal.
  • Wins against the Western Conference aren’t really that important are they??


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  • Kevwan

    TSN is reporting that Hall’s injury doesn’t look serious. He left Rexall without crutches or a real noticeable limp. So there’s that.

    I’ve never been a fan of Eakins but was impressed by his postgame defense of Scrivens. Dallas may be finally figuring it out.

  • Spydyr

    It seems like an experiment where the process is more important than the result.

    “Rookie” coach – when Dan Blysmia is available

    Jshultz – playing +20 minutes a game, when he is struggling

    Hunt – enough said

    RNH – 1C, some day maybe, but not now. Top 10 centre for TOI, 39th centre for Pts.

    Yak – Did Bossy and LaFleur play defence or were they placed on a line, that allowed the to concentrate on scoring

    Training camp was so poorly executed it lasted into 5 NHL games

    Scriven/Faust – feels like 2013 all over again, we need a legit goalie

    Arko- is not a contributor at the NHL level we know this now

    Hunt/Action on the roster while better players are in OKC

  • Craig1981

    People we all need to relax a little……….we should have won the game last night and probably would have except Mr. Professor wanted to pass the puck.

    Eakins has a plan when there is a glaring hole in your roster, stick with your favourite pet player. This time it’s Hunt, next week it could be Hamilton, or Acton or whoever he likes.

    We have to remember Eakins is smarter than all of us…….he has a plan! Just wait and see.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    I’d love it if a few handed out paper bags by the thousands before the next game. If the whole rink went silent and everyone looked up to see 15000 paper bags, priceless!

  • Johnnydapunk

    The fact that Hiller was a free agent in the summer and signed for Calgary and has been on fire from the get go for them causes me pain.

    Scrivens just looks all over the place in net, and I see flashes of brilliance here and there, his saves seem to be a result of not being in the proper position.

    Even the “lights out” save in the third didn’t look that confident considering he was looking behind him.

    The issues are the same for the Oil every year (defence and suspect goaltending) and the Flames are a great example of what a solid confident goaltending duo does for a team.

    Well at least it was nice to know how it feels to be a fan of a team that is .500, I can’t actually remember when the Oil were .500 before last week, maybe 2 seasons ago ?