Hall out 2-4 weeks.


The Oilers announced that Taylor Hall will be out two-four weeks with an MCL sprain to his left knee.

It was a freak injury. Hall went hard to the net and crashed into the goal post. It sucks he is injured, but he plays on the edge, and that is what makes him successful. He has altered his game over the years, but I don’t think you can ask him to not play at top speed. I have no issue with how he plays.

With Hall out, the Oilers will need Nail Yakupov and David Perron to fill the void. It won’t be easy.

Perron scored his first goal of the season last night, while Yakupov played a season-high, 20:25.

Fans have been clamouring for more icetime for the 2012 first overall pick, and they got their wish. We’ll see how he produces.

Filling Hall’s skates won’t be an easy task. He’s been one of the most productive players in the NHL the past two seasons, and as the Oilers head out on a five-game road trip this was not the news they were hoping for.

On the positive side, I guess it could have been much worse. An MCL sprain is much better better than an ACL injury, but the Oilers depth chart will take a hit.

With Yakupov moving up, I’d guess we might see Jesse Joensuu moved into the top-nine as well, and Wil Acton or an AHL call up will slide in on the fourth line.

The Oilers can’t wilt without their best player. If this team wants to improve, they need to show the NHL that they can survive without their best player for a few weeks.

It can’t just be Yakupov and Perron who have to play well if the Oilers expect to win, but I believe those two wingers must elevate their play to fill the void with Hall on the sidelines.

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  • Jason Gregor

    Tobias Rieder scores the winner for the Yotes last night. Wonder who’ll have the better NHL career, Rieder or Kale Kessey.

    Another example of Tambo’s gross incompetence as GM. Aided and abetted by the current POHO. Sigh.

  • Jason Gregor

    Calgary have now 16 pts, confidently beat the Habs. Congrats to the competent Flames organization for a quick and successful rebuild. What a winner with Hartley and Burke: hats off sirs.

  • Burnward

    If our new acquisitions do little to turn the clubs fortunes around , how are we ever going to trade or get rid of all those exhorbitant contracts so as we can start to rebuild again ? MacT. spent so much on them he has little left to deal/buy or trade for the glaring holes he has yet to address . I feel it will be evident shortly we need to rebuild with a new GM at the helm , and Eakins could also be part of that fallout . Lowe might follow them if he fails to initiate the change or even resign ?

  • playastation

    Hi Northers, Flames fan here.

    You guys have WAY more pieces in your rebuild.

    Outside of Brodano, we have like zero defense. And pretty much zero defensive prospects. We also have zero RW prospects. Zero.

    Also Sven doesn’t look too good nowadays. So far our goalie and top-3 d is winning all our games and scoring all our goals.

    Your guys’ team looks waaaay more complete than what we have going down here. Don’t worry.

    Just fire that coach.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    My hand is hovering over the panic button now, Hall is irreplaceable on this team. Now I’ll see if my big words about Yak hold any water. Come on, you crazy Russian SOB.

  • Serious Gord

    Here’s the comment in referring to above – it was #82 in the gd wrap up thread


    “David Pelletier has made Hall WAY too light on his skates. Last year Hall become a more composed hockey player. He picked his spots to turn on the after-burners. Now Hall is back to his bad habit of going Mach-4 all shift, every shift. He looks like he is winding up to launch into a Quad-triple-sow-cow…

    In the Oilers goal of making Draisaitl a better skater they are turning Hall into a figure skater. I blame Pelletier.”

    Interesting observation IMO.

    • Jason Gregor

      Except Pelletier never worked with Hall in the summer. It is great when people come up with theories that have no actual truth to them, and then others, like yourself, repeat them like they are true or as you say “interesting.” It is called a rumour, and a completely inaccurate and absurd one.

      The truth is Pelletier worked with some of the prospects and Draisaitl and Yakupov because they were in Edmonton during the summer. He never once worked with Hall and “turned him into a figure skater.”

      “I will work with Rick Carriere and player development. I did work with some of the prospects this summer. You are looking to enhance their stride, but you can’t completely re-vamp a skating style of NHL players. I’m looking forward to talking with the veterans when camp starts,” David Pelletier said on September 17th.

      Suggesting Pelletier changed Hall’s skating style is simply not true, and frankly it is stupid, not interesting.

    • Zarny

      No, actually it’s not an interesting observation.

      Pelletier has been with the Oilers for less than 2 months.

      Aside from the fact only a simpleton would think Pelletier would try to turn a hockey player into a figure skater he hasn’t had even close to enough time to actually change how any player plays the game.

      Grasping at straws…that’s how you describe that comment.

        • Zarny

          Fair enough.

          The Oilers have enough real problems without inventing new ones.

          Many great skaters come from figure skating backgrounds. It’s tremendous for developing superior balance and edges.

          Hall plays on the edge; that’s his game. He will have to continue to learn to pick his spots but the skating coach will have zero influence on that.

  • VegasOilerFan

    Looking at the bright side, at least it is a five-game road trip out East and not playing against Western teams like the Ducks and Kings!

    As an Oilers fan I LOVE how Hall plays the game and wish a few others played at his level of compete. Nobody complains when he drives to the net and scores! Players are going to get hurt, I’m glad it wasn’t serious.

  • Wax Man Riley

    I suspect we will be without Ference as well tonight . Not like losing is a habit here (4W-4L at home), but we have yet to have a road victory this year !

  • Wax Man Riley

    Actually, in an interview in the offseason, Hall said he worked to change up his stance and skating a bit to give him more stability and balance so he doesn’t fall down so much (sorry, don’t have a link yet).

    I’d try to get my money back for that course he took. I thhink Hartnell may have been teaching it lol.

  • Wax Man Riley

    Only one loser point in 11 games , and you have to wonder if we are any good at shootouts if we ever get that far in an another game ? I wonder whom we might even use ?

  • BlazingSaitls


    Taylor needs to start using a different move to drive to the net. His outside drive to the net against a d-man with just pure speed doesn’t work often enough. It is a junior hockey play and it rarely works in the NHL. Even if he stops and change his angle part way through and cut to the middle it would free him of the D-man. This will put him in a better position in the kill zone against goaltenders. He needs to respect the fact that the D-man has the angle on him.

    • Jason Gregor

      Cutting through to the middle is a kill zone, as in he’d get killed by opposite defender who would cut across and crush him.

      Hall’s driving to the net has allowed him to be the 6th most productive player in the NHL the past two seasons. I’d argue it is working just fine. It won’t work all the time, because NHL D-men are good, but many D-men are scared of his speed and his willingness to use it…whether he goes wide or not.

      I don’t think Hall uses the same move every time. I don’t expect his moves to work every time, but they work often enough that he produces a large amount of points and scoring chances.

      • YES. AGAIN.

        This is another thing thing that crops up regularly and makes no sense.

        “Taylor Hall keeps doing X which doesn’t ever work in the NHL. What an idiot!!” – “smart” people while Hall is regularly putting up better numbers than any other LW in the NHL –

        • BlazingSaitls

          I think many are missing the point. I wasnt gonna dredge it up but Ill try and clarify. Last year I felt Hall took a huge step in the right direction. He matured as the season went on and was MUCH less reckless than years prior. This led him to getting 80 in 75 games. He missed a grand total of 7 gms all years.

          This year I feel Hall has reverted back to to free-wheeling kamikaze, reckless abandon style he toned down last year. Now he is out 2-4 wks.

          I perceive a difference in his style from last year. Ergo I perceive regression from the style that put him in the Elite last year.

    • Nice observations,maybe if you are lucky Dellows will read your post and “data harvest” it , add some stats BS and serve it to Eakins, this seems to be the only ways Eakins recieves good advice,but you are with certainty very accurate and your descriptive writing is excellent and a refreshing change here.

  • BlazingSaitls

    It was not my intention to hi-jack this thread. I felt an urge to justify my remark after Gregor addressed concerns I raised. Hall became less reckless last year, imo, and played better as a result. He was maturing. In this early NHL season I feel Hall has regressed to his more reckless tendencies.

    Ill drop this concern of mine as Ive ruffled feathers and Im sorry for the negativity Ive introduced into the thread.

  • Serious Gord

    It would be an interesting study to see the correlation between points and injury time. Some excellent players have been seriously hurt one or mrs times during their career. Does great/successful NHL hockey mean you get hurt more?

    Just a few off the top of my head:


    Are their injury marred careers more than offset by stars who are relatively injury free? (Toews for example) impossible to be definitive I know.

  • 2004Z06

    I really hope Yakupov is traded just so I don’t have to listen to fans whine, piss and moan about him anymore. Not enough ice time, not enough pp time, not in a position to succeed…blah, blah, blah.

    You know who is responsible for Yak’s performance? Ummmm…Yak!