GDB 12.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Flyers

If we can’t beat the West, and we can’t beat the East, who the hell are we going to beat? Final Score: 4-1 Flyers.

Going into tonight’s game, the Oilers were unbeaten against the East and yet to win against the West.  Going into tonight, the Flyers were 4-5-2 which isn’t all that different from where the Oilers are at. In fact, they came into tonight’s game on a 2-game losing streak. I was looking forward to seeing how the Oilers were going to take on a good team from the East that may not have hit their stride yet.  Lord knows, winning games against the West is going to be a battle all season long so we have to get points from the East while we can! At least, that’s what I thought until the 1st period happened.

Actually, the Oilers didn’t play all that bad. Seriously, follow me here for a minute… I think the problem was that when they did make a mistake, it was a big one, and it ended up in the back of their net.  Viktor Fasth wasn’t overly sharp in his first start since his groin injury.  He got better as the game went on, but by the time he was settled in the game was basically over.  I guess the rust could be expected? Unfortunately, the losses are racking up and the Oilers don’t really have time for Viktor Fasth to get back into game shape. They need wins now. On the other side, Steve Mason was very sharp for the Flyers. He gave the Flyers some big saves when they needed him, something that the Oilers didn’t get from Fasth. 

We wrap.



  • Klefbom > Hunt
  • Having such an early game allowed us all to calm down before going to bed.
  • Ovechkin set a franchise record against Calgary tonight.
  • Nugey’s goal was awesome. He’s as talented as he is adorable. Great speed. Great goal.
  • Hendricks SMASH! I always love a scrap…
  • Yakupov was firing the puck. It’s only a matter of time before he starts putting them in.



  • Marcobello nutted himself in the first period, and all men winced in unison.
  • Jakub Voracek was unstoppable, and it was annoying. 
  • It turns out that Taylor Hall is super important to the Oilers winning.
  • Tonight wasn’t Viktor Fasth’s finest hour. That’s the polite way of saying he was pretty gross. He finished the night with a .840 save%.
  • The wagon line was not nearly as effective without Hendricks. 
  • Lots of posts in the 3rd period. The Oilers couldn’t buy a goal tonight… aside from Nugey’s magic.


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  • Chainsawz

    As long as the Oilers are scared to make trades they’ll continue down in this spiral.
    It’s an organization that admits they have to overpay to get UFA’s to come here. They’re right. But you also have to be willing to overpay in trades to bring in players the organization obviously needs to help the team win TODAY.
    This focus on two years down the road instead of the here and now has pushed this management team into paralysis. Yes MacTavish doesn’t hesitate to move complimentary asset for complimentary asset but that’s not what we need.
    Philadelphia has made mistakes. But they’re not afraid. Boston has made mistakes. But they’re not afraid.
    let’s say we’re atrocious for ten years and at the end of the day hanging on to all our high end prospects all those years opens up a window of competitiveness for four years before the window is closed via free agency and players looking to “move on”. Will it have been worth the pain? Of course not.
    Players like Draisaitl, klefbom, nurse, yakupov , and the team’s first round (likely overall) pick in 2015’s draft need to be on the block to make this team better now so we can win with Hall, Nugent hopkins, Schultz, eberle etc. If you don’t think the Hall group can win then move them along and build around the Draisaitl, nurse group. You can’t just keep everybody because they MIGHT be great one day. it’s a bad strategy. The Oilers have been finding that out the hard way for a long time. We got extraordinarily lucky to build a winner in the 80’s. Following that model of trading no tomorrow’s for today’s and waiting for old ghosts to reappear has been our biggest mistake in this rebuild.

  • Micbilly99

    Having Arcbello, RNH and Gordon as a power play unit is disgusting. Why the genius of coach would put those three out as until makes no sense. The idea is to score goals on a man advantage, this unit tries to do what exactly???

  • Natejax30

    Personally, I don’t see how this is all the coaches’ fault. Yes, Eakins was a rookie, but Ramsay is not. At some point the responsibility and accountability of the players has to be there. I don’t buy they got stoned by Mason last night. Any NHL goalie is going to stop most of what what he can see.
    This is a heart and willingness to work issue. Look at the Flames in Washington – swarming the net, scrums, checking, fighting for every inch of ice. Look at the Oilers – shooting on net to inflate the numbers and rarely having anyone in front, and other than a few, not really engaging.
    I’m not sure any coach could get alot more out of this group.

  • pkam

    considering everything that Mac-T has done since the beginning of summer to address our need at Centre and now the huge silence that is emanating from the Management I am starting to think the T stands for Tambo.

      • BlazingSaitls

        Im not sure if you’re the same guy I heard on the radio. I assume you are. I heard you on ched today Gord. You mentioned some americana and you mentioned your political leanings. Its safe to say we are at polar opposites on virtually every ‘political’ issue. With regards to the Oilers , however, you are preaching to the choir.

        Maybe there can be peace in the middle east. If only they were Oilers fans, they could find a common ground.

          • BlazingSaitls

            touchè, man. touchè.

            about my original point; its not even that I agree fundamentally with Gord’s philosophy of hockey. Its that he is one of the most vocal and public critics in Edmonton and the Oilers have done very little, if anything, to prove him wrong.

          • pkam

            My response to your post has nothing to do with Serious Gord. It is driven by this:

            “Maybe there can be peace in the middle east. If only they were Oilers fans, they could find a common ground.”

            They will find a common ground for more violence.

        • Serious Gord

          I’m the same guy.

          My political views are well known to regular readers and listeners.

          I think you would be surprised to know that we probably have a lot of common ground in that area.

    • Spiel

      Edmonton Oilers Corsi numbers for 5v5 in 2014-15:

      Player Corsi%/RelCorsi%

      Marincin 41.70/-7.70

      Fayne 45.72/-5.46

      Schultz 49.73/0.19

      Hunt 50.32/-2.10

      Nikitin 50.38/0.38

      Ference 51.16/2.98

      Petry 52.66/5.48

      Nurse 56.36/3.42 – 2GP

      Klefbom 58.54/9.97 – 1GP

      Fenwick numbers tell the same story.

      Marincin is the worst in Corsi and RelCorsi. Advanced stats don’t lie, right? Or does that only count when it is a player that the advanced stats folks didn’t fall in love with last year?

      BTW Fayne, the advanced stats darling, has equally bad looking Corsi and Fenwick.

      • Natejax30

        Petry looks to be the best. Cant wait to see him mature even more…..wait we signed him to a 1 year deal and he becomes a UFA. Cant wait to get another 3rd round pick into the pipeline.

      • pkam

        Fayne had pretty much same corsi with Devils when he was not with a top defenseman . Somehow Oilers brain thrust thinks these new acquisitions , can equal or do better mixing in with our personnel ? Seldom is that happening , and we are paying a kings ransom for their services none the less . No wonder we are in the shape we are in . Consistency of missed assessments is appalling and all to frequent ?

  • pkam

    “A few clowns short of a circus are we ?” . So says the sign to the left of goofy Alfred E. Newman doll figurine – Mad magazine . Might describe our predicament ? Also several” What- Me Worry ” pictures at site to amuse oneself . Go to Alfred E.Newman .

  • DoubleDIon

    What warms me up is watching Dallas Eakins explain to the media, fans, why we got beat……yet again!

    Yea Dallas we all know why we got beat, you used the same excuse all last year. Yea the culture has to be changed; players need to be moved out that can’t play your system; the system need to be changed to now reflect the new players; the players do not compete hared enough; everyone has to be better; we did not get good goal tending; yada, yada, yada!

    Okay now you have 8 new players and still the same excuses? Did management really go and get 8 new duds for you to work with? Did all the players from last year, forget how to play hockey?

    Dallas you need to go the the mirror……..on second thought, please go to the light!!!!

  • BobbyCanuck

    Everybody just relax, it’s only 11 odd games into the season, nothing a good ole 8 game winning streak cannot cure, next up Boston, I predict a win!

    Wow, now I know how all the posters that always trash all my comments feel, as in who is this idiot BobbyCanuck?

    THe idiot that said Hall is one hit away from ending his career, the idiot that said after the 4 wins in a row, that I just am not sure, lets see how we do in the next 6 games.

    Disagree all you want, if this team is so lacking in bench strenght, that the loss of one player means the loss of a season…woa is us

  • Johnnydapunk

    The Oil aren’t good enough to have average goaltending which is what they have now. They need a lights out goaltender that will save them in games and going in with 2 average goalies who have played a total of 109 games in the NHL prior to this season has come to bite them in the a**. Fair enough to have one of the two, but the difference between having a proven number one 4-5 million dollar goalie and having 2 backups who have “potential” is massive.

    The goalie buyers market was last season and the Oil pooped the bed, they could have signed Hiller who is on fire in Calgary right now and one of the big reasons why they are second in the league.

    Fun but painful fact, the last time the Oil were at .500 previous to last week was April 2013, a full season and a half ago and that was the shortened season so that barely counts.

    If the Oil had solid defence, then both Fasth and Scrivens would be capable, but they don’t and until either they get a proper number one or 2-3 stud D men, even winning the McDavid sweepstakes won’t make any difference to the team.

    The “joys” of being an Oil fan….

  • Johnnydapunk

    Everyone has had one of those arguments with someone… that comparison of witts that you KNOW for a FACT you can NOT lose..

    You are arguing a point that you can’t possibly be wrong about, but the person across the table insists the opposite is true.

    The more you explain your point… with increasingly sane and historically accurate facts, the dumber they get..

    This discussion about the oilers is so un-freakin believably redundant, that you seriously feel stupid even getting in to it.

    Is Bill Murray busy?? The oilers have the plot for groundhog day 2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9 already in script.

    Why do we even care anymore? Are we idiots? I am pretty sure I should punch myself in the face for being such a loser at this point. It’s beyond pathetic.