GDB 13.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Bruins

So that just happened. Final Score: 5-2 Boston.

Remember a week ago when we all said “what a difference a week can make?” Another week went by. Unfortunately, the week that just passed also included 3 straight losses. WHY CAN’T WE HAVE NICE THINGS?!? *stomps foot* Ah well… At least the Oilers had an opportunity to take on those slump busting Bruins! You know how they always call them the “slump bustin’ Bruins” right? Anyone? Hmm… No one calls the Bruins “slump busters” at all, do they?

Actually, this game ended up being kind of a snooze fest.  For 40 minutes, I couldn’t decide whether having a boring game was a good thing or not.  I guess it couldn’t be a bad thing? (Unless you were watching it) If the Bruins were really rolling, it would have been bad news for the Oilers. For the first 45 minutes, I thought the Oilers were doing a decent job of keeping the Bruins in check.  This was a winnable game for the Oilers, and oh how the wheels fell off in the third. Actually, I should say that the wheels fell off for about 5 minutes, in the 3rd. For a minute, the Oilers were actually winning this hockey game. The free fall continues 

Une wrap.



  • Boyd Gordon scored an effin’ goal on the Power Play! Boyd Gordon didn’t even see that coming.
  • I thought Petry was really good all night. Lord knows it wasn’t easy, he was anchored to Keith Aulie.
  • Pakarinen was causing shenanigans every time he was on the ice. I liked it. The Oilers need to be more annoying.
  • Wagon line <3
  • Yakupov was firing the puck all night. I love seeing him shoot the puck. Eventually these are going to start going in in bunches. 
  • Ben Scrivens was solid tonight. 
  • Marcobello had one of the greatest shifts I’ve seen in a long time. He got nailed, stole the puck, made a great pass, and roofed a rebound. Great shift, great goal. 



  • If you’ve been in a scoring slump, the Oilers are the team to play.
  • Nikita Nikitin was brutal on that first goal. He basically got out of Reilly Smith’s way.
  • Cross ice passes in the neutral zone are driving me insane. 
  • Did I mention that Nikitin had a rough night?
  • The wheels completely fell off in the 3rd period. The Bruins seemed to rally around their 2nd disallowed goal.
  • There aren’t enough bad things to say about that 3rd period. 


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  • Quicksilver ballet

    This past year I’ve seen maybe 2 – 3 full Oiler games. I’ve tried to make a point of not watching this team the past year. I always check in on the box score, and come here to read the comments. Honestly how long can this go on? Lowe & MacT need to go. This Katz character is an idiot for letting this go on this long. From the coaching to to the constant yo-yo of players coming up from Oklahoma, it’s a total joke. I honestly feel bad for most of the players here.

    For me, I can honestly say that the entire management team here is the least personable group of people around. Between Lowe, MacT, Dallas, and Lafroge, that whole group just rubs me the wrong way. Totally condescending attitude towards the media, us fans, and even the players. I look at a guy like Ralph Kruger and wonder why he didn’t last (despite the only thing one could argue was a little success here). The answer here looks obvious, he wasn’t a total tool, like the rest of those ya hoos.

    I guess what I’m trying to say here is the current management team(including you mr.katz) can kiss my a**!

  • Oiler63

    When I look for Oilers in the regular season standing, I scroll down. In the rookie draft table, I look upper left. It’s become my natural instinct.

    Edit: don’t expect any change from Katz. He’s a real estate developer and couldn’t care less about hockey. We are all used.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    5 yrs into this rebuild and here the Oilers are battling it out for 30th place tomorrow again.

    It’s become rather obvious that Daryl Katz and Kevin Lowes plan is, there is no bloody plan in place. They’ve proven they know sweet FA about building a successful hockey team during these last 5 seasons.

  • Spydyr

    When the Oilers return to rexall

    Start the chant.





    Mac T has done a worse job than Tambo.

    This is the problem with inbreeding.

  • flyin ryan

    Almost bought some hockey tickets at an auction today, then i saw it was for the Oilers not the Oilkings and stopped bidding as i have run out of paper bags to wear since i have to watch tv with one on.

  • Hemmercules

    Shareholder Activism

    Shareholder activism is a way in which shareholders can influence a corporation’s behavior by exercising their rights as owners.

    Tier 1 or Tier 2 you are both owners

    What can we do to influence? The most common outcry is here on the ON. Or to have people like ON writers write a scathing article of which they have done several – thank you. Jersey throwing? Please no more i respect the Oilers their history and their future so please no more.

    Has either action really helped – No. Eg the changes people want at the top.

    Then what type of activism could we do to Influence the behaviors?

    The idea November 22, 2014 Oilers vs Blackhawks CBC/SN HNOC Canada wide game. For the first 5 minutes of that game in action of Fan Solidarity or Ticketholder Activism no one enters Rexall. Not through both anthems, and not for first 5 minutes of game. The only peopel being just the owners box hopefully with Katz inside.

    Think about that?

    The Owner thoughts? Wow. There’s nobody here. What if i build this new stadium and nobody comes? What if worse they stop coming to my Rexall stores? Oh crap!

    The Media? It would be on every sports and news show coast to coast in Canada and the U.S. Wonderiing why, asking why? The cameras and reporters going outside getting all these fans opinions as to why. Then you can tell them. Tell them you want change. Tell them that the decisions from POHO to GM to Coach are not NHL calibre.

    Players thoughts? Players thinking where is everybody? Or better …thinking what if we really had no fans? Maybe playing in the NHL really is a privilege not a right.

    Think about it …..Message Sent!

    • Admiral Ackbar

      I had a similar idea! Like everyone bringing in paper bags. 15,000 on national TV with paper bags over their heads! Security wouldn’t dare throw out everyone.

      Still, no one in the seats would be amazing. Absolutely amazing. The fan base in Edmonton ought to react. I’d buy a ticket to that game in order to miss the first 5 minutes. It’d be great to be a part of that.

      • 2004Z06

        Unfortunately security would not let you in the building with a paper bag or any sign of protest. I would like to see the Oiler fans stand up midway through the third and all turn there backs to the game. It’s clear none of them have the balls to boycott even one game.

        We helped finance an arena that literally drove all the property values in the area up. Guess who owns most of that property? Katz. This guy is becoming Trump off of the backs of Edmontonians!

        • Natejax30

          Nor should they. Think about all the kids going out to cheer for their heros…not the message I want to send them. Sweaters on the ice…booing…then we complain because we can’t get a 2 centre or a 1 dean… Wow…wouldn’t it be great if upcoming free agents looked at edmonton fans as people who stick behind their team no matter what. If you want change, find another way, cuz this is a bad message with devastating risk results.

    • Andresito

      I think this would be the only way the tier 1 and tier 2 fans can send their message, but dont show up the ENTIRE game. Let them play a game with 0 fans in attendance. See if they feel that it is a huge privelege and not a right, and that we are done with incompetent management, coaching and leadership. This is so insane this IS the only solution left.


      So make this happen boys, SEROIUSLY!!!!!
      Didn’t people hold a rally to get rid of Mctavish outside Rexall years ago, then he resigned shortly after? DO SOMETHING, make a statement, talk is cheap!! If I was in Canada I would be all over this. Get the organizing of this in place and Get r done! WALK THE WALK BOYS! Make some huge signs encouraging fans to hold off going to their seats outside Rexall. Time for fans to be heard!

    • Good idea, but the anything but the entire game boycott on a Saturday night televised game is a waste of time.

      I for one will not go to the entire game if this campaign gets organized.

      Also, how about banners saying FIRE LOWE on the Whitemude and Hendy, and again, outside the Oilers Office!

  • R U Kidding Me!

    I’m cheering for Buffalo to beat us next game. Actually, I’m hoping for a 10 game losing streak and hopefully Eakins Lowe and MacT get shown the door.

    • Spydyr

      Why limit it to 10 games? To be totally honest, at this point I’m really hoping for the team to not win another game this season. I’d love to watch this team lose from here out.

      Because I feel like unfortunately, only a losing streak of that magnitude would possibly get the attention of mgmt. and the impetus to make the moves needed to improve.

  • R U Kidding Me!

    Last year someone smarter then me said “at least it can’t get any worse for the oilers” they were right. Sadly it’s just more of the same. Oh well this Coors Banquet has snores potential, night night.

  • PutzStew

    MacT fired the only coach (Ralph K) in the past 8 years who had the team heading in any sort of positive direction – and he did it in classless style – using Skype and after interviewing someone (Eakins) who was supposedly being interviewed to be an assistant coach. Classless, and indicative of the unprofessional and bush-league nature of this organization. Think of all the classless public episodes that have surrounded this management group since KLowe took over – there are too many to mention. This organization is the well-deserved laughing stock of the league, and the mediocre performance on the ice is just the end product of the complete embarrassment which this organization has become.

    Also, if Eakins is fired, what grounds does MacT have to justify continuing on as GM? If MacT had any cojones he would resign, but we all know that won’t happen. Therefore, I don’t think DE will be fired.

    Even if DE is fired it won’t change anything – we still need a veteran 2C, a top end defenceman and a reliable goalie.

    • bazmagoo

      Krueger is now the chairman of Southampton FC in the English Premier League. This team has 1/5 of the player salary budget that the top team in the Premiership is able to spend, yet sits in 2nd place in a 20 team league, one of the best soccer leagues in the world. Ralph has never worked in professional soccer to my knowledge, yet his winning attitude looks like it has been infectious. Coincidence?

      Ralph likely wasn’t the answer, but the classless way he was fired is another indictment of the delusional buffoonery of Kevin Lowe. The culpable media can defend him all they want, the buck should stop with him.

      • BlazingSaitls

        Is it only Ralphs attitude? Or is it his ACUMEN,his management processes through which he learned to simply overlay one mission statement upon an existing structure to optimse it without breaking it down?

        Ralph learned to WORK WITH WHAT HE HAS,he learned to OPTIMALLY MANAGE his assets.

        Statistics did NOT take him to where he is,something BETTER DID THAT.

        It wouldnt matter what Professional Sport Ralph Coached,if he uses this OPTIMAL MANAGEMENT PROGRAM he will recieve the exact same winning results.Hockey and Soccer arent the only Pro-Sports being indoctrinated to this NewAge Management protocal.

        The Oilers would be on their 4th Cup run had “someone” not interfered and intentionally and willfully deprived them of this OPTIMAL MANAGEMENT PROGRAM,you see Ralph LEARNED IT IN EDMONTON.The last 3 Cup winners are using the same management Programs to different degrees.

        Ralph wasnt just fired he was muzzled, someone on the Oilers had something big to keep quiet,a vendetta to follow through on and Krueger was simply colatteral damage,I believe Ralph was working WITH THE MEN to implement this OPTIMAL management Program but the Oilers Upper Management disagreed with his direction.I think Sam Gagner and Smid and Ryan Jones were all sacked for this same reason,this same vendetta,someone was trying to defend their statistical way of thinking and ANYONE who challenged that has been black-balled,it has been a vendetta,one the driver was destined to lose.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    Try to control yourselves!Be positive.
    The Oilers have now won 50% of the games won plus a tie.
    Random Acts of Kindness Week comes Feb 9-15,2015.
    Celebrate RAK early.Send in only positive comments.
    The players were well dressed on the bench and changed lines without a penalty.All players held their sticks high on the bench with their blades high.
    None of the players hid behind their blades in the last 9.764 minutes.
    It was only a 5-2 loss.

    Be kind.At least the Oilers are not 30th.

    They will RAK up a few more victories!

  • Admiral Ackbar

    I wonder who recommended Nikitan? Its got to be Scott “WTF is my job” Howson.

    MacT: “Hey Scott how is this Nikitan guy?”

    Howson: “He’s solid, I signed him in Columbus and I can vouch for him.”

    MacT: “Good enough for me – lets give him 5 bills for two years.”

    Did anyone see Nikitan on the first goal? Played like a fourth pairing ECHL defenceman. Unbelievable.

    MacT, Howson, KLowe and all their scouting buddies have got to have the worst record in hockey regarding UFA signings and trades. Do they not realise how often their judgement is wrong? Denial ain’t a river in Egypt.

  • bazmagoo

    On a positive note who’s betting on Messier coming in as head coach? That would be epic! Loved the guy as a player growing up, who knows maybe he could be the one to pull a miracle out of his jock.

    At the very least it would make for a more entertaining season.

    • rokwilder

      How the HE77 is Mess becoming coach a positive?????? I love the guy too!!! BUT, one more inexperienced coach and I’m gonna pop a gasket!!! IF that is the teams plan, at least have the sense (I know that just eliminated Lowe) move Ramsey to coach and slide Mess in as an assistant to learn from someone with some skill at the NHL level.

    • DoubleDIon

      As a Flames fan I strongly encourage you guys to hire more ex Oilers just because they’re ex Oilers. Don’t look for things like coaching experience or expertise. Just keep handing the job to people who Katz wants to chill with. Klima and Fuhr might be available to mentor the prospects too while you’re at it….

      Seriously though, how dense are some elements of your fan base that they’re asking for more of the same? The 80’s were 30 years ago, stop trying to relive it.

    • Mark would have to learn to describe losing games more often than victories after games.
      The present Oiler coach is very good at this and will even improve in his complicated analysis after a loss.
      The Oilers should play very late and early morning games!
      This would affect less fans.
      Messier is not up to describing mediocrity!

      • Hemmercules

        Wish I could prop that 100 times.

        My favourite part of the game last night was when Eakins pulled the goalie down by 2 with a minute left and pulled out the drawing board at the bench. No one even cared at that point. Put the board away Eakins, too little too late.

      • That might depend entirely upon WHO Mess would bring with him.

        Kurri might be interested.

        Messier{Offensive work},Ramsay{Defensive work},Kurri[ King of the Backcheck and forecheck},Huddy{Stand-up defense},Fuhr{Hall of Fame Goalie who knows how to work with explosive offense…….MMmmmmm…… I might buy a shot-glass full of that.

  • rokwilder

    “It’s Always Earned, Never Given” – Hartleys Flames team slogan

    Unfortunately, pretty much everything Oiler players has received was never earned (except Hall) but given on a silver platter. One of the main reasons this team is at the position they are in.

  • TheBirdOfAnger

    Honestly, it would be nearly impossible to have 0 fans at a game, albeit it would be amazing. What we could do though is start a petition, and have a sh*t tonne of people to sign it! It would get people aware, and…. Media. Stop going to games people. Spark change.

    Just an idea. Thought?

  • Natejax30

    Jason smith, horcoff, hemsky, smytty, sometimes I wonder if we didn’t know what we had. Cup run…why? Rollie (played outstanding), pronger (certified 1 d-man), and depth…just a team, all the pacesetters (Pisani, Torres, peca, the list goes on.). The coach mact at that time made them believe they were good enough, and that year in front of the cameras mact stood up for his players (see 2014 Hartley, 2013 Roy for example of what this looks like). We had no bonified 1 centre, we had no first overalls…we had a team.

    We have a lot of talent here, and it’s too bad that free agents wouldn’t sign here 5 years ago, because today we wouldn’t be talking basement. We would be talking cup run. (Nylander, pronger wanting out, heatley, the list is extensive)

    Building through the draft is hard. These young guys are taxed with carrying the burdens and finding their own way, and I for one am sick of the boycott talk. Things are changing (Shultz, fayne, pouliot, ference, it’s a start.). Better players are choosing edmonton all because of hall, Hopkins, Ederle, yak etc. these young guys (all under 23) could sure use some support. Do I want a new coach…ya man, but boycott these players? Never. And maybe the players don’t want a new coach. One thing for sure, these guys have to start playing as a team with drive to put the puck in the other guys net. Corsi…whatever, give me a team like the 2006 boys anyday.

    • DoubleDIon

      So what you’re saying is if heatley had taken the 8 year 58 million dollar deal you’d be better right now? You’d be better with nylander and pronger and Clarkson and all the other guys the Oilers offered to overpay for?

      There is no helping this fan base. You wouldn’t have hall or rnh if that had happened and you’d be in an even worse spot with no cap space whatsoever. The best things that ever happened to the Oilers were Clarkson, Heatley and Nylander deciding to go elsewhere.

  • SourGrapes

    After every goal against or stupid Oilers play, the camera shows Eakins looking to the sky. I’m going to try that at my next performance review – every time my boss points out something that I’ve done wrong I’ll just look skyward. Hey – if it helps Eakins keep his job, maybe it will work for me too!

    • Hemmercules

      Ruff is currently coaching the Dallas Stars. I believe he was available when Mact hired Eakins?? Why on earth would they go for someone with lots of experience when they can hire smooth talking rookies??