GDB 15.0 WRAP UP: Oilers @ Rangers

Let the streaking begin! Final Score: 3-1 Oilers.

Coming into tonight, the Rangers were 5-3-2 in their last 10 games. When you compare that to the Oilers last 10 games (5-5-0) it’s not as though the Rangers are lighting the league on fire.  This was another winnable game that the Oilers had to find a way to get points from. The Oilers need to find a way to score more goals. I was also interested to see how Viktor Fasth would handle back to back starts. He wasn’t exactly lights out, against the Sabres, but he played well enough for the Oilers to win. I wanted to know how he would handle the chance at a repeat performance. Tonight, he was solid. He was there when the Oilers needed him, and that’s all you can ask for. 

By my eye, this whole game was pretty evenly matched.  I thought the Oilers played a very good road game, and the Rangers weren’t at all overwhelming. Again, I need someone to find out what kind of paperwork we need to fill out to have the Oilers moved to the Eastern Conference.  The style of play, in the East, matches up with the Oilers 1000% better. Curse geography. Curse the lack of teleportation technology. Anyway… I thought this was a great game all around. The Oilers were all over the Rangers, and guys that needed to step up did exactly that.

This was a big win for the Oilers, and there were a lot of positives up and down the lineup. Nuge continues to improve. The kid is looking more and more like an unstoppable force as the days go on.  Benoit Pouliot also had a very strong game. You have to wonder how much cash he had up on the board, if the boys could pull out a win. Good on him for scoring the winner, and adding an assist. This was a very good road game by the Oilers. They deserved the win, and I am happy to see them get it.

We wrap.



  • Benoit Pouliot had a goal and an assist. I loved seeing the reversed former-Oiler-curse.
  • Nuge seems to be taking his game to another level. He’s getting scoring chances far more consistently than in the past. Another great goal tonight.
  • I loves me some #LittleButtcheeks. Pakarinen keeps impressing me. I hope he can keep developing.
  • I like watching David Perron mix it up on the ice. He was doing that tonight, and I think he plays better when he does.
  • I hope Nail Yakupov keeps firing the puck at the net. His shot is too good for this to go on much longer. He is going to score goals.
  • Viktor Fasth was solid tonight. He made the saves they needed him to.



  • I miss Taylor Hall.
  • Henrik Lundqvist is both handsome and talented. It’s annoying. I also dislike that he speaks English better than I do. 
  • Power Play needs retuning. They’re never going to score unless they start shooting.
  • The Oilers play in the Western Conference.


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  • pkam

    Holy crap, we held a lead like a team that wins hockey games.

    Simple plays in our zone, getting the puck in deep whenever possible, cycling.

    What team stole our Jersey’s and played that game tonight. We looked like the Canadians of the 90’s in that 3rd period.

    Great Win guys…. That is how you play with a lead.

    I would sure love to see us light up a team 6-2, we still are not bearing down on our chances enough. We should not have to out chance the other team 10-1 to get a 1 goal lead!!!!!!

  • bornphilthy

    I was at the game. the oil played extremely well, not considering the rangers fell flat (I hate the rangers ALMOST as much as the canucks). If they put the same pressure on during the end of second /top of third they could be a deadly team. sadly i think coaching could stop short of them forcing other teams to make mistakes like they did tonight, the oil had a lot of steals and forced turnovers it was refreshing.

  • Derzie

    Ex-Oilers Lowe & MacT want desperately to impress Papa Sather. The Oil play a complete game for the first time in forever in NYC. Coincidence? I think not.

  • The Soup Fascist

    I have been bitching about Eakins decisions since …. well …. forever ….. and likely will again. But credit where credit is due. This appeared to be a well coached and motivated Oilers team tonight.

    Did Eakins suddenly get smarter? Out of desperation and fear of losing his job did he realize he should start listening to Ramsay?

    Or has he been competent the whole time and the players are just now showing signs of buying in?

    I realize its one game but some good things appear to be happening.

    But back to the west we go. Gulp.

    Mr. Rubber let me introduce you to Mr. Road.

  • bwar

    If the ‘new’ top line is still going well when Hall gets back, I would love to see Hall-Draisaitl-Yakupov get a few games together. Seems like that trio would result in endless scoring chances. Sure not all of those chances would be the Oilers but it would make for some exciting hockey.

  • Admiral Ackbar


    Listen to all the wagon jumpers……

    The Oilers need all 60 minutes to flush out a win vs a team that’s missing three of there top defencemen & that played back to back games.

    The Oilers should have pounded on the blue shirts for fun.

    The Oilers PP is still brutal, they still can’t score 5×5 and are sitting around the 2.0 GPG……awful.

    The Goal differential is gawdy.

    The Oiler beat the worst team in the NHL and an injury riddle East Coast team that arguably plays softer then the Oilers themselves.

    Fun fact. the only test the Oilers have had this year have been against the Predators & the Kings…….The Oilers got crushed in those games.

    The Oilers have only played middling to brutal teams this year with poor results.

    The East Coast teams are drying up…….The Oilers are going to have to play big boy hockey soon………

    • Cain

      If you are only happy when they are winning the Stanley Cup, you are going to be a very negative,joyless person…but then, you already knew that didn’t you.

    • Rdubb

      So what if the Rangers were missing 3 blue liners, what was Edmonton missing, their best player, who happens to be their top point producer, one of the best left wingers in the NHL & also happens to be the so-called “heart and soul”/”engine” of the Oilers…
      How many first or second year players did the Rangers dress compared to the Oilers? How many guys on the Rangers have played less than 200 games as compared to Edmonton? You don’t think those things make a difference either?
      Enough about that, did we watch the same game? Edm almost outshot the Rangers two to one, if not for the best goalie in the world, i am sure this game would have easily been 5 or 6 to 1. King Henrick made @ least 5 five star saves…
      This was by far Edmontons best and most complete game from start to finsih, and people can talk about this being the 2nd game of a back to back for the Rangers, but how many games in how many nights have the Oilers played, four games in six nights, & all on the road to by the way…

      • Oilers89

        Further to your point: if the Oiler’s were ‘supposed’ to beat the Rangers due to it being a back-to-back game for the Rangers, then shouldn’t have Buffalo beaten us? We played them in a back-to-back and we were missing Hall/Ference. That was a very well played game against a good Eastern conference team.

  • Next game is Nashville, some useless hockey club down south that nobody cares about that currently has lightning in a bottle. Crush them and remind the predators who they really are. Go edmonton, a TRUE hockey town!!

    • Phuryous George

      Nashville is a better team than people give them credit, better than last year when they were viewed as a team that needed to trade away surplus D talent fro some offence. They got that done, and now have scorers in front of a wicked D-corp and goalie.

      Another important game for the boys, IMO.

      • Phuryous George

        They didn’t really trade that much. They got Neal for Hornqvist and Forsburg for Erat, then just went out and bought all the free agents no one else wanted: Jokenin, Reberio, Roy, and Volchenkov.

        Oh, where the Oilers might be today had they gotten any one of those centres.

  • GCW

    It’s fair to say we should hold off booking the Stanley Cup parade until the Oilers actually play that well against a healthy Western conference team, but we should enjoy the victory.

  • The Soup Fascist

    The unfortunate thing is Eastern hockey is considerably more entertaining. On one hand, I am glad the Oilers play a more open, free flowing game. On the other, this type of approach gets crushed by the button down defense/size of the West. I don’t recall there being such an obvious discrepancy in the past. Seems like the push for more inter-conference play has unintended consequences i.e. two different leagues. I am not a baseball or NFL fan but assume the same has occurred in these leagues as well. Perhaps the pendulum will swing but by then we will trending in the opposite direction…

  • The Soup Fascist

    I for the life of me would not understand why you would put Hall back into the top line if Pulliot is producing. We have little to no scoring from lines 2 and 3 this year. and I have said it before and i sa it again, Yes nuge hall and ebs is the best line the oilers can put together. But as a team standpoint you split those guys up and you can get production from 2 lines instead of one. Yes it may take a while and there may be growing pains as things work themselves out and players develope chemistry ect.. but
    Fire eakins

  • See what a bit of had work will do for your game.! Team played 60 minutes of hockey, basically kept it simple, didn’t spend to much time in their own end and even the D looked better than they have in a long time.

    This should be a blueprint for future games. They should get the idea of what hard work on every shift does for your game.

    Nuge seems to be a different player with Hall out of the line up,Took it upon himself to be the leader, on ice.

    Really can’t know any players efforts in this game, from the goalie on up.

    • Rdubb

      Pardon me…did i understand you correctly when you said that the NYR are a “TERRIBLE” team? Either you miss spoke (or in this case miss-wrote) or your head is on sideways…
      Lundqvist is perhaps the best goalie in the NHL, and if not, he is definately in the top 3, @ the worst!!! Nash is one of the top point producers thus far this yr, they have a ton of good hard working NHL players, they also have several blue collar guys, although their D-core may be a little suspect, many of them will sacrifice to block a shot or make a play to get the puck out of their zone…
      Even though they are not the “beast of the east”, they are still a talented hard working team with a TRUE#1 goalie between the pipes, and, the Rangers are currently a much better team than the Oilers are, although, by yrs end, things may be switched up…

    • Guy Lafleur

      My understanding of the new draft lottery rules is that any team that missed the playoffs could end up with the #1 pick, so we need to get lucky, no matter where we finish.

  • Guy Lafleur

    So the Oilers blow a lead against an injury depleted team one night, eek out a win against a team they should be expected to beat another night, and barely beat another injury depleted team on the tail end of a back to back a third night, and suddenly all is right with the world?

    I think the Preds on Tuesday is going to be very illuminating. Also, why, why, why does the coaching staff insist on not dressing the best possible defence? This is getting ridiculous.

    Nice to see Nuge coming into his own though, hopefully he keeps it up.

    I wonder if there’s a case to be made to put Hall on the second line with Drai and Yak, and keep Pouliot on that top line? If I was Eakins, I’d at least try it.

    That puts Perron and Purcell with Arco, which should, on paper at least, be superior to most NHL third lines.

    Finally, so many trade rumors, I wonder if any of them come true? I still say Petry and Eberle for Stewart and Myers. But getting Yandle, or even some pieces out of Long Island would be very nice as well.

  • Guy Lafleur

    I’m beginning to develop the opinion the Oilers are over the edge on using advanced stats. They are a good tool, but if the players are only coached on shots instead of quality of chances, then you get what we are seeing: big number of great saves by the goalie’s crest. Not complaining about shots, but I hope they don’t lose sight of the forest…

    • Spydyr

      I would rather they shot more often,screened and drove the net.Than looking for the pretty play all the time.Something this team has done way to much the last few years.

  • Spydyr

    Complete game by the Oil.

    That’s easily the most complete game I’ve seen from RNH. Saw the ice well, out-hussled a defender to the front of the net to score and fought hard on his defensive check all night. Very Jonathan Toews-esque.

    • Spydyr

      He is so freaking slick with his stick.The number of puck battles he is winning now makes me very excited moving forward.Then again I have always liked the Nuge best on the recent Oilers.

  • Spydyr

    The Nuge last night. Best game I have ever seen that guy play. Took control in his own end. Scored, created chances all night. Most importantly got the puck out of our end countless times, usually simply by skating it out himself. hell of a game #93