GDB 17.0 Wrap Up: Senators @ Oilers

Another bad start, another wasted game. Final Score: 4-3 Senators.

So, tonight I was lucky enough to go to the game in a limo. Honestly, I didn’t expect to go to the game tonight, and the last thing I ever would have expected would be to go to Rexall in a limo but that’s what happened.  We showed up in good spirits too. Wanye, Jeanshorts, and I showed up to Rexall with a festive cheer in our bellies, but the Oilers ruined our booze soaked parade! 

I guess my problem is that I just don’t get why a professional hockey team isn’t ready to play when the puck drops. What else do they have to do? Their job is to literally wake up and get ready to play a hockey game.  Unfortunately, everyone showed up for work late again and it sucks. It sucks to see the Oilers play a solid hockey game, only to have it ruined by a subpar 20 minutes. Enough already!

If you watched the game, you obviously know that they lost. The score, however, doesn’t tell the whole story.  If the Oilers had lost the game 3-2 and had played hard throughout, I probably wouldn’t be annoyed right now.  Unfortunately, that’s no at all what happened. Once again, the Oiler showed up 20 minutes late for a game that they had a really good chance at winning.  In fact, they should have won the game – they outplayed the Senators for 40 minutes! Life as an Oilers fans though, right? Sigh.

Let us wrap.



  • The last 40 minutes were good again.
  • Who would have thunk that 15 extra pounds would turn Nuge into a human wrecking ball?
  • Jeanshorts was buying me beers, which ended up saving me $400,000.
  • Taylor Hall is almost back.
  • We’re all one day closer to retirement.
  • Pouliot continues to impress.
  • Eberle scored and I could hear Wanye swoon from across the building.



  • Slow start cost them another game,
  • Beers still cost $9.50.
  • I didn’t win the 50/50.
  • I’m so tired of the Oilers being out of the game at the end of the 1st period.
  • Nikitin is the best/worst goat ever.
  • Tough first period for Scrivens.
  • The lady in the ridiculous purple leather jacket that kept giving me and Jeanshorts evil looks.


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  • This website has become a venting medium for frustrated Oilers fans. Which happens to be all of us. Two major issues plague this underperforming franchise: lame management group and a failure to sign legit NHL caliber talent and free agents.
    I know one guy that knows one player that disclosed that within the rank and file of players and agents, Edmonton is not a desirable city to play in.
    1. The wives do not want to be in northern Alberta for a 7 month frigid winter while their friends are on the beaches of Tampa, etc.
    2. The failure to attract good players in the past 4 to 5 years has clearly established a trend that no one wants to be here unless too much money is spent on them. And that’s the marginal players, not top 3 forwards or top 2 Dmen.
    3. Kevin Lowe: WTF are you still doing as POHO? Leave immediately if you have any dignity left!!!

  • Spydyr

    Outside the obvious.Needing a goalie,a couple top pairing defencman and at least one centre.This team is beyond soft.The Norris defenceman and the six million dollar I’m too good to backcheck guy never play the body,never.There is very little team toughness.Sad excuse for an NHL team.

    • MGD

      In the last half of the third period last night, I was shocked – SHOCKED – when Ebs threw a hit. Then I was SHOCKED again when Petry nailed a Sen at their blue-line.
      I actually quite like Petry when he’s throwing his weight around, but he only throws a hit once or twice every 10-12 games… maddening! I think last night was the first hit Ebs has thrown in the NHL – sure Draisitl getting his first PP goal is worth a celly, but Ebs’ first NHL hit??!! That’s NEWSWORTHY!!

      Edit: I realize Petry isn’t “Norris Potential”… Shultz is a waste of a hockey stick.

  • Spydyr

    Van. cannot fill their building anymore after one bad season . Oilers have to be more than thankfull our fans are not like Canuck fans and aborting hockey with poor results . Didn’t take them long to change GM and coach to try and win the fans back in a market bigger than ours .

  • Mike Krushelnyski

    Ok I think I’m the last Oilers fan in the world to jump on the Justin Schultz Sucks bandwagon…but holy crap he sucks. Those AHL numbers really made me want to believe, but I am ready to face reality.

  • oilerjed

    I cant pick a oilersnation draft team to save my life, never win on sports action and almost break even at poker. One thing I can do well, pick a goat…..
    Justin Shultz thank you for finally proving that every sports bet I make wont be wrong!

    But seriously, what can be had if we were to throw Eberle and Jultz in a box and leave outside by the City of Champions sign for the highest bidder?

    Edit: Damn you spyder for taking advantage of my ridiculously slow typing skills.
    So ummm Yeah what he said!

  • The scouts have failed....

    We got told the praises of Anton Lander by management and yet there isn’t a whiff of this guy being close to being an NHLer.

    We fired a guy by skype. Even though we have a billionaire owner with a private plane, we fired a guy by computer. WE hire his replacement and his main concern is the guys are fit and ready to do cross training and iron man races. In the mean time, the one thing that we used to be good at has now turned into a real concern and that’s the powerplay.

    We have the same goalie coach that after the failure of Dubnyk last year and his inability to fix that, has done nothing to shore up the duo we have now. Which in turn leads to why we are looking at a duo in the first place when we had this before and it failed miserably.

    This management team knew going into the season the second line center was an issue, instead we are going to let a kid get eaten alive and suck the offense out of his wingers trying to cover for his defense. There was options out there, maybe not great ones but at least guys that played in the NHL (Peter Mueller being the guy i would have signed for one year). By no means is this an attack on Draistal, I think he’s the real deal and i am excited for his future, but he should be protected and given easy minutes to learn.

  • maybe this really was a 5 or 6 year plan to make sure the oilers were awful in McDavid’s draft year. I think Hall, Nuge, and Yak are all going to be excellent players for a long time in the NHL, but maybe edmonton’s real desire was always McDavid. Maybe they knew, 6 years ago, that he was the guy they had to get, and this is all 100% completely by design. Of course…it’s the oilers, they’ll get it wrong somehow. Probably end up winning the last 4 games of the season, and pick 10th.

    good job, we love you…have some money.

  • D'oh-ilers

    Wow is Scrivens getting a LONG leash from Oilers Nation-ites.

    If Dubnyk let it the same 1st and 4th goals last night his wife would have been kidnapped. Scrivens (my goat pick) is the reason we have lost too many games this year. If its not his puck handling doing it, its him letting in the simplest of shots. You can physically see the players negative body language every time this happens. He is killing this team, some night before the game is even 5 mins old.

    Forget C, this teams G situation needs fixing FAST. 2 career backup goalies are not going to become starters just because MacT wants them too.

  • MorningOwl

    First off,Freddy Chabot needs to go asap!!how many goalies have to struggle in edmonton under this guy?the team is worried that they haven’t been able to develop any of their prospects,where both Brossoit and Bunz were considered to have a legitimate shot at an NHL career,not to mention the five goalies that have played in the Edmonton nets the past season and twenty games.Freddy cannot get ANY goalies to play better,but still maintains his job?All you have to do,is look at Bill Ranford in LA.the man has been a goalie factory down there,and seems to turn anyone that straps the pads on,into a capable NHL goalie.sure didn’t take Chabot long to turn Billy’s hard work with Scrivens into a complete mess.until this guy is shown the door,no goalie will succeed in Edmonton.

    Second,the Oilers need to practise harder and faster.after Bryz criticized the Oil for their slack and slow practises and the way these guys keep coming out of the gate to start hockey games,I think this topic should be looked into a little further?

    Next up,I think the team the city and the fans all need a house cleaning in the front office.every other option has been exhausted,and the team needs to know from Daryl that losing is NOT acceptable,even if it’s your best friends creating the many times have Mac T,Lowe and Katz come out and said we’re having a culture change?you can’t change the culture of a team,by saying you’re changing the culture.these guys need to be shown the door,and replaced with professionals who don’t think they’re gods gift to hockey.but for that to happen,things will have to get really bad,as the whole reason Katz bought the team,was so that him and his pals could win together.well after missing the playoffs for a ninth straight season,it’s clear to everyone not named Katz,that this will NEVER happen under this regime,and it’s time to turn the page,as the Oilers losing ways are starting to look like the song that doesn’t end…

  • Serious Gord

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Eakins open his mouth on the bench. Isn’t “coaching” an act and not just standing around doing nothing for crying out loud.

  • Serious Gord

    Ultimately, it shouldn’t matter that top free agents don’t want to play here. Sure, it’s a bit of a tactical disadvantage. But the main reason that most contending teams are as good as they are is because of their drafting and development combined with astute trading for support players – not star players. Even if we had lured guys like Hossa and Heatley and Nylander here, would they have REALLY turned us into a contender? The latter two could possibly have made us even worse given their contracts. This team shouldn’t have even been in the position that it was Mike Ribeiro or bust.

  • The scouts have failed....

    Too much rope…

    Everyone on this team is being given WAY too much rope. It’s plagued with a ‘developmental’ culture where it’s okay to fail because everyone is learning on the job. Babies raising babies. And it’s easy, as fans, to get enamored by the potential because it’s certainly there, but right now it’s just a heaping pile of rotting potential that may never be realized.

    I honestly don’t know what the answer is. We all saw the holes in this roster before the season even started (D, Center) and now goaltending is killing us as well but roster issues aside, why is it that not a single player is able to exceed expectations on this team? In an organization with the right culture you will have players come out of the woodwork and thrive (I’m not talking about #1 picks here). Instead, good players come here to learn bad habits and get numb to losing. That’s the kiss of death for professional athletes.

    I’m not the kind of fan to go yelling fire em all after a lose, but I’ve seen enough of Eakins to know he’ll never be able to get out of the developmental coaching style he employed with the Marlies. He’s 100 games in and still can’t get the team mentally prepared to play a first period. Too much rope…, and it’s probably just be a reflection of the rope he’s being given as well, but the bottom line is I think this group of players should be achieving more than they are right now. Not saying they are a great team but this group should be better.

    I’m all for consistency in coaching, but sticking with a failing rookie coach ‘just cause’ is ridiculous. He was the wrong guy for the job and wasn’t ready for an NHL head coaching gig.

    The boys got outplayed so badly in the first period last night that the Sens were able to mail it in for the rest of the game, and guess what?!? While they were mailing it in, the Oilers looked better and Eakins was able to take positives from what was another horrible performance. Moral victories for everyone, yay…

    On a positive note – Nuge is playing great. He’s showing us some of the fire a #1 overall should have and it’s damn exciting. This kid is going to be a special player for a long time in this league! Get ’em Nuge!

  • gus1000

    Sure Scrivens and Fasth have let in a few stinkers, but I think it is more of a team mentality thing than a skill thing. Scrivens was a 1.97 GAA and a .931 with the Kings last year. On a good team, he is very good. Last year on our craptacular team he was a very respectable .916.

    I know their misplays hurt, but I think it is more trying to do more to help the overall cause, rather than focus on just stopping the puck. Having these 17-20 shot periods is not good. Once we have a defensive core that can protect our end and get the puck out to our forwards consistently, this team will improve immensely.