Monday Mailbag – November 17th


On the down side, the Oilers lost last night and we’re all asking ourselves what the hell we’re doing with our lives. On the bright side, it’s time for the mailbag and should kill at least a few minutes of company time.  If you’ve got a question, feel free to email it to me at or hit me up on Twitter at @jsbmbaggedmilk. Grab a coffee, make sure the boss isn’t looking, and enjoy the mailbag.


1) Ryan Northcott asks – What other league do you enjoy watching the most (i.e. NFL, MLB, NBA etc.) and what individual sport do you enjoy watching the most and why?

Robin Brownlee:

CFL. Like our game far more than the NFL version. As for individual sports, golf. One of the toughest sports on the planet to play at the level PGA players do. 


CFL. I love the league, have since I was a kid. It’s a wonderful game, the rules are unique and the rivalries are intense and local. 

Tennis. I’m not sure why, probably the the tremendous athletes who play the game. 

Jonathan Willis:

I’ll watch pretty much anything other than the NBA, but I don’t really have the time to track other sports. My favourite to watch (other than hockey) is probably football. 


The answer to both parts of your question is the NFL/football. And I honestly have no idea why. I cringe 200 times a game from all the massive head shots these guys are taking on any given play, I feel like 80% of pro football players are human pieces of garbage *COUGH Richie Incognito COUGH* and I despise the fact that there’s about 14 minutes of total game play during a 3 hour broadcast BUT I WILL STILL SPEND AN ENTIRE SUNDAY WATCHING ALL THE FOOTBALL I CAN DAMMIT!! 

If I’m being honest with myself part of me still does love seeing the massive collisions, but mostly I think it’s because I can throw it on and only pay scant attention and still know exactly what’s going on. 

Jason Strudwick:

NFL. Giants are my team. Tour de France. 

Jason Gregor:

I enjoy most of them, but CFL and NFL are what I watch the most. NFL intrigues me more recently because of my fantasy football league. Tennis is my favourite individual sport to watch.


I’ll watch basically anything. Hockey is obviously my #1, but I can get down to watching NFL, MLB, PGA… I’m also into NBA highlights because I think the rest of the game if filler anyway. 


2) @Higgsdistortion asks – What do you think is most likely to happen… the players stay the same but the coach is changed, or a core member is moved before another coaching change? Why?

Robin Brownlee:

A core player will be traded before the coach is fired. That’s always the way it happens. Besides, while I’m not saying Eakins is the  second-coming of Scotty Bowman, the Oilers are a flawed team and that needs to be addressed before any coach can have real success here.


The more likely item is a trade. Dallas Eakins has shown improvement year over year, but more important there are clear and obvious holes  (C,D) in the roster. MacT still has work to  do. 

Jonathan Willis:

I’d say the coach changes before a core player moves. I say that because it’s awfully hard to move a core player midseason and Craig MacTavish has made it pretty clear he doesn’t have much interest in moving those guys anyway. I do think we’ll see some sort of trade before a coaching change is made, though.


I think we’ll see a big trade before anything else. I’m going to go out on a ledge here and assume MacT realizes that the coaching carousel that’s been happening here for 8 years has been anything but helpful to the development of the young players, and the team as a whole. Dallas Eakins is also “his guy”, and after the Ralph Kreuger buttfumble I get the sense that MacT is going to let this ride out AT LEAST until the end of the season and see where things are from there. It’s super easy to scapegoat the coach (Hi 90% of the commenters on here/Twitter) but even if we made some kind of super coach out of parts of Scotty Bowmen, Pat Burns, Toe Blake and Al Arbour this team still wouldn’t be a playoff contender, not with the roster as it currently sits. 

I’m going to say we see a winger traded for a legit centerman by the trade deadline. 

Jason Strudwick:

None of the above. I think they will ride this season out. Patience is the key.

Jason Gregor:

Depends who you deem as a core player. Hall, RNH, Eberle and Schultz are the only ones MacTavish has mentioned and the only one out of those four who they would trade and who has value is Eberle. I’m not sold that Eakins is the answer, but he sure isn’t the problem either. Until this team learns to be more competitive, some have taken steps this year, RNH and Yak, this team won’t win. They need another centre, more consistent goaltending and a proven top-pair defender, but they also need more players who battle as hard as the opposition every night. I’d lean towards shaking up a key piece before another coaching change.


The last thing the Oilers need to do is fire another coach – they’ve had way too many.  I do think that some of the decisions that Dallas Eakins has made have been strange, but I don’t think changing the coach mid year is going to help anything.  If anything, I could see one of the core kids and a blue chip prospect being moved for help before MacT fires Eakins. Like it or not, I think that’s the truth. 


3) Czar asks – I know it’s early in the season but what do you see the Oilers doing with their goaltending situation? Viktor Fasth is a UFA at the end of the year and there isn’t much to choose from in the UFA pool next summer. What would you do with the goaltending?

Robin Brownlee:

Too early to say. Need to give Scrivens and Fasth the season to see if either one is a true No. 1.


It’s an ongoing audition for both in my mind. If Fasth plays his way into the starting job suspect we’ll see him signed. Plenty of track left to go.

Jonathan Willis:

It always seems like there are more goalies around than there are places for them to play. For the Oilers, it depends what Fasth and Scrivens show the rest of the way; ideally one of them emerges but if not a stopgap like Antti Niemi at a reasonable price wouldn’t be a terrible idea – it’s what Calgary did with Jonas Hiller and that’s looking pretty good so far.


If Viktor Fasth continues his inconsistent play the rest of the season then I don’t think they should re-sign him. I honestly don’t know if there are any better options out there, as you said the UFA goalie pool is thinner than the lining in the swim trunks I’ve been wearing as underwear every day for the past 5 years, but one name on that list that does jump out at me is Cam Talbot. Every time I’ve seen him step in for Henrik Lundqvist he’s looked pretty great. I’m sure playing behind that Rangers defence hasn’t hurt things but he’s only 27 (turns 28 in July) and so far has a career .932 SV% and a 1.91 GAA. Plus he’s only making $575,000 this year so I can’t imagine he’ll be in the running for a massive raise. If the Rangers don’t re-sign him I wouldn’t mind the Oilers taking a run at his services.

Jason Strudwick:

Oilers fans should be praying one of these guys takes over as a number one. Outside of that a trade will be needed to fill the spot and then draft and develop.

Jason Gregor:

Too early to tell, but you are correct there is no white knight they can sign in free agency. They need to hope one of Fasth or Scrivens returns to the form they had before arriving in Edmonton. They need to scout other teams and find a guy who is a #3 somewhere who is good, but not getting an opportunity. Hard to find, but that is why they pay scouts. The Oilers haven’t found a hidden gem in years, but other teams have so I’d put some pressure on my scouts.


I was just looking at the list of UFA goalies for next summer and there’s no saviour there for us.  Viktor Fasth hasn’t been great, but it’s not like Scrivens has been lights out either. Of the two, I think Scrivens would be able to be a starter. The guy seems so focused and passionate about the game that I’ve got hope that he’ll improve. As for who his backup will be? We may as well get a dart board out and start making guesses.


4) Allan Jameson asks – Do you think Taylor Hall has to change his approach to the game? I admire his recklessness, but I worry about how his style of play will affect his longevity. Thank you!

Robin Brownlee:

No, he doesn’t need to change his approach more than he already has. Hall isn’t reckless. He plays with gusto. Diminish that and you diminish him as a player.


I think he’s already changed it a little, he is less vulnerable than in the past. Players get injured, Hall’s had his share, but imo he’s less reckless than in the past. 

Jonathan Willis:

Not really. I think we’ve already seen Hall make some big adjustments since he broke into the NHL; from my viewpoint he has a pretty decent balance between self-preservation and doing whatever it takes. 


I don’t think he needs to. I understand the argument for that, and I had similar thoughts when we drafted him, but at the same time if you look at the major injuries he’s incurred so far in his pro career they’ve all been more or less freak accidents; tweaking his ankle in a fight, getting his face stomped on in warmups by his own teammate, and now getting steered into the net and hitting his knee. He’s taken a few good open ice hits, but who in this league hasn’t? And he did have major shoulder surgery, but again that seems like a very common thing in the NHL, especially for a guy who doesn’t shy away from the corners or contact in general. If he starts taking a few good shots to the head a la Nathan Horton then maybe we could open up this argument again, but for now I’d rather have Taylor Hall going full bore out there with a medium chance of injury, than Taylor Hall playing at 3/4 speed and being less effective. 

Jason Strudwick:

He has become more aware on the ice. He is fine.

Jason Gregor:

He changed it after getting rocked by Sarich. You can’t ask him to slow down or not attack, that is what makes him so dangerous, but he has gotten much better at not putting himself in dangerous positions to get hit.


I think Taylor Hall has already has adjusted his game.  I think he was way more likely to get levelled with a suicide pass in his first couple seasons than he is now.  I’ve also noticed that Taylor Hall seems to be keeping his emotions in check a little bit better this year.  Of all the people to worry about, I don’t think Taylor Hall is one of them. 


5) Richard Franklin asks – What was the worst job you’ve ever had, and how long did you last?

Robin Brownlee:

Cleaning boxcars on a CN platform as a summer job. You had seven minutes per car to sweep out grain dust, horse shit and whatever had been in the cars. No matter how hot the day, how dirty the cars where, they kept coming at the same rate hours on end. Stayed for the summer because the pay was good.


When I was  a kid, a local farmer (Bud Leachman) used to hire me to pick rocks. It was very difficult work, and long days. It was an important time in my life, though. I’ve dedicated myself to NEVER HAVING TO PICK ROCKS AGAIN!!!!

Jonathan Willis:

I’ve never really had a terrible job. Restaurant work when I was in school didn’t pay very well but it was fun. The most demanding was working at an oilfield equipment shop; there was lots of long days (and weeks, and months) in the winter and a fair amount of crawling on hands and knees in frozen separators. I was there for just under five years and don’t regret it at all. 


I’ve been pretty lucky in terms of never really having a shit job. Catering wasn’t super fun but shifts were only like 5 hours and you got a bunch of free food. Working at Save On had it’s crappy moments, but 90% of that was just dealing with shithead customers. And then I spent a decade working in TV before starting this even cushier gig, so it’s been a pretty okay road so far for this guy. And it also helps explain why I have little-to-no work ethic when it comes to anything labor intensive!

Jason Strudwick:

Carpet Cleaner. 10 days after I started I was drafted. I quit the next day.

Jason Gregor:

Sandblasting tanker drums. It was brutal. The only job I ever quit. I worked six hours and during the afternoon coffee break I left. It wasn’t for me, and I did feel guilty for quitting, but when you know something isn’t for you there is no reason to stay.


Man… I’ve had some bad ones.  One summer I worked at a Donkey farm North of the city.  The people that ran the farm were nice enough, but the job was terrible.  I spend 10 hours/day tilling soil for lilies.  Why did they grow lilies on a Donkey farm? I have no idea. I only lasted a week.

Another one was when I first got out of NAIT. I went for an interview for a “Marketing Associate” position, and ended up getting the job a few days later.  For my first day I was told to expect a few meetings and a few sales calls. Instead, what I ended up doing was walking around from business to business for 8 hours trying to sell crap to the people who worked there.  We would drive from industrial parks to strip malls, and we’d blanket each one.  I remember the product we were trying to sell was some lame generator that not one person bought all day. It was my one and only day – I quit that afternoon.

  • Serious Gord

    The oilers should have made Chabot talk to Dubnyk before the  game so he would have played like he used to. Dubnyk was so different during the game. He played the puck very well and was finding the puck through traffic. Then Scrivens on the other hand…This time he didn’t play  the puck resulting in a goal, but he did fire one over the glass when there was no pressure. Really hope Dubs rejuvenates his career with the yotes. 

    Its so obvious that Chabot is the goaltender problem. Scrivens lead eh league in save percentage before he as traded here. Have a team like LA in front of him  probably help[ed to that. But the thing is when he came here, same goes for Fasth, he played great. He hardly had time to speak with Chabot, so didn’t pick up any bad habits. Then the off-season rolls around and now Scrivens has more one on one time with Chabot, now he plays the way he does. 


    • vetinari

      Based on how Dubnyk and LaBarbra played last year and how Scrivens and Fasth started this year, I believe that Chabot’s advice to his goalies must be:

      “Rule #1- you need to block the glare of the arena lights to clearly see the shot. So squint as much as you can. Or even better. Close your eyes entirely.”

      “Rule #2- They never expect the Goalie to leave the crease on a dump in. So help your defencemen out. Leave the crease as much as you can– even if you can’t stickhandle better than a 5 year old.”

      “Rule #3- A .900 save percentage is almost mythological so don’t worry about it. We are an offensive team so we will likely win each game by scores of 6-4 or 7-5.”

      “Rule #4- The Butterfly technique is for entomologists, Stand-up is for comedians and angles are for engineers. Just stop the puck. Flailing works too.”

      “Rule #5- Your body is a wonderland. But your hand is your best friend. Wear a glove for protection and just go with the flow.”

      “Rule #6- If you can catch a wrench, you can catch a puck. [*throws wrench]”

    • I have been on the fire Chabot bandwagon for some time. Remember when Trotz blasted Dubnyk’s bad habits? That should have been a red flag.

      BUT, I went to look at the goalie stats under Chabot’s record, and they’ve been fine RIGHT UP UNTIL THE DAY EAKINS TOOK OVER.

      2009-10 0.909
      2010-11 0.890
      2011-12 0.910
      2012-13 0.923

      2009-10 0.889
      2010-11 0.916
      2011-12 0.914
      2012-13 0.921
      2013-14 0.894

      2012-13 (Leafs) 0.915
      2013-14 (Kings) 0.931
      2013-14 (Oil) 0.916 (value decreases over season)
      2014-15 (Oil) 0.899

      There does also seem to be some inability to develop goalies at the minor league level, so I’d still back up the truck to any of the top 10 goalie coaches that become available and can Chabot ASAP, but I think the most glaring problem is Eakins.

  • Derzie

    For the Question “2) @Higgsdistortion asks – What do you think is most likely to happen… the players stay the same but the coach is changed, or a core member is moved before another coaching change? Why?”

    The answers are all focused on one area: Skill. The Oil are broken on many levels and who is responsible varies. Lacking skill is the GMs domain. Weak Goaltending? Goalie coach & GM. Losing is OK? 6-rings/Katz. Passion for the game? All of management, cancers in the rooms if any. Camaraderie? Coach, GM, players. Grit? GM. Consistency? Coaches.

    The point is, talking about trading this player for that player is putting the cart before the horse. Fix the house first, then populate the rooms, so to speak.

  • Derzie

    Watching Devan last night in goal I was happy to see him gaining some of his form back! Why has no one questioned why good goalies come to Edmonton and play horrible, leave and become good again!! Look at the goalie coaching perhaps!!!!!

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      the only reason Chabot got a free pass from being fired last season was the fact that Scrivens and Fasth played fairly well when they got here, so it was likely decieded that DD was the problem after all and not the goalie coach. dead wrong! Chabot must go!

  • BlazingSaitls

    The problems I see, in particular order, are.

    3)Everything else

    *edited to add a limerick

    *-The Oilers have a POHO named Lowe-

    -and a very bad coach named Chabot-

    -They’ve been there forever-

    -Its never got better-

    -Its time! They both have to go!-

  • Serious Gord

    My answers to the bag:

    1. Team sport – NFL. CFL is on life support and will soon be a regional semi-pro league.

    IndivividUal: Darts. Amazing to watch on TV and is there any better sport to attend live? Certainly looks like a blast.

    2. Unless they lose another five in a row eakins will not be fired before a player is moved. I doubt it will be a core player – MacT was a Pygmy player and clearly seems more comfortable trading Pygmy players.

    3. Nothing will happen with the goalies save perhaps a trade deadline move of one of them. Likely that chabot gets fired in the off season. There are lots of decent goalies to be had but MacT is to stubborn and too cheap to get one.

    4. Hall had changed his game last year. He fell back into riskier play dirk g this season had some close calls and then paid the price. He looked very timid last night and while he kept up with the rush he did not lead or run ahead of it. Clearly he’s not 100%. Maybe he’s learned his lesson. Maybe not.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Gord, you seem to be having a PMS day, even by your standards?

      1. The CFL has been on life support, well pretty much always. One of the attractions to some players to play in the CFL is that they can start working on a career whilst they are playing. Some players take advantage of this. So in that sense it has always had a semi pro aspect to it. Doesn’t detract from it’s appeal.

      2. A new adjective here? would Arco, Gaudreau (sp??) and St. Louis fall into this group? I agree that player movement may be more likely that coaching change. I don’t think that tinkering around the edges will do much, one of the “core players”, using MacT’s term, will need to be moved. It will be interesting to see what happens with 18 of the 20 vs western conference.

      3. I agree that it is unlikely that we will see any new goalies here this year. WRT decent goalies to be had do you mean the like of Bryz, Vakoun Broduer?? Strange you now consider MacT as being cheap. You have often criticized him for overpaying. I recall your vitriol when they acquired Hendricks. Which is it too cheap or too rich?

  • WHH

    The one common denominator with Oiler goaltenders seems to be to go down early to their knees. A lot of goals go in high especially glove side. Looking at Dubnyk last night he seemed to be staying on his feet longer, allowing himself to cover more of the net and catching the puck. Scrivens was in flop mode as he has been in most of the season, and as Devan was last year. Coaching?

  • Spoils

    nice for Dubnyk that he could come in here and play a game like that, but we need to execute on the killer instinct.

    here’s my mailbag question:

    what is our record in games where we “have a good chance to win” by the third? which is to say where we are in the game late in the game.

    we need to reverse that stat.

    is that a coaching thing? a core group mental thing?

    is that KLowe’s bad vibes?

    • R U Kidding Me!

      It is a coaching thing. Eakins is by far the worst coach in the NHL and he is trying to teach a young team? That is BS, only guys that he may be able to teach are his old Toronto Marlies AHL players that they keep bringing into Edmonton.
      Here’s a bit of coaching genius by “you suck” Eakins, last minute of a 2-1 game, goalie pulled for an extra attacker and who does he have on the ice?? FERENCE are you f__king kidding me. This Eakins guy does not have a clue. I guess Ference kisses is ass so he gets prime ice time, The whole organization is a colossal joke

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Jason Strudwick:

    None of the above. I think they will ride this season out. Patience is the key.

    WTF, what a stupid organization we have running something so dearly needed by Edmontonians.

  • Spoils

    CFL , Hockey , Boxing and Soccer favorite sports to watch .

    Players to be moved will be next on agenda as next step , but slow as is even dithers 2 has shown for filling major holes .

    Tams and Renney gave cudos to owner and all Oilers management in journal article the other day , so it’s unlikely that any of them could be removed . If they are correct , and we have some of the best in the industry in management , then it seems like player turn over is next and only way they might go . Mind you , they did not say anything about the coaches that I recall. The only drawback has been on ice performance , but that has done nothing to change the bulk of management .

    Don’t know how long fans can put up with this disasterous decade old rebuild ?

  • Quicksilver ballet

    They walked amongst us.

    Take THAT….Riders nation. The foul smell of losing is all yours today. Breathe through your mouth today, not your nose. Grade that Eskie fart Riders nation.

    The CFL has been dying for 25 years, and will continue for the next 25 yrs.

    • bazmagoo

      Amongst people on this site I would think about 90% are calling for change. Either players, coaches, management or all of the above.

      Perhaps you mean the media who are well know as lap dogs who only dare criticize anyone other than players with the most muted of tones, if at all.

  • R U Kidding Me!

    Jason Gregor wrote:
    “The only job I ever quit. I worked six hours and during the afternoon coffee break I left. It wasn’t for me, and I did feel guilty for quitting, but when you know something isn’t for you there is no reason to stay”.

    Kevin Lowe, are you reading this. Pack your bags, leave during lunch break today and don’t ever come back you know this job isn’t for you.

  • bazmagoo

    “None of the above. I think they will ride this season out. Patience is the key.” – Jason Strudwick

    This bullshiz answer needed to include a couple of key points as to why he thinks “patience” is key. Overall, this organization has been shown a great deal of patience. This current squad has not won one single game against a western conference opponent this season, and it is mid-November already?!

    • Quicksilver ballet

      True words- Spoken by a guy who already has his piece from that pie. Can you blame him for continueing to make up excuses/differ blame so they continue to receive these lottery type pay cheques?

      Patience can also be used as a crutch when associations or groups (Oilers) don’t know what they’re doing.

      The Infinibuild has taken full grasp of this organization under this (insert noun here) management group. They will soon be back to square one (June of 2010) again when Daryl Putin finally admits the error of his ways. Hopefully he hasn’t left this decision too long. He’s already half way there to his new building opening half full and with a 75 cent Canadian dollar. Tick tock tick tock Mr. Putin.

  • bazmagoo

    I’ll take a stab at the poll:

    1. All sports, but after hockey I’ll have to go with EPL (up the Arsenal) and MLB as my faves. Hockey’s my #1 winter sport, so I follow NBA and NFL sparingly.

    2. With the bullheadedness in the organization, as much as I hate it, a trade has to come before a coaching change.

    I hope it’s only Perron and not one of the 5 core kids.

    Conversely, I wonder if Eakins will change things up to maximize what the players can give us knowing his job is on the line. Pretty doubtful…

    3. I thought Chabot should have been axed or moved upstairs last offseason. But I still think Fasth is the keeper out of the two.

    4. Hall has changed, but he’s still pushing the river, or as much as he can under Eakins’ new possession over scoring system.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    “Too early to say. Need to give Scrivens and Fasth the season to see if either one is a true No. 1.”

    “Dallas Eakins has shown improvement year over year.”

    “None of the above. I think they will ride this season out. Patience is the key.”

    Wow, this Monday mailbag has convinced me that the writers on here are just as clueless as management. The blind leading the blind in Edmonton.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    I laugh at the Oiler fans they win a game and its looking good. They lose a game and fire everyone.

    Here is a tip Oilers have been the worst team in the NHL for 8 + years. What do you expect.

    • OilClog

      It’s obvious you don’t read many posts on here pal. Many people including myself saw many flaws even during the 4 game win streak. We aren’t blind to the overall issues this team suffers from.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Have you looked at Lowetide’s blog all these guys using fancy stats spend hrs trying to get a positive result. Look at the crosi the fenwick etc . They have 1 tool in the toolbox and that is all they use. Still getting it wrong in real life. I think they should switch religions and move to Global warming. Same type of people they forget the facts on the ground.

    Here is a clue- its about wins and losses.

    • Wax Man Riley

      I do not agree with Dallases misplaced faith in stats,he has been worked over by the online crooks,he was looking very hard for a solution and someone with Lawyer-like savvy and solid game/sales-plan provided him with a tailormade statistical cure for his problems, a divisive hollow baseless cure with no chance of ever helping Dallas or his Team.

      Dallas has been the single most stats influenced NHL Coach since he signed on,this is recognised League Wide,the Oilers are known as the Advanced Stats incubator,they are the Team supporting the advanced Stats movement the most by officially endorsing them.

      There is no middle-ground,you either trust statistics to run your show or you do not,statistics are numbers but are NOT reliable like your hand-held calculator or your anti-lock brakes on your car operated by computer and sensors,they are a fluid mis-representative influence when used nefariously,understand that statistics require 100% honesty to properly represent anything usefull.

      There is no such thing as statisticlly catalysed auto-pilot in the NHL,never was and never will be.Everything that can be squeezed out of statistics has lready been milked from them,anyone saying differently is trying to make a buck selling you Snake-Oil.

      If you have one ounce of ulterior motive like earning a living or a moonlighting buck or trying to kick-start an embrionic Micro-Industry like the Advnced Stats scam is,then things get terminal in nature and can quickly spiral out of control.Stats are deadly poison to an orgnisational super-structure if used the wrong ways for long enough.

      I have never been an Eakins hunter,in fact I know exactly why he was hired,and believe it was a good idea which still has a chance to work out,all Dallas needs to do is dump the blame for the Oilers current position AND historical woes where it belongs,on stats influences and inputs,of ALL people he has qualified himself via his deep comittment to advanced statistics and their utter failure to support his intentions and his Teams performance.

      This is what I call the Platinum Moment, Dallas must decide if his comittment to statistical influences is obssesive to the degree that he is willing to turn his head to the potential cause of 8+ years of organisational disconnects knowig full well where it is coming from.

      There is a very long detailed hard copy record of the destructive slow methodical statistical poisoning of the Oilers Organisation, there is SO MUCH of this evidence that it is overwhelming,Dallas could drop a hammer on this entire issue,if he did a 360.After all he is simply on the terminal end of very long and wide spectrum of stats caused problems.

      One might call it a genius move,to spin this stats error into a tangible out and in the process ACTUALLY illustrate the true cause of the Oilers problems,distance yourself from the current stats inputs and then clearly support full disclosure of the long detailed history of negatively impacting statistical influences which began to creep into the Oilers Orgnisation when Messier left town.

      This rubicon has been 4 years in the making.To survive Dallas MUST I.D stats as the definate causality of his recent NHL disconnects and then suggest to the public that he believes there is a possibility that this same type of subversive statistical usage long term impact may have been undermining many of his predecessors AND current Management who were not even IN Management when the real problems began.

      This is a believe it freaking or not HONEST out for ALL of the Oilers Management from K-Lowe down…..AND it BANG-ON pinpoints the historical problem which hs been undermining the entire Organisation and in the process show everyone that there IS A WAY TO TURN THINGS AROUND.

      All Dallas has to do is expose the stats for what they really are,then let the healing begin.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    How about doing something crazy like bringing one of the best goalies ever to play the game here? Most likely as a coach, if nothing else he could teach both our guys what it takes to be winners. (They both certainly have the potential) all the extra work he had to do to stay at that compete level for that long suggests his work ethic is exemplary (who knows perhaps it would rub off on other players in the organization)……….. Who am I suggesting? Well none other than Martin Brodeur!!! Just a thought can’t get much more professional than him

    • ubermiguel

      I love Brodeur but I doubt very much he’s interested in the job. I suggested Fuhr in an earlier post partly because he’s a local and is also an HHOF goaltender.

  • Serious Gord

    Re: the CFL

    Rules wise the debate on which is the better league will always rage on, but clearly the NFL is a more complex one. The CFL rules reward gambling far more than the NFL does, thus high risk tactics are tried there first before migrating to the NFL.

    But the NFL is the premiere league and the premier brand and with the advent of cable and now internet and the NFL access they provide, sports fans migrate to to it over the CFL over time. Because the southern ontario market had this access much sooner than the ROC (and the unbelievably stupid blackout system they had in the eighties that drove football fans to watch NFL because they couldn’t get the CFL on TV), the Argos have died sooner than the rest of the league.

    But once the argos do officially die – likely within the next three to five years – the national advertisers will abandon the league and it will become true semi-pro. Montreal and Van won’t be far behind and then Ottawa and Hamilton.

    That leaves the prairies where the Bombers are already in trouble.

  • BlazingSaitls

    Until the Oilers win against the west everything Eakins says with regards to improvement, process, progress, battle, compete, process, puck luck, and process, is all just white noise.

  • Bennyboy


    Dubnyk come back here to whoop us.

    Get off your godamn hands MacT and pluck Josh Harding off waivers.

    #2 Freddy Chabot needs to be gone YESTERDAY!!!

    I would rather have no goalie coach for a while. I’m sure our guys would be better.

    There was a time when teams didn’t have goalie coaches. Would have been better off to have Ben and Victor just play with what they brought from their previous teams, and I mean miles better.

    Freddy Chabot is CLEARLY killing goalies.
    Get it done!! Today!!!

        • vetinari

          Hey, I’m with you that we need a consistent and reliable goalie but I’m thinking if we keep three on the 23 man list, we have to drop or send down a forward or defenceman to make room for them. If we try to trade one to recoup some value, we’re going to get a mid to late round pick. If we waive one, it’s likely that another team will be take a flyer and we lose them for nothing. Ideally, MacT puts in the waiver claim for Harding and starts working the phone for a trade for Fasth as they both are in their last year of their contracts.

  • Harry2

    I used to love Sundays as a football fan but watching an NFL game live on TV these days has become absolutely brutal. Between the commercial breaks and the challenges in my mind its now more boring than baseball. I csn only hope hockey doesnt follow suit

    • Serious Gord

      And i have the opposite situation.

      Due to time constraints on the weekends I have largely stopped watching NFL.

      But MLB, which was my favourite of sports before the expos were moved, has become almost impossible to watch because the games can often run four hours.

      Something needs to be done regarding batters stepping out of the box on every pitch and pitchers walking off the mound almost as often. Get games consistently below 3 hours and i Likely would become a regular TV viewer.

      (and nothing beats a MLB baseball game in a good park – safeco is maybe the very best – for a live event)

  • Serious Gord


    Patience ? Really ? you took one too many shots my friend. If i ran my company being patient all the time i would be out of business. I change to adapt to my customers needs. The money i donate essentially to KATZ for a sub-par product, year after year after year, just in the hopes it turns
    around eventually is staggering. Patience my ass. Give your head a shake.
    I doubt very much you donate much of your hard earned money to KATZ,
    as the average non Player has. I dont expect a Stanley cup winner every year , just some good entertainment and a team trying to improve, this
    Oilers group starting from the top has not. IMO its because the owner
    has no clue and this is his toy and he loves hanging with the old boys.

    Be Bold Oilers – step outside of the box , you have nothing to lose, you already are bottom of the barrell, Again.