Oilers Trade Will Acton for Kellan Lain

The Edmonton Oilers have traded Centre Will Acton and minor leaguer Mitch Holmberg to the Vancouver Canucks in exchange for Centre Kellan Lain.

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The Breakdown:

Will Acton:

3 goals, 2 assists in 33 NHL Games

Kellan Lain: 

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1 goal, 0 assists in 9 NHL Games

  • Wax Man Riley

    Or…. Do you think Papa Acton went to MacT and said “listen, we know this team is going nowhere for a LONG time. Can we get Jr. out of here? He doesn’t need to be in this sort of environment.”

  • hitchikerforajax

    We are now at the incredibly predictable point in the oilers “managements'” mind frame, that we make changes for next year.

    Bwhahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahaha… oh man… 9 years running!! enjoy everyone!!

  • hitchikerforajax

    This move from the management is the answer to us basically being out of the playoffs already.
    If this didn’t happen, oilers fans would start to think they didn’t know what they where talking about.
    This move.. a couple token moves in the off season, and we are in the chase again next year. Lol

  • hitchikerforajax

    Imagine a real trade! Eberle with Shultz and Pretry plus our next year’s first..

    These dick lickers have zero balls to make proper trades that NEED to happen.

    We NEED these big trades. It’s what makes good things happen. Bunch of gutless losers running this show.

      • hitchikerforajax

        No I certainly do not want any of klow, MacT, or eakins involved in ANY trade… I am the guy that is red in the face yelling for management changes, please don’t get me wrong..
        It kinda looks like we aren’t going to have a good team, until it gets stumbled into backwards. I am the first to say I hope to hell we never have a good team under lowe, because he is the problem, but I would still trade dumb luck, for a winning team, even if it means loser klowe smiling in the end.

  • Congo Powerarm

    And to my 100 percent ratio of negative feed back, you are all nuts if you think the likes of Eberle and Petry don’t need to go, for us to improve.

    I am willing to bet that we would have 3 players tops left from the current line up if a competent gm came in.. and one of those 3 wouldn’t be eberle that’s for sure.

  • MorningOwl

    Pull whatever stats you want, Eberle would even be in the line up for the kings or any hard working team. He lost his entire charm a couple years ago, and would be on the trade options list in my league.

    The same thing that makes us the best fans in the league, make us the worst team in the league..

    We keep a soft spot for anyone that ever did us right, and made us proud. We will fill our lines and management with people that should not be there based on sentiment.

    I honestly don’t even see that trend going away in the fans to be honest. People cheering for another year out of Ryan Smith? One of my favorites ever, but he was done.. We might get points out of Eberle, but he is nothing like he was from day one.

    Eberle has stopped playing his hardest for us fans, so he needs to go.

  • Congo Powerarm

    What I find ridiculous is that precious time and resources were just used trading a crap hockey player for a goon both of nothing more than AHL quality. The season is hanging in the balance. Many argue its already over…Any time whatsoever available to management should be used to improve the team at this point. Get a grip and fix this team!

  • Congo Powerarm

    A competent gm could come in, trade Eberle, Yak (though I really like the guy) Hall (again, awesome guy) nugent (again awesome), and give us a return of an entire solid team.
    That new team would be in the playoffs in a year with proper coaching..
    These guys make 6 million a year! There is zero room for sentiment when you wanna win at sports.

  • Congo Powerarm

    Does anyone else have a way to make an entire team? If we don’t trade the items people want, we will never improve. There is simply no freakin way.
    Everyone hates shultz, but the rest of the league thinks he sucks as well? Are we going to trade that dude for a better replacement? Of course not.
    Are we going to trade Nikitan for a better guy? Heeeelllls now..

    Wait!! We need a second line center!! Surely we can can trade Arco for one right? Uuuummmm.. nope.

    I bet Taylor Hall could get us a second line center, and an honest to goodness first line dman (oilers quality). Yeah. It sucks we lose him, but we suck with him.

    Eberle can bring us a solid 3rd line center, and a very good top pairing or second line dman.

    Something really important like this needs to happen, and it would surely be the first things that happen if we had someone with balls.

    • HockeyYoda

      I agree that everything and everyone must be on the table as potential trades etc. MacT has stated frequently that the “core” are untouchable, this must change.

      Having said this, it is very unlikely any trade of significance happens this hockey season. When was the last time a trade of significance happened during the season, even including deadline rental deals? With teams facing cap or budget restrictions it is very difficult for big deals to happen during the year.

      • MorningOwl

        The Islanders Acquired Vanek last year. It was for picks and it didn’t work out, but it was still a big trade.

        I think we have to accept the suckage for a bit longer. People are gonna trash that comment, but it is the right thing to do. Draft and develop, trade because of the cap, on and on.

        Hopefully we can sign Boychuck this summer. He would be a big help.

    • Congo Powerarm

      Depends what he brings in return. He is our best player, but if he can fill two spots we need most, then why not?

      How many people here would rather have a team in the playoffs next year, if it meant Hall, Nugent, Yak, and Eberle were all gone?

      I for one, after 9 years, am fine seeing them all gone, and new names come in.

      I am a minority and I understand that, but I don’t care. If you don’t want to throw a jersey on the ice because it soils the name, then you shouldn’t care about anything but the name. Taylor Hall has never been a part of the winning oilers, so why do we care if he leaves beyond being the hardest worker?

      It’s because of sentiment, and sentiment does win sh’t.

      • Congo Powerarm

        I concur completely with your last statement. So why are Lowe and MacT in their respective positions, other than sentiment (at least in Katz’s eyes)?

  • Congo Powerarm

    Lain is a 3/4 centre on the Utica Comets. The Comets are currently the top team in the AHL so the Trade was made for a more offensive player to help the Comets make a run for the Calder Cup. Not sure what the Oilers saw in Lain to warrant trading for him.

  • HockeyYoda

    Why am I thrilled with trade?

    Because I’d have to go back about 30 years to recall a player with less talent than Acton. I no longer have endure the pain of wondering “what the hell is this guy doing in the NHL” every time he dressed. Goodbye Will Acton, and feel free to take your Dad with you.

  • MorningOwl

    we really need a pool so we can wager on who goes first, and when: Klowe, MacT or Eakins. Or a big name core player.

    Anything less then Klowe would say a lot about ownership beliefs.

    I suggets Klowe goes this weekend after tonights loss, with Mact to follow shortly after, and the coach in about 2 weeks.

    Anything less would be telling regarding Katz