GDB 20.0 Wrap Up: Devils @ Oilers

Rexall smells of farts and failure. Final Score: 2-0 Devils

Tonight’s game opened with the Sportsnet panel talking about how the Devils have had trouble scoring lately. Automatically, I got nervous. Anytime someone mentions a slump/drough/plague/curse, and the Oilers in the same sentence, I start to get heart palpitations. In my brain, I picture a guy who hasn’t scored in 6 years, ripping a slapshot top corner. That’s just how things have gone for the Oilers lately. They’ve been slump busters for the past few years, and it’s endlessly annoying. The annoyance continues.

After having terrible starts lately, the Oilers came out like a house on fire tonight. The Devils didn’t even get a shot until the first period was halfway through. Now, why can’t the Oilers figure out a way to do that every game? Unfortunately, the start of the game was also the best part of the game. As my nightmares foretold, the Devils scored and the Oilers didn’t. The most frustrating part of this game was easily the Oilers powerplay. In the second period, Yakupov took a stick to the face drawing a 4 minute powerplay. In 4 minutes, the Oilers managed 2 shots. To say the powerplay was awful would be like putting mustard on a turd sandwich. 

This whole game was frustrating. The Oilers are making mistakes that would normally get worked out in the preseason, and when they do the puck ends up in the back of their net.  We’re running out of time, here.  Unless the Oilers figure out a way to win, we’re going to be watching meaningless games again in December. Maybe we should sacrifice something?

The wrap.



  • Really solid start for the Oilers tonight. They need to figure out how to make this happen on a nightly basis. 
  • I don’t care if he’s on the other team, it’s awesome to watch Jaromir Jagr play hockey.
  • The Devils backup goalie has the best job in the world. Best seat in the house! Every. Single. Night.
  • Viktor Fasth probably played well enough to win, but it’s hard to win games if your team doesn’t score.
  • I have a full bottle of rum to get through.



  • The Oilers power play is absolutely awful. There’s no other way to say it. That’s it. Awful. 
  • The Oilers PK almost got caught with all 4 players being on the same side of the ice… AGAIN. It was deja-vu from the Canucks game.
  • The odd man rushes, and breakaways against are going to make me punch holes in the drywall. Enough now. Whatever part of the Oilers “system” is causing this… QUIT IT.
  • Justin Schultz had a bad night. How he hasn’t been benched/scratched for a game at this point is shocking. Eakins was never quick enough to bench Yakupov, but Justin Schultz never gets the same treatment.
  • Pouliot broke his foot and will be out indefinitely. 
  • The next 10 games are against the Western Conference.


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  • Harry2

    Daryl your a cruel cruel man. Dont you think we have suffered enough.Please stop this gongshow.The two least desired cities to play in Edmonton and Buffalo 29

  • Joe Mamma

    I stopped watching the games last year, and it was the best thing I ever did. This team is an embarrassment, and I see no point in wasting my precious time watching this tire fire.

    Hey Gregor, Mr. “Let’s give it 20 games before we talk about firing the coach”, what do you think? Can we talk about firing this clown yet? I mean hey, your point of continuity being more important than competence is clearly proving to be a real winner.

  • Serious Gord

    After watching this team for almost 40 years and being a season seat holder, the only advice I have is… it’s broken and it all needs to be liquidated – burn this heap of manure to the ground. No player is off limits. Until that happens nothing will change.

    An embarrassing organization and an embarrassment for this proud and vibrant city of accountable, hard working, caring and performance driven people. This team is an insult to our inner core, a contrast to what we really stand for in northern Alberta.

  • Harry2

    Hard to fault the fans for so much anger. Fix the backend and the team will do better. Fayne and Petry have been good and nice to have Marincin back and Ference is ok as a 6th or 7th dman but Nikitin and Schultz need to sit. A huge disconnect exists between the forwards and defence and we still need a bonafide starer in goal.

  • camdog

    Rationalizing for the losing was that the Oilers had better puck possession stats then they did last season when they were playing the SWARM. It doesn’t mean they have a better team, it just means that the SWARM was not a good system to implement in the NHL.

    • What is the SWARM?

      What were we doing before the SWARM and what will we be doing after the SWARM?

      I thought the SWARM was something made up by Winnipeg Blogger?Is it real or not?

      Is Dellow part of the SWARM?

      What do the hockey players here have to say about the SWARM?Did they use it in Pee-Wee and Junior? Was it called the SWARM? For some reason this question seems important.

      Did the Oilers use the SWARM before Eakins showed up or is it something he was already perfecting with the Marlies?There is the small matter if the last 2 years he spent before he made the NHL,there is template showing some major changes in his Coaching style,where did those chnges come from?

      What if the SWARM is something Dallas himself only learned 4 years ago and implemented it in his Coaching with the Marlies then caught Mac-Ts eye?

      This would mean Dallas is gutsy and edgy and groundbreaking but unable to connect with the source of the data he began learning back with the Marlies 4 years ago,the same time Krueger was cutting his teeth by listening to Oilers players who were appealing to him to pay attention.

      But alas if there is long clear history of the SWARM could some experienced hockey people PLEASE just tell us what it is,so we can understand what the team is trying to do out there?

      Maybe some of you who played the SWARM can help with some suggestions your old Coaches used or you figured out as players?

      Anything at all,we are desperate here….SAWRM data?…anyone……

  • MorningOwl

    Why the hell are any of you paying to watch this crap!!! Seriously, I know we are Canadian and hockey is in our veins but this frickin team is tainted blood and it’s killing us all.

    You can yammer all you want about being a loyal fan but what has this joke of an organization shown you in return?

    Why the hell do you support them again and again? When you go to a restaurant that sucks, do you keep going back to eat their crappy food?

    Find something else to do people. Spend time with your family, your friends or even your pet hamster. All would be more rewarding then wasting time on this garbage!

    You can all come back to the team when they start winning. Hopefully, you live that long and don’t worry, you won’t be called a bandwagon jumper. You just be called reasonable and sensible!!!

  • MorningOwl

    If the management will not change coaches maybe make dippers do Dallas and Ramsey hangs hair cuts. Time for the players to lock the door and have it out. To much poison.

  • camdog

    Did not take MacT. long to send Kreuger packing . MacT. has become Dithers 2 and worse when it comes to his choice of Eakins . All that , and Eakins regressive results . We did not tolerate coaches back in the days we were actually winning games . This constant rebuild is nothing more than a ploy of C.Y.A. (cover your ass )management to hold onto their jobs . Patience from fans will return when they make a clean sweep starting with management . How players perform , could be interesting when and if it happens . Highly doubt it could be any worse than it has been this last while . Why wait for spring , do it now and maybe we will finally see an upward trend .

  • camdog

    Still waiting for fans to throw Mickey mouse Ears on the ice , or cardboard discs with pictures of Mickey and Goofy . Now that would send a message to them .

  • M22

    “You think it’s on the PLAYERS?

    Then you’re part of the problem, not the solution.”

    Doug S:

    “No point in trying to say this group is any good. We need to trade for a centre NOW!!!”

    Above is two separate posts, with polar opposite views on where the problem lies. One is pretty much on the money; the other is not wrong, but is short-sighted.
    Attention, people: some of you are still sleepy-eyed, even after many years of witnessing incompetence extraordinaire. Time to become fully aware.
    Yes, we need better players. No argument there. However, that’s not where the root of the problem lies. Every single player on this roster would benefit immensely by playing in a different organization. They all look worse than they actually are. Why? Well….Oilers.

    The on-ice product looks as terrible as it does, and has for many years, because of gross incompetence at all levels above them: ownership, management, coaching, amateur and pro scouting, development, etc. What we watch on the ice is not the disease: it’s the symptom, and it’s fugly. But, you do not cure a disease by treating symptoms. It does not matter one bit who we trade for, who we draft, who we sign. For years we have watched players come to Edmonton and have almost zero effect on our fortunes, with very few exceptions.

    Sooo? Waste no more time thinking of who we can bring in to solidify our defense, or boost our offense, or steady our goaltending UNTIL there is total overhaul of the sad franchise that these players toil so hopelessly for.

  • R U Kidding Me!

    The only thing more predictable than the moon is that Dallas Eakins will out think himself and totally screw this team up.

    Our best defenceman sat for five games while puck-coughing defencemen like JS and NN play 20+ minutes. His use of players is mired in some abstract uber intillegent system, that only he understands.

    My stanley cup will be Eakins getting fired!

  • Oilers4Ever

    Could not buy a goal last night.sigh.

    There are no meaningless game at any time of the year. What I am seeing is a progression towards better defensive play by the team overall.
    I am seeing RNH transition to a top line NHL center. He is 21 folks . Not may 21 year olds light up the league.
    Hall is stud. Nuff said.
    Eberle is shooting 6%? That will not last. The water will hit the mark by seasons end.
    Draisatl. The learning curve is massive. Time and patience.
    DP. There is no try. Only do.
    Yakupov. The hard work is there,the defense is there, the goals will come.
    Teddy Purcell. Trade fodder at the deadline.
    Marc Arcobello. The finish is just not there.
    Benoit Pouliot. as advertised.
    BG-MH-JH. Bar none the Oilers most consistent line all season.
    Fasth and Scrivens.Neither has taken the goat by the horns.
    JS and JP. There are moments that each one looks world class. Then others its Keystone cops.
    NNikitan. What did the pro scouts see that we are not seeing? Cam Barker 2.0
    Andrew Ference. Solid.
    Fayne.At times looks overwhelmed by the responsibility he has been asked to shoulder.
    Aulie? Oi.
    MM. Why oh why is he not playing every night.
    OK-March is coming

    The questions and answers to the Oilers woes cannot and will not be answered in the next 10 games or the next 62.

    I see progression from the 6 players I think will lead this team to the next level. Hall-RNH-Leon- MM-Justin Shultz and Yakupov. I see the rest as tradeable assets.Pieces to be moved
    By March will see a few new faces in the lineup.

    • PutzStew

      LMAO. Do you wear blinders?

      I haven’t watched many oilers games this year but took the time to watch last night and was glad I did because one of my favorite things to do is watch that team lay eggs. Here is what I saw.

      – Taylor Hall. Yep talented player and pushed the play but it doesn’t matter what advance stats say if you give away the puck (and very cleary did so) on the game winning goal and then almost do it again when your team has pulled the goal, which NJ almost scored on, then you should have your but stapled to the bench because those things will (and in this case did) cost you a game.

      -Justin Shultz. Again why is he not in the press box or minors. Horrible.

      – Goaltending. Average. Nothing special but not terrible. Fasth didn’t steal game but he didn’t lose it either.

      -Perron. Was trying to stir things up. I like him.

      – Arcobella. To me he had the best chances to score. He seemed to be trying every shift an I noticed him in a good way, lots.

      – Petry. Some team is gonna love this guy next year and it isn’t gonna be the Oilers.

      – Gordon and Hendrix are keepers. Other teams would love to have these guys on their rosters.

      – Yakapov. Seems like another prospect this team is messing up.

      – Fernece, Marcina, and Fayne were unnoticeable. Pullout seemed Ok till he got Hurt. RNH ok but nothing special. Still has a ways to go.

      IMO Hall, RNH, Gordon, Hendrix, Arcobella, Perron and Petry, with Fayne, Ference, Marcina and Pouliet being undecided, are the only guys that are really worth keeping. Every one else trade, send to the Minors/Journior or just plain make disappear. This team would have a much better record if you filled the remain positions with a bunch of Gordons, Hendrix and Ferences instead of Eberle’s, Shultz’s and Drisitall’s. Couldn’t be any worst although MacT would have to over pay them.

      In the end Calgary is kicking Edmonton’s but, Edmonton is last in the western standings and Hawks are going to kill them tonight. I surely hope the NHL does something to perfect the Oilers from getting another top pick this year. They don’t deserve it.

  • Oilers4Ever

    Would the media please stop interviewing this clown after the games….? ” typical Jersey game, after years of watching them is always the same, they wait, they wait and then they make you pay when you make a mistake or have a turn over” Eakins.

    Really moron. Just the Devils have done this? You have won 6 out 20 games…just the Devils? And even if we entertained the premise that they “wait and wait and make you pay” theory, you obviously knew this after years of watching them in the league, so why was your team not prepared? Game plan anyone? Schultz? 20+ minutes? Did he catch you on Whyte Ave hitting on an 18 year old?

    Katz you are clown….you obviously don’t care about the fans if your standards are this “KLowe”.

  • BubbaZanetti

    I have a question;
    Can MACT fire Eakins but still stay as GM ?
    Seems pretty obvious Eakins should go.
    The hiring of Eakins was a mistake.
    By the way, where the hell is Mactavish…should he not be front and center in all of this mess.
    Say what you want about the coach or players but they are facing the media.
    Eakins has to go, but MacT shouldn’t be allowed to use him as a scapegoat for his mismanagement.

  • MorningOwl

    If only a noble member of the master race would be the one living out a boyhood dream of being BFFs with Kevin Lowe, then maybe we could be just as bad but spend all the way to the cap instead of just shy of it. Sadly I know no Armenian billionaires who are interested. Pity.

    As an aside, you realize who owns the Flames right? You really don’t think a bunch of Oil executive aren’t motivated by money down in Cowtown? They’re just winning because of altruism? Aren’t you a cute little naive racist.