GDB 22.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Stars

The mistakes… Why, Hockey Jesus, must they always end up in our net? Final Score: 3-2 Stars

This morning, we were sitting at Nation HQ talking about tonight’s game when it dawned on us all that both Hemsky and Horcoff are both Dallas Stars now. Yeah, sure, we all know they’re Dallas Stars but when you really think about it, it’s incredibly odd.  Both Shawn Horcoff and Ales Hemsky were the Oilers first line players when they went to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2006. Now? They’re part of the scourge from Dallas that continuously knocked them both out of the playoffs for years in the late 90s/early 2000s. What the hell, hockey gods?

Nostalgia aside, the biggest question of the day was whether or not Hemsky and Horc would exercise their right, as former Oilers, and score multiple points against their former club. I predicted that Hemsky would score his first goal of the season on a coast to coast rush. Amazingly, neither Hemsky nor Horcoff was able to get any points tonight. Instead, the Oilers preferred to leave Tyler Seguin alone at every chance available. You would think that the Oilers would have had Seguin circled on their defensive plan, but that means they would have to have a defensive plan. Couple the Seguin gaffs with Viktor Fasth’s first goal turd, and the Oilers lose again.

The streak continues.

The wrap.



  • Making fun of the guy in the tan jacket was just as fun as watching the rest of the game.
  • Boyd Gordon’s goal was the result of pure determination and hard work. The Oilers could use another 10 of him.
  • Luke Gazdic has got a great moustache.
  • FINALLY Dallas Eakins made Justin Schultz sit after a mistake. Praise Gord!
  • Shout out to Taylor Hall for hitting 100 goals on his career. Please stay with us forever, Taylor.
  • Aside from the first goal I thought Fasth played pretty well. His defence let him down on those Seguin goals.
  • It was good to see both Eberle and Nuge jump in when Garbutt kneed Hall. Speaking of which, that knee was definitely suspension worthy. I imagine he’ll be getting a call about that one.



  • Sportsnet for playing the 1997 playoff highlights where Marchant scored in overtime. Just seeing those highlights again really bummed me out.
  • Tan jacket glass banger guy brought a “believe” sign just to switch things up.
  • The first Stars goal was absolutely gross. How many time must the Oilers let in a goal from centre ice?
  • They probably shouldn’t let Tyler Seguin in on breakaways. The NHL scoring leader. On a breakaway. Also, you probably shouldn’t leave this same Tyler Seguin alone in the slot. Two goals tonight.
  • Yakupov is not getting nearly enough minutes.
  • The Garbutt knee on Hall was absolutely gross.


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  • Hemmercules

    Skipped the game, and the last one, and the one before that. Much easier to read about how bad they are the next day rather than watch the train wreck and toil about it all night/into the next day. Watching a game vs the Stars was once a must watch for me.

    If Katz fired the entire management, coaching staff and scouting today would any of them ever work in the NHL again??

    7 in a row and no end in sight. Schedule just gets tougher.

    Bad trades on the horizon.

  • Rob...

    I’ve always wondered about trades that feature a ‘and future consideration’ component. WTF does that mean, and do the Oilers have a stash of trades where the other teams now owe them something? If so, it’s definitely time to collect.

  • We should take a more dramatic approach to this Oilers season. Seeing as how we really cant get much worse, Fire eakins and hire Gene Hackman. Pit Taylor Hall as the badboy with a bad attitude and then bring in a bunch of Div 1 Mens League players, (I play right wing). Let this rag tag group of guys come together as one and let it be known that Taylor Hall is not needed and come back and mount a last game winning streak that gives the fans hope for a brighter future.

    Yes this message was stupid. But so are the Oilers

  • AlleyDalley

    Since the annoying tan jacket guy was mentioned, thought I would throw it out there that his Twitter handle is @nmoroch
    Feel free to tell him to sit his arse down.

    As for the Oilers, I think it is interesting that Anson Carter tweeted that the Oilers are built to play in the East. A friend of mine also pointed out an “Eastern” trend in Oilers coaching.

    Curious what you all think…

    “In my opinion the Western Conference, over the past 10-12 years, has truly started to create its own identity as the tougher conference to play in. A look at our 4 coaches since Mac T shows that none of our head coaches have had any experience coaching in the West during this time and as a result the team on the ice has failed miserably against the West.

    Pat Quinn
    LA 87-88
    VAN 1990-1996
    TOR 1998-2006

    Tom Renney
    VAN 1996-1998
    NYR 2003-2009

    Ralph Krueger
    EDM (Associate Coach 2010)
    No previous NHL coaching experience

    Dallas Eakins
    TOR (Assistant) 2006-2009
    TOR Marlies 2009-2012

    I am seeing a trend of coaches that have limited knowledge playing/coaching versus the West and I believe the styles that they have come accustomed to have created an Oilers team that does not know how to play against the West either. Yet we have a decent record against the East.

    Maybe the coaches aren’t necessarily bad, they just don’t have the knowledge required to coach in the much different Western Conference.”

  • Hemmercules

    I don’t understand grown men who don’t play for a team caring so much. “We” in the comments when referring to the team they have nothing to do with makes no sense. If you are not a child how could you possibly care so much about a team that you have nothing to do with other than buying their apparel to pay for rich people to get more rich and not give a crap about you. Do you do it to fit in? Feel like you belong? I really wish I could get someones perspective on this because I cannot fathom caring about a “pro” team as much as some of the “men” on here do. Am I trolling? Somewhat, but really can someone explain how they can care at all how a team they don’t play for or have family on really performs?

    • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

      If you have to ask this, you’re not a real sports fan. Or maybe you are a fan, but definitely not a passionate one. It’s like trying to explain to a non-sports guy why we love it so much. You will never understand, and we will never be able to explain it to you.

  • Hemmercules

    Its the love of hockey.

    Its the decades of watching and cheering for the same team.

    Its butting heads with fans of other teams over beers and greasy food.

    Its being part of a community of people that want the same goal.

    Hockey is a large part of my life. Grew up with it and the Oilers.

    To not care would be crazy.

    edit. this is replying to “ME”

      • some people find life more rewarding when they’re part of something that is bigger than themselves. Others are happier to be alone and isolated. As long as no one is hurting someone else, there’s no right or wrong way to live.

        Why even bring it up? If you’re happy with your life, why do you care if someone you’ve never met is happy to feel like they’re part of the Oilers. It doesn’t affect you at all. It doesn’t interfere with your life. If you don’t feel a need to be part of something, why do you care that other people do? it’s almost ironic, isn’t it? Why even post comments on a message board? It’s a community. People come here to share ideas and be part of this community, even if this community is currently dedicated to something that makes us unhappy. If you don’t feel a need to fit in or be part of something, why even waste your time coming here? Do you regret that you’ve chosen to not fit in with anything? Are you just here to offer your condescending judgement on a group of people about whom you know nothing? Does that make your life better? I’m just trying to understand.

          • good. I’m glad i could help you feel like part of something. I also like how you went to great lengths to deliberately use the wrong form of your, in this context. That’s true dedication to perpetuating one’s own ignorance.

          • DoubleDIon

            Well, you’ve proven again what kind of loser that needs to fit in you really are by commenting on proper or improper grammar. I’m part of many things, an online “community” isn’t one of them. At least here no one cares that you can’t get laid and still live in your moms house that she rents. You probably own jerseys too and have a sticker on your vehicle.

          • Certainly an original, well thought out response. I’ve never actually read that sort of thing anywhere before. the mom’s house comment is a mark of brilliance. Even without the part about getting laid, I think it should be up for a pulitzer prize. I’d copyright that if I were you. you don’t want someone stealing it. It’s genius.
            You’re the one who said you don’t have a need to be part of anything. Those were your words. No problem though. You can change your mind any time you want. If you are part of something, then it shouldn’t be of question to you why others are also.
            Yes, i have jerseys, no i don’t have a sticker on my car.

  • DoubleDIon

    The Oilers are in a bad position, they need quality leadership, guys with heart and a coach with a voice and character. Problem is they don’t want to play in Edmonton and they hired Eakins over available guys like Brent Sutter or by keeping Kruger.

    If my memory serves me right, Kruger had the team in the top 5 in PK and PK, while struggling in 5 on 5 play. That should be an indicator for management on the quality (or lack thereof) of their current coaching staff.

    Sadly, we second tier fans have to suffer thru this debacle watching our beloved Oilers sucking the hind banana. Again. RIP Quinn.

  • Hemmercules

    Eakin and Oleksiak look like the exact kind of Centre and Dman the Oilers could use, and fit the age group that would be a nice fit with Hall and Nuge

    What does it take to get that solid 2nd/3rd line Centre to fill the gap while Draisaitl (should) goes back to Junior to finish the year, and have a beast of a Dman that would be the cornerstone Defensive Dman we need for years to come…

    Perron + ??

    Dallas has so many Centres, and lots of D prospects, a slight over payment to get these two would be amazing pieces to add to this team.

  • Joe Mamma

    Here’s an advanced stat for ya. The number of trolls and flames fans posting on Oilersnation is directly proportional to the amount of suckitude displayed by the Oilers in a given week. As the oil currently have the suck turned up to 11, the state of the comments section correlates.