Klefbom ferguson

The Edmonton Oilers recalled Oscar Klefbom this afternoon, which could
mean the ball is rolling. Or it could mean diddly. Such is the life of
an Edmonton Oilers fan. Most NHL fans are anticipating their team’s next
game, hoping for a win and a pile of goals. In our town? F5 F5 F5 F5 F5
F5 F5 F5 F5 F5.



  • Bob McKenzie
    “But there’s no question MacTavish is looking for a goaltender. There’s
    no question he’s looking for a centre. And, I mean, he wouldn’t turn
    his nose up at a good defenceman either.” Source

Goalie? Center? And maybe defense? Lordy. Okay, among centermen I think we have the list of possibles surrounded:

  • Lars Eller, Montreal. Two-way center with some size and skill. Loves the Oilers.
  • Artem Anisimov, Columbus. Responsible two-way player with size and some skill.
  • Patrik Berglund, St. Louis. The NHL’s most traded man, he’s still in Missouri.
  • Zack Smith, Ottawa. A solid checking center who can score a little.
  • David Legwand, Ottawa. Veteran C finding it hard to impact on a team drunk with centers.
  • Brandon Sutter, Pittsburgh. Checking C with some offense, Oilers don’t employ many Sutters.
  • Brayden Schenn, Philadelphia. It’s amazing he’s not already here based on volume of rumors.
  • Chris Kelly, Boston. Checking C has a big contract, probably wouldn’t cost a lot.
  • Mike Richards, Los Angeles. Massive and long contract, buyer beware but he’s a nice fit.
  • Torrey Mitchell, Buffalo. He might be a nice addition but lacks offensive ability for 2C role.
  • Darren Helm, Detroit. Always liked him, doubt he’s available but let’s list him for fun.
  • Eric Staal, Carolina. Just in case.
  • Anders Lee, NY Islanders. Interesting possibilities, Islanders have 400 nice centers.
  • Kyle Brodziak, Minnesota. He should be here already.

Fair? Feel free to throw more names on the board, but that looks like the list from here.


honestly have no idea where to start. Here’s a list of guys I
would like but this is like choosing vodka: They’ll all get you there
but some make you feel awful in the morning.

  • Robin Lehner, Ottawa. The Senators have never been too convinced of him, perhaps he’s movable.
  • Michal Neuvirth, Buffalo. He’s actually having a decent season.
  • Dustin Tokarski, Montreal. He’s playing very well, might get him with an overpay.

that, I simply don’t know. I assume Edmonton wants to add a goalie who
might be an upgrade on what they have, and even then I’m not certain the
three men listed here hurdle that requirement. 



the Oilers come back from this road trip with David Legwand and Robin
Lehner, will it move the needle? I don’t think bold is out there, and
sexy won’t be back until spring. 

  • m@s f@s

    I know this sounds terrible and I’m ashamed to say what I’m about to say. But if I find out Kevin Lowe was brutally murdered in bed I’d feel relieved… Sounds terrible but that’s just where it’s at. I think it’s time to go Lowe

    • Wtf. It’s just a game. We all love chirping Lowe, but that is banworthy.
      It’s a bunch of kids hitting a rubber disc with sticks…

      I’d be relieved if he stepped down, but mortified if any harm came his way. As would any decent human being. Sheesh

    • YFC Prez

      I still remember the Kevin Lowe that played defense during the glory years. He was a mean hard nosed D-man and one of my favorite players on the team. The fact that he sucks at running a hockey team and has sucked at it for a long time has caused many fans to forget this.

      I don’t want to see Lowe here as POHO any more than you do, but to wish death on someone for doing a poor job at managing a HOCKEY team is so far over the line.

      If I were you I would seriously think about at taking a break from watching the oilers. That kind of thought process is inhuman. I have faith that your better than this.

  • m@s f@s

     “I don’t think bold is out there, and sexy won’t be back until spring.”
    Bold is always out there. Sexy, we’ll maybe not. But we’re nowhere near sexy. We’re slimy. 3+ players, gone. IMO.  

  • HockeyYoda

    Rumour out of Montreal says Desharnais for Perron. .. But there are no credible sources this morning out east.
    Tonight Nashville will totally own the Mighty Oilers & put on a hockey clinic, courtesy Seth Jones, Shea Weber (+9) & Pikka Renne (1.97 GAA). Score: 4-0 Nashville.

    Oilers = worst management group ever!!!

    Good job Calgary for another win as Flames management KNOWS that their fans deserve better!


    By making a goalie coach the scapegoat the Oilers management group are telling the world that nothing will change.


    Mike Ribeiro will embarrass MacT with a beauty goal tonight!!! He was a UFA this summer!!!


    Martin Brodeur now skating for St-Louis. He was available for the Oilers!!!


    GO HABS GO!!!!!!! Canada’s Team!!!

  • Britts94

    Just watched the Bob Nicholson interview on Sportsnet – holy pathetic!

    Nicholson said they had to have a good look at all the systems, coaching and scouting and player development. Really Bob? You think its time? This should have done at least five years ago, or at the very least when Tambo was canned. Also, maybe the first aspect of the organisation that should be looked at is the MacT, Howson and KLowe, and how they can explain how the team finds itself in 30th place, and is seemingly regressing, despite 3 first overall picks, many other high draft picks and an owner who gives them all the financial support they need. To everyone outside of the Oiler organisation, this is obviously the first aspect of the team that needs to looked at.

    Bob also said that the Oilers are blessed with the most patient loyal fans – the best fans in the league he said. If the Oilers organisation recognizes that they have the best fans in the league, then why is the organisation treating them like schmuks? Why is the organisation icing an inferior product that plays awful boring low scoring hockey? Why are they charging top dollar and expecting us to be patient and selling us lies, saying year after year that things will “take off” when the opposite is happening.

    There is no valid reason that this team should be this bad for this long. MacT, KBlowe and Howson have to resign or be fired immediately. End of story.

    • Congo Powerarm

      I didn’t think the interview was too bad. When asked about the quality of the drafting and player development with reference to the fact that there’s only one guy on the roster at present drafted outside the first round (Marincin), he correctly stated that the drafting and player development has been sub standard and needs to be better if the team is to move forward. I don’t recall one of the others openly admitting that.

        • well, hall it pretty close to being a point per game player, nuge is close, eberle…maybe he’s a bit less, but wasn’t #1 overall….and we don’t know what Yak is. I think they’re trying. it’s more important that they find the right balance between scoring goals, and giving them up. They don’t score enough to cover their mistakes, so I say get rid of the mistakes first, then worry about goals.

  • Serious Gord

    Should the #1 be traded to get that BOLD MOVE piece, throw in the next guy who bashes management publicly too? What could we realistically get?

    Cap wise we can’t afford McDavid/Eichel after we give Yak and Schultz 6 mil deals and some 5/6 free agent D men who can’t skate backwards 5 mil each next off season

  • Serious Gord

    I know it’s a another bad season but I am not interested in drafting tenth..stay the course and finish 30th.McDavid or Eichel are worth it..Keep plying Shultz and Yak/Filatov and we have 30th locked up..

  • So I googled New Age Hockey System and Intuitive Dynamic Management and…. MOMA2 !! I knew it was you. No longer hitting up the oilers.com message board eh?

    So where online can I find a brochure or marketing package or anything credible regarding the Intuitive Dynamic Management System? There’s countless oiler blog posts by you, but nothing else as far as I can tell.

    Or did you claim to invent something out of thin air that makes zero sense?

    • Derzie

      You will need to come to the source.

      The Status-Quo definition of credibility is not aknowledged.

      There is no “claim” it is documented history.

      There is no “marketing package” because nothing is being “marketed”.

      What you read online is the evolution of the NewAge Hockey System.

      You are looking for conventional dynamics,but you will not find any.

      There is no “book” for you to dissect.No stats based target.

      There are 1000s of posts , on lots of Blogs and sites,but they are all the same and all document in a chronological order the creation and evolution of the NewAge Hockey System and its Intuitive Dynamic Management and Analysis programs.It would be a real biatch to try to go back and begin to follow them now 4 years later,but it is possible there is a solid trail,if you ask really nice on the Flames Board there is a Flames Fan I will not name who has hundreds of Momma2,Badmedicine,NewAgeSys,post in well managed order,maybe he will share.

      I have many posts archived,I began keeping them a few years ago to document the NHSs growth and path ,but I dont bother anymore,I dont need to anymore.

      In my posts I am trying to convey dynamic interpretations of statisticlly accepted realitys, this means the words will be different but the dynamic concepts will always run true.

      I was not aiming for the “majority mindset” 4 years ago,and still am not,I dont expect more than 10% of people to “get it” from any one specific post,but I also know that in the future the same issue will come up and I will apply the exact concepts but word things differently and then I will hit a different 10% target group,so it is a long process,but a very very effective one.Once you are on board you will not go back to stats based thinking.This is exactly how I did things as a Coach,my 2nd year players could do my job,they were on auto-pilot.

      As a Coach the BEST THING you can have to work with is consistancy,so consistancy of errors is a huge bonus to begin working with.

      You cant be afraid of mistakes even look for them sometimes ,but you MUST learn from each one the first time you make it.There is a process for this.

      • surely if you’ve posted comments on many blogs, you could just take all those comments, put them in a book, call it Fundamentals of NewAge Hockey System and its Intuitive Dynamic Management and Analysis programs, and sell it. Every team in the NHL would buy it. Every professional and amateur sports organization would buy it. Most likely the concepts translate to other sports as well. You could have the single most important program in world sports. You could be sitting on billions of $. and yet…you come on here.

        • Britts94

          If you put all his blogs ,which is always rhetorical sheet, you would only end up with a total of three pages in the book.

          He spins the same nonsense day after day, pretending to be some intellect. Bet he didn’t finish mid shool.

  • I have just listened to Nicholson’s interview and liked what I heard. Some key points (I paraphrase not exact quotes):

    “We are re-evaluating every aspect of the hockey opreation” “getting more involved in the hockey side”. This is encouraging from two aspects. This indicates that Nicholson is involved in the hockey side which might give us hope that KLowe’s influence is being curtailed. I agree with the approach that full review of the hockey organization is the correct starting point.

    “There is something wrong with this organization”. Before healing can start there must be recognition that there is a problem.

    “Don’t go half way, tear it all down, but make sure you make the right change”. Once this is done considered changes should follow. Stop gap actions wrt players, coaches, scouts, managers, executives should occur after the review. This will mean a holding pattern for a number of months, that will be infuriating to many of us Oil faithful, but this is the correct way to do it. As a case in point, do you want incompetent management making significant decisions?

    He gave a vote of confidence the Eakins when specifically asked about him. Interesting as he previously stated everything is under review. Was he just not wanting to say anything before the review is done, or does this mean he thinks the problems lie elsewhere? He was not asked specifically about any other person.

    This interview might be the most encouraging thing I have heard about the Oil in 5 years.

      • YFC Prez

        Maybe I am being too optimistic, but Nicholson’s credentials are far more impressive than Lowe’s ever were wrt understanding how organizations work. So if he has been given the man date for change, there is some reason for hope. Certainly a much different tune that “the plan is progressing well” the Oil have been putting out for years.

        Calm down and listen to the interview again, other than his comments on caching he protects no-one. Indeed he emphasizes that change is needed. He was not specifically about any individual other than Eakins. I wonder if that was part of the ground rules for the interview. What would you expect, that he would announce the firing of Lowe and MacT on PTS?

          • Burnward

            I’d do it in steps.

            First step, replace Eakins. That room is cancerous. He’s not getting it back. See how the team responds until Christmas.

            Then evaluate.

            The next issue to address is goaltending. If the team play has turned around and they are still losing because of Scrivens/Fasth, you make a move.

            This team is bad, but it’s not 14 points bad. That’s on what is happening inside the room.

            Can anyone look at Eakins and say, “There’s a coach who has his players playing for him”?

          • Burnward

            The way this team is built they need a coach who teaches a patient defensive philosophy with an emphasis on special teams execution.

            You have the opposite.

          • The Real Scuba Steve

            But the Oil have changed coaches about as often as I change underwear and they are just as bad as ever. So my gut tells me that coaching isn’t the real problem (although I don’t mean this as a vote of confidence for Eakins).

            Goaltending is not good enough, but the guy who is tasked to find better goal tending also found Fasth and Scrivens, so what makes you think he will do any better this time?

            What you say may be correct, but I think you are addressing symptoms and the disease.

          • Burnward

            Well, if I was in charge there’d be no Lowe/Mac-T! Ha!

            I think that’s the real problem. About 50-thousand people probably have the exact same ideas as me.

          • book¡e

            I have been advocating KLowe’s demise for quite some time. What I am not so convinced about is the Oil’s problems can be fixed by replacing a number of incompetent individuals or if there is something more fundamentally wrong with the organization. That is why I have advocated for a cold eye review of the entire organization and basing changes on this review for some time. This appears to be what Nicholson is doing. Of course this process will not improve the plight of the Oilers short term, but I believe it is a must for things to improve.

          • Britts94

            Edmonton is small market team with a very astute fan base, and loyal as heck.

            Look at successful organizations like the Wings, where the owner is close and tight with the operation , players management etc, al most on a personal basis, but lets the hockey guys run the team. He is involved in a moral support .

            In Edmonton there is division in every respect, even to the point of having Tiered fans.
            This team is run on arrogance,and division , right down to the players bench.

            Starts with Katz, who hides out in Vancouver only to be seen with his Bono glasses at Canucky, games, and when he parades out the
            Brillo Boy on draft day.

        • Serious Gord

          Listened to it twice already. He is part of the old boys

          And he is just as qualified to be POHO as Lowe was, which is to say not very. Lowe has no qualifications as a high level ops guy whereas Nicholson has zero hockey roster experience.

          And I expect him to do nothing regarding Klowe and MacT.

          • camdog

            Gord, I work for a technology based company. Our president is a lawyer who doesn’t know the difference between the periodic table and a table at Hooters. The company is successful, in part, because the president hires people who know the technical stuff. One of the key aspects to managing large organizations is knowing what you know and what you don’t know. You can always hire people with the needed expertise.

            I don’t get the old boys reference. Other than a bit of overlap between Lowe and Hockey Canada on a couple of Olympic teams, I’m not aware of anything. Certainly no formal connection between Nicholson and the Oil.

  • Kevwan

    I have 2 trades

    #1 Perron & Petry for Anisimov and Jack Johnson.

    #2 Outside the box – Eakins for Dave Tippett.

    Trade # 2 came to me when I listened to a Canuck pregame about how Tippet’s message may not be getting through to Coyote veterans. I can’t remember coaches ever being traded for each other but it saves both teams from paying out ex coaches. It also lets MacT off the hook so he doesn’t have to fire Eakins, and might count as a bold move. Too bad Arizona would never go for it.

    • YFC Prez

      Closest that I can remember to coaches ever being traded was AV and Torts. I always though it would be awesome if teams could trade coaching contracts like players.

      re Tippet:
      If he ever became available the oilers would be idiots not to put everything they have to try and get him here. Go all out like Schultz and Heatly. Still though, its a long shot he gets let go. And if he does he will have a lineup of suitors, he is one of the best coaches in the game.

      • Kevwan

        I really like Tippett also.

        I looked it up and Michel Bergeron was traded by Quebec to NYR for a draft pick in ’87. I guess it’s possible but very improbable – just a fun idea to think about.

  • Serious Gord

    The time to get a new head coach is NOW. Not after the season is actually over. Get him in now so he has a full season to assess and implement his own tactics and culture. It’s obvious Eakin’s is done, just let him go now and get the new guy in ASAP.

    This team has become a real joke and it’s truly sad. Many good NHL’ers are born and raised in Edmonton and they actual city can’t even ice a decent club.

    • Serious Gord

      No worse time than now to be searching for a head coach. Fire eakins by all means, but appoint an interim coach – Ramsey – and do a formal search with a new GM and POHO.

      You have got the cart before the horse – fire Klowe NOW and take the pressure off the team. Everything else is secondary and of lower long term benefit.

  • charlie manson

    The time to make big changes is in the off season. The Oilers needed a true starter in goal but MacT thought he had one and missed out on Hiller. The Oilers needed better D but MacT missed Boychuk and Leddy because he threw ridiculous money at 5/6 pairing D. And the Oilers needed a #2 centre but MacT didn’t pull the trigger on a trade and promoted an 18 yr old. Now teams are dangling scraps at the Oilers (3/4 line centres that may be 2nd line centres on the Oil) in the hope that the pressure on MacT to make a change is so great that he makes a mistake. We have given up more goals than any team in the league yet we are shopping for a centre (this fact pretty well sums up the Oil management and what we have sucked for so long). Can’t you see Kevin and Craig talking – jeez Craig, if we can just get a good, big centre the goals against will take care of itself!

  • Hopeless in Etown

    The Oilers shouldn’t make any rash decisions yet. No bad midseason trades will help us long term. MacT used to do pretty well with garbage players when he was behind the bench. MacT should go behind the bench for fifteen games. If in the last ten games (use the first five to implement his approach) there is significant improvement, fire Eakins. If not, step down and let whomever comes in to replace you know which players you think should be shipped out based on the atmosphere of the room. The new GM can make the call on whom he wants to coach. Bob Nicholson should be responsible for hiring a new GM. Lowe would be 0/2.

  • Fortinbras

    Ben Kuzma wrote an article on the Canucks 6th ranked penalty kill. In the article, Burrows is quoted as follows : “You can have whatever system, but if you have good buy-in and everyone wants to improve, that’s when you have success”. Talk about a totally different attitude between the Canucks and the Oilers.

  • Fortinbras

    Is there a conspiracy against the Oilers? Do all GMs demand eberle no matter what MacT asks for?

    WHY IS IT SO HARD TO DO ANYTHING. Maybe it really wasn’t Tambo’s fault.

  • HockeyYoda

    The Oilers have 18 Million dollars in salary locked up in 3 players. Those 3 players have combined 17 goals..
    Find me one other team that has that much money locked up in that little production. We can complain about the goalie, the lack of a second line centre, the defencemen. The Oilers are 29th in GA in the NHL. and 26th in GF. Dont blame the defence when youre built to be a team that scores goals and you dont. Yea you can say Hall and Ebs have had big seasons in the past but right now. The reason the oilers suck this year is because of those 3 right there. Stop protecting these guys by making up all these scapegoats. Simply put Hall Nuge and Eberle are not good enough to be a first NHL Line and make a difference to push this team to win. End of story. Until we realize that this team is going nowhere.

  • Serious Gord

    The problem with this team is the supposed core of the team, the high prized draft picks, they are not as good as everyone had hoped. Except for Hall, the others have not produced as well as they should for being no 1 overalls. Nuge is on pace for 56 points this season, and yakupov for 30 pts. Look at every other 1st round overall the last 7 years, by year 2 or 3 they are stars producing a point a game.
    And how many guys are left since Mact took over, its mainly just the supposed core players, They will never be a winning team with these guys and the proof is in the numbers. When they started this in 2009-10 they were the worst team in the NHL, and 5 years later they are still the worst team.

  • Serious Gord

    What if….. Katz moves the team to Seattle takes all his buddies with him and Edmonton gets an expansion team.. Edmonton now has a chance to start fresh and rid themselves of the boys on the bus..maybe the only way to have a new management team running a NHL team in Edmonton..just thinking out loud..thank you

  • ATL Oiler

    I just heard they are sitting Schultz, should never have been an Oiler in the first place. Its about time MacT made some choices of real proven hockey players instead of MacT dreams of hockey player. Not all his trades have been bad, but the bad ones are really noticeable, Schultz, Nitkinen, Scrivens, Fasth, etc.
    Can any one tell me when the Oilers do have a decent looking player they trade him. eg. Fistric, Greene, Stoll, Nick Schultz, Glencross, and the list goes on……

  • HockeyYoda

    I just listened to the Bob Nicholson interview. He was basically saying he’s now getting more involved in the hockey operations part. That he doesn’t want to make a knee-jerk reaction to what’s happening right now. But the Oilers need to take a good look at their entire organization from top to bottom and develop a plan. He seemed to concede that the Oilers have failed in drafting and player development and other areas.
    I’m not in Edmonton like most of you. But I get the feeling he has the power and the will to make major changes in the off-season, Much like the Canucks did.
    Dare I say it, But if true, It sounds like oil fans may have to suck it up for one more year, Take your high draft pick And wait for sweeping changes.

    I don’t trust any of the O’Boys club. But I would have faith in Nicholson.

  • HockeyYoda

    I will add 3 names the Oilers should go after Dene Lemieux and Reg Dunlopfrom Charlestown. And then Tim Dr Hook Mccraken. Lemieux and Dunlop both have Federal Cup rings.
    Mcquire ripped the Oiler management team real good on Struds show.
    Like I said before the Oiler excuse machine has dried up, the fans have been more than patient.The players such as Hall have been patient.I dread when a player demands a trade, then we will be completely done.What do you think the perception around the league with players when it comes to the Oilers?I am thinking not very good.I get jittery when I think of trades with this management group.
    Hey Peter can you come back?Bring Slats with you

  • Britts94

    What about Antii Niemi from the Sharks?? Everyone is saying they’re going into panic mode in down in SJ, and they aren’t playing well, so wouldn’t he be a good option? Proven #1. Not elite, but a solid starter in a franchise that seems to be imploding.

  • Britts94


    Would be nice to get any combo of those 4 players, both have lots of C and D on their team and in the system, and Tallon has even came out said he’s looking for a top line sniper for the wing… Dallas is playing Seguin on the wing cause they have so many C’s… Eakin would be the perfect fit for this year to play 2/3rd line role as we already out of the playoffs, and would be the perfect 3rd line C going forward for seasons to come… Wish people would start throwing these names around instead of useless Anisimov and Berglund, big, slow, soft Nikitin 2.0 as Centres