GDB 23.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Predators

At least we got a point? Final Score: 1-0 Predators in OT.

From the reactions on Twitter, it seemed like the thing that we all seemed to be waiting for was whether or not the Oilers could keep the losing streak alive. Would the Oilers actually be able to stroll into Nashville and pull off the ever elusive 8-game losing streak? With the way this game started, I thought that the Oilers might actually win this thing! I couldn’t believe my eyes. They actually played like an NHL team! Great success! 

The story of the night, for the Predators, was Pekka Rinne. The Oilers could not put one past him despite outshooting the Predators 37-25. Rinne has absolutely owned the Oilers this season, and tonight was no different. Tonight’s game was also another example of how the power play isn’t working.  I don’t know if different personnel combinations are required, or the whole power play plan should be burned with hell fire. Either way, the Oilers are not scoring on the PP and it’s going to keep costing them games until it’s corrected.

On a positive note, I thought Viktor Fasth had a really solid game.  He made the saves he needed to make, and kept the Oilers in the game.  Even though the Oilers had more shots than the Predators, the shots they did get were really solid scoring chances. When you couple good chances with Pekka Rinne standing on his head, this makes for a tough loss to swallow for the Oilers.  They deserved to win, but didn’t. Moral victories all around… *sigh*

We wrap.



  • I hate saying that sitting Justin Schultz was a bright side, but he needed to feel some accountability. Frankly, it was long overdue.
  • The Oilers jerseys are much better looking than the Predators jerseys.
  • Good start tonight. The Oilers were outshooting the Preds 9-0 in the first 8/9 minutes of the first period. Pekka Rinne, however, is a massive problem.
  • Really solid game from Viktor Fasth, but it’s tough to win if you don’t score goals.
  • Solid night for the Oilers in the faceoff dot.



  • Shea Weber’s shot should be classified as a weapon – it’s unfair and it scares me. I think he may have amputated Hendricks’ leg with only a wrist shot.
  • I’m not sure why Marincin was scratched, but he’s a better option than Keith Aulie. If the Oilers are not going to play him, they should send him down to OKC so he can play some minutes.
  • The power play remains gross. At least they didn’t allow a shortie tonight. Bright side?
  • I hate Pekka Rinne. He dominance of the Oilers is annoying, and he must be stopped!


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  • rnj


    Giveaways are 2 – 14 in FAVOUR of the Oilers?? Leading in faceoffs, shots, AND takeaways too?

    By god Eakins, all you have to do is not change anything. If this wasn’t a fluke those numbers will lead to wins, period.

    I won’t get too excited though, because Oilers

  • nugeformayor

    I’m glad Fasth got mad on that goal, the ‘defense’ Hall, Eberle, Petry and Nikitin put up there was extremely hard to watch. At least someone has passion.

    • Anton CP

      They were on extended shift due to injury on Hendricks. OT 4v4 and with a very bad break that Nikitin tripped on broken stick made them unable to regroup. Eventually that they are just running out of steam near the end.

        • Anton CP

          I understand that they have been losing for a very long time, but just purely focus on this game the final play was a defensive collapse due to confusion. They did not get a chance for shift change and Preds took advantage of that. Nuge was not on ice was a mistake.

  • Spydyr

    I’m no expert like Eakins but when my team plays a hot goalie I tell the guys to try to screen a few shots because if he sees it tonight he is stopping it.The Oiler have very weak net presence.They are all about the pretty goals.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    I never noticed how quick these are released after the game, no wonder they are. Terrible game reviews you wrote them before the game is over, that or youre too busy worrying to actually watch the game

  • Anton CP

    Nikitin was awful for most of the night. Sitting Schultz means Oilers have one less problem to deal with at blueline. I wonder if it would be better by sitting both Schultz and Nikitin? Think of the possibilities…

  • Dwayne Roloson 35

    These post games are coming out faster than #herecometheoilers meme’s!!! I think Schultzy could learn a thing or 2 about effort from BaggedMilk!!!

  • Dwayne Roloson 35

    We just moved into a tie with the hurricanes!!! …with 2 more games played. So wheres the parade being held at?

    Edit- Yeah just checked and our point% is 29th place. thats pretty good. better than last. on our way to the cup.

  • Dwayne Roloson 35

    To all you naysayers, the Oilers now have a stranglehold on 27th place with the single point they earned!

    We’re 27th! We’re 27th.

    Not quite the same ring as, “We’re number one,” but we’re getting there.

  • One point was a “great” victory at Nashville.The loser tie catapulted the Oilers over Buffalo and Columbus.They are now tied with Carolina.The only problem is the Oilers do not play on the Eastern side of the NHL!!

    • bradleypi

      Wiki says the Edmonton Oilers are a professional hockey team based in Edmonton,Alberta, Canada. Really,a professional team? Who ever wrote this in Wiki should be fired.It could have said– hope to be a professional hockey team in the future!!?

  • Lowe But Now High Expectations

    Pekka Rinne would be my choice for the Hart Trophy right now. He gives Nashville a chance to win every night. Sigh!, in Oilerville we can only wish for that.

    Oh, and I hope the next time that ATB commercial is on, that woman gives Eberle crap for missing that penalty shot.

    • Anton CP

      Ebs did not lift the puck. Penalty shot is 50/50. I would rather have another 2 mins extra PP which will make Oilers having extra man all the way to the end of the game.

  • YFC Prez

    Same old same old. Can’t score oilers. High end? Exciting? I don’t think so. Eberle has to go. Preds with 10 posts, not even the hockey gods can help these bunch of losers.

  • Congo Powerarm

    It needs to be said:
    Is it possible that bringing a 5-6 defenceman from another team, at the end of a mediocre career, with zero connection to the team and naming him captain of the team in the preseason might have rubbed some guys the wrong way? He was never a captain anywhere before.
    I would take that as a real slap in the face if I had been with the club for a few years. It’s one thing to give it to that d-man who has bled for your team for years, Gator or a 2nd-3rd line player that has battled for the team for a decade, Moreau, but this clown?
    He marched in a parade and started a weekend run for some fatties. Both fine things to do, but now as the season rolls along it is painfully obvious he is barely a top 6 defenceman on the worst team in the league.


    • Congo Powerarm

      I and many others would agree. There have always been a lot of issues with this decision. It seemed so clear cut to simply give it to Smyth for a year whilst the young guys matured that bit extra.

      I doubt they will but the team should absolutely consider ditching Ference after this season. This would certainly represent a level of accountability after 2 brutal seasons for someone charged with a leadership role.

      Good guy in the community though for sure.

      • bradleypi

        Lol you doubt they will because you know absolutely nothing…. just speculation.. Ryan Smyth was retiring… why make him captain?? do you honestly think that the oilers would be a playoff team today if ference wasn’t captain?

    • bradleypi

      Are people seriously cheering this post? Attacking ferences charity work and personal beliefs? Wow… I would guarantee you are way less than half the man ferknuckle is…

      • bradleypi

        It was not an attack on Ference or his charitable work. Quite the contrary. I applaud his community involvement. My point was entirely that making him the captain was a colossal mistake by a coach who has made many.

        • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

          It did kinda come across as sh**ing on his charity and community work, to be honest with you. Ference also signed an anti-oil sands petition a few years ago. Which is fine if that’s your opinion, but irony is a cruel mistress.

          • Derzie

            It is not a personal attack, but it is what I think of Ference as a player and captain. I have been a fan of this team for longer than you have been alive would be my guess. I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. And this is as ugly as it gets.
            I think that giving him the c was a big mistake for the reasons I stated. If he was just our number 6 defenceman and a great community member he would have spent a few games in the press box by now.
            Do you believe that he was the right choice for captain?

          • bradleypi

            Of course I believe he was the right choice. Who else would you have named captain!?!!? He does a ton of charity work, which you ridiculed, is a stand up guy in the community and has won a STANLEY CUP….. tell me though… at that time, who was your captain? and tell me why it would make this team better..

          • bradleypi

            Of course I believe he was the right choice. Who else would you have named captain!?!!? He does a ton of charity work, which you ridiculed, is a stand up guy in the community and has won a STANLEY CUP….. tell me though… at that time, who was your captain? and tell me why it would make this team better..

          • MorningOwl

            I get sick of people saying this guy or that won the cup. No one has ever won the cup! This isn’t freaking tennis. He was on a team that won the cup. He was a valuable member on a team that won a cup. Hundreds of talented, gritty, blood and guts players have never been on a cup-winning team. Many of these players would have been valuable contributors as well. How does this qualify you as a captain? Better choice would have been Smitty for a year or just give it to Hall.

          • bradleypi

            Seriously?? This is the type of post that gets cheered nowadays on oilersnation?? He did win a Stanley Cup, he is a champion, and he is MY captain… you guys can keep whining, but I seem to remember 90% of this sight wanted smitty gone and retired during his last year.. I’m out. What a joke this sight has become

          • ubermiguel

            Smyth was a healthy scratch early last year. That ended the captaincy talk pretty quick for him.

            Ference is a natural leader. If you ever get the chance go run some river valley stairs with him and several dozen other Edmontonians some day, you’ll see it. What I can’t figure out is how this team looks so leaderless. Does he need to pull a Moose and slam some under-performing team mate against the wall in the locker room and scream at him? He’s not that kind of guy.

          • R U Kidding Me!

            Sites where people come and post about games and how to armchair manage are a joke from the get go, not “has become” a joke. It always was, but losers think this all matters and makes them something… I post on here…….

          • Zarny

            So basically, you think NHL teams still operate like 12 y/o where the coolest kid gets the C and Nuge, Eberle and Schultz got their panties in a bunch because their bud Hallsy is only wearing an A.

            Ference isn’t going down in the pantheon of great NHL captains but he was the best choice available at the time.

            Smyth shouldn’t have even been in the NHL anymore and was a member of the old guard. Nothing says passing the team off to the young kids like naming Moses Captain.

            Hall would have been the only other option at the time. Are you 100% certain that in 2-3 years Hall is still the guy and not Nuge? Maybe, perhaps even probably but before last season I don’t think you could be sure. And you can’t really change your mind in 2 years if you’re wrong.

            Not to mention one of the biggest obligations for a Captain is talking to the media. After every loss. Every. Single. Loss. You really think a 21 y/o was best suited for that?

            Regardless, Ference wearing the C isn’t why the Oilers are losing. Let’s focus on the real problems instead of inventing new ones.

          • BC BOY

            So other players are allowed to step up and lead regardless of the letter on their sweater???
            No, way, maybe that’s all these other players are not being told. Or………..

  • bradleypi

    “I’m more confident in my decision to hire Dallas Eakins than the day I hired him.”

    Where is MacT, anyway?

    The GM of the leafs comes out and makes a statement when they have an atrocious couple games.

    We’re having (another) atrocious year, but the GM of this club doesn’t feel he should say anything to the media and perhaps address this situation himself?

    At least have a conference call through Skype? Maybe that would help.

  • YFC Prez

    I am sorry, ‘Close’ doesn’t cut it anymore! Right, they played 63 minutes of ‘Better hockey’, SO? The problem is at the 64th minute, all five on ice players falls back to their usual mode, standing around watching the game from ice level, doesn’t have a clue what to do next, ‘mode’! and that is exactly why they have been losing for the last 7+ years! And I’m sorry, until they can prove to us that they have corrected that ‘habit’, they are still not being coached the right way! so a relatively good game got wasted on one brief minute of play! And that kind of ‘have been’ happening far too often these past decade in Oiler Land!